tagLoving WivesApril Fools Day

April Fools Day

byDG Hear©

I would like to thank Estragon, the copy editor on this story, for making this a much better read.

Chapter 1

Where do I start? Marge and I have been married for twenty-five years. We got married right out of high school. Marge works as a secretary in a large insurance office, and I'm a department manager in a local factory. We have two daughters who are both grown up and married.

Our younger girl was just getting married and leaving the nest. Marge didn't seem to be handling it very well. I think she had what they call empty nest syndrome. I wasn't quite sure how to deal with it.

Our life has always been fairly ordinary, but I like it that way. We were high school sweethearts and proved that young couples in love can make it work. Marge got pregnant at the end of her senior year and we got married. I got a job right out of high school in the factory and worked my way up over the years to department manager.

Even while she was pregnant, Marge took classes at the local college and over time got a degree in secretarial work. A year didn't go by after Ruth was born, when our second daughter Becky was born. We believed two kids were enough so she had her tubes tied.

Our early love life was great. It was pretty much an every night thing. Even after the two girls were born, we did it three times a week. Life was good for us. I'm not going to say we never had any problem because that would be a lie. We were just able to work through them.

I don't know how women think but I believe most guys have thought one time or another about seeing their wife with another man. It was fantasy and I wanted to keep it there. For the most part I was able to do that.

As we got older, to add spice to our lovemaking we would act out situations. I would ask questions during our love making like, "Do you want to fuck other men?" She would often answer, "Only if you want to watch me."

Sometimes at parties we would flirt a little, but nothing ever happened. We would use these people as our props in our sex play. I might say, "I saw you let Bob rub your ass when you danced with him. Did you like it?" Now I never saw Bob rubbing her ass, and I hope his life insurance was paid up if he did, but this was just our sex play.

She might answer, "He wanted in my pants. Would you like to see him fingering me?" Of course after our play sex we hardly ever talked about our sex talk. During sex it was erotic but if it was real, I don't think I could handle it. It would forever change our life; and not necessarily for the better.

Marge wasn't a diva but when she dressed up she was one good-looking woman. Things began to change in our relationship after our younger daughter Becky's wedding. I think it was about the same time when a new woman started in her office. Her name was Trish.

I was happy to see Marge with a new friend; she seemed to be happier.
Trish was in her late thirties. She said she was divorced once but now she said she was happily married to Dave. He was an engineer for another firm and traveled a couple of days a month. They didn't have any children.

The four of us became friends but after a month or so I had some strange feelings about Trish. She seemed overly flirty with me when Marge wasn't looking. I didn't want to say anything to Marge because one, I kind of liked it and two, I could be over reacting a little.

Marge asked if I minded if she had a girls' night out every couple of weeks with Trish and a couple of other friends of Trish's. I told her I didn't mind but it started our relationship in another direction.

I noticed as of late that on her nights out with the women that she dressed a little more sexy than I was comfortable with. She told me she had to since she was the old lady of the group. I told her there was nothing about her that was old.

Over the next few months she seemed so much happier, which made me feel good. I would always wait up for her on her night out with the girls and we had some of the best sex I can remember. I chalked it up to 'change of life sex'.

It was like we were young again. She did things with me that she hadn't done in years, or at least she had to be drunk to do it. I couldn't believe the first time she came home and sucked my cock. It must have been years since she did that.

I asked her what brought that on and she said, "The other girls talked about it and said how their men loved it so I decided to do it for you. I know it's been awhile but I really liked it. Expect more of it in the future."

Lately she was getting a lot more verbal during sex. I loved it when she would say, "Fuck me Rob, give me that cock Rob." She even told me I could fuck her ass, but that was only after a few drinks.

One day we were over at Trish's. She and Dave had a hot tub. Marge wore a nice one piece suit that showed her big boobs and was cut high on the side to show her nice thighs and great ass. Dave smiled when he saw her. I felt a little jealous but also proud that other men admired my wife.

Trish wore a two piece suit. If it was any skimpier she might as well have been naked. "You like?" she asked me, away from Marge.

