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April Fools Them All


It's tough to run a small business. Managing all the incomings, outgoings, staff plus all of the intricacies of the product itself. My father's printing business was failing when I took it over at twenty-five, but I had managed to build it up so that it had become one of the top ten businesses in Haytown. That didn't make me Warren Buffet, but at least it wouldn't close anytime soon.

The effort of building it did kill any chance of a social life I had, and the only reason it didn't cost my marriage was that I hadn't been married. Three months before taking over the business I proposed to Tanya Bessmott, but that fell through within three weeks of taking charge of Green's Printing. Tanya was now married to Lance Neddles both had left town over a year ago. I felt good that at least I got a Christmas card from them.

It was early January when April first came in, and I noticed right away. Whoever came up with the phrase 'drop dead gorgeous' could have been thinking of her. About five-foot six, with silky blonde hair and big, blue eyes that made her angel's face seem even more flawless. Her body slim and athletic, but with massive tits looked like she somehow stole from a larger woman.

With a silent 'wow' I got up to the counter and said, "can I help you?"

She looked up with her enormous and terribly innocent eyes, "um . . . well yes. Um, I'm looking for a job."

"Well I'm not really hiring at the moment," and her face fell, looking so sad that it nearly broke my heart, "but do you have any printing experience?"

"No," she seemed on the verge of tears, "I was just hoping."

"Sorry." I said and she turned and left. She had to be new to town, someone that looked like her would have been noticed. I wondered where she had come from and why she had chosen Haytown to live. Looking out the window and saw as she went into the Auto-Engineering shop across the street, probably to look for a job there.

I didn't think too much more of it until next Monday, when she came in again. This time, I noticed she wore tight jeans with rips in the knees and a tee-shirt from a TV show that had stopped showing at least four years ago. She was clearly having a tough time, wearing older stuff. She still looked fantastic, but a little more desperate.

As I walked up, she spoke before I could say a word. "I didn't do it right before, so let me try again." She drew a deep breath, doing great things for her chest and there was no way she was wearing a bra under her shirt. She shot me a dazzling smile before saying "I'm April Harrington and I really need a job. I can use computers and can even clean. I'm a very hard worker. So, can I please have a job?"

For a second I couldn't say anything and desperately wished I could have adjusted my pants. I almost said yes before I thought about Corey. Corey Vanetti had been an apprentice my father had taken on, and he was as lazy as he was crude. He had completed his apprenticeship just a few weeks before I had taken over, and I was pretty sure that he was one of the reasons, one of the primary reasons, my father had had problems with the business. Unfortunately, I couldn't fire him. I had tried several times but he had never quite given me cause without worrying about what the union he was a member of, would do. On the plus side, the threat had kept the worst of his behaviour in check.

However, he was very crude and often made simply awful comments about women. Again, nothing I could fire him over, but the thought of what he would say about April, how it would hurt her obviously fragile feelings, decided me. In truth, she looked and sounded like the iconic 'blonde-bimbo' and I just couldn't in good conscience subject her to that.

"I'm sorry Miss . . . Harrington?" I said with genuine sympathy. "I just don't have anything for you at the moment."

She did silently cry then and I turned my back to give her some privacy. She left and I went to watch her out of the window, 'only to make sure she was okay,' I told myself. She spent a few moments composing herself and then walked to the auto shop.

The next Monday I found her waiting for me at 8:15 when I got to the printers. April was wearing what looked like pink business-wear. The skirt was high showing off very long, very shapely legs. For someone her height, half of it seemed to be her legs. The jacket wasn't closed, didn't look like it could close, and the shirt beneath looked like the buttons might pop at any moment.

"Mr Green," she again started before I could say anything, "I've done some research and I think I can help your company with sales and administration. I know I don't have any experience in . . ."

"Okay," I said, thinking about how I could make this work. "You are going to be employed strictly as a casual."

"You mean it!?" April flashed a smile with more wattage than any of the lights at the football stadium. She then jumped up and hugged me close, pressing her breasts into my chest and kissing me on the cheek. My pants once again became suddenly very tight and I really hoped she didn't notice.

