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Army Boy


This is only my second story. I want to thank everybody for their comments on my first and I hope your comments will drop in on this one as well. If you have ideas and/or critique about style and grammar I'd be more than happy since English is not my first language. I hope you enjoy my fantasies. I know I do...


I hadn't been home for over 2 years as I'd been overseas with the army. But finally my contract's over, I was coming home. My parents would, as always, be doing their round-Europe summer trip and would be gone for at least 4-5 weeks. Luckily, I had met them in Germany before I left the continent for home. My 23 birthday was coming up and my parents had given me an Amex gold card and told me to spend as much as I wanted – after all, I'd been away fighting for my country and this was only my due, as Dad said with a smile. I knew I'd have to put up with my little sister during our parents' trip, but I hadn't seen her for so long, I hoped she had finally grown up to become a decent person and not the stupid little 16-year old brat I'd last seen before I left home. I spent most of the flight from Germany asleep, after downing 3 quick shots and 4 large German beers at the airport.

Gina, my kid sister would be picking me up at the airport and I was really looking forward to coming home, just being free to do whatever for a while. My parents had a great walled-in backyard with a large swimming pool and a hot tub, something that started to occupy my mind increasingly as we landed at the airport. I went to get my bags and then looked around for my little sister. God knows, I don't have a clue as to what I'm looking for, but I'm sure she can't have changed too much. Last I saw her, she was tall and skinny and with her mouth full of braces. The one attractive thing about her was her fiery red hair that in the sunset made it seem like her head was on fire. I had always felt a bit sorry for her, since I've always been what the girls referred to as "hot". 6 ft 3, 200 with a swimmers broad shoulders and slim hips and a face that some girls said reminded them of some 50s tough-guy actor. The part I was most proud of was my dick, though. It's 8 inches long, quite thick and with a massive head that turns purple when I'm really horny – which is usually the case. During my army years I hadn't had the opportunity for regular girlfriends so I'd had to make do with the local "light brigade" which left a lot to wish for, unfortunately. But now that I was going home that would change, I had decided.

"Ray! Raaayy!" A voice calling my name. I looked around but couldn't see anyone I knew. Then a tall woman waved at me and called again "Ray?"

"Yes?," I said.

"Don't you recognise me? It's me for God's sake! Gina!" Gina! My skinny little sister? This gorgeous creature? Oh My God! The young woman in front of me had high heels that made her almost as tall as myself, white hip-hugger trousers that ended very low on her hips and a white halter-neck top that left the midriff bare and hugged a pair of large breasts, pushing them together to form a great cleavage. A full mouth with lips that looked swollen, like they had been kissed for hours and a pair of emerald green eyes that twinkled when they met mine. A great shock of red hair fell around the bare shoulders and down past the shoulder blades topped this image of perfection. My baby sister? Gina? This...this extremely sexy, tight-bodied, large-breasted beauty didn't look 18, at least 23-23.

"Oh my God, Ray. It's so great to see you again. I've missed you, big brother!", Gina said as she threw herself in my arms, her breasts flattening against my chest making my balls tingle and my cock wake up.

"Wow! Gina, what happened to you? You look stunning! What happened to my skinny little sister with braces?", I asked her.

"She lost her braces, got her period and started growing in all directions.," Gina smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek.

"Well, yes, I can see that. You look fantastic!" I said with my mouth open.

"Thank you, Ray," Gina smiled at me, "and you're still the hunk you've always been. Maybe even more muscled now, though. Nice...I guess our parents should be quite pleased with us, right?", she laughed out loud.

"C'mon, let's go!"

We left the airport and went to the car. I couldn't help but noticing my sister's ass swaying as she walked, her trousers riding so low I could see an inch her ass crack! Her chest also moved when she walked, but not as much as I'd have thought, considering the size of her breasts. I felt that my cock had grown and I was semi-erect. These were no brotherly thoughts, I told myself. I'm totally checking out an extremely hot piece of ass – and she's my sister! Damn! Hold it right there, Ray. No more!

I dozed most of the way home, as Gina drove, but through my half-closed eyelids I snuck a few glances at her body. Then I fell asleep. I woke up just as she turned into our driveway.

"Nice dreams?", Gina asked with a wicked smile and a nod towards my crotch. My cock was hard as a rock! I tried to hide it as my face turned red and said

"Eh...well, you know, dreams...who knows? You can't control them, after all..."

