tagFetishAnything For You Ch. 3

Anything For You Ch. 3


It was now three days after the first night with April/Jim. I was still not sure how I felt about that encounter. It is not every day that a teacher has sex with a 19-year-old she-male former student. Especially one that basically blackmailed me into doing it. I have to admit though, by the end of the evening I had enjoyed our sex filled night. April had left saying that she would be in touch and demanded that I be ready when she called.

That had been on Friday and today the phone had rung. April was coming over and I was to meet her at the door wearing the French Maid Halloween costume she had left for me on Friday. I was very nervous as I got ready for her to arrive. I actually shaved my legs so the stockings would look good on me. What had happened to me I wondered? Why would I care if I looked good in this ridiculous outfit? Again I thought back to our night together and how crazed with lust I had become. I guess I'm doing this for that feeling again. That and the fact that if April tells the school board I'm as good as fired.

Anyway, I showered and shaved my legs. They felt strange. Very smooth. I then pulled on the fishnet stockings. My legs actually looked pretty good in them. The panties were crotchless, of course. I struggled with the bra at first, but finally got it on right. The bra had some foam in the cups so it appeared almost as if I had tits. I put on the pearl necklace with a smirk and then pulled on the costume. I looked in the mirror and decided I looked all right. Not really like a woman, but not too bad.

I had a glass of wine, after all, a real woman getting ready for her date would hardly pound beer I thought, and settled into a chair to await April. This gender crossing was really starting to mess me up. As I pondered my feelings the doorbell rang.

I opened the door and April was standing there. "Hello sexy," she said. She was dressed in a simple summer dress. I could tell she had no bra on. She sure did look like a sexy tall woman.

"As ordered," I replied with a forced frown.

April stepped in and shut the door quickly behind her. She stepped up to me and ran her hand up my leg. "I didn't order you to shave your legs though..." she said with a smirk. I just blushed. "Here," she said handing me a black silk blindfold, "put this on."

I balked at this. April noticed, "Listen Mr. Adams, you are mine to command. Do you like your job? Put on the damn blindfold." I did. She checked to make sure I could not see. "Good. Now, on your knees. You know what to do."

I dropped to my knees and reached blindly forward. I felt her waist and pulled her dress up far enough. I leaned in and felt her dick on my cheek. I opened up and took her in my mouth. She got hard instantly. April held the back of my head and slowly started to push in and out of me. She was using my mouth as a pussy. She only did this for about five minutes then she stopped. "Get up," she commanded. I did as ordered. "You are one sexy bitch Mr. Adams. Or should I call you David. We are fairly close now aren't we?" She grabbed by hand and led me to the back bedroom of my apartment. "Sit." I did as instructed.

April turned on the radio. "Stay." She left the room. I wondered what she was doing. I felt very vulnerable dressed as I was and blindfolded. She came back in a minute or so later. I heard her moving around a bit. "Now I am going to put on these headphones. Do not try to take them off David or I will be very upset." April then proceeded to put walkman headphones on my ears and turned the volume up with easy listening music. I was pretty much isolated from my senses now. She did not touch me for about five more minutes.

She then took off my headphones. "Mr. Adams I want you to stand up and face my voice." When I did that she continued. "Pull out your dick and stroke it for me." I did that easily enough. I was pretty turned on by now. I figured if I couldn't stop these events I might as well enjoy them. After all, it couldn't get any worse, right?

As I was stroking my cock I felt someone move up in front of me. April's voice was right in my ear as she breathed the question, "Do you want me to suck your dick?"

"Oh, yes. Please suck my dick." Warm lips surrounded my cock and I stood stock still as the incredible feeling continued. When it stopped I begged, "Please don't stop. I want you to keep going. I'll blow you if you just finish me."

I heard laughter that sounded odd for April's voice. "What else would you do for me if I finish your low job?" April asked.

"I'd let you fuck me in the ass. I know you liked that last time. Let me please you again. I just want to cum now."

April told me to get on all fours facing her so I did. "Open your mouth, pig." She commanded. I eagerly did this hoping that by swallowing her dick I would earn her doing me. Sure enough a dick was there and I started by licking just around the head. Something was not right I thought. This just seemed bigger than before. I tried to spit it out, but she grabbed the back of my head. I must be mistaken I thought. I kept sucking and licking until the dick was getting frantically thrust into the back of my throat. The dick was pulled out of my mouth and the thick shots of cum were shot onto my face. I started to try to lick all of the cum off my face and into my mouth. I figured I should clean myself up after all.

"Did you like it?" April asked. "Tell me how you liked it. You better tell me nasty too!"

"I loved your dick in my mouth." I said with a nasty grin. "I wish I could suck you again. The taste of your jiz on my lips was great."

April pulled the blindfold off of my eyes. She was smiling in my face. "You were so good that I am going to show you my surprise. She moved to the side and I saw the video camera set on the dresser. My blood went cold. She laughed. And look who else saw you. I turned my head and saw a sight that filled me with horror. Wes Landry was a 18 year old student of mine. He was going to have to repeat his senior year because he failed my Physics class. He was sitting on the bed with no pants on. I about fainted when I noticed his dick was wet.

