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Anniversary Gift


Married for many years my wife Sarah and I decided to celebrate our wedding day at a hotel in our old home town which we left some ten years ago. Our years together have been very happy, though of course with some ups and downs, mostly due to trivial reasons such as who has to clean the house and the like. Our sexual life however has been somewhat restricted, in first hand depending on my physical failings. With my little dick (hardly not more than 2") the possibilities for variations in the bed are few.

Yet Sarah has never complained. Perhaps depending on that we met each other in our younger years. Sarah just being 16 and I 18. None of us had any sexual experience at all. We were both "virgins" up to our marriage thirty years ago. Of course I had seen her naked many times before our wedding day and had sucked and finger fucked her, but no more. I will also say that she never has made fun of or in another way ridiculed my body.

Sarah has a beautiful body (even now in a more grown-up age). She takes care of herself without being a gym person. Beautiful, in my view just enough large breasts (34B) with small sensual areolas having fine protruding nipples. Her hour-glassed body makes right to the little firm tummy transitioning in a well formed pubis bone. Her bottom is firmly apple formed and very nice to take hold of. The legs are long and pleasantly feminine. Her most private body parts are delicious: Large outer lips covering the small inner ones ending in a clitoris as soft as velvet and in a narrow vagina, which can be steamy wet.

She was and still is much sought after by men, if they have a chance to have a look at her beautifulness. She is namely very restrained in showing up in more dared cloths. Furthermore, our friends and acquaintances have always being hard restricted. Sarah is unwilling to admit her favorable body look and nowadays she explains that she has no demand of sex. I think she has suppressed her desire as a consequence of my capacity, which always has been bad and now is still worse at older days.

Sarah would have quite another view of the sex life I think, if she had a possibility to sleep in the same bed with a "real" man. The requirement would then be that he was thoughtful in all respects, in the daily life as well as in the bed. I don't know much of her real dreams when it comes to men. However from her, at times very loud outspoken night dreams it seems that she has a certain sexual desire. When we discuss that, she emphasize that she is quite satisfied with the sexual existence/absence. It may be the fact as long as I (or anybody else) don't set her on fire.

As mentioned we have discussed the matter and also if she wants sex life in another way. A few times I have proposed that Sarah ought to have a male "friend". She has strongly opposed the idea. If she wants to, she said once, where would I find him in our small town where we live today?

I'm not sure that I would be able to handle the male friend situation, perhaps now but definitely not in my earlier life. My jealousy has been difficult to overcome. But I started to understand that Sarah would have felt far better of parting the bed with a nice man having the right tool. The risk is obvious that I then have lost my high loved angel.


As said we have decided to celebrate our thirtieth wedding day at a hotel. Returning to our old stamping area we have got an excellent small suite. A charming sized twin bed in the bedroom and a quite large living room with a sofa, a couple of chairs, a table and a mini bar. And of course a TV set. The bathroom is spacious including a tub as well as a separate shower room. Two wash basins and a toilet. The walls are covered with mirrors.

From the room windows one can look down to the hotel winter garden surrounded by other parts of the hotel. At the winter garden you will find the restaurant and some bars.

After having checked in and a good lunch we were around to see some of the places we had left several years ago. The memories were flowing, good as well as less pleasant ones. We were however well satisfied. I looked at Sarah furtively full of hope for a wonderful night together with her in our twin bed.

The weather was not that we wished. Rain was pouring down almost the whole day. After a late dinner with excellent food we get back to the hotel.

Being back in or suite we cuddled and kissed. It seemed to be a good night.

It was rather noisy down at the winter garden. The music played echoed between the walls. Looking down one saw that there were rather plenty of people in the restaurant and the bars.

I proposed us to go down and have a closer look at the festivities. Sarah was not on that line. She excused herself by saying that her shoulder and back of the head was paining. She has always had a weak spine and repetitive lumbagos. At last I succeeded to persuade her to follow me down. I said we could be there for a while and have something good to drink.

