tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAnother Evening with Mr. Logan Ch. 02

Another Evening with Mr. Logan Ch. 02


I went into my room, but before I got dressed I heard Mr. Logan and my mom heading for her bedroom. I peeked around the corner and noticed that they didn't close the door all the way. Figuring that this could be a golden opportunity to get the goods on Mr. Logan, I grabbed my super high definition video camera and tip-toed down the hallway. There was a six-inch gap in the doorway and it provided just enough room for me to have a clear view of all the action.

My mom had surpassed her wine limit, but that didn't stop Mr. Logan from offering her a glass of Jack Daniels. I'm not even a drinker and I know that mixing alcoholic beverages can have dangerous consequences. Drinking always puts her in a jovial mood and she was more playful tonight than usual.

My mom asked Mr. Logan, "Do you want to play a game?"

He countered, "What kind of a game?"

She replied, "I'll be the teacher and you can be the naughty schoolboy."

He laughed at first, but then my mom sat in her bedroom chair, hiked her skirt up and said, "Herbert, are you trying to sneak a peek at your teacher's panties?"

I almost busted a gut when I found out his name was Herbert, but I kept the camera rolling as Mr. Logan leaned forward to take a look between my mom's legs.

She jumped up and said, "That's it, mister. You must serve the punishment for looking at your teacher's underwear!"

He asked, "And what might that be?"

She said, "You must strip naked and then you will be confined to the bed."

He said, "Okay," and began unbuttoning his shirt.

I'm an eighteen-year-old high school senior and Mr. Logan is my history teacher so it is rather comical to see him acting this way. After his shirt hit the floor, he kicked his shoes off, pulled his socks off and began unbuttoning his pants. Then he dropped his pants, pulled off his underwear and tossed them on the floor with his other clothes. From the back, he looked pretty good for a man of his age, but I wanted to get a look at him from the front.

Then my mom got up from the chair and pushed the man onto the bed. I couldn't see anything because my mom's skirt covered his manhood, but I waited patiently with the camera rolling. Then my mom moved Mr. Logan's hands up to the headboard and before he knew it his wrists were locked in handcuffs.

I thought to myself, "Wow, where did those come from?"

Mr. Logan tried to break free, but he was trapped. Then my mom slid down to the end of the bed, leaving Mr. Logan's naked body completely uncovered. I had a clear shot of his erection and I zoomed in for a close up. While I'd never actually come in contact with one, I'd seen enough of them on the Internet to know that Mr. Logan had a big one.

Mr. Logan was so concerned with his wrists that he didn't even notice my mom chaining up his right leg.

Mr. Logan said, "Okay, this has gone far enough. Your daughter is in the next room."

My mom said, "Yes, an eighteen-year-old daughter that you saw naked," as she struggled to capture Mr. Logan's other leg.

Then my mom said, "If you can get out of these chains, you can have me," as my mom leaned against her dresser while the poor man fought to escape from the cuffs.

Finally, he gave up and said, "You got me, I can't get loose."

My mom said, "That's a shame because you would like these," and then she slowly began unbuttoning her blouse.

After the fourth or fifth button was undone, my mom's bra was showing and she leaned forward to give the poor man a peek at her massive cleavage. Then she pulled her blouse out of her skirt, unfastened the rest of the buttons and slipped the blouse off. Next she pulled down the zipper on the side of her skirt and it slid the skirt down her legs.

With my mom's blouse and skirt on the floor, she stood in front of Mr. Logan in just her bra and panties. My mom's underwear was nothing spectacular. She was wearing your basic white bra and panty set, but my history teacher seemed to enjoy the show. In my opinion, my mom is very attractive and she keeps herself in shape, too. I guess guys would call her a MILF.

My mom asked, "Do you want to see more you naughty boy?"

He begged, "More, please more!"

She said, "Alright," and then she unfastened the hook on the front of her bra.

She shook her upper body a little and her big tits fell out of the cups allowing Mr. Logan to feast his eyes on her round rosy nipples. I don't know what was harder, Mr. Logan's dick, my mom's nipples or my nipples! Everyone was getting excited. Then my mom leaned forward and placed Mr. Logon's erect penis between her breasts. She pushed her breasts together and started moving her body up and down.

She asked, "Do you like that?"

