tagExhibitionist & VoyeurArt Model Ch. 03

Art Model Ch. 03


Going inside, Kathy says "You had better get some lotion on that sun burn. Come back to my room and I'll help you."

I followed her back to her room. "Let me have your damp towel, I'll hang it out to dry." I handed her my towel. "Why don't you take off your shoes and shirt, and I be back in a sec with some lotion." Without waiting for a response she disappeared out the door and down the hall. She returned to find me sitting on the edge of her bed, shoes and shirt piled in corner with the rest of my discarded clothes. She was nude again, having hung out her towel and top. I reached out for the lotion she had brought back.

"No, no. I am going to help you. Lay down on the bed." I laid down, backside up. She dribbled the cold lotion on my back, butt, and legs and then started rubbing it in. As before, it was a full on massage, not a simple application of lotion. "Now you owe me another one." She said.

"I don't know that I will able to repay you. I've never given anyone a real massage, so it might not be very relaxing."

"That's OK. With a little practice you will learn. Basically just repeat what I am doing, and of course do what is requested. Oh, and just because I say I like something or it feels good, doesn't mean do it more now. Wait a bit before repeating and just take it as a complement." A few minutes later, "Roll over, so we can finish up." I rolled over and started to sit up. "Just lay down and let me do this." As she gently pushed me back down with a hand to the chest. I dropped back with my head on her pillow. "Just close you eyes and relax."

As I closed my eyes I felt the stream of the cool lotion drizzled around my chest, down my stomach, across my cock, and then down and up each leg. Kathy started on my chest and worked down. Reaching my lower stomach I involuntarily twitched. "That tickles!"

"I am not doing it on purpose. Just relax and trust me." She stayed in that area for a while longer until I stopped squirming. With one hand still on my stomach Kathy slid the other down to my cock. Gently stroking it, solidifying my hard on, then fondling my balls, eventually just roaming around my crotch. No one had ever touched me their before, except the nurse practitioner that did a testicle exam, but this was so much different. It felt great, but not overtly sexual like the stuff in porno flicks that Rick rented.

"That feels great, a fantasy come true." I said softly.

"I'm glad. I hoped you would like it. Are there any other fantasies I should know about?" Then she moved down my legs.

There was a knock at the door. I opened my eyes and started to get up, but the door was closed and Kathy pushed me back down. "You guys want to get pizza with us?" Called Sarah through the door."

"Just a sec!" Said at the door Kathy. Then softly "what do you think?"

"Sounds good to me."

"What kind do you like?"

"Combo or pepperoni, anything but Canadian bacon and pineapple."

"Hmm, I don't know. That's my favorite." And she poked a finger in stomach. "We'll go for a combo!" Kathy announced to the door.

"OK, I'll call it in." Came back from the door.

"We have some time for you to practice you massage technique before it gets here." She said and kissed me. "Time to trade places." As rolled across me on to the bed, then starting to push me out.

"Hey! I was comfortable there!" I protested, as fell to the floor.

Picking myself up I saw that she had taken my spot, laying there on her stomach. "The lotion is there." She pointed barely lifting her finger to point, and looking at me out of the corner of her eye.

I picked up the lotion and then brushed her hair off her shoulders. I put some lotion on my hand, after putting the bottle down, rubbed my hands together to warm the lotion. Putting my hands on her shoulders felt surprisingly good to me. I repeated what she had done for me, only stopping to get a bit more lotion from time to time. I worked my way down her back toward her ass.

"You're good a this! I think you lied about not doing it before. Don't for get my sides." I had avoided her sides, not wanting to touch her breasts. I know it sounds stupid, but I didn't feel comfortable doing it. It was almost like trying to get a cheap feel off some drunk chick at a crowded party.

"OK, how's this?" And I ran my hands up her sides and gently kneaded her sides on the way back down.

"I don't know, do it again..." The tone and softness of her voice indicated that she did like it.

