tagNovels and NovellasAny Opportunity Will Do Ch. 04

Any Opportunity Will Do Ch. 04


This is a story about two people trying to escape a sadistic Human Sex Trafficker.

There are some scenes of violence and non consensual sex. If you don't like this type of erotica please don't read it.

If you do like it, read on. Please enjoy and give feedback, as I am still writing later Chapters and as always I like to incorporate some of your suggestions for what will happen to the characters in to the story.


John grabbed the battered leather bag, watching as Josh stuffed the penknife into his sock. "We should get going Josh. I want to get on the road before they get here."

"Nearly ready, just need to find that old hunting knife." Leaning over a big cardboard box, filled to the brim with the bric a brac of his life, he rummaged around until he found it. "Here it is."

Undoing his belt and threading it through the leather holder her redid his belt, the knife now attached to his side, hidden by his tee shirt and leather jacket. "Ready, let's get the show on the road." Calling out to the woman in his bedroom, "Katrina, come on, lets go."

Both men turned around as she shyly walked into the lounge, the black sweatshirt hanging down, almost covering the black tight skirt she had put on fresh from the washing machine, her hair pulled back in the ponytail, her eyes staring out from her pale sweet face. John let out a sharp whistle. "Wow, you certainly managed to find yourself a real looker to rescue Josh."

Walking over to where she stood, Josh put his arm around her shoulders protectively, "Come on Kat, lets go." and leading her to the front door, took one last look at his home before going out the door and leading the trio down the stairs to his friends beat up old van. Climbing onto the back, and taking the leather bag from his friend, he settled Kat down, and shut the back doors, just as he noticed the black car pull up and three men in dark suits get out. Calling out to the front of the van he told John, "Get a move on, they've arrived."

Putting the van into reverse, John pulled out of the parking space, and drove up the road and into the passing traffic, just as the three men crossed the road and walked towards the apartment block.

"Jesus Christ, that was close!" John growled, looking behind him in the side mirror, watching as one of the men went around the back of the block and the other two enter the main entrance. "A couple more minutes and we would have had a fight on our hands."

Josh held Kat close, stroking her shoulder as he settled her down. "But they didn't get us, and were free and safe. Let's get down to the farm as soon as we can, I want to start to make the arrangements. The faster we can get her somewhere well away from here, the better I'll feel."

The van trundled down through the town, out into the countryside, and towards the south. Fields and woods flashed by, along with the occasional small village until they turned down the muddy track leading to John's small farm holding. Bouncing around in the back of the van, the smell of rotting vegetables and chickens, Kat and Josh sat quietly, leaning against the side of the van, her head in the crook of his arm, her legs bent, her slim thighs and calves catching Josh's attention as they moved along.


Konstantin kicked over the television, his anger at missing them a tangible fury. He knew it couldn't have been long since they left, the two dirty plates and empty mugs still sat on the small table, and the smell of shower gel still permeated the bathroom.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck." Stomping over to the window he looked down at the garages below. "Go and check out to see if the car is gone." He dreaded making the phone call to tell the boss that they had missed catching the girl. Last night he had gotten rid of Petre, shooting him in the head and throwing the body into the big freezer until he had time to get rid of it, and if he wasn't successful soon he had a feeling he was going to join the corpse, now stiff and frozen, at his boss's orders.

He watched as the blond man called Ben went to the garage and opening it looked inside before turning around and running back to the apartment. Turning around as he returned, he listened as Ben told him, "The car's in the garage, they must be on foot, they can't be far."

Konstantin stood thinking back to when they arrived, did he notice anything that would point to which way they went. Picturing in his mind the scene as they had pulled up in the car, he remembered seeing a van pull out. "No they went in a van, I remember seeing it as we pulled up, I know this is how they went."

"A van, did you get the number?"

"No, but it shouldn't be hard to trace it, there was some writing on the side."


"Something about fresh eggs and vegetables. Begins with a B. Beals, Bowls, Browns, something like that."

"What next?"

"Next we go back to the house, find out what business's begin with a B that do fresh produce and go and get the bitch from there."


Alexei fed the naked girl with his hands, placing the pieces of meat into her mouth as she shivered with fear in front of him on the chair. Looking down at her breasts thrust forward by her arms tied behind her around the back of the wooden chair, he sat back. "We need to get your strength up my little 'НЕРЯХА'. I want to have some fun and games with you today, and I want you to stay alert and awake during them."

