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Another Alba Story


DISCLAIMER: this story is a work of fiction and does not in anyway reflect the actions or thoughts of Jessica Alba. It is written for the enjoyment of those who read erotic material and I do not make any money from writing it.


He stood overlooking the docks, eyes following the seagulls as they soared over the blue ocean. It was raining, no, it was pouring, but he wasn't here for the beach. He loved Cape Town, the mountain the locals called Table Mountain was beautiful, and was well named, the top of it as flat as a table.

His friend was supposed to meet him here over an hour ago. Coming from the Big Apple it couldn't be that difficult to find his way around this city, it was considerably smaller in comparison. He loved football, or soccer as it was known here, his favourite team was Manchester United, and despite him being an American he was not going to be nationalistic, he was going to support Brazil all the way, they really played the 'beautiful game.'

You see, the 2010 FIFA World cup was being held here in South Africa, and he was going to watch every match the Brazilian national team played in. He took out his Blackberry and scrolled through the phonebook, found the name he was looking for and pressed call...

"Dude, where the hell are you?" he asked as his friend picked up the phone.

"Sea Point, that's where I said we'd meet, Clare and Jamie are all here."

"What, you mean that's actually the places name?" he said slapping his forehead because of his own stupidity. "When you said sea point, I thought you meant the Water Front, I'm down here by the V&A right now."

"You are a moron. This chick Jamie that we met at that club Dockside last night is going on about how she hooked up with you, dude I think you were gonna score!"

"What do you mean were? How do I get there?" he asked.

"Forget it, she just got a call from her dad, she's gotta go."

"Well fuck, man, stall her," he begged, gesturing wildly as he spoke on his mobile phone.

"No can do brother, she's already getting up... Oh she says I must tell you hi, and that she'll see you soon."

He was so sour he put off the phone without replying. He looked up at the overcast sky that now perfectly reflected his mood. Looked over at a nearby restaurant he decided he may as well get something to eat, and maybe have a few beers to make him feel a bit better.


Heading into the restaurant and sitting down he was greeted by a coloured waiter. He found the diversity in this country amusing, coloured and black were two distinctly different racial ethnicities. And were not to be confused. When he called a coloured guy black, the guy swore at him, at least he was sure it was swearing, the man was talking one of the local languages. Jamie had told him it was called Afrikaans.

He sat there for about fifteen minutes after eating his fish platter nursing his third draft just thinking of how damn beautiful Jamie was, she was coloured with light brown skin and killer legs and ass, and a C-sized cup. As he sat he noticed a woman sitting across the room looking at him. Despite the gloomy weather she was wearing big dark sun glasses and at hat. From the little of her face that he could see, she looked really attractive, especially her lips, they were luscious with a sexy pout.

To his surprise, she got up and walked over after seeing that he had noticed her...

"Hey," she greeted.

"Hi," he responded, her fragrant perfume filling his nostrils.

"I couldn't help noticing you were here all alone."

"Yeah some miss communication with my idiot of a friend," he told her.

She smiled, "I'm Jessica by the way," she said extending her hand as he told her his name, "I could use some company, how about you?"

She certainly knew how to be an independent woman he thought, "yeah, sure."

She took a seat, and signalled the waiter, asking him for a white wine for herself.

"So, you're not from here are you?" Jessica asked him, "caught up in the football fever like everybody else?" she was looking at the Brazil football jersey he had on under his coat.

"And you're not?" he asked her as an answer to her question.

"Nope, I always wanted to come here, and I got a break from work," she smiled; she had a fantastic smile he thought. "I also need some space from my boyfriend," she added.

"Trouble in paradise?" he hoped that he wasn't pushing asking her about her personal life.

"Just, issues with my job, he doesn't like me staying away from home for long periods of time," she answered looking down at her wine.

"Sorry I didn't mean to pry."

"Relax, everyone has relationship worries..." "What about you, your girlfriend here with you?" she asked turning the tables on him.


"Looks like I have to apologise now," she giggled.

"No, no... It's just, I mean I just got out of a year long relationship."

"Oh, sorry," this time Jessica's apology was sincere, "what happened?"

