tagNovels and NovellasAny Opportunity Will Do Ch. 06

Any Opportunity Will Do Ch. 06


This is a story about two people trying to escape a sadistic Human Sex Trafficker.

There are some scenes of violence and non consensual sex. If you don't like this type of erotica please don't read it.

If you do like it, read on. Please enjoy and give feedback, as I am still writing later Chapters and as always I like to incorporate some of your suggestions for what will happen to the characters in to the story.


After an hour they hit some traffic and Josh's normally even temper started to rise. They had sat in silence for most of the journey so far, and he was so aware of the woman sitting next to him it was hard to concentrate on driving.

Her short skirt revealed her slim curvy legs, and he had always been a leg man.

Reaching across to turn over the radio station to find a traffic report, he muttered to himself under his breath, and as he did he noticed Katrina flinch. Cursing himself he realised she had picked up on his bad mood and was nervous of him. After all she had been through this last three months with men, he wasn't surprised.

Slowly the traffic started to move and clear and again they sped down the A1, the silence between them growing heavy. Trying to think of something to talk about to break the silence, Josh struggled. He had never been good at small talk. Living amongst men in the army he had always been at ease with male type talk, but women, now that was something different. They were a different species, and he had never really found it easy to talk to them, not even the ones he had worked alongside of.

Eventually Katrina broke the silence, "What do you do?"


"What do you do? You know, what job do you do? You seem to be able to just take time off to help me."

Josh sat driving for a minute before answering. "I'm currently unemployed. I left the army nearly a year ago and was working down south for a security firm but my marriage broke up and I moved up north a month ago. I've applied to a number of firms and I'm just waiting to hear back and get some interviews."

"In security?"

"Mmm, until I can decide what else I want to do. I'm kind of trying to find myself I guess. A complete change of life. New job, new home, new life."

Looking across at the young woman, sitting there swamped in his sweatshirt, her sweet face devoid of makeup and looking like a college student. "What were you doing back in Belarus? Were you at college?"

Looking down at her hands, she answered, "No. I worked in an office. But I thought I was bored and wanted to see the world and travel. I applied for the job of an Au Pair when I read about it in an advert in the paper. Look where it got me."

Reaching across to place his hand on hers, he reassured her, "It's all over now. Your safe and we'll sort everything out. Your family will be pleased to see you again."

"My family can't know what happened to me. It would kill them,"


John was talking on the phone with Phil Amery, "They left a couple of hours ago, should be with my cousin mid to late evening."

"Give me the address and I'll make sure an operative at the Portsmouth base goes over to look after them. I'll contact the relevant departments within the Police and Home Office and get the ball rolling. Any idea where the original house she was placed in is?"

"Only that it was somewhere in Nottingham. Josh says she didn't know much, just that she was taken there straight from the airport and then to Romanich's place."

"OK. When we interview her they may be able to work out where in Nottingham. But until then I'll make sure we have a team keeping an eye on Mr Romanich and any movements he makes."

"Josh says some Police up here are on the take. Any involvement with local and he'll find out."

"Thanks for the tip. It will take a while to set up and get a fresh team up there then. But as soon as we do, any movement he makes and we'll have him."


The young Polish girl lay curled up in bed, the chain around her ankle keeping her fixed to the heavy iron bed frame, just a couple of feet of chain allowing her a little movement, but not enough to leave the vicinity of the bed and to reach anything else in the room.

Her body ached and she knew she had to escape or she would die here up in the room.

Sitting gingerly up she looked around the room and saw the small attic window at the far end of the room. Looking back down at the chain and the metal cuff around her ankle she started to cry. If only she could get free of the damned thing and get to the window, she could crawl through it and be free. The chain was attached to the bed by some sort of eyelet that was screwed onto the metal. Tugging as hard as she could at the chain she tried to pull it free, but it stuck fast. Getting up onto her feet she peered over at the table, looking at all the nasty things that made her skin crawl. Things she knew that evil man was going to use on her if she didn't escape soon.