I told her the truth. "You look sexy, not much left to see." I smiled at her.

"Play your cards right and you just might see the rest." She was laughing when she said it.

We got into the hot tub and it felt great. I was sitting between Marge and Trish. Dave was stretched out on the other side of Trish. The bubbles were going so no one knew what was going on under the water. I felt a hand on my thigh. It was Trish's.

She was talking away to Marge and ran her hand up to my package. I should have somehow tried to stop her but didn't. Dave said he was going to go get us all a drink. Marge said she had to use the bathroom. The warm water worked on her that way.

They both got out, Marge first and we could see the crack of her ass squeezed into her suit. I knew Dave was staring at it. I watched Trish smile as they both got out. It looked like Dave had a beginning of a hard on. I know I did because of Trish touching me.

I felt a little different being alone with Trish. We flirted but things seemed to be going a little too far. As Dave walked into their kitchen to get more drinks, Trish said she had something to show me. She stood up and pulled her bathing suit bottom to the side and showed me her pussy. I couldn't believe it. I looked back at the door to make sure no one was there.

"So, what do you think? You like my shaved pussy?" I didn't know what to say. I've never seen a shaved pussy except in porn or pictures. Marge always trimmed hers and I haven't been with anyone else.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked Trish.

"I like teasing you." She took my hand and put it between her legs. I did hold it there for a few seconds and quickly pulled my hand back.

"I can't do this is to Marge. I've never cheated on her."

"What do you think she's doing now? Dave probably has his hands on her ass right now." Trish covered her pussy and sat back down.

Marge came back out and was adjusting her suit as she got back in the hot tub. I didn't say anything to her. I had to wonder if Trish was right. No, Marge would never cheat on me.

That night when we had sex Marge was hot. I was eating out her pussy and asked her if she liked it. She was moaning and groaning and pushing her pussy into my face. I got up and pushed my cock easily into her. "Did you like Trish's hot tub?" I asked.

"Uh ha, it felt nice."

"Did you like Dave checking you out?" Again she said "uh ha".

"I think he would like to be here fucking you. Would you like that?"

"Only if you want him to," she replied.

"I pictured you and Dave in the kitchen with his hands in your bathing suit, finger fucking you. Did you let him do that?"

"No, but I bet it would feel good. Fuck me Honey, I'm about to come." About that time she climaxed. It wasn't long before I shot a large load into her.

The one thing Marge and I had was, we were always honest with each other. To the best of my knowledge we were always faithful to each other. When she was getting ready for her next girls' night out I asked her if she ever cheated on me.

"God no! Why would you ask me such a thing? You know we both flirt a little but I've never had sex with another man."

"Have you thought about it?" I asked her.

"Why all these questions? Are you accusing me of something? I've always been honest with you for nearly twenty-six years. Of course every person has fantasies. We talk all the time when we have sex, you know that. I would never cheat on you."

"I guess I'm afraid you are looking for something new. You've been different since you've been going out with Trish, and Dave seems to want in your pants."

"I'm sure he does and I have no doubt you've thought about Trish's body. That doesn't mean I don't trust you. Trish is my friend and knows how I feel about you. Everything is fine." She kissed me and said she would see me later.

That night when she got home she was hotter then ever. As soon as she walked in the door she came over to the couch and took out my cock and started sucking on it. I knew something had to get her this hot. I loved the blowjob but was worried about my wife.

She got up and slid off her panties and my underwear. She got on my lap facing me and lowered herself down on my hard cock. She seemed spaced out. I'd never seen her like this.

"Tell me about this evening. I want to hear everything you did," I almost demanded from her.

"Promise me you won't be mad at me," said Marge, but her speech was very slurred.

"What did you do? Did you fuck someone tonight?" I said this while plowing her pussy as she rode me. I wasn't sure how I felt.

"No, I just had a good time. I never would fuck anyone behind your back. Fuck me hard baby, God! I need it so bad."

What did she mean, 'behind my back'? Was she thinking about swinging or something?