"We were just different people, too different, you know, I say up, she insists down..." "Anyway, I'm just looking for freedom now, no commitments," he suddenly realised he sounded really vulnerable...

"So, you spoke of your work, what do you do?" he asked, trying to change the topic.

"I'm in acting."

"Really, like, on stage?"

"Not exactly," she smiled. Then she took off her glasses.

He nearly spat out his beer when he saw her face, he didn't know what to do, what to say.

"Yeah, I get that a lot," Jessica Alba smiled, seeing the way he was gawking at her.

He took a gulp of his beer, "sorry, it's just the, shock, I mean you're fucking Jessica Alba!"

"Yeah, can you keep it on the down low, I don't want any attention."

"Sorry, I'm so sorry," he stammered idiotically.

""I liked you better when you didn't know who I was," Jessica said, and he didn't know whether she was joking or becoming annoyed. What he did know was that he was acting like a jackass.

He took another drink of his beer and tried to compose himself, and then he took a breath before speaking again, "I'm really sorry Jessica, but you gotta understand, I mean you are you!"

"No, I don't understand, what makes me different from other girls?"

"Well for one, even though you're dressed in a huge coat now, you're probably the hottest girl, sorry, woman on the planet. And we been talking for a while now, and you're really nice, you know, to talk to I mean," he said.

"Well I'm not always a nice girl, I mean I came here to pick up a guy," she confessed looking up at him her sexy lips just curled into a smile.

This time he did choke on his beer, "pick up a guy, to..."

"Yeah, that's usually the response I get. When you guys wanna pick up a girl all is good in the world, but when a girl just wants to have sex coz she enjoys it she's labelled a slut," this time she was annoyed.

"Hey, I wasn't judging you, I mean that could ruin me being the guy you try and pick up," he laughed, figuring with her admitting she was looking for a fuck, he couldn't be pushing his luck taking it too far. She was shocked, but only for a moment then she looked down coyly and smiled.

"You serious about what you just said?" he asked her.

Jessica looked up at him, "yeah, I like having sex, and I like experimenting, sometimes I just wanna do it for the enjoyment and not having to worry about some guy who wants to cuddle afterward. I mean I'm doing the guy a favour, no strings attached fucking, you'd think guys would be happy not to deal with the awkwardness when it's done. And if he wants to go two or thee times for the night, I'm up for that just don't be there when I wake up tomorrow morning."

He understood now why she had no qualms about approaching him, Jessica Alba seemed to know exactly what she wanted in the bedroom, which probably served as insight to the type of person she was overall. He thought for a second if he should ask the next question then figured she was being pretty open about her sex life anyway, "what kind of experimenting do you do?"

She smiled at him again, seemingly surprised that he asked, "I'm up for almost anything, role playing, fetish sex, spanking, down and dirty rough pounding, toys, I'm really open minded."

"You ever do anal?" he ventured.

"I said almost everything, Cash and I tried once but my sphincter is really tight and it hurt when he put just his head in. Besides a guys penis was made to go in one part of a woman's body!" she said, firmly, still, he thought she'd probably be up for it if she was well lubricated.

"So I guess blowjobs are out?" he could hardly believe he was having this conversation with her.

"Well, there are exceptions", she smiled naughtily. He could see her crossing her legs under the glass table and couldn't help wondering whether she was as horny as he was. Right now his cock was straining against his chinos. He decided to press it further figuring he had nothing to loose now.

"Well, did I blow my chances of being the one you pick up?" he half laughed but hoped to god she'd consider it.

Jessica raised an eyebrow, "You're not even phased by the fact that if I have sex with you I'd be cheating on my boyfriend?"

"You were just..." he started.

"Well, if it isn't sex, it isn't cheating, a blowjob for him and a fingering and moff dive for me and we're both satisfied," she said almost matter-of-factily.

He swallowed when Jessica moved her seat next to him. She looked straight into his eyes as she used both her hands to unzip his trousers. His eyes pinched close as she put her hand in and pulled out his dick. Her eyes widening as she looked down to take a peak at his size.

"I used to have multiple partners before Cash, sometimes I'd fuck two guys in one day," she said as she started pumping his cock under the table. He groaned as her soft dainty fingers pumped his cock up and down firmly, struggling to look her in the eye.

