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Anytime, Anywhere


Jacob was always interested in the stranger things in life. He loved supernatural movies and books, and after watching a certain movie he became extremely interested in hypnosis. "To The Internet!"he thought to himself, chuckling internally.

He was, when this interest first started, dating a beautiful young girl named Joan, who was also fascinated about his new hobby and volunteered as a guinea pig. After a lot of research, reading and a couple of attempts, he managed to put her under and plant several post hypnotic suggestions, just to try them. He gave her clearer skin, which took a couple of months to completely work, used it to turn her on, helped her quit smoking... pretty much anything a young man can think of without doing anything too intensely sexual.

Now, 12 years and quite a few girlfriends later, Jacob also occasionally shared his hypnosis with friends. One such friend, Karen, was a close enough friend that they decided to experiment with sexual commands using hypnosis, since she's a submissive and he's a switch (he had found out over the years).

After a couple of sessions, he'd put her under with ease, and implanted the ability to make her orgasm on command. In addition, he could tell her how intense the orgasm would be, on a scale from 1 to 10. This was the first time he'd attempted to do so, but he and Karen both were hoping it would work as well as the other suggestions had so far.

"Alright. Now, as I count from ten to one, you'll feel more alert, more awake and feeling refreshed." Jacob said softly. As he counted, he could see this small signs of Karen becoming more alert, until she was fully awake.

"How do you feel?" he asked.

Karen smiled, taking a deep breath. "Really good, actually."

She sits up, stretched out and smiles. "So, did it work?"

Before I could answer she jumps up from her chair.

"Crap! i gotta go pick up Riley! I gotta go now or I'm gonna be late."

With that she gives him a hug and rushes out his front door, with Jacob laughing the whole time at her adorable departure.

"What can I say, it was adorable." he replies to her look.

"Dork." she says, jumping in her car.

Of course, he can't resist. He grabs his cellphone and his hands-free and calls her.

"I really am sorry to have left so fast." she says, putting me on speakerphone as she drives.

"Don't worry about it. I understand. Its not like you abandoned me for no reason. Its your son after all." he replies, chuckling.

"Thanks for understanding. Oh, good. I made it. With time to spare. " she replies, arriving at Riley's school.

"How much time to spare are we talking about?"

"Emm... maybe five minutes?"

"Good. You still in the car?"

"No, I just got down and I'm sitting on a bench waiting for the bell."

"Anyone around you?"

"No, why?"

"Orgasm now. Five." he said, his voice deep and commanding.

He hears her stifle a moan and yelp in surprise.

"Jacob!" she whispers. "I ... wow... it... "

"It worked?"

"OH yeah... "

"Good. So, how strong was it and how real?"

"Very real... not fake. The cream in my panties is definite proof." she whispers, chuckling sweetly after.

"How strong, though? A Five out of Ten?"

"Yeah. I'd rate that a five." she says plainly.

"Okay. Orgasm. Eight." he commands again. This time, he hears no noise except what he imagines is her cellphone falling from her hand and hitting the bench. As the seconds tick by, he thinks maybe she hung up on him, but no. The line is still open. He hears static noises and then her breath.

"You... bastard... " she whispers, laughing and breathless.

"Good?" he says laughing.

"I need to change my underwear when I get home now..." she says accusingly. Or tried. She wasn't convincing.

"Oh no. The horror. I guess I shouldn't say it then..."

"Say what?" She replied without thinking.

"Orgasm. Ten." he said. He heard the phone drop and let his mischievous grin grow as he chuckled to himself, walking around his kitchen making himself some lunch. He poured his soft drink as she finally picked up the phone.

"Jacob.... " she said.

"Yes dahlink?" he replied with a fake accent.

"I love you." she said, laughing.

"I love you too babe. So, at least we know it works, yes?"

"Yeah. Definitely works. Works... wonders. Wonderfully. I... am I babbling? "

"No, you're fine. Just lost in afterglow, I think." he said chuckling.

"Oh boy... " she said, probably nodding on the other end.

"So, how much time left before the bell rings?" he asked.

"i don't know... how... long have we been talking?"

Jacob put his food down on the coffee table in front of the TV and looked at the time. Before he could tell her it had been 5 minutes, the bell rang on her end.

"Looks like you're saved by the bell. " he replied laughing.

"I guess. Saved. Yeah. " she said, still dazed.

"Orgasm. One." he said.

As she yelped in surprise, he added "Talk to you later."

"DORK!" she replied laughing. "Later."

As he turned on the TV and started his lunch, he knew this new suggestion was something he was going to enjoy a little too much.

Only time would tell.

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