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Art Gallery Night


You are invited to a party by a couple that you have known and trusted for quite a while. They are somewhat secretive about it, but they feel that you will like it, and it is at a 'friend of a friend's place. They tell you that the couple hosting the party has a huge house, and also an art gallery inside their house, and they always have some type of theme. They tell you this one is a "Bare shoulder" party, in that all the women need to have bare shoulders.

You agree to go, as the people who invited you have been long time friends. The night of the party, you drive up to the house to see something right out of the movies. You are wearing a sexy top with spaghetti straps over the shoulders and a flirty skirt with heels. Your blonde hair falls sexily down across your breasts. There are about 20-30 people there, all of them sexy but nothing overtly sexual.

You start to mingle around the party and the cocktails are flowing. The host, (Erik) and his wife (Angelique) get everyone's attention. They thank everyone for coming to their party, and want to invite everyone to the lower level to see their new gallery collection. You go downstairs and there are probably 25 pieces of art, all in a beautiful gallery setting. All of them have one thing in common - there is a naked woman in every picture. Some are the focal point, some are not. Some are in sensual/sexual positions, but nothing overt.

Each painting has its own area on the wall, professionally lit, and the name of the picture is also on a tag next to the picture. You happen to be next to Erik and Angelique as you are walking around. In the middle of the room is a single painting that is on the ground - not hanging on the wall. It is an abstract painting that doesn't seem to match the rest of the art in the room. It has does have a title hanging next to it that says "Wet painting". But is that a title, or just something that wasn't finished...

You are a little confused as the rest of the gallery is impeccable, but this one that seems to be in the center doesn't seem to be finished. You start to ask the Erik about that picture, but he tries to side-step your inquiry, guiding you towards a few of the other pieces. He also gives you another drink. As this is your 3rd (or is it your 4th?), you start to get a warm feeling inside. You are starting to warm up, with the warm summer night, all the sexy people around showing a lot of skin, and all the naked women in the paintings.

You make your way back around towards the center of the room, back to that one painting that doesn't seem to fit in. This time, the Erik comes behind you and tells you that he wasn't quite able to finish with the last picture to get it hung properly before-hand. He asks you if you can help him to get it right. The painting has a small device on the top of it and the side of it that turns green when the painting is level, and red if it is crooked.

He asks you to help him to put it on the wall as he picks it up and hands it to you. He asks you to press it against the wall and hold it so he can step back to make sure it is at the proper height. He steps back for a second, and asks you to lift it a little higher. So you raise it up a little higher, and can feel the back of your skirt rise a little. He then comes up right behind you, and surprises you by brushing his cock against your ass (was this on purpose or accidental?).

He says "that looks pretty good", then hoarsely whispers into your ear "Now, Amanda, you need to keep the painting exactly where it is for the next 10 minutes. The leveling dot on the top and the side are both currently green. If they turn red, I am going to fuck you right here in front of everyone. If they turn red a second time, not only am I going to fuck you right here in front of everyone, my wife is also going to fuck you with her new strap-on... right here in front of everyone." He has an evil laugh as he steps away from you and calls everyone else over.

You are standing there, not sure what is happening, or how this got to where it is. Who the fuck does this guy think he is? You like being the sub, and told what to do, but this is a total stranger. A really good looking stranger, but a stranger none-the-less. But yet, as all this goes through your mind, you hold the painting very still. Good thing the painting is very light, so standing there holding it shouldn't be too much of a problem.... or at least that is what you are thinking at the start.

You hear Erik gather everyone around, and make the announcement. "This, ladies and gentlemen, is the centerpiece of tonight's collection. It is called 'Wet painting'. However, there is something missing in this picture that doesn't quite go with our theme for the evening."

With that, he produces a pair of scissors and approaches you. You feel the cold steel of the scissors against your collarbone, then hear the strap of your top being cut, then a similar sound as the second one gets cut. This causes your top to fold down, exposing your strapless bra.