Jessica looked around the restaurant at the few customers eating and talking, "you're making it kind of obvious what we're doing, you need to control yourself." She pumped faster griping him tightly, and then she haphazardly pushed her fork so that it fell off the table and went underneath as if to pick it up. He clutched the table his knuckles turning white, and bit his lip to keep back a groan as he felt her take his cock into her mouth and start sucking on it. She pulled his foreskin back and rubbed his cock against her inner-cheek while still briskly pumping his cock up and down. His toes curled in his shoes as sensations shot through his body with his dick tingling in her warm wet mouth, she gave one hell of a blowjob.

Jessica must have worried that she had been down there a while so she slipped his cock out of her mouth and came up from under the table, smiling at him, seeing the light layer of sweat on his brow. He tried to part his legs as she thrust her hand faster up and down his cock increasing the pace feeling him twitch and throb in her hand.

"God you're gonna cum aren't you?" she whispered seeing the desperate look on his face. She quickly grabbed some napkins off the table and used it to cover his cock as she continued to jack him off as fast as she could.

His balls tightened and he grunted loudly as his sperm shot up his cock, the first string shot onto Jessica's exposed hand. She covered his pee-hole as he came in the napkin gritting his teeth as spurt after spurt erupted from his throbbing dick. Once he was done he breathed heavily as Jessica pulled the sticky napkin from his lap and crumbled it up, "we better take this and throw it outside," she giggled, "wouldn't want our waiter finding a napkin filled with sperm," she giggled naughtily, "speaking of which," she nodded at the waiter coming to check on them, and quickly put her sun glasses back on. He quickly tried to catch his breath as he put his dick back in his pants and zipped up.

"Sir, ma'am, everything okay, can I get you anything else?" the waiter smiled politely, looking at him peculiarly, probably wondering why he was short of breath and perspiring.

"Hot in here," he said, nervously. The waiter looked through the window at the pouring rain and overcast sky.

"You can bring us the bill, please," Jessica said, getting the waiter's attention off him.

"Will do," he nodded, before walking off.

Jessica laughed at him, "Could you make it any more obvious. Imagine if we were caught, I can already see the headlines, 'Jessica Alba masturbates random stranger in restaurant giving him a new kind of fire works for the FIFA World Cup.'"

He still couldn't speak, Jessica Alba had left him breathless. How many times had he watched Into the Blue fantasising over her body in the crystal clarity of Blue-Ray HD? Now here he was panting from a partial blowjob and handjob she had just given, most likely with more to come...

"You know..."

He looked up at her when she spoke, "I never had a sexual escapade in the rain before." He wondered if she was serious as he looked out the window at the heavy downpour that showed no sign of letting up. The waiter came back with the bill.

"What do you do for a living?" she asked him. "Ehm-I, I'm in banking, regional manager," he replied, thinking it really mattered little to a woman that probably earned more than he could make in his lifetime.

"Well, you can take care of this," she smiled, handing him the bill, "then we can get out of here." He looked at her a little confused, "Well, I got you off, you have to return the favour."


His entire body was soaked as he stood there in the rain on the beach, goosebumps causing a prickly feeling all over his body. Jessica and he had made their way down to the beachfront below the docks, she had said nobody would come down here because of the rain; little wonder he thought to himself.

She came up behind him pushing her hands under his Brazilian jersey and running them over his abs. He kept in shape, but he wasn't a bodybuilder or anything, his body just slightly defined because of his workout routine, but the fact was he was more or less an average Joe, making him wonder how he could be standing here with Jessica Alba's arms around him. She didn't seem to mind though rippling her fingers over his semi-six pack and following the trail of hair that ran from his navel into his chinos.

Jessica's pulled her hands out and helped him out of his coat, then gestured him to turn around. He looked into her soft doe eyes as she looked up at him squinting in the heavy rain. God she was beautiful he thought to himself, cupping her face following the contour of her jaw line before running his hand through her soaking wet hair. He was about to close the distance and kiss those luscious rose red lips of hers, but she shook her head, stepping back out of his personal space.