"Aha...nice save, 'big' brother" she said laughing. Embarassed as hell, I took my bags and went to my room, unpacked quickly and went for a shower and a shave.

"Ray? Are you hungry? I was thinking we could eat out tonight and just hang out by the pool for a few hours, catching up, but if you're hungry, I'll fix you something."

I heard Gina's voice much to close, was she in the bathroom? No, just outside the door. Just thinking about my bombshell sister made my cock grow again.

"I'm good, thanks. It sounds great, by the way. I'll join you in a few minutes."


I realised that I simply couldn't stand seeing this sexy creature in a swimsuit without getting a raging hard-on again unless I took care of it now. I started jerking my cock and in less than 10 seconds I came in thick spurts on the shower-stall wall. I finished my shower, dried off and realised I didn't have any swimming trunks. I called out for Gina

"Sis, do you know if any of my old swimming trunks are left behind somewhere here? I seem to have lost all mine."

"No, sorry Ray", Gina said, "but I have a bikini that's not my size or style. You want to borrow the panties?"

"Well....", I said hesitantly.

"Or, you could always skinny dip!" Gina laughed.

"Ok, ok, very funny. Yes, I'll borrow those from you then."

"Say please!"


"Say please!", Gina said again.

"Oh, alright. Please, can I borrow your panties, Gina?"

"Hmm...I like the sound of that", she said in a husky voice. Thank God I had jerked-off earlier!

"You want the bra too? I know, just kidding. They're on your bed."

"Ok, thanks."

I went to my bedroom and saw a pair of bright pink high cut bikini panties. Could I really fit my "package" in that? Well, I could, but there wouldn't be any room left in case my cock decided to grow hard on me again. Then I went outside. Gina was flat on her back on a sunbed, her 2-piece suit consisting of some strings and very little else. The bra barely covered her nipples and aureole – man, those tits were big! – and the panties were shaped like a spider web with a small patch of cloth in the center, barely 1 ½ inch wide. She must be almost completely shaved, I thought, as Gina turned her head and looked me over from my head to my toes and stopping an extra few seconds on my cock in her pink panties. She smiled

"They suit you. In fact, you look quite hot, Ray. I almost wish some of my girlfriends were here, they'd probably cream their pants seeing you!"

Was I hearing this? My sweet, innocent sister looking at me like I was a piece of meat on display as the day's special, and obviously enjoying what she saw. My cock twitched (again) and Gina smiled.

"Niiice..." she said, probably to herself.

"Do my back for me?", she asked me and turned around. There was no back on her panties! Yes, there was, a thin piece of yellow string disappearing between the glorious globes of one of the hottest asses I'd ever seen!

"Sorry?", I said suddenly realising she had said something.

"Will you do my back for me? Suntan lotion..."

"Yes, sure," I said.

Wow, I was going to get to touch this body of a sex godess even if it's only the back. I sat down on the side of the sunbed, took the tube of lotion and started rubbing it in.

"Oh, that feels so good. Mmmm....have you learned massage, Ray?" she asked me in a purring voice.

"Well Gina, when I was in the swim team I always got to rub the backs of the female swimmers."

Not only their backs and not only rubbing, but why be more precise than necessary, right?

"Feels great, Ray. All the way down to the panties, please."

I hesitated for a second then continued down the small of her back and to the start of her ass. Suddenly I realised two things: first, I wanted to take this further, much further; and second, I saw as Gina spread her legs ever so slightly a gleam between her legs and a musky smell of sex reached my nostrils. She was wet!

"Ok, that's it Gina. Your back's ready" I said, knowing that if I'd go on I'd take it too far.

"Thanks Ray. Your turn. Turn around."

I did as she said and felt her fingers and hands running all over my muscled back and down towards the edge of the panties I had borrowed from her and that by now felt far too small. I was hard again, even though I had jacked off less than half an hour ago. Shit, this was going to be a long day. Gina's hands slowly left my back and she said

"Ready. Feel good?"

"Uhm...real good!" I grunted.

"Good. Let's go for a swim then!"

Gina stood up, her tits moving like mad and I saw her nipples standing erect and almost poking holes in bikini.

"I'll be right there. Just gimme a sec, will you?"

"No, come on!"

Ok, I thought, there's no use in trying to hide it. I stood up, my cock hard as rock and the head protruding above the lining of the bikini, big, puple and glistening of precum. Gina stared, her eyes huge and her mouth open.

