tagSci-Fi & FantasyAphrodite's Labyrinth

Aphrodite's Labyrinth


The gods of Olympus were immortal, beautiful, horny, and usually quite bored. When one's life was a never ending epic of adventure, romance, drama, and tragedy forever and ever cycling upon itself, it became only natural that the gods should desire an abundance of entertainment to distract them from the monotony of immortality. These diversions usually took the form of orgies filled with debauched sex-acts.

"Aphrodite, you look stunning, thank you for coming to my orgy," Helios, God of the Sun greeted his last arriving guest. His bright smile hid the fact that he was actually annoyed with how late she was. As the Goddess of Sex, an orgy didn't really begin until Aphrodite showed up, but the haughty deity was usually fashionably late.

"I always look stunning," Aphrodite groaned, rolling her eyes and ignoring the Sun God. "Looking good is kind of my thing."

Aphrodite did look good, as good as anything comprehensibly could. She was tall (although not nearly as tall as Helios), curvaceous, buxom, creamy-skinned, blonde, blue-eyed, with heavy fluttering eyelashes and swollen pink lips. Sexuality oozed from Aphrodite's body like honey from a honeycomb. She simply smelled like sex. Her divine body was barely covered by a skimpy and haphazardly assembled robe of transparent pink silk. Her erect nipples poked through the thin covering, and her perpetually wet pussy left a damp spot on the flimsy bit that covered her vaginal temple.

"Would you like some wine, or some ambrosia?" Helios offered, hoping to get Aphrodite wasted so he could fuck her again. As much as he secretly hated Aphrodite, she was the best pussy in all of Olympus, and his massive cock was getting hard just from being in her erotic presence.

"Fuck that. I've been drinking wine all day and I still feel sober. Where's Dionysus? He's usually holding. I need some drugs."

"I think he went to the baths with Circe, but if you'd—"

Aphrodite's dainty hand shoved the muscular Helios aside and she sauntered past him without a second thought. The Sun God fumed. His colossal tanned body burned with the heat of an oven. He hated being rejected, especially by the biggest whore in the universe. His massive cock was rock-hard now, and in painful need to ejaculate. Aphrodite had touched him. That was all it took to make any being—mortal or god—violently aroused. He wanted to grab Aphrodite by her blonde hair, slam her to the ground, and rape her big ass right there. He wanted to fuck her in half.

Helios resisted though. He had to. Aphrodite might be a frustrating slattern, but she was also one of the most powerful beings in the universe, and if she wanted to she could easily destroy more than half of the gods in Olympus. Unlike Heliod and most of the other gods, who were all children of Zeus, Aphrodite was a first generation god, a child of the primordial deity Uranus, the father of the Titans. In many ways, Aphrodite was more of a Titan than a god, and that made her even more powerful than Zeus, her nephew. Luckily for her cousins, Aphrodite wasn't very ambitious. Hard sex and hard drugs were the only things Aphrodite wanted from life, but she was starting to get bored of those things it seemed.

As Aphrodite swaggered through the crowded orgy her presence began to have an affect. The fuckign grew harder, the moans louder, the bodies sweatier, and the temperature of the room climbed staggeringly. Aphrodite casually twisted the nipple of a young nymph as she walked by, and the power of her touch caused the nymph to climax so intensely that her eyes rolled up into her skull and she passed out. Aphrodite let her fingertip slide up the shaft of a god's penis, and the huge member began to erupt like a volcano, spewing ropes of semen several feet into the air.

Several gods and goddesses propositioned Aphrodite to join them (begged really) but she ignored all of them or shot them down with a deadly sneer. As she worked her way to the baths she offered nothing to the orgy but a few casual flicks of her wrist or playful caresses, any of which were more than enough to bring her victim to a satisfying completion.

When she encountered her petite son, Eros, unsuccessfully attempting to flirt with Hebe, the Goddess of Youth, Aphrodite decided to intervene. She was a little embarrassed by how pitifully pathetic her son was. Eros was demure for a god, his body flat and deprived of muscle. He had blonde hair like his mother, and big blue eyes like a doll's, as well as two white wings sprouting from his back. He was pretty, like a girl though, and his penis was the most humiliating disappointment of just three inches. Three inches of perpetually erect penis, since Eros was the God of Desire, albeit not 'Fulfilled' Desire. Eros was always horny, and he made the people around him horny, but he was never able to score pussy on his own. Eros lovers together with each other, but never for himself. It was kind of sad.