The first comment came 35 minutes later when, somewhat predictably, Corey came in to work. "Hey boss, who's the hot toy?"

"Oh, I'm not a toy," April said happily, "I'm a real girl."

"Uh huh." Both Corey and I said at the same time and then looked at each other. Luckily, I recovered before Corey could say anything else and said, "yeah, Corey. Get in back, I need you to complete the Homewares Catalogue today?"

"But that's not due until . . ." he began to protest.

"Today, Corey!"

"But you haven't even introduced me to the . . ."

I cut him off as harshly as I could, pointing to the door leading to the presses in back, "what part of right this minute do you not understand?"

He grumbled a bit but left without further comment. This was not going to be easy.

That morning was taken up with filling out all of the employment forms, something April did well and for a little while I thought that I might have been scammed, she seemed to know all of the forms that needed to be filed with all of the agencies. When I asked her how she knew about this she just replied, "I just have a knack for administration," and giggled in a way so cute that I had to adjust my pants again. It was becoming a hazard.

I tried to warn her about Corey but she said she would soon 'win him over,' which I doubted, but she wouldn't be swayed. I worried, in truth I even lost sleep over it, sleep that sometimes had extremely erotic dreams about April in them.

Still, April turned out to be a great employee. She was very good with computers and, it turned out, even a book-keeper. I hadn't trusted her at first, she seemed like she couldn't add two plus two, and once picked up her calculator to add a 55mm width to 63mm length, which made no sense at all. I checked and rechecked the figures the first few times, but everything in my accounting program at least was completely correct. She even found a bank reconciliation error that I had been looking for months.

Corey was a problem. Whenever he saw her he couldn't resist making some comment, he never used her name but called her 'hots', 'cutie', 'baby-cakes' and a variety of other names. It was embarrassing for me and I waited for her to complain, waiting to be caught up in a sexual discrimination suit, thinking that I could at last fire Corey. However, April never seemed to take offence, often giggling in her silly way without understanding.

Three weeks after I had hired April, Corey made the comment, "we all have to wear these ugly green shirts, boss. How come she doesn't have to wear one?"

"Well I'm not convinced that they're ugly . . ." I began, but April interrupted.

"Oh, I'd be happy to wear these shirts," she replied with child-like excitement.

"You can wear mine," Corey said with a smile and began pulling his off. Even though he was taller, there was no way a shirt for his skinny frame was going to fit over April's prodigious breasts. However, I noticed to my horror that she looked like she was going to accept. She had taken off her jacket and her hand was starting to the buttons.

"No!" I said, stopping them, and was saved as a Peter Bellows from the convenience store, walked in. He was, as always, pleased to see April and wanted to talk to her about a new order, while she was doing this, I managed to shuffle Corey into the work room.

April was only working three days a week at the time, but on Wednesday she arrived wearing a tight, green shirt, with a plunging neckline. It looked almost like it was painted on. Below she wore a brown mini-skirt, the same colour as the shorts we wore as part of our uniform. This seemed even shorter than the one she used to wear, and over the next few days I couldn't help but notice that if she bent over or sat back I often got a view of her panties.

I tried to talk to her about it but April was so proud of her uniform that I couldn't bear to criticize it. I did feel guilty that her new uniform seemed to do good things for sales. Most of our customers were male and I had noticed that they all started coming in on the three days April worked. Chris Morely, the owner of the local bar & restaurant, came in to update his menus, despite doing that just before Christmas. Ben Powell from the supermarket came in personally now, every week, to get catalogues printed and even 'old-man' Wellington from the Retired Serviceman's Organisation came in to print programs and ogled April almost completely without shame. It might have been an act of business greed, but I started employing her full time after two months.

In the last weeks of march I found two, printed bulletins put up declaring April 1st, International No Panties Day. I tore them down when I saw them, and after the second one, I confronted Corey. He said, "well, it wasn't me that put them up. But surely everyone knows that this would just be a joke."

"April may not," I replied.

"Well, if she's that much of an air-head boss, then why employ her," he said. "Don't get me wrong, I'd fuck her in a second but . . ."

"You know that would be sexual assault don't you?" I said, "I could be sued for everything I've got."

