tagNonHumanAnother World Ch. 01

Another World Ch. 01


Megan awoke and blinked a few times. The sun was coming in from the window and she realized she had overslept. She rolled over and the bed was empty. She sat up and realizing it was almost eleven. As she got out of bed, she couldn't help but smile. Every part of her body was sore and she loved it. Her husband had been in the mood last night and that meant roughly five hours of sex. She had finally passed out after her fourth orgasm of the hour and as she walked to the washroom, she could feel how wet her pussy was. Looking in the mirror she smiled. Megan was twenty-two years old and had long red hair. At the moment, it was loose around her shoulders, but normally she had it in a braid. After washing up, she put on her robe and walked into the kitchen.

Her husband Leif was sitting in the kitchen reading his newspapers. She couldn't help but smile. Leif looked about thirty years old and had almost white blonde hair and striking blue eyes. He was over six and a half feet tall, but Megan loved it. She was barely five feet tall and enjoyed how protected she felt around him.

"Hi baby." Megan walked over to her husband. Leif moved his newspapers to the side and pulled Megan into his lap.

"How did my princess sleep?" Leif's large hands were rubbing her back and she couldn't help but whimper. He had that look in his eyes and she loved it.

"Good. I'm sore though." Leif had pulled away her flimsy robe and was rubbing her bare skin. He pinched her nipples and she cried out.

"I'm sorry baby. Let me kiss it better." Leif sat her up on the kitchen table and flicked his tongue against her clit. He wrapped his arms around her hips and feasted on her wet pussy. His tongue pushed inside her. He could hear her moan and whimper and it drove him crazy. He sucked her clit into his mouth and hummed. She was thrashing around, but didn't stop. Pulling away he sucked on her inner thighs.

"Cock. Now." Megan couldn't even speak in sentences she was so aroused. Leif wasted no time in standing up, pulling down his boxers and shoving his huge cock inside her. He was definitely on the above average side when it came to his cock and he had to be careful not to hurt her. He sat back down on the kitchen chair and watched as the fiery red hair rode his cock. She had her hands behind her gripping the table as she thrusted harder and faster onto his cock. Her small breasts her jutting out from her body and the pale pink nipples were just begging to be sucked. Leif leaned over and wrapped his lips around her left nipple. She tasted so good and he could feel his balls swell with cum.

Megan screamed out profanities and began to cum. She was always loud during sex and when she came, it was explosive.

"Fuck me." Leif nodded and stood up. He pushed her so her shoulders were on the table and he began to thrust again. Megan came again and screamed out once more.

"Fucking cum for me." Leif grinned. He could always hold back so Megan would cum a lot and it drove her crazy that his cock seemed to swell more and more each time she came. He could hold back no longer and thrust into her, emptying himself inside her. He felt his cum pour out into her fertile pussy and he loved it.

"God I love you." Megan sat up and nibbled his earlobe. She climbed off the kitchen table, grabbed her robe, and stumbled to make herself breakfast. Leif grinned and went back to reading his newspapers.

"We have the community meeting tonight baby."

"Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me."

Megan and Leif lived in Falconcrest Estates. It was a gated community just on the outskirts of Avondale, Arizona. They had lived there for four years, as long as they were married, and they loved it. It was a sprawling estate with tennis courts, swimming pools, its own golf course, and nature trails. Their house was a medium sized mansion with a home theatre, large library, along with a gorgeous kitchen and dining room. Megan loved to cook and was happy that Leif did all the shopping. Megan had actually never left the estate since getting married. She really had no need to. On her cul-de-sac were four other homes and she was best friends with the other wives. They were all around the same age and spent time together when their husbands were at work.


Megan and Leif walked into the conference room and sat down in their assigned seats. The room was decorated in dark mahogany and there was a large oval table with enough seats for everyone. There were a total of forty couples that lived in Falconcrest. As Megan sat down she noticed that there were two seats empty. This had only happened twice before, but she thought nothing of it.

"Let's get this meeting started." Hans was the community leader and was trying to get everyone's attention. He was about forty years old and had blonde hair and blue eyes. He was taller then most of the men, around 6 feet 8 inches tall. Once everyone had quieted down, he began.

"You might notice that there are two empty chairs. It is with regret that we inform you that Janice and Alvin are no longer with us. Janice chose to no longer remain married after the loss of their child. Alvin may return in a few months. However, he is very distraught over the situation."

As Hans continued, there were murmurs throughout the room. Janice and Alvin had been the newest members of the community. She had gotten pregnant almost immediately and from what she said when chatting with Megan, it had been a complete shock to Alvin.

"We have a new couple that will be moving in at the end of the week. Marianna and Fabian are a newly married couple. Fabian is actually Sven's brother, which is why they are moving in so quickly."

The rest of the meeting was not as exciting for Megan. She loved when new people moved in because she was a social butterfly and loved making new friends. The meeting continued with a presentation from the lawn and garden company regarding the new fertilizer being used as well as a notice from the social director about the welcome BBQ that would occur once the new family is settled. The meeting was adjourned and Megan and Leif got up to walk home.

"I need to talk to Hans about a few things. I'll be home shortly." Megan smiled.

"Of course baby. I'll be in bed wearing that cute teddy you got me. You know the red one." Leif leaned down and kissed her nose. Once the room was cleared of people, Leif, Hans, Sven, and three other men made their way down the hall to a secret office. Once inside, Hans was the first to speak.

"You better make sure that Marianna is screened properly. We do not need another situation like Janice."

"Yes I know Leif. For fuck's sake you think I like having to lie in front of everyone. Janice fucked some stripper the night before her wedding. We had no idea she was pregnant and when Alvin found out he did what was ordered of him. We can't have bastard children being born into Falconcrest. Marianna is very religious. She was a virgin on her wedding night."

"Fine. Are we still in lock down then?" Leif looked back and forth from one set of eyes to the other.

"Yes. We can't have the women finding out what's going on. It's almost the next full moon. Once they are pregnant they will be too excited to leave anyway."

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