Anya Ch. 07


I flicked back through the preceding pages in Anya's diary, looking over what she'd written about Teresa. "You are going to need to tell me more about Teresa, my dear."

"Yes, Sir."

"But... not right now. Right now, we need to decide on some humiliation for Anya. Something degrading, and electrifyingly exciting. Something unforgettable."

"Yes, Sir." She beamed at me as she spoke.

I paused. I knew what I had in mind. But I was going to make Anya wait. I wasn't going to tell her... not yet. Not until I needed to. I smiled back at her—a knowing smile. "Put on some clothes. A pair of jeans and a nice tight T-shirt. Oh—and those sandals that you were wearing yesterday."

"Yes, Sir."

"You won't need anything else."

I put my clothes on too, and we left her room—she handed me the key as we left. Though it was a Sunday morning, we were lucky enough to catch a bus into town without waiting too long. We went upstairs and sat at the front of the bus. The bus driver gave Anya a bit of a funny look—probably because of the collar, though perhaps also because of the way her nipples pushed against the fabric of her T-shirt. Anya sat next to the window, and I sat next to her. I immediately put my hand on her thigh and slowly stroked her leg through her jeans. She gave a little moan of contentment as she felt my hand. My hand slid further up her thigh and in between her legs—soon I was running her pussy and feeling its heat right through her jeans.

When we got to the park, we got off the bus and took a stroll. There are large rhododendron bushes in the park just a few feet from the paths. There are many secluded spots in the park as the paths wend their ways between the big rhododendrons. Perhaps because it was a Sunday morning, there weren't all that many people in the park; Anya and I spent most of our time without seeing anyone else. We found a bench next to the path and I sat down on it. "Kneel down next to me, my dear." I said. Anya knelt down without hesitation. If anyone walked past right now, Anya's pose would be unmistakably subservient. Anya looked up at me and smiled. "How do you feel?" I asked.

"Excited, Sir."

"I thought you might," I replied.

A middle-aged woman came into view, walking her dog (a dachshund); she frowned when she saw us, and went immediately to Anya.

"Are you all right, young lady?"

Anya looked to me and saw my almost imperceptible nod, before turning to the woman, "Yes, thank you—I am fine."

"Have you lost something?"

"No, not at all."

"Then why are you kneeling?

"Because I am doing as I was told."

At this, her eyes widened and she looked to me. I held her stare and smiled. "She is very good at doing as she is told."

Now the woman's eyebrows were raised to. "Is that so?" She said.


"No matter what she is told to do?"

I smiled, "As long as it is me doing the telling. Isn't that right Anya?"

"Yes," She paused a moment, "Sir."

I smiled at Anya and then at the woman. She was, I suppose, flabbergasted by what she was witnessing.

"So, if you told her to kiss your feet, or... I don't know. Take off her clothes, she'd do it?"

"Yes, she would. And yes, she has."

"And what's in it for her?"

"Well... Imagine the excitement of not knowing. Not knowing what you might be asked to do, and what the consequences might be. If she knows that I command her in ways that will be scary, yet... stimulating, and she trusts me, then giving up power can be a very... exciting thing to do."

The woman turned to Anya, "Is that right?"

"Yes Miss, absolutely right." Anya smiled a broad smile at the woman.

"Would you like me to demonstrate?" I asked.

The woman started to look flushed, but I was sure she was feeling an inner conflict between arousal and amazement-almost as if she was worried for Anya, yet excited for herself. She seemed a little dazed and didn't answer my question.

"Well? Would you?"


"Would you like me to demonstrate how obedient Anya is to me?"

"Ummmmm. I think so."

"You think so?"

"No... I mean. Oh God, yes!"

I smiled and turned to Anya. "Anya, what are you?"

"I, Sir, am a slut Sir."

"Whose slut?"

"Your slut, Sir. Your obedient slut."

I smiled and turned to the woman. While looking at the woman, I said to Anya, "Take off your T-shirt and give it to me."

