tagNovels and NovellasAny Opportunity Will Do Ch. 05

Any Opportunity Will Do Ch. 05


This is a story about two people trying to escape a sadistic Human Sex Trafficker.

There are some scenes of violence and non consensual sex. If you don't like this type of erotica please don't read it.

If you do like it, read on. Please enjoy and give feedback, as I am still writing later Chapters and as always I like to incorporate some of your suggestions for what will happen to the characters in to the story.


John listened to Mike as he told him, "Alexei Romanich, a bad piece of work. We've tried to get him, but he's a sticky character to pin down. Runs his empire from a big mansion up near Newark upon Trent. Out in the countryside near a small village called Farndon. Calls it Little Russia. We managed to prosecute some of his recruiters, mostly in Rumania and Poland, but we never seem to get anything to pin on him. The witnesses are too scared to tell us anything much. If she is willing to testify we could have him at last."

"Josh is taking her down to my cousin's Bed and Breakfast in Brightstone in the Isle of Wight. It's off season, and they should be safe down there."

"I'll get my contact in the UN that deals with Human Trafficking to give Josh a call. Give me his mobile number and tell him to wait down there for contact. Expect my opposite number in the UK to give you a call John. His name is Phil Amery. One of the good guys. He'll oversee it all, make sure their both safe."

"Cheers Mike. Give my love to your lovely wife when you see her next."

"Two more months John, then I'm on leave back in England. Just two more months."


Walking out of the small farm house, he watched as Josh and Katrina stood, chickens running around their feet, as they scattered food about.

John watched as Josh placed his hand at the girls back, his body language protective even amongst the frantic chickens. Shaking his head he walked towards them. Always the protector, that was Josh. A good strong man who cared. He had known him for ten years, serving together, playing together, looking out for each other. He knew how he must feel having left the service a year before Josh had, slightly lost, unsure of what to do, trying to find a life outside of the army and its structure. But for Josh it was worse. He had left only to find out his wife had found someone else, been having an affair for years and asked for a divorce. He had worried for his friend, but seeing him now with the young woman, he could see the old spark back, the man he used to work along side of come back, the fight returning, the need to put wrongs right.

Striding through the clucking birds, he said, "These are laying hens, not for eating. You don't have to fatten them up too much."

"You don't have to tell me they are laying hens. That damn Cock woke me up with its crowing this morning."

"You get used to it. It's better than being woken up by the sound of gunfire and bombs."

"Yeah I guess it is."

The three people walked over to the free range barn where the hens laid their eggs. "Come on you can help me gather up this mornings produce, and then I'll tell you what Mike said over breakfast."


Alexei sat eating in the glass conservatory, spreading the English marmalade on the warm buttery croissants. He loved the tangy Orange preserve, and popped the sweet morsel in his mouth, wiping his lips with the pure white napkin a grunt of satisfaction escaping his mouth.

"So we know they were picked up by some farmer, someone with a van, the name beginning with B and from the local area."

"Yeah boss." Konstantin stood watching as his boss ate hungry himself. "Shouldn't be too hard to find. We'll find out where the farm is and go down and pick her up."

"Konstantin, use your brain. Wait until dark. When their all in bed. Remember the element of surprise. They won't be expecting us, and we can surround the farm with the men. Get them at their most vulnerable."

"You want us to kill the man?"

"No. I want to do that myself. I'll come with you on this. Should be a pleasure to see her face when she realises I've caught her."

Konstantin felt a pang of sympathy for the woman. Alexei wasn't a person to tangle with. He felt sure that the woman was going to pray for death after his boss had played with her for a while.


The Polish girl lay on the bed, spread eagle, her limbs tied out to each corner. Her body hurt all over. Her nipples were sore and throbbed, and her muscles, unable to move screamed for relief, stretched and held still, she could only lay, her mouth gagged, waiting for the next bout of pure hell.

Last night he had raped her while she lay, unable to move and relieve the pain his hard cock was causing her sore and bruised vagina. Each time he thrust into her was painful, and her now raw clitoris, dry and unprotected stung, as her thighs pulled apart stopped her from moving and giving herself any respite.

She lay there looking up at the high beams above her, the metal hooks ominous as they hung down from the heavy wooden struts, with chains attached.

Closing her eyes she tried to sleep, to close her mind to the terror, but her pounding head and the pain in her small body kept her awake, listening for the sound of the key in the lock and the return of the evil man who seemed to like to hurt her.


Katrina sat, still wearing the black sweatshirt, its long sleeves rolled up, her feet tucked up under her. She watched as Josh and John lent over the table plotting the route they had to take to get to his cousin. Looking at Josh she wondered how she had ever thought him not handsome. Admiring his strong features she took in his high cheekbones and the now thick stubble almost running into a small beard with its growth. She liked his raw masculinity, his casual acceptance of how he looked. His black hair cut short, wasn't really styled, just short, as if he had lost patience with the barber and walked out mid hair cut, and his tee shirt was old and faded as were his jeans, but they were tight enough to reveal a slim muscular build, hard curved chest muscles and flat belly. His long arms ended in big strong hands, and his thighs were long and strong, jeans riding low on his slim hips, his bottom small and sexy.

Shocked at her sexual appraisal of him, she squirmed in her chair. Last night he had lain there on the bed, holding her close, giving her the comfort that allowed her to sleep, and in the morning she had woken to find him gone, alone and wishing he was there. Castigating herself, she told herself that she had been sexually used enough over the last three months that she shouldn't be thinking of a man in any sexual fashion, but with Josh she just felt so safe, that she was attracted to him. Maybe it's true what Alexei had kept telling her. She was a born slut. Or maybe the abuse she had suffered had made her one. Either way she knew she wanted to feel what it was like to make love with a man she liked and wanted to touch her, and she realised she wanted to make love with Josh.

Josh looked down at the map, plotting the route so that it would take them down as quickly as possible to the ferry at Portsmouth, and then across to the Isle of Wight. "If we stick to the A1 we should reach the south and the M25 in a couple of hours, depending on the traffic, say another hour and a half to get around to the A3 and then down to Portsmouth another hour, maybe and hour and a half. What time is the last ferry?"

"Last ferry to Fishbourne is ten o'clock. They run every half an hour until then. Fishbourne to my cousin should take another hour across the Island."

"We'd better leave straight after we've had some lunch." Looking across to Katrina as she sat curled up by the fire, "Can you be ready to leave Kat as soon as we've finished eating?"

Nodding she arose, her eyes big and wide, watching him. Feeling the warmth spread out from his stomach to his groin he turned away, ashamed and embarrassed that his libido was getting out of hand. This poor woman had been through hell and here he was, every time he looked at her getting the most erotic thoughts.

"John, is the gas tank full in your car?"

"Not sure, you might have to fill up before you get on the A1. There's a garage down the road."

"I'll go do it now." and grabbing the keys he strode out towards the side of the farm where the van and car stood waiting, leaving Kat and temptation back in the farmhouse.

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