tagRomanceApril Lover

April Lover

byAda Stuart©

Ever since I wrote "Undercover" I've always wanted to create another female lead that dared to go against the ordinary conventions of society.

This was the inspiration behind this story, and I hope you'll enjoy reading it. Ada


The deal

"We want to make a deal with you," the tall blonde woman said to Kathryn.

Kathryn knew that her name was Sharon, but they'd barely spoken before. She was accompanied by a smaller blonde called Lily, but it was apparent that Sharon was the leader.

"What sort of deal?" Kathryn wondered.

"You know the Quiz competition?"

"Yes, I've heard about it," Kathryn confirmed.

Even though she had only spent six months in the company, she had already learned that the yearly Quiz competition was very important.

"We're from the team 'Blonde' and we intend to win this year."

"Okay. Good for you."

"But we need your help."

"With what? You want me to join your team?"

"Sort of."

"Sorry, I don't have the right hair colour, Kathryn said truthfully. "And neither do I fancy studying all sorts of topics that doesn't interests me."

"That wasn't quite what we had in mind either. We already have the three participants required. But, we're in dire need of someone with your skills on our backup team.

"Which skills would that be?"

"We like what you did with Ronald."

Kathryn was surprised. They knew? Oh well, the guy almost lost his eye so it shouldn't surprise her.

"How did you do it?" Lily wondered.

Kathryn pointed to her long, brown hair that was fastened with a hairpin.

"Chinese hairpin. Sharp as a needle when fastened upside down. Will deter any guy that tries to grope you."


"I just got tired of him invading my personal space, that's all. He got what he deserved."

Both Sharon and Lily laughed.

"I hope he'll think twice from now on. He's been a pain in the butt for years," Lily stated.

"But that only confirms that you're the perfect woman for the job. Clever, discreet and lethal," Sharon concluded.

"Doing what exactly?" Kathryn wondered.

"Up to you. Let's just say that we want to win no matter what means are necessary."

"Even if it means cheating?"

"Everything is allowed in love and war, isn't it?"


"Gender war, if you prefer. The women against the men."

"Oh, I like that. Still, it doesn't seem fair."

"It's not supposed to. We believe they cheated last year."

"Cheated how?"

"Earplugs and smartphones. They probably had a few other accomplices feeding them the answers during the competition."

"Not good."

"No, and they will try again. That's why we need to cut them down a peg or two."

"Have you considered stealing their idea?"

"Sure. We're already on that. We have the brains, the smartphones, and each team member are specializing in separate topics. But we still need an extra edge, and you have the expertise we need."

"What sort of expertise are we talking about here?"

"Pranks. Being creative and all that. We're told that you're the best."

Kathryn laughed.

"Where on earth did you get that from?"

"Let's just say that we have our sources and they highly recommended you."

"I've toned down that. Gotten serious."

"Then make an exception. We really need you. Besides, it will be fun."

"Do you have any ideas where you would like to start?"

"Sure. We have a few volunteers that will try to seduce them, and we're trying to smoke out their accomplices so we can start working on them as well."

"Look for the quickest writers. They need to text fast in order to feed them the answers. Most likely it's some young fellow."

"See! I told you she was the right one," Sharon nodded at her friend.

"But seduction? As in bedding them? Sounds drastic," Kathryn wondered.

"Oh, pish-posh. They volunteered. I suppose they got the hots for some of them."

Still, it surprised her, Kathryn thought. To volunteer for something like that. Yuck.

"Who's the team members?"

"There are several teams, but the 'Nerds' are the one to beat."

"Nerds? As in IT?"

"Yes, sure. You work with them. Noah, Ben and Patrick."

Kathryn whistled. She had noticed them. Tall, handsome and muscular. Neither of them quite fitting the usual image of a typical nerd. But they were way out of her league, she knew. Especially with her small figure, mousy appearance and sombre work clothes.

"Now I see why someone would volunteer."

Damn, they had brains as well? All three of them provided excellent material for sexual fantasies, as far as Kathryn was concerned. Especially Noah whom she shared an office with, and who just happens to be her team leader.