"Oh my God", she wispered, "it's beautiful!"

I leapt in the water and started swimming furiously, while Gina still stood by the pool side, her eyes gazing far away.

"Gina! Snap out of it! Come on, you wanted to swim, then swim."

She jumped in the pool and started swimming towards me. As she came closer, she suddenly dove under and suddenly appeared behind me, dunking my head under the water.

"You little bitch!", I yelled and went after her. As I came up behind her I reached out but didn't quite reach anything but her bra.

Suddenly it was in my hands and my hot 18-year-old sister was topless in front of me with her big tits pointing straight out at me like Scud missiles.

"Nice pair, Sis. Are those real or is it silicone?"

I had to ask, half in jest. She looked me straight in the eyes, put her hands under the tits and pointed them at me, and said

"Oh they're real enough. Not an ounce of silicone in these babies."

"I'm sorry if I'm being an asshole, Gina, but I must ask – what size are they?"

"36 DD. They grew from 34 B to this in 2 years, after I got my period. Don't ask me why. Mom even offered me a reduction, since she said no boy would ever look me in the eyes with those. I told her she's crazy. I love my tits and I love the attention they get when I wear low-cut tops. I guess we're two of a kind, dear brother. My tits are XL but so is your cock. Right?"

"Well...", I hesitated.

"Come on, Ray. How big is it when hard?"

"8 inches", I said.

"Wow! Can I see it?" she said, licking her lips.

"Gina! No, you're my sister for God's sake!"

"So? You've been gawking at my tits now for the past couple of minutes. What's the difference? Show me! Please?"

Looking at her great tits had kept me hard and I thought to myself, what the hell, and got out of the pool to sit on the poolside with my legs in the water. I then pulled the panties down and let my cock spring out in full freedom. Gina came closer, put her hands on my knees and just looked. Seeing the look in her eyes made my cock even harder. I had never been so hard before in my life. She licked her lips, pinched her nipples, smiled at me.

"Thanks. But that's got to be more than 8 inches? Can I measure it?"

"Gina, enough is enough! No, you can't measure it!"

I said it in outrage, by the feelings her words evoked in me, more than by her words themselves. I badly wanted her to touch me, jerk my cock, put it between those lovely lips of hers and suck it til I came. I wanted to come all over her tits, see her rub it in and smear her fingers and lick it off. My cock leaked a little precum at my thoughts.

"My God, did you just come?", Gina asked quitely.

"No, it's precum...a kind of lubricant, I suppose. It just means that I'm horny."

I answered her in an unsteady voice. Suddenly, the phone rang. Saved by the bell, I thought, as Gina got up and ran to the phone, tits jumping and butt cheeks moving beautifully.


I heard her say as I went inside to cool down. This wasn't suppose to happen and nothing more was going to if I had any say in it. I may have to jerk off 5 times a day being around this gorgeous sexy creature, but so be it. I won't realise my fantasies. It's not right, I told myself as I hit the shower again. I heard the bathroom door open.

"It was Lucy. She and the girls are going to a party tonight and wondered if I'd like to go too. I said that my brother's finally home and that we're hanging out tonight. That's ok, I hope?"

"Yes, of course Gina. I thought we said to go to a restaurant tonight anyway? Do you have a place in mind? Money is no object, so pick a classy place."

Gina was quiet for a short while, then said

"Ok, I know a place. But you must wear a suit and tie to get in. Is that alright?"

"Sure, I like it classy. But do you have a classy outfit to wear?"

"Well, yes but most of my stuff are more sexy than classy I guess. I could always borrow something from Mom. She's a little smaller of the chest, but otherwise we're the same size. And if it's tight over the chest I guess you and the rest of the men will only enjoy it more, right Ray?" she said mockingly.

"Get out of here and let me finish my shower." I growled at her. She left.

An hour later I was ready for an evening out dressed in a grey suit and black shoes. Naturally I had to wait for Gina to get ready, though. Women's privilege and all that. But, I have to tell you she was worth waiting for. She took her time, but when she came walking down the stairs I felt my heart stop for a moment and my mouth watered.