"Mind if I borrow your friend for a moment, darling?" Aphrodite said to her son, shoving him aside as she took Hebe by her dainty wrist.

"Mom? I . . . um . . . alright," Eros whimpered in submission. He had been hoping his buxom mother wouldn't humiliate him at another orgy, but Aphrodite did love to humiliate her son.

"Thanks, sweetheart. I think a goddess as pretty as Hebe deserves to bigger prize than you," Aphrodite snickered. She flicked the pink tip of of her son's tiny penis, and Eros nearly screamed as he spontaneously orgasmed. His small ejaculation decorated Hebe's bare feet, and the young goddess grunted in annoyance.

"Come along, cutie," Aphrodite said to Hebe. "Let's go find you a big fat cock for the tiny pussy of yours."

Hebe giggled happily. She was the cutest of the goddesses by far. Being the Goddess of Youth meant that her body and mind were frozen in time, always stuck in the form of a petite eighteen year old girl. She was skinny, flat-chested, and freckled, but her big green eyes and short brown hair were quite adorable, if not very womanly.

As Hebe and Aphrodite walked together, the older goddess undressed her younger peer and whispered sexy little things into her ear. Aphrodite tickled and kissed Hebe, slowly building a fire in her body that burned so hot it hurt. Hebe's hairless little pussy was literally dripping when Aphrodite found the partner she wanted for the itsy-bitsy-little-gumdrop-goddess . . . a cyclops with a grotesque penis that was bigger than Hebe's leg.

"Wait! What?" Hebe's voice broke. "I can't have sex with this beast! His penis is as thick as my thigh! It'll kill me!"

Aphrodite rolled her eyes and laughed. "Oh Hebe, you stupid little slut. You're a goddess. You'll survive. Probably."

Aphrodite spanked Hebe's little butt so hard that the goddess went flying into the cyclops watermelon-sized testicles. The stupid brute saw the little deity face-planting in its scrotum, and assumed she was offering her body in tribute. The cyclops picked the little goddess up with one hand, and then impaled her on its monstrously contorted penis. Hebe's entire abdomen swelled with the insertion of the colossal cock, and her perpetually virgin pussy was ripped in half.

Aphrodite sauntered away and laughed as Hebe was fucked out of her mind. Aphrodite knew the tiny goddess would be fine. Gods could survive anything, even death. Hebe was the Goddess of Youth for a reason. He body would be back to its normal virginal self in a few months at least. Aphrodite couldn't imagine such a hell; having to lose your virginity again and again and again. That was Hebe's destiny though, just as it was Aphrodite's destiny to find sexual pleasure in literally everything.

Leaving the ruckusy orgy behind her, Aphrodite entered into the dark, steamy, muggy chambers of Helios's baths. The air was damp and oppressively hot. It clung to her skin like sweat, and condensation dripped from her thighs. Aphrodite discarded her pink slip, preferring to enter into the darkened rooms naked, armed only with her natural weapons. The air stank of herbs, bath salts, drugs, and sex.

Finally entering into a small bathing room dominated by a large boiling pool of water, Aphrodite found Dionysus masterbating and getting high. The horned Wine God had a joint in one hand and his decently large penis in the other. He was taking big puffs of some heavenly drug while beating his fuck-stick in the other. Sweat was cascading down his body in rivers. He was on the brink of orgasm even without Aphrodite's help.

Dionysus was being a voyeur. He was watching someone else have sex.

At the other side of the boiling pool Aphrodite found the god she loved the most and the goddess she hated the most. Ares and Circe. Ares, God of War, with his hyper-masculine muscles pulsating with violent energy, and Circe, Goddess of Magic, with her curly black hair and stupidly large breasts. Circe was kneeling before the War God, performing a wet sloppy blowjob on his tremendous weapon while enveloping the thick shaft in her fat ttis.

Ares was close to cumming. Very close. Aphrodite was jealous. She wanted to be the one to make Ares cum. She (almost) love Ares. She loved having sex with him. She loved his penis. She loved his butt. She love his violence and his rage. Ares was the only god who could dominate her sexually. Ares was violent with her, abusive with her, he slapped her around and treated her like shit, and he got away with it because his dick was just that good. The night when Ares first raped her (the night she was supposed to be married to Hephaestus, God of the Forge) was one of the happiest in her life.

Aphrodite strutted over to Dionysus and grabbed the joint from his hand.

"Give me that," Aphrodite said, puffing on the joint, consuming itl in one inhale, and then putting out the butt on the tip of Dionysus's penis.