When I finished the second trip down her sides I ran my hands over her lovely, perfect, firm ass. Lingering there for a minute before moving down her equally lovely, smooth legs. She must have shaved that morning, there was no stubble that I could feel. Working my way back up her calves and thighs I kept going right up to her shoulders.

She roll over to her back, smiling at me. In a strange way I was a little disappointed. I was actually starting to genuinely enjoy massaging her and admiring her physical beauty. "Pizza should be here soon, and I want to finish both sides."

I smiled back and gave her a kiss. I prepared my hands with lotion and started on her neck and upper chest. Hesitating on the move down to her breasts. "It's OK," she whispered with eyes closed, sensing my hesitation. "I want you to touch me." I moved my hands down over and around her breasts. Never having access like this before I absorbed the sensations, closing my eyes and just letting my hands roam. It was exciting. "That feels good," she encouraged.

"Ya, it does." I replied, opening my eyes and moved my hands down her stomach, out and up her sides to her breasts again. Down her stomach, out around her hips, and in around her neatly shaved V of pubic hair. I moved my hands along the hair line and down the inside of her legs.

"That's nice." She whispered, opening her legs slightly. Pausing to get more lotion I continued down her legs and back up to her waist again. She opened her eyes and reached up, clasping my head in her hands, and pulling me in for a kiss. "That's enough massage for now." I collapsed on top of her and then rolled next to her in bed. We snuggled and kissed.

"You never told me if there you had any more fantasies." Kathy finally said.

"I told you one of mine, I think you should tell me on of yours before you hear another of mine." I countered.

"Ooo, I'll have to think about that," as she flashed a devious smile.

There was a knock at the door, "Pizza is here, if you two are at all interesting eating." It was Carri this time, and we could here her footsteps as she walked away.

Kathy started to get up, but held on to her. "You're not going anywhere until I hear your fantasy!" She struggled a bit, not getting anywhere, smiling and giggling the whole time.

"OK! I have one that repeats, but with the roles alternating. I am tied to a bed like this," and she stretches her hands and feet towards the corners of the bed. "Then the guy uses a small paint brush to paint on me, like clothes. After he finishes, he makes me walk around in a public place to see if anyone notices that I am nude, except for the paint. When I think of the roles reversed I like it too, but it makes it obvious for people to recognize he is nude. If you know what I mean."

"Hmmm, I guess that is good enough to get you a slice." And I gave her a kiss.

We got up and headed out to the other room. Paul and Carri were sitting on the couch, eating pizza in the nude. Jen was also on the couch eating, but had her shorts and bikini top on. Sarah was in the kitchen getting a beer from the fridge, and was wearing shorts and her bikini top. Kathy and I grabbed plates and pizza from the kitchen counter and headed for the living room. The only open seats were the floor and a recliner. Kathy directed me to the recliner and then sat on my lap.

"My, my! Aren't you two cozy! Gee honey, remember when we were like that?" Carri said.

"Were we like that?!" Answered Paul, jokingly.

"Ya, and maybe worse!" Sarah shouted from the kitchen.

Kathy just turned and kissed me.

"All right. Enough of that." Jen chided, and clicked on the TV with the remote.

Kathy and I finished off our pizza. She got up to get us seconds. "Can I get you something to drink?"

"I'll have a beer, thanks." I replied.

"Anyone else want something?" Kathy asked, almost to the kitchen.

"I'll take a beer, served by a naked Sarah." Replied Paul. Carri gave him an elbow to the ribs.

"I can handle the first part, but the second is out of my control." Said Kathy.

There was some whispering in the kitchen, then Kathy returned with my beer and one for herself.

"Hey, where's mine?" Whined Paul.

"Coming!" Sarah called. We all turned to see her walking toward the living room, balancing a can of beer on her head. "How's this?" She still had her clothes on.

"Good if you are in finishing school or trying out for the circus." Replied Paul.