He replied, "Oh yes, oh yes. Please don't stop," but when my mom thought he was getting close, she stopped stroking his manhood with her tits.

He called out, "No, you can't stop now," but she said, "I have to save you for later."

My mom crawled up to the top of the bed and said, "It's the teacher's turn. Start sucking," as she placed her left breast in his mouth.

My mom moaned, "Mmm, that's nice. You're doing a good job Herbert," and then she started rubbing and pulling on her other nipple.

My mom kept switching her breasts in and out of Mr. Logan's mouth so that they both got equal attention. While she was in the process of getting her tits sucked, she was also rubbing her silky panties up and down against Mr. Logan's stiff shaft, which he really seemed to enjoy. Then she suddenly came to an abrupt halt.

She stood up above Mr. Logan's face and said, "It's time for you to see the goods."

My mom hooked her thumbs inside her panties and pushed them down as Mr. Logan stared right up between her legs. He had an unobstructed view of my mom's neatly trimmed blonde bush. It was actually trimmed very close between her legs, so the man had no trouble getting a good look at her precious pink pussy lips.

She rubbed her pussy with her finger and asked, "Do you like it? Do you like what you see," and he replied, "Yes...very much!"

My mom asked, "Do you want to taste it?"

Mr. Logan shook his head to signal yes so my mom lowered herself over Mr. Logan's face. I could only see the side of my mom, but she had her hands on the headboard with her breasts thrust out and her head back as she made soft moaning noises.

This went on for a long time, and then my mom said, "I hope you're ready Herbert because I need you now!"

Mr. Logan was still chained to the bed as my mom moved down, hovered over his rigid missile and guided it into her wet waiting pussy. Once he was inside of her, she started riding him like a bucking bronco. My mom used her hands to push herself up and down on his thick dick leaving her boobs free to bounce around in front of Mr. Logan. My history teacher couldn't take his eyes off my mom's big bouncing tits as she played rodeo girl on top him.

Then my mom began massaging her clit with her finger as she rode Mr. Logan's manhood and it looked like it was having quite an effect on her. My mom's eyes were closed tight and she started pinching and pulling on her nipples with her free hand, which Mr. Logan also appeared to enjoy. Then it looked like my mom was having trouble catching her breath and I knew she was close.

My mom start screaming, "Not yet Herbert. Don't stop, I'm almost...I'm almost there."

Mr. Logan called out, "Can't...I can't last much longer," but my mom screamed, "No, not yet. Hang on just a little longer," as she feverishly massaged her clit.

My mom began moving up and down much faster over Mr. Logan and her boobs bounced out of control.

She started moaning, "Oh I feel you getting harder. You're getting so hard. It feels so good. Hold on, just let me...wait...I'm...I'm cumming, I'm cumming! Oh so...so good."

Then Mr. Logan let out a loud grunt and it was obvious that he was shooting off his love gun. Seconds later it was over and my mom collapsed over Mr. Logan as they both fought to catch their breath. After my mom thought she had recovered from her orgasm, she tried to get up, but she was unstable and stumbled over to her chair. That's when I'd seen enough and went in to take a shower.

After a nice hot shower, I styled my hair, fixed my makeup, but I didn't get dressed. I draped a towel around me, picked up my camera and went into my mom's bedroom. When I entered the room, I found my mom passed out in a chair across the room and Mr. Logan still trying to free himself from his restraints.

With the camera focused on my history teacher, I said, "Hi Herbert. What's wrong? Did you get locked up for being a bad boy?"

Mr. Logan said, "Ha, ha. Now get me out of these things," but I said, "I don't think so. When my mom passes out from drinking too much, she stays passed out for a long time. That means your ass is mine!"

He asked, "What are you talking about?"

I said, "Well Herbert...do you mind if I call you Herbert?"

My history teacher said, "I would prefer you call me Mr. Logan."

I said, "Okay, Herbert. You threatened to release a compromising video of me on the Internet and now I'm going to make a video of you to counter your threat. Isn't payback's a bitch?"

Mr. Logan replied, "I wasn't really going to send the video."

I said, "Well I can't take that chance."

I set the camera on the dresser and pointed it at the bed. Then I went over and grabbed ahold of Mr. Logan's penis.