The Wine God hissed in pain as the lit butt singed his penis, but because Aphrodite was the one doing it he came anyway. Everything Aphrodite did felt good. Dionysus's penis began to erupt with thick ropes of cum, all of it splashing across his own chest. He was angry that Aphrodite had stolen his joint and put it out on his cock, but there was nothing he could do. Aphrodite owned him, so he kept his mouth shut and just enjoyed the view of her beautiful ass in front of his face.

Now a little high, Aphrodite got into the pool and waded over to Ares and Circe.

"Ares," Aphrodite said with a commanding voice. "Stop fucking this fat pig and come with me. Now."

Ares said nothing. He just smirked. He knew he could do whatever he wanted. Aphrodite would accept it because she was desperate for his cock. If he told her to eat her own shit she would.

Circe was pissed though. She slurped up one last taste of Ares's cock-sweat and reared up. She was shorter than Aphrodite by a head, but her tits were actually much larger, albeit not as perky. Circe pushed her naked chest against Aphrodite and tried to breast-push her back.

"Fuck off, bitch," Circe spat. "I know you think you're hot shit, but you can't just walk in here and talk my man, you—"

Aphrodite silenced Circe with a kiss. The Sex Goddess's tongue slithered into Circe's mouth and deep into her throat. Aphrodite's hand grabbed Circe's large buttocks and pried them apart. Aphrodite's nipples poked into Circe's soft flesh. Aphrodite pushed her firm thigh against Circe's swollen cunt, and she plunged a finger up Circe's anus.

Circe was a powerful sorceress, but she was a weak goddess. Aphrodite was a child of Uranus. Circe was so far down the heavenly chain that she was practically a demigod. Aphrodite's erotic power was too much for Circe, and she began to orgasm again and again, each overlapping climax more violent mind-shattering than the one before. Aphrodite didn't let go. She really put everything into her kiss, and when she finally pulled away Circe was barely conscious and peeing herself.

Aphrodite casually lifted the curvaceous Circe over her head and threw her body against the wall. The hard marble cracked against Circe's skull, and the defeated goddess fell to the wet floor dazed and defeated. Her voluptuous body flopped around in a warm puddle of water on her own cum, still orgasming.

"You're lucky I'm in such a good mood, Circe," Aphrodite said. "And that I have Ares here to distract me. Otherwise I'd spent all night fucking you apart. I don't know if I'm powerful enough to really fuck another goddess to death, Circe, but for you I'd like to find out."

Aphrodite grabbed Ares by his heavy penis and pulled on it.

"Come," Aphrodite said, and Ares acquiesced. She led him out of the baths and towards a private room for them to share, leaving Circe rolling on the floor, still orgasming despite being nearly unconscious.

A moment later a timid boy crept into the room. It was Eros. Aphrodite's humilated son.

"What do you want?" Circe cried. "Come to humiliate me further, Son of Aphrodite?"

"No," Eros said. "I think you and I have a common grudge."


Aphrodite awoke sometime in the late afternoon, her head throbbing and her pussy aching. The bed she was laying on was broken in half, the frame shattered, and the mattress soaked with bodily fluids. She was naked and filthy, her entire body caked with sweat and dried semen. Her hair was a mess, all tangled up and kinky. Her right wrist was tied to the post of the bedframe by a pair of panties she had never seen before, and something hard was embedded in her ass.

Ares had really done a number on her. Aphrodite couldn't even remember most of it, but her body hurt in all the right places, and there were plenty of bruises. She struggled to get up and saw in a mirror that she had a black-eye. Ares must have punched her during their sex. She was alright with that. Ares was a the God of War, and the bedroom had been their battlefield. She had lost, apparently, and she accepted her defeat gratefully.

There were a few nymphs and satyresses in the room with her, each of them fucked into comas, and strewn about the floor like broken toys. Ares hadn't only dominated Aphrodite, he had torn his way through a few others as well. Aphrodite admired her lover's stamina, but she was a little envious that she hadn't been able to satisfy him all by herself.

Aphrodite groaned as she got out of bed and poured a jug of water over her body. Not only did it wash off some of the salty excess clinging to her body, but it instantly healed her injuries. Her bruises vanished. Her cracked ribs reformed. Her busted pussy tightened up. The gods could heal from almost any injury, and the more powerful ones like Aphrodite healed even faster.

"Morning, mom," Eros said as he timidly flew into the room, carrying a tray of bread and fruit. "Sleep well?"

Aphrodite pulled a dildo out of her ass and tossed it at his face. She took a loaf of bread and tore into it voraciously.