Sarah stopped in front of the TV and started swaying, while keeping the can on her head. "Pay attention! You will only get this once!" She carefully slipped her shorts off, leaving only her string bikini. The can started to slip, but she caught it and rebalanced it. Continuing, she untied the her top, so that it was just hanging from her neck. As she moved, the top still clung to her tits, keeping them covered. As she turned her back to the "audience", I could see her nipples poking at the cloth. With her back to us, she finished removing her top and tossed over her shoulder to the floor.

"You go girl!" Called out Jen. There were a few whistles and hoots from the rest.

Sarah slowly turned back toward us, rubbing her hands over her tits like a stripper. She was really hamming it up. The beer was less stable and she kept having to catch it.

"Hey, quit poking me!" Kathy whispered in my ear. I was getting a hard on from Sarah's display, and glad that Kathy was sitting on my lap, thus hiding my reaction from the others. I looked her in the eye as she flashed me a teasing smiled. I looked over at Paul, he was having a similar response and Carri had a hand holding him down.

Sarah seemed to be getting into it. Finally she just set the beer on the TV. There was a flash that caught me by surprise. It was Jen with a camera. Sarah paused, then continued. Again she turn her back to us. This time she bent over to show off her ass, rubbing her ass she then pushed the material together so it gathered in her crack like a thong. There were more flashes as Jen documented Sarah's show. Wiggling her ass, Sarah now slipped her bikini bottom off, clearly displaying her pussy. Jen captured that too. Sarah got up and turned back to us, continuing her dance. After another couple of minutes she grabbed the beer from the TV and presented it to Paul.

"Thanks! I never thought I would see the day that you would do something like that!" Paul exclaimed.

I expected her to gather her clothes and put them back on, but she left them there and sat down in the arm chair next to the couch. "Well, after what happened at the lake today I figured what the heck. You've all seen it already. And then your argument that my bathing suit doesn't hide anything started to make some sense, so I'll give your naked thing a try."

"Just remember, you don't have to do it just because we do. In spite of Paul's teasing, don't let us force you to do anything." Kathy said. "As I have said before, personally I find that I am able to relax more and have honest relationships with the people I get naked with."

Jen came over and snapped pictures of Kathy and I together and then Paul and Carri with Sarah leaning in. Then it dawned on me, I was just photographed nude! We kinda, Kathy was covering me, but still I hadn't even gotten nervous about it.

"What about a shot of you Jen?" Sarah asked. "You got me, after all."

"If you can do it, I guess I can too." She replied and took off her top, then pulled down her shorts and bikini bottoms in one motion. She had well defined tan lines around her pubic area, like Sarah, but as I had seen earlier, none on top. She struck a pose, "How's this?"

Sarah snapped a shot, "That will work." Jen dropped back into her seat on the couch.

Things were mellow for a while. We watched the TV, had a few more beers, and chatted about random stuff.

After an hour or so Carri asked, "Anyone want to play a game? I've had enough TV."

"OK, what do you have?" Replied Jen.

"It depends on who else is interested."

"I'll play," Kathy added.

"I'm game." Paul responded.

"Bill, Sarah. You in too?" Carri prodded.

"Ya," I replied. Sarah nodded her head.

"Cool! I think we should start with Twister. No backing out now, you all said you would play!" Carri was just a little excited. "I'll get the game. Since we have six people, we can divide into two teams. Kathy, can you draw names or something to make the teams? Paul, can you move the coffee table? We are going to need a little more room." And with that she headed down the hall.

Now I was nervous. I hadn't bargained on being quite as cozy with everyone as was required to play Twister, particularly with another guy. Sarah seemed nervous too. Paul was just smiling.

"Well, the guys should be on opposite teams for the first round." Said Kathy. "Bill, pick a number between one and ten, and the closes to girls are with you. You have your number?" I nodded. "I say five."

Jen, "Ten."

Carri walked back in the room, "I say eight."

Sarah, "Two."