I said, "It's all sticky. I'd better clean it up."

I poured some rubbing alcohol on it and scrubbed it with Mr. Logan's shirt. He whined and complained that it burned, but I didn't care. I wanted a nice clean penis to play with. Then I grabbed ahold of it again and wiggled it around, but it was pretty lifeless.

I said, "You've got a limp dick."

He said, "Your mom worked me over pretty good and then you poured a harsh cleaner on it. I think you put it out of commission for a while."

I said, "That's too bad. All they'll see on the video is a middle-aged man that can't get an erection, even though he's with a naked teenaged girl," and then I dropped my towel in front of the camera.

I posed with my bare butt in front of the camera, and then I showed off my perky breasts, pink nipples and shaved beaver. The whole time I was acting like I was trying to excite Mr. Logan. During my performance, I kept trying to stroke his manhood, and then I would make a frown face at the camera because he wouldn't get it up.

I said, "I've got an idea. Let's play dress up. I'll make you look good for the camera."

Mr. Logan was chained to the bed so he was unable to say no. I went and got my mom's makeup kit, and then I climbed up on top of Mr. Logan. I straddled him and rested my sweet snatch right on his bare chest. I was naked so my ass was being recorded on the video, but I ignored the camera and went to work.

I began with a heavy foundation, and then I went for the glittery eye makeup. Mr. Logan tried to resist, but I warned him that if he moved around, I was liable to poke him in the eye, so he calmed down and complied with my demands. I don't know why he was putting up a fight. Every time I leaned over to apply the makeup, he had a close up view of my full firm titties, so he should have just laid back and enjoyed the show.

I used mascara, eye liner and anything else I could find in the kit. I put some powdered blush on his face and I finished him off with some bright red lipstick. I stepped back and looked at my masterpiece, but I decided it needed more so I gave him a set of clip-on earrings, and as a final touch I put an artificial flower in his hair.

I stepped back and said, "You look so cute! Let me take a picture," and then I went and got my cell phone.

Mr. Logan was very quiet during the whole process and I don't think he was having as much fun as I was. In fact, I don't think he was having any fun at all. After snapping off a few photos, I told him that I wanted to get him hard again, so I placed his penis between my breasts and began stroking him like my mom did. As I rocked back and forth, my bare butt and hairless pussy were right in front of the camera, but I knew I could always edit that part out later.

After a short time, my history teacher's dick rose to the occasion. I took some more pictures, but I felt that my subject needed to suffer a little more humiliation. I started playing with his penis like it was a doll and that gave me an idea. I went and got a dress from my old Barbie Doll and put in on Mr. Logan's manhood. Then I got the lipstick and drew a happy face on his dickhead. I was laughing and having a good time as the camera rolled. Mr. Logan didn't think it was funny at all. Then I stopped playing around and put some lotion on my hand.

I said, "Are you going to be a good boy and behave yourself?"

He said, "Yes," so I removed the dress, placed my soft slippery hand around his hard penis and began stroking it.

I stroked and stroked and stroked, but nothing was happening. I guess playing dress up was too stressful for the man. Then his manhood got really hard so I started stroking faster.

As I moved my hand up and down, I held it a little tighter. Mr. Logan refused to say anything, but his body was tensing up and his breathing was getting heavier so I knew he was about to cum. Then it happened. Mr. Logan fired his rigid rocked and the milky substance flew so far that it landed on the side of his face.

I said, "Mr. Logan, you ruined your make up!"

Then I picked up my towel and went into the bathroom to clean myself up. I went back into the bedroom to get my camera.

As I tried to leave, Mr. Logan said, "Aren't you forgetting something?"

I said, "Oh, yes I did. How silly of me," and then I bent over and put the Barbie dress on Mr. Logan's now shrinking dick.

He called out, "No, that's not what I wanted. I want you to unlock these cuffs."

I replied, "No can do. I honestly don't know where my mother has the key. Besides, I think she'll enjoy waking up and finding a sissy boy on her bed."

I said goodnight and turned off the light. Before going to bed, I put my camera and phone in a safe place. Mr. Logan is still my favorite teacher, but he'll think twice before he messes with me again. Earlier tonight Mr. Logan said that I would learn a lesson through humiliation. I sure hope he learned his lesson...payback is a bitch!

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