"Where's Ares?" Aphrodite asked. "I'm ready for a rematch."

"You don't remember what he told you?"

Aphrodite rolled her eyes. "I was drunk, high, and getting my brains fucked out all last night by a dick ten-times bigger than yours, bitch. No. I don't remember."

Eros pouted. "He went to the Labyrinth of Knossos. He said he had a surprise for you there. You were supposed to meet him there at noon."

Aphrodite spat out the bread. "It's already past noon! Shit! I gotta go. Once I've gotten a taste of that god's balls I can't get enough. Thanks for breakfast, loser."

As Aphrodite sauntered to the door she slapped her hand up between Eros's legs, smacking his penis and busting his balls. Eros fell to his knees whimpering, which made Aphrodite laugh. He was so pathetic that it embarrassed her, but she did enjoy playing with him. She couldn't believe that Ares was 'probably' his father. 'Probably' because Aphrodite didn't really bother keeping track of the men she fucked.

She hoped that might change tonight. She wasn't just going to let Ares fuck her like a captured slave, she was going to ask him to impregnate her.


The Labyrinth of Knossos had been built by the famed artificer Daedalus for . . . some reason. Aphrodite couldn't quite remember. She didn't really care either. Humans mostly bored her. The only ones she took interest in were the absolute sexiest ones, and even she only took interest for a time. Humans had such short lifespans, and their beauty faded so quickly. Aphrodite kind of hated them. She thought they were brutish and disgusting. She hated how similar they appeared to the gods, just shorter and uglier.

As Aphrodite descended from the heavens on a sunbeam, she encountered three humans at the gates of the great Labyrinth. They looked like ants compared to the massive structure, which stretched on for miles, and was so great in complexity that even gods could become lost within it.

Two of the humans were men. Big men with big muscles and thick hairy chests. Aphrodite could see through the clothing they wore, and was amused by the size of their cocks. They were big. Much bigger than her pitiful son Eros, but much smaller than any other god, satyr, centaur, or spirit. They weren't as ugly as some humans either.

The third human was a girl. Young, pretty, perky tits, nice ass, olive skin. Aphrodite didn't need to use her god-vision to see the girl's body. She was naked and bound in chains.

"No! Please!" the pretty girl wept. "Don't force me in there! Father! Brother! I'll die! The monster will devour me! It'll rape me and then devour me!"

"I'm sorry! We have to!" the older of the men said. "If we don't offer it sacrifices, it'll look for playthings and food outside the Labyrinth! I'm sorry, daughter. We must do this."

Aphrodite despised human sacrifice, especially of pretty young girls. She felt it was a waste of good pussy. This young woman should be busy getting fucked, not killed. With a wave of her hand, Aphrodite cast a powerful spell over the three humans, and its influence was immediate.

The girl began to moan, her body broke out into a profuse sweat, and her pussy almost liquified. The men grew hard, their cocks straining against their clothes, and their muscles bulged with power. It didn't matter that they were family, the lust that Aphrodite put over them was undeniable. The girl fell to her knees and yanked open the robes of her father and brother. Thier hard cocks slapped against her face and they fought for space in her mouth. She sucked them both like she was hungry for cum, and when they ejaculated she let it fill her mouth, cover her face, and drip onto her chest. With hasty gulps she swallowed every drop she could, and began licking the rest of her fingers and their shafts.

The men came, but their cocks did not soften. Driven mad with lust, the men foamed at the mouths as they fought each other for the girl's pussy. The father one, and her took his daughter's virginity with one violent thrust that left her squealing. The brother took what was left, and pushed his cock into her inadequately small anus, making her scream.

"Now isn't that better?" Aphrodite laughed to herself. "Fucking is so much more enjoyable than sacrifice."

She was invisible to them as she walked by, and entered the Labyrinth, eager to find Ares and get the same treatment the young woman was getting from her father.


"Ares! Stud! Where are you?" Aphrodite cried out in a sexy baby-voice, the one she liked to use when Ares bent her voluptuous body over his knee and spanked her big ass until it was red and pink. He wouldn't stop until she screamed "Daddy!" which was a little ironic, considering she was technically his great-aunt.

As Aphrodite strutted through the colossal twisting hallways of the labyrinth she disrobed. Little by little, bracelet by bracelet, strip by strip, she left a trail of clothing behind and grew progressively more naked. Aphrodite might have been an unrepentant drunk and hedonist, but she wasn't stupid. She might need to find her way out later, and she'd have her tail of clothes to follow if she did.

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