We placed ourselves at one of the few free tables close to the bar. Sarah isn't much for alcoholic drinks but still I brought her a glass of rosé wine and for myself a glass of bear.

While I was at the bar obtaining our drinks a nice younger man had asked Sarah if he could have a place at the table. As the table was seated for four Sarah found no reason to object. As said, much people were there and only a few free seats were empty.

Sarah and I talked with each other about what our old places looked like today. At the same time we studied other hotel guests. Most of them seem to be there as couples but obviously there were also many singles, presumably belonging to one or another conference group.

While sipping on our drinks our talk get into Sarah's tendering shoulder. She was very sad for that the pain has started just now when we were out for celebrating our wedding day.

Of course our table neighbour couldn't avoid to listen to what we were talking about, though he had tried to look quite uninterested. He had a glass of brandy and was studying some documents. Obviously now he was unable to be kept away from our private talking.

He introduced himself and his name was Arne (and something I didn't grasped). He told us that he was a registered physiotherapist with pained backbones as a specialty. Thus of course that made it quite evident why he was interested in my wife's bad shoulder.

Arne's voice was soft masculine and his body vigorous as it becomes proper for a physiotherapist. I estimated his age to forty years and his length to be about 6', thus about 4" longer than myself.

He inquired about Sarah's pained shoulder and the conversation was going on about shoulders and backbones in general. Mostly it was Sarah and Arne talking. I listened absent-minded while I observed the couples on the dance floor. My bear has made me feel for searching the men's room.

Sarah I will be back in a moment I said when I went away to easy my burden.

During my absence Sarah and Arne had discussed what may be done to cure

pained shoulders.

When I returned to the table Sarah said that Arne seems to be able to help her. I saw that she had an odd interested expression and glittered with her eyes in a way being much unusual nowadays. If it was the rosé or something else was hard to determine.

Arne mentioned that he knows that there is a massage room at the eighth floor of the hotel in connection with the gym department and sauna. He proposed that we get to have a look and that he could give Sarah some massage.

I was somewhat surprised at the proposal but found from the way Sarah smiled that she had nothing to object. Perhaps that's a good idea I muttered. Sarah gave me a kiss on the cheek. She was anxious to be freed from the pain she said but first she has to visit the ladies' room.

Now when I was alone with Arne I took the opportunity to give him a hint about the reason to why we stayed at the hotel. Also I was rather straight forward with the fact that our sexual life hasn't been particularly extensive and that it due to my own inability mainly has become extinct.

My dream I said is that Sarah at least once in her life should have the experience of a happy sexual intercourse. If he could fulfill my wish in any way I would be more than thankful I said.

I told him that I didn't thought to come with them to the massage room but will wait in our hotel room till Sarah got her massage. It was good if Arne after the session followed Sarah to our room.

Arne explained that he understood the situation and that he accepted. He was more than happy to be to our help! I gave him our room number. Then I also pointed out that he had to be very careful with Sarah. She was tight almost as a virgin.

Sara returned and her eyes sparkled even more now. I wondered for myself which thoughts she had in her head under the grayish short cut hair. We emptied our glasses and Arne collected his documents.

Just as we were to leave the restaurant I said to Sarah that I have nothing to contribute with in the massage room. Therefore I think to stay in our hotel room. Her face then got a horror-filled view.

Oh no, she said, you must follow us! She glanced to Arne and said that she definitely wasn't afraid of him but that it felt strange to her to be left alone with a man she just had met. At this time of the day when the gym was closed was somewhat uncomfortable she thought.

I reminded her that Arne as profession has to give pained backbones massage. Sure he will do it as a professional and of course he doesn't do anything she doesn't want him to do. After a short arguing we agreed to that I was waiting in our room till she was back from the massage room.

We called the lift and I left for our room at the seventh floor. Sarah and Arne headed up to the eighth floor.


As I didn't follow them to the massage room I can't really know what happened there. But then, when I next morning met Arne in the breakfast room I got the following "report". Sarah wasn't with us as she slept very hard when I left our bedroom.

