tagNovels and NovellasAny Opportunity Will Do Ch. 07

Any Opportunity Will Do Ch. 07


This is a story about two people trying to escape a sadistic Human Sex Trafficker.

There are some scenes of violence and non consensual sex. If you don't like this type of erotica please don't read it.

If you do like it, read on. Please enjoy and give feedback, as I am still writing later Chapters and as always I like to incorporate some of your suggestions for what will happen to the characters in to the story.


As Josh drove down the small country roads Katrina stared out the car window at the passing scenery. Little cottages, looking just like a picture postcard flashed by, and in the dark she could just about make out the hedges lining the road. She looked at Josh as he yawned, he had been driving for most of the day and part of the evening, looking shattered he pushed on, his eyes now red rimmed with tiredness and the strain of trying to see the road ahead in the dark.

"Would you like the last piece of chocolate?" she asked him, leaning in to the back seat where the bottle of water and the bar of chocolate he had bought for them at the ferry terminal before they set off across the island lay.

"Thanks, maybe the sugar will give me a little bit of a rush." Opening his mouth he felt her fingers against his lips as she popped the chocolate chunk into the opening. A shudder of sexual arousal ran through his body, and as he ate the sweet melting chunk in his mouth he thought to himself, 'that sure woke me up!'

It seemed the smallest gesture she made, just looking at her, smelling her and touching her in the most innocent way was playing havoc with him now. Hating himself for feeling like this when she had been through so much horror, he tried to stop the feelings, but it seemed the more he fought it, the more it was settling into his very soul.

Next to him Katrina laid her head back against the head rest, and closing her eyes tried to blot out her need for Josh. Was it because he had rescued her she wanted him, or was it just a need to feel someone that she cared for to make love with her, to give her back her power of choice and to feel the pure pleasure that making love can give, as opposed to the sex and abuse that had been her life for the last three months.


As the car travelled across the miles to the small village at the South of the island, Alexei and his men climbed into their cars, getting ready to drive the hours drive to raid the small farm and get the girl and the man who had helped her to get away from him.

Starting off, Alexei sitting in the lead car, the other two cars full of men followed behind, the convoy sweeping along, long sleek cars with windows blacked out, mysterious and threatening, they moved along as one.


John walked around his small holding, checking the hens and locking them up for the night away from the odd fox raid. As he walked back from the barn he thought he heard the sound of vehicles on the old muddy track leading to the farm, and running back to the house, he grabbed the shotgun and bullets and climbed up into the old house's attic, sliding his body behind the big old water tank situated in the far corner.

If they decided to come up through the attic hatch he wasn't going without taking some of them with him.

Positioning himself on his belly, he realised he was enjoying the buzz of danger as the adrenalin ran through his veins. An old and welcomed friend, the feelings that ran through him made him feel alive for the first time since he had left the army, and he realised that for the last two years he had been living a bland and careful life.

If he got out of this mess, he vowed he would sell up and then sign up again.


Laying on her naked front, her leg pulled out behind her where it was attached by the chain to the bed, the Polish girl swiped the leather cuff and straps out towards the leg of the table now a few feet away. She had joined the four pieces together after un-strapping them from the four corners of the bed.

Last night they had held her still for his assault on her body; today they were going to help her escape.

Out the long leather went in a wide arc, with the heavy leather cuffs at the end, trying to catch the leg. Holding her breath as she watched it curl around the table leg, she pulled it towards her, only to watch helplessly as it uncurled from around the leg and uselessly she pulled it back towards her.


At the main office in Nottingham a group of men gathered, being briefed by their superior.

"You have all been handpicked for this special team. Each and every one of you are trusted by your superiors, and recommended to me."

The men and woman all sat around, leaning on desks or standing, their arms crossed, waiting to hear what was going on.

"Were going to brief you on your roles and the background so that there is no mistakes made. I need each and every one of you to be aware; this is a real chance to take out a leading figure in the sex trade, and to close down a number of houses across the country. I want to get this bastard, and I want his every move over the next weeks monitored. All his thugs followed and everything meticulously recorded and photographed. There will be lots of overtime and if any of you think you're going to get much time to see your families, forget it. This team is your family for the next month or so. "

A murmur went out across the room, and he looked out at the team. "Right, our target is a Russian called Alexei Romanich. He runs a Human Trafficking organisation from his mansion not far from Newark upon Trent, and we have a woman who has managed to escape from him. She's on her way with someone called Josh Morrison, the man who helped her to escape, to a safe house in Brightstone, a small town down in the south coast of the Isle of Wight. Our counterparts in the south are going down to interview her in a couple of days to find out what she knows about the addresses and people involved, and to get the evidence to get Romanich, and in the meantime we are going to do surveillance up here. We are going to do it like this, three teams, eight hours on surveillance duty, four hours back here on paperwork, twelve hours off, but on call."

Stepping over to the white board he started to brief the team, giving times, dates, addresses and names of people.

Watching at the back of the room one of the cops sat listening, taking it all in, biding his time to make the phone call and the information he knew Alexei would pay him a real bonus for giving him.


The bed and breakfast cottage was sweet, with four rooms available for tourists to use. Thatched and made of stone, it sat back from the road, hanging baskets and climbing ivy decorating the outside of the pretty building.

John's cousin, Dave was an older man, grey hair and podgy face topping an overweight body. Smiling broadly he welcomed the tired travellers into his home, and showing them up to the two rooms, joined by a connecting door, he asked them if they were hungry.

Looking across at Kat, Josh nodded. They hadn't gotten round to eat the sandwiches on the ferry and all they had eaten in the last eight hours since lunch at Johns had been a couple of bars of chocolate.

"Food would be good, thanks."

Watching as Dave walked out the door, he then looked across at Kat, standing leaning against the wall as if she was going to drop. "Lay down and I'll bring your food up to you. You need to rest."

Kat walked into the other room, the double bed covered in a flowery bright pink duvet, pillows stacked up at the end, the matching curtains covering the small lead window panes, the sweet smell of roses permeating the room from the small pot pouri on the pretty dressing table.

Sitting on the end of the bed she fell back, exhausted, and that is how Josh found her as he walked in, a tray of cold chicken and salad on two plates. Putting down the tray on the dressing table, he leaned over her and whispered, "Kat, wake up. Eat the food and then you can sleep."

Opening up her eyes she smiled up into his face, her arms curling around his neck and pulling him down, kissed him. "Make love to me Josh." She pleaded, "Make me feel clean again."

Pulling back he told her, "Kat, do you know what you're saying?"

"Yes, I want you to make love to me. I want to feel you inside of me. I want to make love with someone of my own choice. Someone who cares if I live or die. Someone I trust. Someone who isn't paying to use me and hurt me. Please Josh. Make love with me and give me back my body."

Stroking back her hair from her face, he whispered, "Are you sure."

"Yes I'm sure." and he watched as she lifted up the big baggy sweatshirt, and took it off over her head, revealing her small round breasts, hard dark nipples tipping the soft white flesh. On the delicate skin of one breast there were two red welts, dreadful reminders of her ordeal, stark and obscene.

Josh lowered his head to kiss the ugly marks, a soft and gentle kiss, light and sweet, before he raised his head and settling his body over hers, he kissed her, his mouth open, tongue searching for hers, as he gave in to his need, and her wants.

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