He again whispers in your ear "you had BETTER NOT let those levels get out of line." Your heart starts to race as you feel exposed in front of all these people.

He pulls your top down to your hips, and then moves his hands back up to your bra. He then announces "Well, should we make Amanda fit in with the other art pieces?"

Several people cheer their approval as he unsnaps your bra, allowing your perky tits to fall free. He lets it fall to the floor and reaches around to tweak your nipples. They ache and want to be played with. He takes a step back, saying "Hmmm.... No, this isn't quite what we need yet."

As he says that, he moves back to you and starts to slide your skirt and thong, along with what is left of your top, down your hips. As they cross down your thighs and knees, they all fall harmlessly to the floor, leaving you completely naked except for your high heels in front of all these people.

He again comes to your ear to say "Remember, you WILL be fucked if you let the painting move."

With that, he tells you to spread your legs apart. You can feel the wetness between your legs, worried that it will start to run down the insides of your thighs. You listen to his instructions and step out of the clothes that have puddled on the floor around your feet, being careful not to let the painting move.

You again here Erik say "now, guests, the name of the painting is 'Wet painting'. The only question is: does the title mean that the painting is wet? or is the woman holding the painting wet? Our friend, Amanda, will be holding this painting for the next 10 minutes, and the timer has started. You all are invited and encouraged to see... is the painting wet, or is she? HOWEVER, no one is allowed to use anything but fingers or tongues to find out."

You think, "Oh shit! I have to hold this for 10 minutes without letting it move, while people are touching and licking and fingering my pussy and thighs? I hope I can keep everything still."

Just at that time, Erik again whispers in your ear - "You know you aren't going to make it. You can try, but it isn't going to happen. I am going to fuck you. I am also guessing that my wife is going to fuck you as well, she just got a new strap-on, and has been really wanting to use it. Will you keep things still? or will you be fucked like a slave in front of everyone tonight......." And with that, he gives a squeeze of your breast and a brush of his finger across your clean shaven pussy.....

As you stand there, your tits, ass, and pussy are completely exposed to everyone in the room. You look out the corners of your eyes as you see people gawking at you like a piece of art, lusting at you like a piece of meat. You feel someone's hand along the inside of your thigh which startles you a little bit, almost causing you to let the painting move. You are determined, however, not to let this cocky bastard fuck you. Who did he think he was? You choose who you fuck. Someone else doesn't tell you when they are going to fuck you, OR that his wife is going to fuck you..... but he is sexy, and his cock felt pretty big.

Your mind wanders a little and you feel your pussy tingle. This feeling causes you to gasp as you then feel a hand sliding across your pussy lips, grazing across your clit. Oh fuck, that feels good... can I really hold this still for the next 8 minutes? It must have been at least a few minutes, right?

You then start to just focus on holding the painting on the wall. People are becoming more bold, as you feel someone start to slide a finger inside you.... How did you get so wet? You have never been so wet before. Whoever had their fingers inside you must have felt this as well, because he (or was it 'she') then added a second finger inside your slippery pussy. After just a few strokes, you feel the fingers leave you, almost giving you the feeling of emptiness and wanting, wishing whoever it was to keep their fingers inside you.

You don't have to wait long, though, as those fingers are quickly replaced with another finger, which feel much more slender, so you know this has to be a woman with her fingers in sliding in you. She quickly adds a second, sliding slowly and deliberately. You then feel a finger at the entrance of your asshole, giving slow but consistent pressure, as you feel it slowly start to penetrate your tight backside.. It feels so fucking good as she starts to slide her hand slowly but deliberately in and out of both your holes. She does this for about 30 seconds, as you feel your breathing become a little more ragged, when she pulls out of you. You think she is done, but then you feel her hot breath right behind your neck and the familiar sound of someone licking their fingers.

"Mmmm.... Your pussy is so sweet and tasty.." She huskily breathes into your ear. The stranger then gives you a hot, sexy, hungry kiss to the side of your neck You start to lean towards her, as this is such a turn on for you.