She could barely think when she looked at him, with his tanned skin and just the right of muscles all over. And combined with a bedroom voice and a nice manly scent, she had to stop herself from drooling whenever he came near her. Oh, boy. And this was the man they wanted to fool. Bad idea.

"This won't be easy," Kathryn concluded.

But she liked a challenge, she admitted. And this would certainly prove to be one.

"Exactly. They've won the competition every year for the past three years. So, that's why we need you to provide that extra edge. Any ideas?"

"Only one right now. 'Itching powder'," Kathryn suggested.


"Down their pants."

"And how do you plan to get it there?"

"Have you ever come across a man that does not touch his genitals at least once a day?"

Sharon laughed.

"That's brilliant! I like your way of thinking."

"Have you got a full intelligence report on them?"


"You need to know your enemy in order to beat them. Look for weak spots, like hobbies, girlfriends, allergies, drinking habits and sexual direction. Everything that you can find."

"Wow. Strategy! I like that," Sharon exclaimed. "I'm sure we can come up with a list. I'll notify the others."

"The more information, the easier it is to know where and how to attack."

Kathryn paused a little. She was getting into trouble again. But she couldn't resist the temptation.

"But, of course, the oldest trick is always the best," Kathryn explained.

"Which is?"

"Sex. Make them think about sex instead of the quiz. That's the ultimate solution."


Making plans
A few days later, Kathryn had a short meeting with Sharon.

"Maybe you should warn the judges about the cheating last year and tell them to remove all ear plugs and mobiles," Kathryn suggested.

"Naw. I think we can benefit more from letting that pass, to tell you the truth. We intend to borrow that idea."

"How's the intelligence coming along?"

"We've gathered all the information you requested. I'll email it to you, but basically we know that all three men are single, in their late twenties, likes sports and is generally well educated."

"Damn. So, no obvious weak spots?"

"On the contrary. You were right. Sex seems to be their weak spot. Although it shouldn't be a surprise, since they are young and virile."


"It seems Ben is taking the bait of one of our accomplices, and we've found the perfect match for Patrick as well. She just needs a little more time to work her wiles on him."


"But Noah is more of a challenge."

"How so?"

"He's not taking any of the baits we've laid out, even though some of them have been quite persistent."

"Broken heart?"

"Not that we know of, but you never know."


"Nope, definitely straight."

"Not good then."

"No. So we were hoping that you would give him a go?"


"Can't hurt to try. You're single, aren't you?"

"Yes, but..."

Kathryn did not feel ready for a relationship right now. It was not worth all the fuss just to have a man in her life. Not now.

"You never know unless you try. And you said that the sex plan was the best. Besides, you only need to distract, not bed the guy."

"He hasn't shown any interest in me yet, so I doubt that it will work."

Sharon laughed.

"Maybe you should try showing off more skin instead of being just one of the guys. That might improve your results."

"True," Kathryn admitted.

It was tempting to give it a try, just to see if it could work. She had her doubts, but her curiosity was too strong to resist.

Sharon was right. He would never notice her in her mousy appearance, that was sure. So, she would have to take a chance if she wanted him to see the real her. Men could be so blind.

"After all, since none of the others succeeded, we're relying on you here. Either to seduce or distract him. It's up to you what you prefer."

"Sure, I can always pull some pranks on him if the seduction fails," Kathryn laughed. "By the way, I have some other ideas on how to ruin their sleep before the quiz."

"Good. What?"

"Caffeine and ginseng tablets. If we manage to spike their coffee the day before the competition, they will not get a good night sleep. And you know how losy the brain works after that."

"Wow, that's a brilliant idea. I'm on it."

"And, the morning after, perhaps we should replace the coffee with decaffeinated coffee? The head-ache will be a killer."

"I just love to see an expert prankster in action," Sharon laughed.


"Are the bimbos trying to recruit you?" Noah asked as soon as she entered their office.


"I saw you talking to them during lunch."

"Bimbos. Is that what they're called?"

"Blondes, then. 'Bimbos' is their nickname around here. I bet they tried to recruit you to their quiz team."

"Not very likely. I don't pass the hair-colour test, if you haven't noticed," Kathryn laughed, as she held out a strand of her brown coloured hair.

"Not the stupid bimbo-test either," Noah said. "You're too clever for that lot, so don't let them torment you."