"Bill, what was your number?" Kathy asked as Paul moved the coffee table.


"OK, Jen and Carri you are with Paul. Sarah, you are with me and Bill."

"Paul, call it in the air!" Carri said as she flipped a quarter.


The quarter fell to the floor heads. "You go first." Said Carri. She picked up the quarter and spread out the dotted plastic she that served as the board. "Which of you is first?"

"Bill's first." Kathy offered.

Carri spun the dial, "Left foot, red."

I moved over and put my left foot on a corner red dot.

Carry spun again, "Who's next?"

"Me," replied Kathy.

"Right hand, blue." Kathy put her hand on the blue dot next to my red. She spun again, "Right foot, yellow" Sarah planted her foot on the yellow dot a the opposite end of the board. "Right foot, green" I stretched my right foot and planted it on the corner green dot, on the same end. Placing my ass in Kathy's face.

"Nice view." Kathy commented as she peeked through my legs at the others. Jen snapped a photo.

"Left hand, green." Kathy moved her hand to the middle green dot, stretching out between my legs.

"Right hand, green." Sarah twisted slightly and dropped her hand on the corner green dot.

"Right hand, blue." I lean over and selected the middle blue dot, trying not to put weight on Kathy below me. Another picture was taken.

"Right foot, red." Kathy carefully twisted under me, placing her foot down on the red dot next the one I occupied in the corner. This put her ass in my face and the back of her head in my crotch. This was fully documented by a couple of pictures and accompanied laughter and cheers from the idle team.

"Left foot, yellow." Sarah was boxed up in the corner.

"Left foot, yellow." I carefully shifted my foot to the end yellow dot.

"Right hand, yellow." Kathy moved her hand to the dot next to my left foot.

"Left hand, yellow." Sarah now balanced on a short row of yellow.

My right arm was getting tired, bridging over Kathy. I hoped a left hand call. "Left hand, red." Cool, I put down my left hand on the red dot next to the blue I already occupied.

"Left foot, green." Kathy snaked her left foot out past Sarah's hand to get to the dot between Sarah's hand any her own left hand. This left her legs spread nicely.

"right foot, red." Sarah shifted her foot from the second yellow dot to the corner red. This caused her to arch such that her tits were forced up and with her legs spread slightly to reveal her crotch. Her head was almost resting on Kathy's left butt cheek. As with about each move there was another picture or two taken.

"That tickles! Sarah stop moving your head!" Kathy complained.

"Right hand, yellow." I took my hand reached over and down between Sarah's legs to get to the free yellow on the end. My arm rubbing against her inner thigh and bush.

"Left hand, red." Kathy tried to cross her left hand under her body reaching for a free red dot, but it was just too much of a twist and she fell.

"Right hand, red." Sarah lifted her and looked for an open red. She twisted and arched under me, reaching for the red just in from the end. We were a almost doing 69 and the others were loving it.

"Left foot, red." We now, I shifted my foot carefully. That left my dick swinging in Sarah's face.

"You best not be messing with my man!" Kathy called out, laughing. Wow, was that the first announcement that we were a couple? It seemed odd given my current, intimate entanglement with Sarah.

The proximity and touching Sarah only encouraged a hard on. She was trying her best to ignore it, but there was not use. Before another move could be called she fell laughing. I rolled over on the floor laughing too.

After a few minutes the other team circled the mat. The game proceeded much like the first round. The major exception was that Carri and Paul took the opportunity to kiss each other in different places. Paul fell first, which was interesting. I had never thought much about watching two women together, but watching Jen and Carri was, uh, stimulating. I tried to hide my interest, but Kathy saw. She just winked and smiled at me, then came over and sat on my lap, crushing my woody with her prefect ass. When the finally had only one person left it as Jen. We tallied up the total number of moves by each team and the beat us.

"Want to play again? We can mix up the teams." Carri asked.

"That was interesting, but how about something else?" Sarah countered.

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