It's like there is a direct connection from your ear to your pussy as she speaks her devilish comment. You almost explode right there.

As she starts to move away, her hand slides along your arm and to the side of your breast. She reaches to tweak your nipple, which has become extremely hard and sensitive.

You try to focus on keeping the picture leveled, as you feel more and more hands roaming your body, your calves, your thighs, your stomach, your back, your pussy, your ass, and your tits... the feelings are overwhelming and you have an explosive orgasm....

As this happens, however, you feel your left arm shift causing the picture to slide out of place, but just don't care, as wave after wave of orgasm rolls over your body. Your toes curl, your knees lock, and your stomach quivers as your pussy convulses....

You are quickly snapped back to reality as you hear Erik whispering "I knew you wouldn't make it.... I am going to really enjoy fucking your wet pussy. You have four minutes remaining. I have to get our masterpiece ready, but the question that still remains is if my wife is going to join me in using your sexy body as our personal fuck toy."

With that, he makes an announcement. "Well, ladies and gentlemen, it appears that Amanda has allowed the picture to become un-level. I apologize for that, as that is very unprofessional. She will be punished. However, she still has four minutes left, and WILL re-level the art piece. It will be available for your enjoyment until this timer goes off. Amanda, will you please re-center the art piece like a good little girl?"

He produces a small digital timer that has four minutes on it, and he presses the start button. You then watch him walk away into another part of the gallery as you again level the painting, seeing both green lights come on. You think that you are probably be in the clear as the timer ticks down.

The announcement, however, has created a new interest in "Amanda's art", and everyone can see the effects of your recent orgasm. Your pussy is swollen, your juices are running all the way down the insides of your thighs, and your legs are shaking. You feel people become more aggressive again, as you feel someone's tongue sliding up the inside of your thigh, licking up your pussy juice. Oh fuck, it feels so good. Your pussy again is on fire.

As the tongue continues to snake its way up towards your private parts, you feel fingers on your ass, pulling your cheeks apart slightly. You feel the tongue slide right past your pussy and start pressing around the rim of your anus. You love this feeling, but it feels so dirty and naughty. The tongue starts to pierce into your tiny puckered asshole, and you feel yourself pushing back into the mystery tongue. You then feel another set of hands reaching to your nipples and pinch them. You close your eyes, hoping for the timer to finish so you can be done with your "help", but also because you hope that someone would put their fingers back in your pussy, which is again completely drenched.

The tongue in your ass keeps working it's magic, and then your wish is granted as you feel 2 fingers slide easily back into your pussy. You feel the fingers curl slightly to pull across your g-spot, and then pick up speed. You know there is no chance that you aren't going to cum again, as your body is completely turned on. Your nipples stiffen as the fingers keep expertly pressing on your most sensitive spots. The tongue in your ass sends you over the edge to another powerful orgasm... shuddering, shaking, squirting, cumming....

The painting again slips from it's spot, and just after it does, you hear the beeping from the timer. You let the painting slide down the wall as you fall into the wall with your continously orgasming body. The fingers and tongue pull away as you go down to the ground and curl up from the powerful things that your body has just gone through. You close your eyes for just a moment to try to collect your thoughts.. you know you are going to be fucked, but aren't sure if anyone had seen that the painting moved just before the timer went off.

Your question is quickly answered, however, as you hear Angelique's sexy voice in your ear, "you almost made it sweetie, but I am really going to enjoy fucking your tiny asshole with my new strap-on. I think I may make you eat my pussy too.... Would you like that? My husband and I are going to make you our little fuck toy....

All in front of everybody here. They are all going to hear you cum, they are going to see the look on your face as you take both of us at the same time. Does that turn you on? Hmmm? Well, you know it really doesn't matter because you are going to be ours for the evening...."

With that, she also walks away, leaving you on the ground surrounded by your pussy juices and sweat. You can smell the scent of your sex... it turns you on more than you can comprehend.