It was really nice of him to worry about her, Kathryn thought. He must believe her to be a fragile little thing. Well, she wasn't the tallest person around, but he seemed to mistake her petite stature for timidity. He couldn't have been more wrong, she thought.

"Actually, I'm terrible at remembering details so they would surely lose with me on their team. But they gave me some excellent advice regarding fashion or lack of it, so it was quite enlightening."

"Never mind them. They're too silly for their own good."

"Maybe. But they said that it was 'skirt week' next week. It sounds like fun."

"Does that apply for the men as well? I don't think I'll have the guts to wear a kilt."

"It would probably be nice and airy down there, don't you think?"

Noah just sputtered out the water he was about to drink.

"Oops, sorry. I was thinking out loud," Kathryn said apologetically. "But I think that men in kilts are really sexy and I believe most women would agree."

Noah laughed.

"Maybe I should give it some consideration then."


"Have you two blockheads noticed anything odd lately?" Noah asked the other two members of his quiz team.

"Odd how?" Ben wondered.

"An increased amount of female interest," Noah explained.

"Why, yes," Ben agreed. "But I think that's only because they've finally awoken and discovered that I'm superhot."

"You wish!" Patrick said while giving Ben a push.

"So, you have noticed a lot of women suddenly dropping by to ask silly questions?"

"A few days ago, yes," Patrick agreed. "But, not any longer. It's quiet now."

"You're probably just imagining things," Ben explained. "Maybe you should ask that new brunette of yours to protect you. What's her name again?"


"Nice name, but she looks like a tomboy," Patrick intervened.

"All the better. Ask her to scare away the unwanted attention or answer the silly questions. After all, she's the newest member of your team, Noah, and we all have to start at the bottom."

"She wouldn't be able to scare a fly," Noah said with conviction.


Changing lightbulbs
Next Monday at work, Kathryn was wearing the tightest pencil skirt she could find. And matched with a very modern see-through blouse, she knew that Noah would be able to see a lot more of her than usual.

Oh well, if this didn't spark some interest, nothing would, and then she would resolve into using pranks instead. She really hated wearing skirts, but it suited the purpose so she would have to give it a go.

But she didn't want to expose herself to the entire workforce, so she had also brought a blazer to cover herself up when needed. Although inside their office she wouldn't need that.

She looked at the clock. Noah would soon return from his morning meeting.

Good. That meant that this was the perfect time to change that lightbulb that annoyed the hell out of her. The caretaker never seemed to have the time, but how difficult could it be to change it herself?

If only she could reach it.

Kathryn thought about it for a while before she started to move her desk a little to the right. If she stood on top of that, she didn't need a ladder. She hoped. The ceiling was quite high, and she was not the tallest of women.

She moved her chair next to the table, kicked off her high heels and tried to climb. Damn. The skirt made it almost impossible to move. No wonder she preferred pants. They were a lot more convenient.

How did women manage to do anything in pencil skirts? The answer was obvious. They didn't. They probably asked the nearest guy to change the light bulb instead, wiggling their asses in approval.

Well, she was better than that, Kathryn thought. She pulled her skirt upwards and managed to climb onto her chair and then onto the table.

At the same time, the wheels made her chair roll in the opposite direction. It was too far away from her. She swore. Never mind. She could worry about that later. She would figure out something or simply jump, Kathryn thought.

Reaching for the lightbulb, she realised that she didn't quite have the height that was needed.

"Damn it," she swore out loud.

She located a few of the thickest books she could find on her desk and built a small tower. That should do it. Standing on top of the wobbly tower she could barely reach the lightbulb.

Standing on her tiptoes she managed to turn the lightbulb out of the socket, just as she heard footsteps reaching the doorway.

"What the hell?" Noah shouted from behind her.

At the same time, the books decided to slide, and she clung to the lightbulb while she felt as if she was standing on a snowboard sliding downhill.

She shrieked in shook, before she managed to regain her balance and stopped sliding.

"For god's sake. Are you trying to get me killed?" she flung at Noah.

She turned toward him and saw that he looked completely shell-shocked. She placed the old bulb on her desk and reached for the new one. Reaching up she turned sideways and lifted her arms again, aiming for the socket, making sure that her breasts were outlined perfectly in her tight blouse.