Sarah and Arne had arrived at the gym department being quiet and deserted. They found the massage room and he asked Sarah to undress while he made up the massage table. She felt very uncomfortable in the situation and hesitated to undress her waist. She never used a bra so without her waist she should give him the full view of her tiny tits.

But if he would be able to give her shoulders the massage she has to do with the waist Arne remarked. For that matter, he said, it will be good if she also get rid of her pants so that I can give all of your back a good massage too. Don't be shy! I'm used to see ladies in briefs as well as men being nude. Sarah reluctantly resigned to be almost naked.

As soon as the massage table was ready laid Arne asked her to lie down on her face with the arms along her body sides. While she entered the table Arne registered her beautiful breast sexy dangled, lightly drop-shaped towards the table when she put herself right. Her briefs hided a wonderful firm bottom transferring in well shaped thighs tight squeezed together when she laid down.

Before Sarah climbed the massage table he saw that she has ample outer lips defining a credible camel toe at the briefs end.

Arne began the massage by making his hands carefully striking Sarah's shoulders and back of her neck. Nice and soft, back and forth during some time. Then his thumbs pressed somewhat harder against her collar-bone and cervical vertebras. He found that she suffered a bit so he continued with the more soft movements.

Her face then get a mild smiling expression. She said that his hands were smooth and had a soothing effect on her body. She liked him to go on and also continue along her backbone.

When doing so he find that Sarah's vertebral column was uneven and somewhat displaced close to her bottom. He told her about his finding and said that he liked to examine her backside, but if so she has to get off the briefs.

Ooooh no! But if necessary do it she whispered. I want to feel your wonderful hands between my buttocks.

He slowly pulled her briefs down. Her firm bottom being exposed to him. Never he had viewed such a nice back side part of a woman at her age. Immediately he began to massage her buttocks as if they were two well fermented doughs.

Now he was quite sure that Sarah has got at the stage where his hands would have free admission to whole her body.

Saying that he began to feel warm he asked her if she would be offended if he removed his shirt and jeans. No of course not, but just that she replied. Imagine what my husband would say if he knew that I'm laying naked while you are staying in your pants only.

Arne was well aware of her husbands thoughts in a situation like this. He was also aware of his amply male tool and that it would peep out from the lower part of the pants leg if he bent aside.

He returned to stay in line with Sarah's head and began once more to give her shoulders a soft massage. He stood with his legs wide apart at the right hand side of Sarah. Her face was in the same direction.

She immediately noticed his fabulous long cock, the head of which being just visible below the pants leg. Oh what a real man you are, she cried with an admiring voice! I have never seen anything like that! His cock was grown harder now.

In an attempt to hide the fact that he want to take her he moved down to her feet and began to give them the same soft massage as he previously had given to her back. Carefully not to tickle her, his hands walked slowly over her foot soles and around each one of her toes. First for the right foot and then for the left one.

After a while he continued with lengthy gentle caressing strokes over the calves, past her knees and along the thighs. His hands went up and down just close to her crotch without brushing against her private parts. So he did for a good while and he heard Sarah's ever quicker breathings. His cock was now still harder and raised upwards poking for leaving the pants.

Deliberately or not Sarah parted her legs such that the outer pussy lips were fully shown. Then his fingers went on stroking the slits between the lips and the thighs a couple of times.

Suddenly he stopped and asked her what she thought and if she wants him to carry on.

Obviously Sarah was completely confused not knowing how to deal with the situation. After a moment she confessed her vacillation. I'm married and deeply in love with my husband Thomas. How will he take it if he got to know? We have always being true to each other. I don't want him to leave me.

Arne asked her if she and Thomas never had discussed a situation where she was in bed with another man?

Well we have, she admitted, but only hypothetically. Thomas is very jealous and I don't know if he can take it. After some delay she seemed to have made up her mind. My body has since long being in vain for a sexual satisfaction!