Her coat dropped to the ground leaving her in a maroon and pink striped blouse and a pair of faded blue jeans. She had taken off her boots and socks to walk barefoot on the white sea sand, telling him she loved the feeling of it between her toes. The drenched fabric of the blouse clung to her body making the red bra she wore underneath clearly visible, the cold weather making her nipple protrude through the wet fabric.

"Take off your clothes," she ordered in a husky voice.

He pulled his football shirt over his head and threw it on the sand, then undid his chinos and pulled it down along with his briefs (he had also removed his shoes and socks when Jessica did). She looked at his soaking naked body her eyes coming to rest on his penis.

"Oh my, looks like the cold weather had a nasty effect on you," she teased.

He felt slightly embarrassed, the rain had indeed left his dick shrivelled and a lot smaller than he actually was.

"We'll have to get you nice and hot so you can get nice and hard for me like you did in the restaurant," said Jessica.

"You know for a woman whose adamant about not appearing nude on screen, you're really kinky."

She smiled at him as she undid her blouse and shrugged it off standing in front of him in her red bra, which already caused his arousal to become evident as his cock started to swell.

"I stand by my moral values, I'm not a stripper, and I don't need the whole world knowing what my boobs looks like," with that she unclipped her bra and shrugged it off, "I choose who gets to see them."

He looked at her perfectly formed breasts, round, firm and supple, her nipples standing on end circled by her light brown areolas, the rain splashing and running over them, they were divine. "Well that didn't take much," Jessica giggled with a huge grin on her face looking at his crotch.

His erect cock was dangling and ready fore her. She made a sexy display of popping her jean button open and shimming out of them, revealing a pair of pink lace panties. Jean at her knees she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and seductively circled her waist as she peeled them off. She kept her legs close as she took off her jean and panties, all that was visible to him being the dark trimmed strands of her pubic hair.

"I thought all girls went hairless"? he said looking hotly at Jessica Alba's pubes.

"Nah, I'm a natural girl, I just make sure I'm well groomed," she said opening her legs.

Her pubic hair was trimmed along her bikini line, following the cushioning of her pussy. It was a tender thin puffy little slit, with slight protruding off-brown lips squeezed in her cervix, her thin clitoris peeking and erect because of her aroused condition. His cock ached with need as he drank in Jessica Alba's naked form, she was fucking hot, nothing out of proportion, everything well toned and beautifully curved.

She walked into his personal space again the rain water running down their naked bodies, "I'm really horny," she whispered in his ear, putting one hand around his neck and slowly masturbating him with the other. She parted her legs slightly and rubbed his cockhead over her pussy lips, "Oh fuck," he groaned his eyes running to the back of his head. His body involuntarily jerked his hips pushing forward acting of its own accord trying to push in side her.

"Easy baby," she purred pulling his cock away from her cunt, "I can't let you do that, only my boyfriend gets that pleasure. I was just giving you an inkling of what it would feel like."

"Fuck, you teasing the hell out of me," he groaned, his balls burning as she still slowly pumped her fist up and down his dick.

"I did it for me too, I'd love to feel this," she pumped his cock more vigorously, "hard dick inside me." She bent down on her knees in from of him, the wet sand flecking over her shins, and took his cock firmly and started to jack him off fast. He looked up into the sky rain falling on his face, groaning and grunting.

"Holy shit," he moaned as she engulfed his dick taking it to the back of his throat and then started bobbing her head up and down in moaning enthusiastically.

She sucked nosily, running her tongue round the underside of his dick as she worked, her hand steadily thrusting up and down his length. His cock popped out of her mouth and she smiled looking up at him twisting her wrist as she rubbed her hand over his knob. He was harder than he had ever been and could feel his orgasm approaching again fast. He looked down at her beautiful face, rain streaming down, dripping onto her chest and running down the valley of her breasts. Reaching down he cupped both her firm melons tweaking her hard nipples between his fingers, Jessica moaning in delight.

She continued pumping her fist up and down his shaft but was now licking along the glands under his cock head before she suckled on the bell-like knob. "fffck J-Jess- his moans broke off, so lost was he in the pleasure of this blow job; Jessica, who was going down on his dick like as if she were professional pornstar instead of a respectable actress, looking up at him with those soulful eyes of hers as she bobbed her head back and forth.

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