And then she saw it, and she knew that if she could get over to the table she would be able to get free. But how to get there! Between her and the table was only a matter of five feet, but it could be a mile away unable to move away, chained to the heavy bed.

Sitting down she stared across at the table, the key to the metal ring around her ankle sitting there amongst the whips, vibrators, nipple clips, leather cuffs and gags. Small it looked like the most precious thing she had ever seen. But how to get hold of it? That was the question.


Alexei and his men were getting ready to pay a visit to the farm. Konstantin had found that there were two farms that sell eggs and vegetable produce in the area, Bewley's and Brewers.

Bewley's was a large spread, Corporate owned, and with a large staff living on site. The other a one man local business that had been started a couple of years ago by some ex army man called John Brewer.

Alexei knew that this was the one. He felt it deep in his gut, and his instinct was never wrong. That and his ability to read other people had got him where he was today. Instinct, the ability to read people, and a ruthlessness that knew no bounds.

Looking at himself in the antique mirror, he stood sideways admiring himself. Forty eight he had kept himself in good shape, working out to keep his body strong, his dark blond hair now thinning, he wore it slightly long, his grey eyes were cruel and piercing, as if they could see into a person's soul. He knew this was a good thing, as each of his enemies had found out. Spilling their guts with just a look from him, they saw the cruelty and the coldness reflected back at them, and would try to placate his taste for vengeance, telling him the information he required.

It never worked; he got what he wanted and then would enjoy their painful end.


Katrina watched the other passengers on the Ferry as they sat there bouncing along on the choppy waters of the Solent between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. Sitting at tables and in little booths, people were reading newspapers, eating food, talking and sleeping. Going about their everyday business, clean lives, not tainted like hers.

Feeling dirty she hung her head, ashamed and wondering if they could tell. Was it obvious to them, to these everyday people what she had become?

Josh walked over, a tray in his hands, coffee and some sandwiches. "I wasn't sure what you would like, so I got cheese and tomato and a prawn and salad. They both look like they're a little limp. Which do you want?"

Looking up with teary eyes, she said, "I don't care." Melting Josh's heart.

Sitting down next to her in the little booth on the plastic seat he hugged her to him, "Shhh, its OK, your going to be safe. I told you you're going to be safe."

"I'm dirty. No man will want me. Not now, not ever."

Pulling her to him tighter he murmured, "That's not true Kat. You're beautiful and it's not your fault, you're a victim. Your whole life is before you. You'll see. Give it time. I promise it will get better."

They sat there on the ferry, the coffee and the sandwiches forgotten, the man and woman hugging each other, lost in their own tragedies, as the ship moved on towards the Island, cutting through the cold choppy waters that divided it from mainland Britain.


Phil was busy making arrangements, speaking to the correct people to set the ball rolling with the Home Office and Scotland Yard, whilst sitting opposite him was his assistant Mark who was also busy on his phone talking to the OSCE, the Organisation for Security and Co-Operation in Europe, which is the leading agency fighting Human Trafficking. Each man was busy liaising with their contacts, working to bring down Alexei Romanich and his evil empire, and to free the people forced to be sex workers against their will.

Mark listened as the woman at the other end of the phone told him the contact numbers of agencies who will help to arrange for counselling, care management, medical help and to help restore lives and offer support to the woman once they were free.

Explaining to Mark that the exploited woman would have post traumatic stress disorder, and suffer shame and grief, as well as possibly carrying sexual diseases that would need to be treated, he listened, writing down notes, highlighting the best contacts to bring in, and shaking his head with shame at some men's inhumanity towards woman.


Sitting huddled on the Ferry, the man and the woman, unaware of all the action occurring behind the scene, sat in silence, the fluorescent glare above them cutting out the ability to see through the windows at the shoreline approaching them. All Josh could see was his own reflection, holding the lovely woman in his arms, her long black hair under his chin, the sweet smell of shampoo drifting up to tickle his nose and permeate his senses.

It was at that moment that he realised he was falling in love.

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