"Tell me everything you did tonight. How far did you go? Tell me about your girlfriends. What did they do?" I was both horny and worried. It was hard to tell if she was fantasizing or did something really happen.

"I'm sorry Rob, I told the girls I wouldn't say anything to you. God, I want to be fucked so bad."

"You took some kind of drug, didn't you? Who gave it to you? What was it?" She was now screaming out with her first orgasm. It was rare anymore that she would have more than one, but she kept going.

I had masturbated earlier this evening so I knew I could last a long time. Her juices were running down my cock and she started rubbing her pelvis against me. Damn, I'd never seen her so hot. I had to know what happened.

"Trish gave me a pill to help relax. I was nervous and she said it would help relax me. I don't know what it was but all the girls took one. You feel so good in me."

"Where did you go? What did you do?"

"I promised the girls I wouldn't tell you; please stop asking me. Just fuck me hard I need it." Her speech was so slurred it was hard to understand.

"Marge, we never kept secrets from each other. Why are you doing it now? How can I trust you if you keep secrets from me?"

"Ok, I'll tell you a little bit but don't let the girls know I told you." She was fairly drunk and high on something but at least she was going to tell me something.

"We went to a private club. Trish and Cindy both belong to it. Barb had been there once before. Oh fuck! It feels so good. Rub my tits, they need to be touched again."

I had to wonder what she meant by again. I unbuttoned her blouse and unfastened her bra and let her big titties loose and noticed red blotches around them.

I didn't want to scare her so I didn't say anything about the blotches. I groped her tits hard. It was odd because she never liked her tits groped. In the heat of passion she didn't mind them being squeezed.

"Tell me about the club. Was there music and dancing? Did you dance with other men?"

"Uh ha, danced with lots of people, was fun. Everyone was so friendly. Squeeze my titties. Feels so good. I feel your cock in me. I love your cock Rob."

"Did you let other men squeeze your titties tonight?" I tried to say it like it didn't matter.

"I told them 'no touching' but they did it anyway. I told them you wouldn't like it."

"Who are these men? How did they touch you?"

"They belong to the club. Two would dance with me at the same time. One would push his thing against me from behind. The one in front of me tried to kiss me but I told him, 'no, I don't cheat on my husband'. I was so hot, Rob. Are you mad at me?"

"What did they do?" I asked. I was a little pissed and hard at the same time. This was some of the things we use to fantasize about. My emotions were mixed.

"They unbuttoned my blouse and felt my titties. One man held my arms and they took turns squeezing them. I kept telling them to let me go and they finally let go of my arms. Rob, it felt good, I'm sorry."

"Did you let them in your panties?" I was afraid of what she was going to say.

"One pressed against my butt with his thingy and the other pressed against my coochie with his hand. I told them 'no' when they tried to lift my skirt. I told them I was married and never cheated on my husband."

About that time she came again. "Fuck me Rob! Come in me. Oh God, so good. I love you Rob." I couldn't help it. Even though I was pissed off I came hard in her. She came so hard that after her orgasm she lay against my shoulder with my cock still in her and passed out.

I put her on the couch while I finished undressing her. I then helped her to the bedroom and stared at her as she lay naked on our bed. I covered her up and lay next to her. I had a hard time going to sleep. I wasn't sure where our life was going.

The next morning I told her we needed to talk. I asked her about the night out the night before. She looked nervously at me. I don't think she knew what she had told me the night before.

"I went out with Trish, Cindy and Barb like we always do. We drank and just partied a little. Nothing special happened, so why are you asking me what we did? You never asked me before. It was just a night out with the girls." She looked nervous.

"You came home pretty drunk. In fact you even told me that Trish gave you some kind of a pill to relax. Where did you go?"

"Why are you questioning me like this? I didn't do anything wrong except go out with a few of my girlfriends. There's nothing to tell you."

"Just tell me where you went. Is that asking too much from my wife?"

"It was some private club that Trish and Cindy belongs to. It's called 'His and Mrs.' It's a club for mostly married couples. It's the first time we ever went there. In fact Trish wanted me to ask you if you wanted to go there on April First. They have a big April Fools' Day party every year. You don't have to be a member that day. I told her I would talk to you about it."