Her hair was made in a high edge-like wedge on top of her head and then gently flowing down her back. She wore one of our Mom's dresses, a long black backless dress with spaghetti straps. It was very snug over her breasts and low cut, displaying quite a lot of her ample breasts. It was impossible for her to wear a bra under that dress, but as I'd seen earlier, she didn't need one anyway. I could almost make out her nipples under the dress, and it was enough to make my groin start tingling. She must have poured herself into that dress, it was that tight. The material was a little shiny and might have been stretch, the way it hugged her forms. I didn't see a panty line – she probably wore a tiny thong under there. She wore shiny black stockings and her high-heeled black shoes made her legs seem to go on forever.

She was beautiful! I almost had to pinch myself to remind me that this wondrous date of mine was in fact my 18-year old sister, not a hot 20-something girlfriend.

"Seen enough, there Ray?", she asked.

"Yes. You look stunning. No, you are stunning. You are a very, very beautiful woman, Gina."

"Thank you Ray. You look great, too. I'm proud to be your date for tonight! We're going to have so much fun tonight."

Her smile almost brought tears to my eyes, she was so beautiful.

We left for the restaurant. All during the trip there and our stay at the restaurant I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was sexy, vibrant and so full of life. I realised that this was the woman I had always dreamed of. But she was my sister. Gina, of course, noticed my staring at her but didn't seem to mind one bit. On the contrary, she often bent forward to say something, exposing even more of her impressive breasts, touching my arm and so on. In fact, her body language conveyed the fact that she was as interested as I was. But that couldn't be, could it?

Having finished our dinner and some coffee and a brandy for me (Gina had had some wine with dinner, but only 2 glasses), she asked what I wanted to do.

"I really don't know. I'm enjoying myself immensely just being with you, getting to know you again. You were too young to be any fun when I left so to me this is a brand new aquaintance."

"I hope I'm not too disappointing then?", she asked me.

"Hell no. You are the most perfect woman I have ever had the privilege to talk to, look at and be around. If you weren't my sister...",

I halted myself. Damn! What was I saying? You can't always speak your mind, Ray, I chided myself as I could feel my face flush.

"What? If I weren't your sister...what?"

"Never mind, ok? Please?"

"No, tell me. I want to know."

"Ah, what the hell. If you weren't my sister I'd do anything within my power to make you my girlfriend/partner. In every sense of the word."

I gushed out my final words, totally prepared for Gina to be mad at me. She looked at me with huge, teary eyes.

"In every sense, Ray? Do you mean heart, soul and body?"


"Do you mean that you want me? Sexually?"

"I'm going to hell for this, but yes. I want you, Gina. I want to make love to you. I want you in every way you could ever imagine!"

"Don't say too much, big brother. I have a rather vivid imagination. But I tell you what we're going to do now. We are going to go home and we're going to make love, fuck, and then I'm going to suck that big, beautiful cock of yours until you come all over me. Then we'll fuck some more. Maybe, after that, we can even start making love. I've wanted you for 3 years and I've saved myself for you."

"You're a virgin?"

"Yes. I've only kissed a guy a few times. I've never touched anyone or let anyone touch me. I decided a year ago that it's you I want. Let's go home now, but first, I want you to kiss me."

I leaned over and kissed her wet, pouty lips. Her tongue snaked in my mouth and we kissed for a long, long time. My cock was standing at full attention and I saw Gina's nipples threatening to rip the dress. She wanted me as badly as I wanted her! We left for home.


In the taxi home we kept kissing like mad. Gina's hand rested on my thigh only inches away from my hard cock and I had one hand on the small of her back, slowly massaging her.

"I love you, Ray. I want you so bad!"

"I love you too, Gina."

We got out of the taxi, went in to our house and straight into the lounge. Gina told me to stand on the floor.

"Just stand there, relax and let me explore you. Please?"

"I'll try, sweetheart. I'll try." My whole body was shaking by now, even my voice was trembling.

Gina unbuttoned my suit, removed my tie and shirt. Then she unbuckled my belt and pulled off my trousers, followed by my shoes and socks. I was only in my boxers and my cock was straining to get free. Crouching, Gina removed my boxers and simply stared at my throbbing member, it's mushroom head shining with precum.

"It's beautiful! So big, so hard." She whispered to herself and I could feel the expelled air hitting the helmet making my cock jerk.

"Oh my!"

Gina smiled and put a hand on the base of my cock, barely reaching around, and slowly started to stroke it up and down. She kissed the head, just a peck, and then put her tongue out and licked all around the head and along the shaft. She did this for a long time, slowly jerking my cock while licking every inch of it. She even licked my balls.

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