"What are you doing?" Noah finally grunted.

"What does it look like I'm doing?"

She raised herself on her tiptoes and managed to place the new bulb in the socket and started to turn it around.

"I'm so fed up with waiting for someone to change this bulb," she said just as she realised that she couldn't quite reach it.

She looked down at the books and built the tower again.

"Maybe you could just stand beside me in case I fall?" she asked Noah.

He seemed to be way off. Too shocked to know what to do.

"Noah? Earth is calling!"


"Come here," she waved at him. "And hold out your arms."

"What for?"

"I don't want to fall on my head. Can you grab me if I fall?"

He did as she asked and stood beside her, while she attempted to balance on the books again.

"What's wrong with a ladder?"

"Couldn't find one."

She reached for the light bulb and gave it few more turns, and suddenly it lit.

"Bingo! That did it. Yes," she said, before sliding precariously on the books. "Oops!"

At the same time Noah reached for her and held her tight. He put her back on her feet and moved quickly away from her.

"Thanks Noah. Stacking books like '.Net' with 'Java' was probably a very bad idea."

"Why on earth are you doing handiwork wearing something like that?" Noah sputtered while he pointed at her clothes.

"Why not?" Kathryn wondered while she pulled her skirt downwards.

It had moved a little too high to be appropriate.

"As a single woman I'm used to take care of business all by myself."

"I could see your panties, woman!"

His voice sounded strangled and he looked more shocked than before.

"So what? If it offends you that much, you should just turn around and let me finish what I'm doing."

Noah just groaned and combed his fingers through his hair. He seemed a bit tense.

Then he turned to her.

"What's with the outfit?"

"It's 'skirt week'."

"What's that?"

"All the women have to wear skirts this week. No pants allowed. Don't you remember? I told you last week."

"Um, yes."

"This was the only skirt I could find," Kathryn said apologetically.

"And the top?"

"What's wrong with it?"

"Um, I can see right through it."

"It's the latest fashion, the other women told me. It's fabulous, don't you agree?"

"Maybe you should cover up just a little?"

"Naw. It's too warm in here," Kathryn stated nonchalantly, while she tried to figure out how to get down again.

The solution was obvious.

"Ehm, Noah?"


He had turned away from her. She suspected he wanted to flee. But now he turned back again, and she saw him skim his eyes quickly over her entire body, before looking only in her face. The guy was utterly charming, she thought.

"Could you help me get down again?"

He sighed.

"Couldn't you have thought about that earlier? How did you manage to get up there in the first place?"

"Hitching my skirt up to my waist and balancing on my chair, to tell you the truth. I'm not sure I can perform that act one more time without breaking something."

After a long pause he finally seemed to have decided that this was the lesser of evils.

He moved toward her, placed his hands on her waist and pulled her to his chest. He let her glide along his warm body all the way down to the floor. Kathryn felt her breath hitch as her body reacted with an instant craving that shocked her immensely.

What on earth, she thought, before she wrapped her arms around his neck and held on. She took in his manly scent and realised how much taller than her he was.

She heard him hiss and she understood that she was not the only one feeling the effect. The thought consoled her immensely. To think that he was completely unmoved about this would be a torment.

She took a deep breath and slowly dislodged herself from him, feeling her body missing him already. She stared into his chest, couldn't quite lift her eyes to meet his. Not sure what she would meet.

Still, his arms were at her waist and she wondered why he hadn't removed them. But it felt nice and she longed to move into his embrace again.

She looked up and met his smouldering eyes. The heat seemed to increase hers and she gasped at the intensity of her response.

At the same time, he seemed to awake from the daze, and he shook his head softly before looking away from her. He removed his hands from her waist and took a few steps back.

"Thanks," Kathryn whispered. "Thanks for the rescue."

"You're welcome, missy," Noah said quickly.

His voice sounded a little brisk, but Kathryn was not worried. He was not immune to her, but she was more surprised about the strength of her own response. This would be more difficult than she had imagined.

She felt pure lust pour through her body when he came close. It had been so long ago that she had forgotten how powerful it could be.

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