The woman gasped, but watched as Anya started to lift her T-shirt up over her head.

"Stop," she said, but Anya continued slowly pulling her T-shirt up.

"Stop, Anya. It seems your demonstration is making our friend here uncomfortable."

"Yes Sir."

"We're in the middle of a park, in broad daylight, and—unless I am much mistaken, you have nothing on under that T-shirt—but you take it off when he tells you to."

"Yes, Miss." Anya's smile was broad.

"And you are excited?"

"Yes, Miss."

"I can imagine you are. Just watching you here is getting me worked up."

Anya and I both smiled at our new friend.

"Now... are you sure you want her to stop?"

"Not really, she replied. But I think I'd be a little more comfortable if we were somewhere less public."

"Ah," I replied. "I see."

The woman looked away for a moment then turned back to me, as if she had come to a decision.

"Will you come back to my house? It is not far from here..."

I smiled. This was so different from the direction that I had expected our park trip to take, but that was fine. Here was this woman who was clearly thrilled by watching Anya and me—excited enough that she wanted to take us home. I started wondering whether she herself was sub or Domme. I had my suspicions, but decided I'd just have to wait and see.

"All right," I said. "Let's do that."

So, I followed the woman back across the park and Anya followed me—without saying a word. The woman was wearing a tight fitting black woollen dress, with a low cut neck which showed off her cleavage. Her legs were shapely; she was wearing stockings or tights—also black—and black high heels as well. It turned out she lived in a first floor flat that looked on to the park. I suspect that she could have seen where Anya was kneeling in front of me before she even left her living room. She put the dog into the kitchen and showed us into that living room and offered me a seat—I sat down in a large leather armchair. I gestured to Anya who came and knelt next to me, facing into the room—where she could see our hostess sitting on the sofa opposite us.

The woman on the sofa was transfixed. "I think this is sufficiently private," I said. "Don't you?"

The woman seemed to gulp before nodding.

I turned to Anya, "Then take off your T-shirt."

"Yes, Sir," She replied as she pulled her T-shirt up over her head.

I turned to our hostess, who was sitting there open mouthed. "Can you imagine the thrill?"

She slowly shook her head, "I don't know if I can." She replied.

"Anya," I said. "Stand up and take off the rest of your clothes. Show our hostess the rest of your beautiful body."

"Yes, Sir." She replied. She stood up, and undid the button on her jeans. She slowly pulled the down and kicked off her sandals too. In less than a minute she was utterly naked. The woman was open mouthed once more—she could hardly take her eyes off Anya's smooth, hairless pussy.

I turned to her and said, "I think you should tell us your name."

"Rachel." She replied.

"Rachel," I repeated. "Nice to meet you, Rachel. And what do you think of Anya's body?"

"Perfect," Replied Rachel. "Absolutely perfect."

Anya smiled, "Thank you, Miss."

"You are fascinated by this, aren't you Rachel?"

"Yes," She replied. "Transfixed."

"There's a part of you that wants to know how Anya is feeling right now. Wants to know the excitement of subordination."

Almost unconsciously, Rachel started nodding her head.

"Well, you can find out, if you want to. It is totally up to you."

She looked back at me—tearing her eyes away from Anya. I could see her gulping, and guessed her mouth was dry.

"Stand up, Rachel. Stand up and walk over to Anya. Then reach out and touch her breast."

Rachel stood, as if in a daze and walked slowly over to Anya. She lifted up her hand and gently cupped Anya's breast.

"Hold her nipple between finger and thumb." Rachel did as she was told. "Now pinch her nipple."

Rachel pinched at Anya's nipple, and held it there as Anya gasped. "Stop!" I ordered. "Put your hands by your sides." Rachel did as she was told. "Now. Anya, kneel down and remove Rachel's shoes." Anya knelt and obeyed, and Rachel didn't resist as Anya slowly and gently removed Rachel's heels. I looked to Rachel, "Tell me," I said, "Stockings, or tights?"

"Stockings." She replied.

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