I could see she was nervous and got up and started doing housework. I had to wonder about this place. If what she told me the night before was true this was some odd kind of club.

"So what all went on last night? You came home awfully horny. The sex was great but I feel you're hiding something from me."

"It's just a fun bar to go to. The people are friendly and I thought maybe we could join. You can meet a lot of new people who like to party."

"Marge, I know we talk fantasy a lot but I want it to stay there. I'm not all that interested in meeting new people. Something tells me that your new friends are pretty loose. I know you like Trish and Dave but I don't trust them. I think all Dave wants is in your pants. As far as Trish goes, I think she'd fuck anything that moves."

"How can you say that? Nothing has ever happened between me and Dave. I don't know what problem you have about having a little fun."

I knew our talk didn't go well. I had to find out about this club. I could tell Marge and I were at a crossroads. I was hoping she didn't go too far crossing the line. I was now sorry we did the fantasy talking.


For the next two weeks we hardly talked at all. I don't know what she and Trish talked about at work but she wasn't telling me anything. We always talked about work before this. I felt Marge was starting to keep secrets.

I had a talk with my cousin Mike who is a cop. I asked him about this 'His and Mrs.' club. He told me it was a legal private club. When I asked him about the membership he told me something that I didn't like.

"Rob, it's a swingers club. It's mostly married couples that think it's a way of saving their marriage. I hope you and Marge aren't involved with it. I have a buddy and his wife who got divorced last month. They joined that club hoping it would help their marriage. Instead it completely tore it apart. I'll tell you what happened.

"First they go to the club as a visitor with of one of the other couples. They aren't forced to do anything. It all begins with them observing the other couples and just partying. When you're around a group like that you began to think everyone is like that. Before they knew it they were watching couples having sex in front of them.

"Eventually people get undressed and a lot of sex goes on. Before you know it the couple get hooked on the sex. They disrobe and join right in. During the week it is more of a lounge but there is some swapping that goes on. On the weekends, Friday and Saturday, they bring in a band and things get a little more wild.

"Again, no one is ever forced into sexual acts or even to get naked. A lot of older couples join just to watch others have sex. It's like watching porn but it's in person. The business is also on private property, no one underage admitted.

"With my friend Larry and Cindy it got out of hand. Cindy started going back during the week and was having sex with different men. When Larry found out he realized it was the end of his marriage. Cindy still goes there all the time but Larry felt joining the club was the beginning of the end of his marriage. But he still goes there himself once in awhile.

"For some people, they have no problem sharing spouses but Larry said even though they had sex with a lot of different people, it lacked love. It was just sex and after their first few times they lost their love for one another. He know longer had the feeling he once felt for Cindy.

"A few times a year they have a big party to bring in new members. In fact there is one coming up in April. For the life of me I can't figure out how having sex with other women or letting my wife fuck other men could save my marriage. Another thing I might mention is that the age of most members is from the late thirties up into their seventies.

"By the way, Larry took a picture at one of the parties he went to. No cameras are allowed in the club but Larry snuck in a pen camera to show me some of the people at one of their galas. "Let me show it to you," said Mike.

As I looked at the picture I noticed most everyone was pretty much naked except for hats and shoes. They looked like they were doing the bunny hop or something. A couple of things that caught my eye was that, as Mike had told me, most were older people. I also noticed in the picture that one woman looked a lot like Trish.

Mike had some more pictures that his friend Larry had taken. They were actually photos of a lot of groping going on. It looked like it was being done on the dance floor. He also had a few pictures of a woman having sex with different men in a different room. I asked him why his friend Larry had taken these photos.

"He was going to use them in his divorce proceeding if Cindy didn't go along. He couldn't use them in court since they weren't authenticated photos, but it would have raised havoc with her family. After his divorce he said he didn't want them anymore and he gave them to me. I just keep them in a folder. If you want to know more about the club you should contact Larry. I'm sure he wouldn't mind talking with you." He gave me Larry's phone number.

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