Putting down the plate of leftovers on the floor at his feet, he got up and walked across the room, picking up the nipple clamps from the pile of equipment on the table and walked back towards the quaking girl. "Know what these are?" he held the two vicious looking objects in front of her face, joined by the short silver chain. "This is your new jewellery, you get to wear it bitch, for the rest of the day."

Leaning over he grabbed her left breast, pinching and pulling out the nipple as she squealed and begged in her garbled Polish pleadings, as he tightened the clamp on, tightening it until the flesh was pinched, red and swollen, and listening to the squeals turn into screams, he reached across to the other hard pink teat, repeating the process, smiling with pleasure at the woman's pain.

Picking up the plate he picked up a cold piece of vegetable and put it in her crying mouth. "Eat up my pretty, every piece of food you drop out of your crying mouth, you get a tug on he chain." and grabbing the hanging length between her breasts he gave a sharp tug, causing her to gasp out, the food dropping out of the mouth, onto the chair between her spread out thighs where they were tied back by the feet to the back legs of the chair, exposing her bruised womanhood for his easy access.


Katrina sat listening to the two men discussing the plan.

"Mike Johnson will know who to get in contact with. He worked with that agency in Bosnia and knows the right people. She hasn't got a passport, they took it, and she's probably in this country illegally, so we need to make sure she is kept safe until we get this all sorted and she decides what she wants to do."

John nodded, "Mike will be a little difficult to get hold of straight away, last I heard he was in Iraq, doing some stuff with Save the Children."

"Can you get the ball rolling?"

"Yeah, in the meantime we need to find somewhere else to hide you. The further away from this bastards tentacles the better."

"We don't know how far his reach is. She only knows that he has other houses, not where. His reach may be further than we think."

"Ever been to the Isle of Wight?"


"I've got a cousin living there, used to be a copper. Retired a couple of years ago and now runs a small bed and breakfast. Best place as it's like going back to the nineteen fifties, and any thugs that appear will stand out like a sore thumb. I'll get hold of him and tell him you'll be on your way tomorrow. Until then you best rest up overnight and get some rest."

Shaking hands, Josh thanked his friend, both men remembering all the other times they had helped each other out of sticky situations. As only men in the forces that have faced death in the face together really can.


Katrina stood looking out into the cold night, tired but over strung from the events of the past couple of months, she couldn't sleep, memories haunting her, the pictures playing out in her head.

Josh stood in the doorway watching her, worrying. She had seemed to collapse over the last few hours, almost like she had been living on her nerves and they had now given out. Walking over to where she stood, he placed his hands on her shoulders. "You really should go to bed, get some rest. It might be a long day tomorrow."

"I can't sleep. I keep remembering. Seeing the other girls, knowing what is happening to them. Remembering what he did to me."

Curling his arms around her so that he enveloped her from behind, he placed his cheek against her head, and told her in a soft voice, "Over the last fifteen years in the army I saw a lot of terrible things, men in Bosnia with their stomachs hanging out, caused by exploding bombs, in Iraq, men with their limbs blown apart, woman holding their dead children, bloody and broken. I know the memories that have happened to me can never compare to yours, but I can tell you this. Although the memories won't ever go, they will fade and become more bearable with time and help. The trick is not to let them stop you from moving forward. Take back your life Kat. Fight back. Stop letting them keep you as a victim or he will still be in control of your life."

Turning around she cuddled up to him, her arms around his body, crying softly, and then he heard her say in a small voice. "Will you lay down with me until I fall asleep. I'm scared and I don't want to be alone."

Josh leaned back, looking down into her face, a gentle smile on his normally hard mouth, "Yes Kat. I'll stay with you."

Smiling back up, she looked up through her tear filled eyes, "You're a good man Joshua Morrison, a very good and nice man."

Josh thought to himself, if only she knew how much I want her, she wouldn't be thinking that, and walking her into the small bedroom, he lay down on the bed, settling her against him as she drifted off, totally aware of her as a woman, her small body hot against his through the clothes.

A double edged sword, holding her in his arms in a bed, realising he couldn't touch her.

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