You hear another announcement coming from the other side of the room, Erik's now familiar voice booming, "Ladies and gentlemen, our exhibition of "Wet Painting" is now closed. It seems like Amanda did a pretty good job, however she did have a couple times where the painting was out of level, so she will be punished. She will now be part of our unique 'Living art' piece that will be in the next room. You are all welcome to watch and encouraged to stay, however none of you will not be able to participate directly in the living art. With that, please proceed to the next room, as it will be starting shortly."

As the others walk out of the room and into the next, Erik bends down to your ear and says "I am really going to enjoy this. Now I want you to stand up, place your hands behind your back."

You do as you are told, and watch as he removes his tie. He spins you around so you are facing away from him, and begins to tie your hands together behind your back. He then grabs you and leads you into the next room. You looked around as you feel all eyes in the room on your nakedness. The people part as the two of you walk towards the center of the room.

As the people move away, you see the large bed in the center of the room. There are metal rods on the headboard and satin sheets on the bed. You are led to the bed, and instructed to sit on the edge.

Erik then removes his belt, opens his pants and pulls down his zipper. His huge, hard cock springs into view as he steps forward towards you.

"Lick it," he commands.

You again follow his direction, and start licking the head of his huge cock. Around the bottom and side, before starting to take it into your mouth fully. You try to pull him into you, but with your hands tied behind you, you have no control in the situation. Your head and body move forward, trying to engulf him further. You heard him moan, giving you the acknowledgement that you are doing well.

He then starts to press back into you, pushing his cock fully into your mouth, almost causing you to gag as your lips and mouth slide down his smooth clean cock. Your nose is all the way up to his lower stomach, his cock fully into your mouth and throat.

He starts to fuck your mouth a little faster. You try to keep balanced, but it is difficult, as your hands remained tied behind your back. You hear Erik grunt a few more times before pulling his cock from your mouth. You can feel your saliva and his pre-cum run down your chin as he pulls out.

He again announces, "Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to re-introduce you to my wife, Angelique, who will be joining me in the 'punishment' of Amanda.."

With that, you look over to see his wife, now dressed in just a sheer robe and high heels. She steps right in front of the bed, and slowly opens the robe. You looked at her body, with her large breasts, down her stomach, then to the large strap-on cock that she was wearing.

Angelique steps forward and commands "Now, our little fuck-toy, you will suck on my cock."

You don't need any further instruction as you start to devour the realistic cock. You lean forward to take it fully into your mouth. As you are forward, you feel Erik get onto the bed and start to untie your hands.

He then moves you into a 'hands and knees' position. You know that your ass and pussy are on full display for your host, and also know it is soaking... you jump a little as you feel his cock slide up and down along the length of your slit. He teases your pussy for a few seconds before plunging into your wet pussy. This position allows him to drive in deeply, and as he does, you are pushed forward even more into his wife's fake cock. You are being spit-roasted by this couple... in front of everyone there.... You are soaked and fucking love it.

"That's it, our little toy, suck on that cock of my wife's while I drive deep into you. Get her cock wet because the next place she goes is behind you to fuck your ass.."

That causes you to worry just for a second, wondering if you can take the cock in your ass while the other cock is driving you wild in your pussy. It is just a fleeting thought, though, as your lust and desire prevail. You start sucking the cock for all that you have, making more and louder sounds. You can hear and feel his balls slapping against your clit and it is driving you fucking crazy. You are going to cum soon...... unfortunately, just before you are about to explode again, he pulls out of your pussy. There is a loud 'pop' as his cock comes out.

He moves to his back and says "get on top of me. Lower your pussy onto me. My wife is going to move behind you and fuck your tiny little asshole. Does that excite you, slave?"

You couldn't move fast enough as you nearly jump on top of him. You grab his cock and plunge deeply onto it. It feels so fucking good to have his cock inside you. You feel the bed move as his wife positions herself behind you, the fake cock pressing into the entrance of your back door.

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