"Would it matter if you got a taste of that pussy?" he asked and I just silenced him with a glare.

It was just before 10:30am on April 1st when I discovered that April must have seen one of the fliers. She bent over when she dropped her stapler and instead of panties I was confronted by the sight of her winking asshole and delicately parted pussy-lips under her skirt. My heart skipped a beat and I gasped, she got up and looked at me at my desk, "are you alright Mr. Green?"

"Ahh . . . keh, fine April, I'm fine."

She smiled and walked away, while I continued to worry.

I was treated to another four 'flashes' of her anatomy but fortunately no other problems cropped up, at least, before closing time. Maybe no one else saw? That evening I needed to let April leave first as the last 'flash,' had been only 15 minutes before and I still had a raging hard-on, so I was stuck at my desk doing busy work.

When I got up, I was still hard, but everyone had gone so it wasn't a problem. I locked the front office and was going to make sure everything was secure in the back when I heard a noise. It sounded like someone had left one of the machines on. I soon discovered the truth, in the paper storage area I found April bent over a stack, her skirt pulled up over her hips and Corey busy hammering into her doggy-style, while clutching her breasts, her shirt ripped open. He gave gasps, "hunh, hunh, hunh," with every thrust.

"What the hell!" I yelled and ran at the pair. Corey looked terrified and quickly scooped up his clothing and ran, dodging my fist as he ran for the door. I was about to follow when I was grabbed by April, she looked up at me with those big eyes and said, "please stay."

I growled as I heard Corey slam the door behind him and turned to April, "I am so sorry . . ."

She took her index finger and put it too my lips. "He told me that I have to please you too, so," with that she quickly pulled down my shorts revealing my raging erection. She got down on her knees and looked at my dick in that adorable cross-eyed way; her mouth making an O.

"You don't have to do anything that he said," I replied and desperately tried to pull up my shorts until she suddenly latched onto my dick with mouth. The heat and sensation was incredible, I still tried to resist until she began a slashing motion with her tongue. I gasped and the stimulation, like nothing I'd ever even thought could exist, held me immobile just from how it felt.

Her hands began working my dick as well and I knew that I couldn't last long, however my vocal cords didn't seem to be working, much like the rest of my body. Even my brain seemed to have shut down most of its functions from the incredible blow job I was getting.

Another second and my balls tightened, but April clamped her strong fingers around my cock which seemed to delay, and maybe heighten, my release. She took my cock out of her mouth and giggled cutely and looked up saying, "you really are about to pop aren't you?" She then blew on my erection, causing a new, but no less enjoyable level of pleasure to flow through it. I heard blood rushing through my ears and my breathing was irregular and I could feel a small string of drool leaving my lower lip as she popped my cock back in her mouth, slashing her tongue in that amazing way and cupping my balls.

It was too much, far too much. My manhood didn't so much orgasm as detonate in her mouth, then shooting up to my brain like a category five tornado. The tiny part of my brain not engulfed by unremitting pleasure wondered if I was having a stroke, but in less than a second, even that part didn't care as my vision darkened, my head coming apart as it exploded into a million shining pieces. Then blackness and a falling sensation.

I opened my eyes and it took a little while to understand what I was seeing. I was looking up at a partially blocked view of the workroom ceiling. The fluorescent light was off to the left and something yellowish was blocking my lower vision while it traced a warm and slimy path around my neck and chin.

It ceased and April's gorgeous face pulled back, looking down at mine. "Ohh goody! You're awake," she exclaimed, and then said, "you came really hard and then passed out. I think you haven't used your dinky in too long and it was just a little too much for you."

I noticed that while she said this, some of my sperm dripped off of her face and chin. Her face was truly splattered. I also felt that she was straddling me and that her warm, wet, womanhood was pressed against my lower stomach.

"Yes," I answered dimly, "it . . . ah . . . has been a while and . . ."

"Oh, I'm just so glad that you're okay," April said and then bent to kiss me. An unexpected move, that caught my shaken brain completely off-guard. Through the kiss, her tongue pushed deep and fought with mine, her teeth pressed against my lips and I could feel the slipperiness of my own sperm all through her mouth, lips and tongue. It should have been disgusting, but it wasn't. She was hot and full of passion.