"Yes you cocksucker," he grinned at me, "you just sucked me off. And it is now on tape. I bet you wish you hadn't failed me now, huh asshole?"

I was in shock. April walked over to Wes and kissed him. I watched them kiss for a moment and then they turned to me in my maid's outfit.

April started, "Well miss French Whore Maid, crawl over here and suck on my dick while we figure out what to do with you." I hesitated, after all the camera was still on and Wes was still sitting there. Wasn't there a limit to what I could put myself through? "Now!" she yelled. Apparently not, I thought as I scurried over on my hands and knees and put my face in her lap.

"I really can't believe that Mr. Adams is in that outfit," Wes was saying. "I can almost believe he is a woman."

Did I really look that close, I wondered?

"I really think he looks hot dressed like that," Wes said to April. "He looks like a real slut. I know he can suck a good dick, but I wonder if he can fuck like the whore he looks like."

"Do you want to fuck him?" asked April.

Yes I do." Wes replied. I shuddered. One of my students wanted to fuck me. I couldn't believe this. One of my male students wanted to fuck me. April pulled my face up and looked me in the eyes.

"I bet you are thinking why. I told you I wanted you for myself last time I was here. This is true. But you need to get in the right frame of mind first. That frame of mind is subservient to my every wish. Now, bitch, I want you on all fours on your bed." I really wanted to refuse. The idea of one of my students getting behind me made my skin crawl. I was straight I told myself. This is wrong. April stood up and glared at me. "Move now. Don't make me ruin your life. I fucked you in the ass before so this is not new. Don't embarrass me in front of Wes and the camera." Shit, the camera. The blackmail. I moved to the bed.

I sat on the side of the bed next to Wes and April. Wes laid back on the bed and rested his head up on a pillow. "Now Mr. Adams, I want to watch you blow me." He started to laugh as I crawled between his legs and took his dick in my mouth. "Look up at me as you do it you faggot cocksucker!" The joy and malice in his voice were horrible to hear and yet I had to do as he said.

I started to swallow his manhood and as I did I looked into his leering eyes. As his very large dick hit the back of my throat I gagged. Wes laughed and grabbed the back of my head and forced himself into my throat. I shut my eyes for a moment as I struggled to take him in.

"Open your damn eyes and look at your master!" April's voice cut through my discomfort and I quickly opened my eyes and kept sucking on my student's dick. He was obviously loving this. "No more of this shit," he said. "Now I want to fuck Mr. Adams in his asshole. Do you want me to Mr. Adams?"

I looked at April, she grinned and nodded. "Yes, I want you to, Wes," I said.

As I got on all fours April pushed my head down in the pillows. Wes slobbed a big gob of Vaseline into my crack and moved behind me. April put her head beside mine and told me to pretend it was her behind me. She started to whisper to me that I should be loving this and that if it was her I would surely love it. She wanted me to be at least as vocal as I was on Friday night. I looked her in the eyes as Wes slowly pushed in. I agreed to do her wishes.

"How does that feel you crappy teacher?" Wes asked as he started to pump in and out.

"Mmmm so good," I replied staring April in the eyes. "Wes you are so big I feel filled to the rim. Your dick is incredible. It's just what a french maid like me needs in his ass."

"Her ass," Wes corrected me. "I'm not gay like you Mr. Adams so you must be a bitch. No real man would dress like this." Wes then slapped my ass with his hand. He was spanking me in time to his thrusts. The slaps hurt. He was really turning my ass cheeks red.

"Yes Wes," I moaned out between thrusts. "Do this girlie maid in her can. I love your big cock in me. I love it there. It feels so good. Spank me for being so bad."

"Man Mr. Adams you must be gay to like this big dick in your butt."

Was I? He dick moving in my butt did feel pretty damn good. But him? No way. Only because April was making me. "Fuck me faster Wes. Use me like I am a woman for you. Fuck me hard now. Come on. Do me like this. Just think of your power over me in this position. Cum in me."

Wes was frantically pounding my ass now and moaning like a fiend. I was too. April crawled under me to a point where I could start to suck on her tits. I was the center of the action and I was loving it.

Wes suddenly pulled out and yelled, "I'm cumming!" I turned and he was shooting his load in his hand. When he was done he looked up and held his hand out. I looked at April and she looked at Wes.

"Come on Jim," Wes whined to April, "make him eat it." Jim/April looked at me and I knew to do it. I took Wes' hand and licked his cum out of it like he wanted. Wes then tipped my head up to look me in the eyes, "Well Mr. Adams I think we both know I will be passing your class next year don't we?" I nodded yes. "Good." He turned to April, "Jim, you will have a few shots of me fucking Mr. Adams in his maid costume printed up on paper right? I might need them to jack off to sometime." He could still be jacking off to this later? I was totally humiliated.

"Sure I will Wes," April replied.

Wes then dressed, handed April some money and left the apartment. I lay down on my back on the bed. April crawled over and laid down beside me. "David, I know this has been hard for you to accept. But look at it this way. Now that you know who is in charge of our relationship all other decisions are really secondary. In fact, you've been such a good boy that I think it's time for you to fuck me."

I sat up quickly. Me drill her in the ass as she had done to me? Maybe there was a bright side to this whole thing after all...

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