tagNonHumanAs Luck Would Have It Ch. 01

As Luck Would Have It Ch. 01


Connor slowed his pace as he pulled his hood up to shield his head from the rain. He smiled to himself as the wind swept past him; he loved this weather. The gloomy, damp atmosphere was enjoyable on his morning run. He savored this moment of each day. He took this time to mentally prepare himself for the day ahead.

Connor slowed his pace and stopped as he neared the old Victorian house. It was a great home, nestled close to the edge of the woods, with a large wrap around porch. It was a beautiful, but the condition was terrible. The paint was peeling, some of the fascia boards were rotted by the moisture. The home rested on the only piece of the woods that his family didn't own. Connor had plans to contact the owner and buy the old property when he found someone to share it with, but alas, his luck in that department failed him.

There wasn't anything wrong with him, and he didn't lack admirers. Women couldn't help but throw themselves at him. At 32, he was fairly tall, about 6'2. He was lean, yet very muscular, and his warm, light brown eyes provided little contrast to his brown hair that he kept short. His face was chiseled to perfection, along with just about every other part of his body.

He kept himself immersed in his business, running his construction company. Connor would know when he found the right woman, but he wished he wouldn't have to wait too much longer. He was starting to grow impatient and he longed to share his life with someone.

Connor's thoughts were interrupted as he noticed a car parked in the driveway. He looked back to the house and he couldn't help but feel a twinge of disappointment. He wondered who decided to move into the house. Was this going to be a problem? It had been vacant for so many years. He was about to start back on his run when he glanced up and saw the window open. A scent enveloped his nostrils and he immediately froze.


The sound of the rain hitting the windows and the wind rustling through the trees was the closest experience to heaven that Fall morning. Audra stretched out her body across her bed. It was such a great idea to move here, she thought to herself. It really was a blessing her Grandmother had left her this house in her will. No one even knew she still owned this property; she kept this little gem a secret for all those years.

Audra had just quit her thankless job at a company she had worked with since she graduated from college. At 28, she felt like she had thrown the best years of her life away; living in a place that didn't feel like home, while doing a job she despised. She had needed a new start, and luckily for her, her grandma just happened to leave her an out in her will.

Audra kicked the covers off her body and walked across the room to the window. She opened the window and leaned out to smell the rain and feel it fall softly on her face. She opened her eyes and glanced over her property. She saw a man standing there on the road, staring at her. They both froze, staring at each other for what seemed like hours, but in reality was only a moment. Audra felt her body flush in reaction to the gorgeous guy staring at her. She broke their gaze and took a step back from the window. Deep breaths, Audra.. She thought to herself.


Connor watched as the woman disappeared back into the room. It couldn't be.. He thought to himself. That would just be too lucky. He felt the wolf inside him stir. His wolf recognized something in this woman and he knew he had to meet her. He knew the pull he felt toward her meant something. It didn't hurt that she was gorgeous. His body was drawn toward the house but he forced himself to turn around and he took off into a sprint back toward his home. He needed to speak with his family, they would know what to do.


Audra composed herself and stepped back toward the window. Should I wave? She thought to herself. Say hello? Audra leaned out of the window again, but to her surprise, he had vanished. She stepped back again, confused. She shut the window and walked into her bathroom to see if maybe her appearance scared him off.

She glanced in the mirror.. Sure she had a mild case of bed head, but that was to be expected at 6:00 in the morning. She studied her features in the mirror.

Audra was about 5'5 and she had beautiful, long, dark brown hair with green eyes that changed hue with the season. On this fall morning, they were a pale green. Audra was fairly petite, but toned. She loved to keep herself active and enjoy the outdoors. It seemed like Oregon was the perfect place to do just that. Audra pulled at an unruly strand of her hair and pulled her hair up into a ponytail.

She shivered slightly as crossed her bedroom to make her bed. She had plenty to do. She needed to finish unpacking her boxes that were downstairs, and put everything in order. She slipped on a pair of sweatpants and thermal before heading down.


The door opened and Connor rushed past, before Graham had a chance to invite him inside.

"Well good morning to you, too." Graham said groggily as he scratched his head. Graham was particularly surprised at Connor's abrupt visit. His older brother had always used him as a sounding board when he had a problem, but he never showed up at the crack of dawn in such an excited state. Graham felt good to be so useful to his older brother, who was the Alpha of their pack. For a 26 year old guy, Graham proved to be insightful and dependable, and he knew his brother respected that.

Graham looked at his brother, pacing in his living room. He was usually so calm and collected.. What was bothering him? He curiosity couldn't wait for Connor to explain in his own time.

"So what's the problem? Work related? Pack related?"

"I.. I.. Think I found her.." Connor said slowly as he sat down on the couch and buried his head in his hands. Finding his mate was something he had always hoped for, but now he didn't know how to handle it. His wolf wanted her now, but Connor couldn't risk terrifying her. He had to proceed carefully.

"You what...?! Where?! Who is she?!" Graham could barely keep himself calm. His older brother had been waiting more than a hundred years for this moment.