Arne, I cannot resist your soft hands, your carefulness and the manhood of yours. I'm so horny! Looking at your hard cock tenting inside your pants I want you at any price.

She turned to lie on her back, spread her legs wide apart and showed up her pussy and the pubic bone covered by thin grayish hair.

Arne let his pants fall to the floor. His cock got free and stood right out in all its 7" length and thickness.

Ooooh help! Cried Sarah with delight. She immediately catch the shaft and jerked his cock with both hands slowly up and down. The foreskin alternatively covered and left the cock head naked.

Arne placed himself in a 69 position above Sarah and both sucked with deep drafts the intimate parts of each other. He heard her gasp of satisfaction ending in an orgasm. He was also close to a release but withdraw from her mouth in time just before.

He changed his position such that he has a good view of her lovely pussy from below. It shows up a candy pink of intimate flesh. He separated her inner pussy lips and found to his astonishment that her vagina opening was very tight. He cautiously inserted his forefinger.

She made a sound of pain at the same time as her face expressed a great deal of happiness.

He really recognized how tight she was. For shore she hasn't made love during the last couple of years. As Thomas has told him Arne also knew that she never had beard a child.

When turning the inner pussy lips aside he found her clit in an erected fashion. It was more or less similar to a little pink head of a dick, Very sensitive when he gave it a careful stroke. He sucked and licked her pussy in connection with introducing two fingers in the cunt.

Sarah reacted immediately. She moaned and soon she shouted: Oooh dear, it feels so good! I'm coming! Her whole body shivered and arched for an orgasm of a force she previously never had experienced.

Arne gave her a short time for recover before he slowly and thoughtfully pointed his hard cock against her wet pussy. With slow movements his cock found the way inside her cunt and played back and forth within the steamy wet environment. The cock was pushed further and further in her till it was completely engulfed in the cunt.

His balls rhythmically hit her crotch with each stroke sounding as a slap. The pace began to be faster and faster. Sarah responded with corresponding back-pressure.

The activity reached its climax when she suddenly screamed: Arne, Arne how wonderful gooood! Her second, or was it her third orgasm absorbed the whole of her consciousness of time and room.

Also Arne attained the boundary. He shot his semen in several batches deep into her, well directed against her cervix and uterus, which however at her age has no use thereof.

They were completely exhausted. For a short while Sarah intensely enjoyed the adventure.

But suddenly she realized what really had happened. She told Arne that she feared her marriage would be finished when Thomas became aware of the truth.

She also realized that she and Arne had been in the massage room fore more than an hour and a half. When Thomas left the elevator she had told him that sure she will be back in the hotel room within half an hour.

They dressed. Arne asked almost shamed if he could keep Sarah's briefs as a memory of one of the most happy and delightful events in his life. She gave them to him and kissed him tenderly on his lips. The only kiss exchanged between them this night.

Then they left the massage room, called the elevator and headed for floor 7. Arne escorted her to the room number he had got. Sarah opened the door and entered the room.


Inside the room Sarah found me sitting in the sofa in front of the TV showing a senseless boring program.

What a long time you been away! What happened?

Sarah's reply was long in coming. I didn't really know, everything just only came to be she whispered with tears in her eyes. I understand I said when looking at her ruffled hair and rosy cheeks.

I asked her to take a seat on the sofa next to me and tell me.

I cannot tell you just now she said but sat down close to me.

I kissed her deeply for a long time. Unbuttoned her waist and trousers. Found that she lacked her briefs. My little dick got hard and I continued to kissing her, now more excited than before. I whispered in her ear how much I really loved her.

I kissed her nipples and in spite of her strong opposition I continued down her body. Past her belly and pubic bone to end up at her pussy. When kissing and licking her pussy lips I felt the taste of her nice pussy cream spiced with an unknown adding of foreign sperm. Sarah wept! For happiness or?

After a while she went for having a shower and we prepared for the night.

She was completely fogged out and at once felt into a deep sleep close to me in the lovely twin bed.

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