Breaking the kiss, I saw a pleased smile on her face and then she seemed to think of something. "Oh, Corey said that if I turn a man on, I have to fuck him."

"April," I said desperately trying to compose myself, "you don't have to do that. I've told you not to listen to that . . ."

"No, but it's true," she said. "I know I've turned you on a lot since I started working here and didn't fuck you, now look what happened? I give you a quick blowjob and you shoot a ton of cum out at me and pass out on the floor. We don't want that to happen again, do we." She shook her head from side to side and I caught myself doing it a little as well.

"Good, then it's settled," she said and started moving her body back, her large tits, hanging out of her buttonless shirt brushing against the hairs of my chest.

"This isn't really necessary April . . ."

"It so is, look at this?" I couldn't look with her sitting on me, but I could feel her grasping my newly erect penis. Between her kiss and her body sliding all over me, I couldn't help it. "I need to take care of this right away."

"No, I . . ." this time I was cut off by the feeling of her inserting the head of my cock into the moist heat of her burning pussy. My breath was cut off again and all I could get out was a strangled moan. Her mouth had felt amazing, but her pussy was about 16,000 times better.

"There, there, Mr Green," she smiled and gave a small mew of her own, "hiummm, let April take care of you." She humped her body, impaling herself further, "but don't come so hard again. You scared me . . . We'll just have to do this more often . . . ohhh that cock is good."

I was in heaven and could have happily died that second and not feel that I'd missed out on anything. I should have been thinking of how I shouldn't be doing this, but all I could do was moan happily and be amazed that it wasn't a dream, no dream could possibly feel this good.

April suddenly shifted from the slow, long strokes to some sort of wriggling of her hips that I couldn't even imagine a human body being capable of, and this time I lead out a louder moan, "aahhhhggghhh, by God!"

"Ouuuuuhhhhh, you like that do you honey," she said and shifted into another movement which felt just as good. "Your prick is so big, it's really filling my kiki. You're a big stud, boss man and fucking me so good. Here, grab my titties."

I have a flash of guilt that she had caught me looking at her big orbs bouncing on her chest, but then registering that she wanted me to touch them came in. I grabbed one with each hand and while the skin was incredibly soft, the breasts themselves were firm and tight. The nipples stuck out at least 15mm, were as hard as pencil erasers, and a bright pink in colour. She hummed in joy as I squeezed them and she continued to pump herself on my dick.

Kneading her tits and looking up into her stunningly good-looking face, covered in my male goo, while her talented pussy continued its bouncing on my cock, was drawing me to a climax quickly. "Anngghhhhhaaaa!" I bellowed.

"Oh, are you going to cum in me? Are you going to splooge my cunt and make a mess like the one on my face? Are you going to go to lala land again boss man?"

Unlike my first orgasm, this was more an eruption than an explosion. It was like one of those toy rockets, half filled with water where the pressure builds and builds until they finally shoot incredibly high into the sky. When this eruption came, every one of my muscles locked fast, my breath coming out in a long hiss. My vision swam and I think my eyes rolled back in my head, but I think I at least remained conscious this time. Mostly of course though, pleasure settled completely over me gently blotting out any ability to think or do anything. I was fortunate that breathing is an automatic function.

I think that I noticed her getting off of me and saying something but there was no way my pleasure soaked brain could process sounds into anything meaningful. As I lay there and breathed, I couldn't really do anything else, I noticed a blurred something which had to be April settling down next to me. She said a few other things that I didn't catch but I was slowly recovering.

After a while, I managed to turn my head toward her and reached out a hand. "So, are you ready to talk yet?" She asked.

"Havleka moop, goorhlik . . ." I had wanted to say sorry again and ask what she wanted to talk about.

April laughed, a sweet, happy, laugh. "It looks like I scrambled your brains pretty good with that fuck, huh? It's okay, we'll wait a few more minutes." She continued a little later, "I must have been right about you not getting too much sex recently. Don't worry, we'll change that; and once I teach you how to really fuck a girl you'll be unstoppable."

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