"The old empty house at the edge of the woods. Apparently she is staying there." Connor replied in disbelief. He didn't even know this woman, but his heart ached for her.

"And you what..? Just happened to run into her on your morning jog? I don't know anyone who enjoys such early hours besides you."

"I stopped to look at the house, and then she opened the upstairs window and leaned out to feel the rain on her face. It was beautiful," Connor explained slowly. "She saw me, and we held each other's gaze for a moment, but then she quickly stepped back inside. I could feel my wolf getting anxious, so I had to get out of there."

Graham couldn't believe his ears. "You found your mate, and then left her there? Wow man.. You must be going nuts right now."

Connor looked at his brother with a pained expression on his face. "I need to go back to her, but I need a valid excuse. I couldn't just barge in on her at 6:00 am demanding that she be mine."

"Ok, don't worry bro. We will think of something."


Audra just finished putting the last glass in the cupboard and sighed. Finally. The house was finally in order. She glanced at her phone on the counter and noticed it was 6:00pm. She was exhausted, and a bit disheveled from unpacking all day. She opened a bottle of her favorite wine and poured herself a glass. She took a sip of the Cabernet and let it roll over her tongue as she closed her eyes.. Delicious.

She walked upstairs to her bedroom, stripped off her clothes and started her bath. She lit some candles and docked her iPod onto her iHome. Audra scrolled through her playlists as her mind wandered. She thought of that sexy guy from earlier, out for his morning jog. Her body was on fire just at the thought of him. She finally decided on a playlist and she stepped into the tub. The water soothed her achy muscles. Audra washed her hair with the shower head extension and then sighed as she leaned her head back, listening to the first lines of Peggy Lee's Fever.

She drifted off as she imagined that gorgeous man walking through her bathroom door and stripping off his clothes. A tingle shot through her as she ran her fingers down her body, stopping to caress her breasts and pinch her nipples. She felt a low moan escape her lips and she imagined her mystery man pulling her out of the tub and carrying her to the bed. She pictured him spreading her legs as he ran his tongue down her stomach, teasing her. She trailed one of her hands down her body and rested at her clit. Using one of her fingers, she rubbed it, causing her breath to quicken.

She imagined his hot breath at against her pussy. Her pace quickened as she pictured his face between her thighs, and brought herself closer to her release. She thought of him finally licking her slit and inserting his tongue into her. The thought was too much for Audra to bear as she body shuddered and she moaned at her release. Suddenly, she sat straight up in the tub. Was that a knock?!


"Why did you call her, Graham? You know she is just going to run and tell mom. Next thing, the whole pack will know and I will never get any peace until she has little pups running around. Connor winced as he watched Graham's twin Sophie come bounding through the door with a huge basket filled with... Muffins? "And just what is that Sophie?"

"Oh don't you worry your pretty little head about this, Connor! This is just our little 'welcome to the neighborhood' gift for your one and only, AKA your excuse to officially meet her!!!" She practically sang, her eyes sparkling with joy.

"Oh Connor, I just cannot wait to meet her! Ok quick, get your keys. We will drive this over and say that you noticed someone had finally moved in and we wanted to drop this off.." Sophie was gushing. She was oozing all of those crazy, girlish emotions. He hadn't seen her like this since she was mated to his one of his betas two years ago.

"Sophie.. Don't you think that this is a bit odd? Muffins at 7:00 pm?" Graham asked.

"Oh nonsense! Come on, let's go." Sophie could barely see over this basket. Connor couldn't help but chuckle at her. The girl had spirit. Not to mention, she gave him an excuse, while completely obvious, to meet his mate.

All three of them piled in Connor's Tahoe, and they sped off down the road.

They almost didn't recognize the place as they drove up. The house looked warm and inviting. Sophie beat them to the door and turned to inspect her brother Connor.

"Ok roll up your sleeves and unbutton the top button or two. You look so serious." Connor glared at her. He did not take orders. "I'm just trying to he-"

Sophie was cut off by a low growl from Connor. Not a threatening growl, but it was as if he sensed something, and he wanted it. Someone has been up to something... Naughty.. He tried to stifle his groan.

"Control yourself Connor!" Sophie demanded as she turned around, too absorbed in the moment to realize what was happening. She knocked on the door impatiently, and waited.


Audra quickly got out of the tub and threw on some gray sweats and a black tee. She put on her slippers and made her way to the stairs as she heard knocking again..

"I'm coming, just a moment!" Audra called out. She stopped at the door and asked, "Who is it?"

"Your new neighbors!" answered a cheerful woman's voice on the other side.

Audra pulled the door open and was shocked, to say the least. Her gorgeous mystery guy stood to the left of a large basket that appeared to have legs, and another very good looking guy stood to the right. Audra glanced back toward the man she had just fantasized about. He had a small smirk on his face and his eyes burned into hers, as if they shared some sort of dirty secret. She blushed as she lowered her gaze..

The basket was launched into Audra's arms. She almost fell back, but she steadied herself and set it on the entryway table. She turned to see a stunning woman before her. She had wavy sandy brown hair and light brown eyes, just like the two men beside her. She looked stylish in her jeans, rainboots, and black peacoat finished with a charcoal gray scarf. Audra wished she had thrown on a different outfit, but quickly forgot as the smiles in front of her radiated kindness. The woman reached out her hand.

"We-" Sophie explained glancing at her two brothers, "Are a few of your new neighbors. My name is Sophie and these are my brothers. Connor," she said, gesturing to Audra's mystery man, "is my older brother. And the other is my twin, Graham. Connor let us know someone had moved in here and we had to drop off this welcoming gift."

Audra shook Sophie's outstretched hand. "I'm Audra.. Pleased to meet you! All of you," she said as she snuck a glance over to Connor. "Thank you for the welcome basket, you really shouldn't have!"

She blushed when she reached out to shake Connor's hand. He took her hand and she felt her skin tingle. She held his gaze. His warm brown eyes stared deeply into hers, as if she were the only person there, besides himself. She felt that there was something animalistic in the way he was looking at her. She couldn't help but feel a twinge of excitement as her heart pounded.

Audra pulled away to shake Graham's hand, but Connor's grip didn't loosen. Graham nudged him and he seemed to snap out of the trance that was Audra. "It's great to meet you," he managed to say.

Graham shook Audra's hand and they all smiled at her. Well, all but Connor who was just gazing at her.

"Would you care to come in and have a drink? I just opened a bottle of wine and I-"

"Oh I would just LOVE a glass of wine," Sophie replied and she smiled.

Audra led them into her living room and she went to grab a log next to the fireplace, but right as she reached down, Connor was there to assist. "Here.. Let me help you." Audra blushed and walked into the kitchen to grab some glasses and the bottle of wine. Something about these people made her feel at ease. Even with Connor and his intense stare.

As Audra poured them each a glass, she excused herself to grab her glass from upstairs. She shot up the staircase and into her bedroom. She ran into her bathroom to inspect herself in front of the mirror. She groaned. She didn't even brush her hair before she answered the door. She smoothed her hair back, picked up her glass of wine and grabbed her phone. This is as good as it's going to get right now.


Connor was disappointed she disappeared upstairs so quickly. He longed for her presence. He felt a jab in his ribs and he looked over to Graham. "She is HOT,"Graham whispered and Connor growled lowly.

Sophie nodded in agreement. She liked this girl. She knew they would be close. And she just loved how off balance she was making her brother. Oh if the pack could see their Alpha now.

Audra returned back to the living room and settled down in a big chair, opposite the couch where the 3 were siblings sat. She took a long sip of her red wine.

"So where do you live exactly?" Audra asked. "I didn't see many houses on my drive."

"Well we all live on our family's land about a mile or so from here," answered Connor. He leaned forward on the couch to get closer to Audra's scent. He breathed in deeply and closed his eyes. He smiled to himself.. She smelled like vanilla mixed with spices. It was intoxicating. He loved it. He desperately wanted Sophie and Graham to make an excuse and leave.

"Oh Audra, you will have to come by sometime! My.." Sophie had to think fast. "...husband and I are going to have a barbecue next weekend, and I would just love for you to be there. You can meet more people, get to know us better. It will be great!"

"Sure.. I'd love to come!" Audra couldn't say no to such enthusiasm. Sophie made her feel so comfortable.

The four of them laughed and chatted for another hour or so. Audra was happy that she was getting to know people up here. It made it easier not to miss her family back home.

Audra tried to stifle a yawn. "I'm sorry," she said. "I just finished unpacking everything today and it took a lot longer than I expected. The house still needs a lot of work. I need to go in town tomorrow and see if I can find someone to fix the roof, fascia and eaves, and then have the house repainted."

If you just didn't hit the jackpot, then I'm a human, Graham thought to Connor.

Sophie was beaming. "Well, I happen to know someone who owns a contracting business!"

Audra was surprised, and relieved that she didn't have to go into town searching the next day.

Audra was lucky she brought her phone down with her. "Great! What is the number? I will contact the company in the morning."

"Actually, Audra.." Connor interjected. She looked over to him and her stomach fluttered. "It is my company. I can be over first thing in the morning and we can get started."

Audra couldn't believe it. Her heart started beating a little faster and she smiled at him. "Ok, wow, this is great. Thank you."

Sophie turned to Graham and Connor, "Well, I'm sure we should let Audra get to sleep. She must be incredibly exhausted after such a long day." She turned back to Audra, "Thank you for the glass of wine, Audra! I'm so happy to have met you. Let's exchange numbers and I'll contact you about the barbecue."

Sophie grabbed her phone from her bag and they quickly programmer each other's numbers.

With that, Audra led them to the front door and showed them out. "Thank you for coming by. I'm really happy that I met some new friends." Audra glanced over to Connor, "...And I will be seeing you tomorrow, then?"

"Yes, when should I come by?" he asked, not wanting to leave.

"As early as you would like, I am an early bird.. I love to be up as the sun rises." she smiled softly.

Graham and Sophie quickly glanced at each other and smiled. Can you believe it? She thought. It's uncanny, he replied shaking his head.

Audra watched them get into their cars and drive off into the night.

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