tagSci-Fi & FantasyAsexual Reproduction Ch. 02

Asexual Reproduction Ch. 02


Chapter 2 (Kelly's Story)

So I might as well have gone to the coffee shop with Wendy and Amy anyway for all the "studying" I got done that afternoon. As soon as I got back to our doom room, I stripped down to a t-shirt and panties and grabbed a water bottle and my laptop to do some cramming for that Orbital Mechanics test. Once I got my computer booted up and linked into PolyTech's local net, however, I was psyched to see how many friends and acquaintances were also online.

Especially this really cute little freshman who always blushed and smiled whenever she saw me around campus... No harm in starting the evening with a little IM break to flirt a little bit, right?

No harm at all, in fact. Turned out the "cute little freshman" had a naughty streak about a mile wide. My kinda girl.

We ended up making plans to wind up at the same party that weekend, even though I'd probably have to find somewhere to ditch Derek first. He and I had been dating for several months now, and he had finally convinced me to give the "serious relationship" thing a try.

I didn't hate it, to be fair, at least in part since he had such a fantastic body -- particularly his beautiful, meaty cock. But in a way, that cock was also the problem.

See, what I most enjoyed with him was the sex, but I couldn't help but feel like what he most enjoyed from the "serious relationship" was the sense that being with me somehow validated him, like I was his arm candy instead of the other way around.

To be honest I was getting a little sick of it. And of him.

In fact, as I stretched out on the couch to hopefully start some actual classwork, I found myself daydreaming about showing up at that hot little freshman's door out of the blue one night and just ravishing her. "Maybe tonight?" I mused to myself with a smile.

So yeah, I certainly hadn't gotten much work done for that Orbital Mechanics test, but the day sure had been quite productive by my terms when Wendy and Amy finally rolled in just after dark.

"Hey guys!" I said cheerily, maybe trying a little too hard to cover up my sexy daydreaming as they walked into the living room. "How was the coffee sh--"

I didn't even get to finish my sentence before Wendy sat down right on top of me, straddling my lap and planting me with a hot, wet kiss. "We were busy," Amy giggled over Wendy's shoulder, but it was hard to pay much attention to her while Wendy was having her way with my mouth and working her hands up under my t-shirt. It wasn't quite exactly the way I imagined my tryst with the cute freshman - the roles were reversed, for one thing - but it was close. And it was hot.

Wendy panted a little as she worked me down onto my back and played with my titties and nipples in exactly the way she knew I loved. Soon she opened her mouth to part my lips with her tongue.

Her mouth was sweet -- really sweet, like flowers or honey, and it also kind of hard-tasting, almost acidy. The sweet/spicy taste flowed into my mouth rather pleasantly as she writhed on top of me.

Our kiss was somehow viscous like honey, too -- but even though I could tell there was something really weird about it, either because of the way I spent my "study break" or otherwise, it was really getting to me. After only a moment or two of Wendy's assault, my incorrigible little pussy was creaming hard and leaking into my panties.

Wendy helped by turning her waist just enough to let me wrap my thighs around her and grind myself a little against the curve of her hips. I think I knew at the time that something really wasn't right, but even then I couldn't have cared less. It felt *great*.

She broke away and sat up just as I was really getting into it, and gently brought my right hand to her mouth and pulled my left hand down under her skirt. She was at least as turned on as I was, and I loved seeing her face soften behind those sunglasses as I firmly stroked her sex.

She sucked the first two fingers of my right hand into her mouth for a second, and then leaned forward to nuzzle and lick her way towards my ear.

She kissed my earlobe gently and then whispered to me, and although she spoke so softly I could barely hear her, somehow her words rolled and echoed in my head like thunder.

"*you will go to bed, kelly*," she breathed. I reeled, wondering what she was doing to me, but loving every minute of it.

She pulled my right hand down into my panties as she continued, telling me "*you will touch yourself*." My back arched up high as she helped slide my wet fingertips into my equally wet panties and slick them hotly across the hood of my clit.

Wendy then brought the fingers of my left hand out of her sex and up to my face. With a final lick of my ear as she rolled off me she slipped them into my mouth, whispering "*you will come, hard, over and over again, and each time you will think of me...*"

That same honey/acidy taste filled my mouth as I sucked her surprisingly thick juices off my fingers, and a head rush hit me like a bomb going off.

Like a drunkard, I staggered up off the couch and stumbled back to my bedroom, my panties a quarter of the way down, awkwardly caught around my thighs and my ass. I rolled into bed, sucking my fingers hungrily and strumming myself through the first of several mighty orgasms. All the while thinking of Wendy's hot tight ass, and her sexy little titties, and that magic, honey-flavored tongue and pussy.

* * *

It was still dark when I woke up, and I was still so drowsy it took me a second or ten to gather my wits. And to pull my pruned fingers out of my mouth...

Amy's taste was still strong on my tongue, and a gentle, pleasant ache between my legs proved how vigorously I'd enjoyed myself earlier.

I soon realized what woke me up, though - it was the moaning coming from the bedroom Amy and Wendy shared. At first I figured they were just fucking again but the moaning didn't quite sound like sex. After a few seconds it really sounded more like groaning -- like someone in pain, I realized, so I got up out of bed and walked over to their room as quietly as I could.

The groans were coming from Amy, who was curled up on top of her sheets in a fetal position and shivering. Wendy was sleeping like a rock in the other bed.

I crept over to Amy's side to see what was wrong, and realized she was running a hell of a fever,. Even through her shirt she felt noticeably hot.

"Ames," I asked quietly as I shook her awake, "are you ok?"

No response. I shook her a little harder and repeated my question a little louder.

"You ok Ames?"

I could barely hear her response, but I startled when I did. "No...." she said.

I rolled her gently onto her back, which brought a louder groan. "Ahhh...," she grunted, clearly in pain. "So SORE...."

"Sore? Where?" I asked.

"Oh-hohhh, everywhere," she groaned. "Aren't you?"

I just shook my head in response. Fact was, I felt fine. Why wouldn't I?

"Ohhh, shit," she added as a new wave of pain appeared to roll over her. "My fucking boobs feel like they're going to fucking POP..."

I carefully peeled the top of the sheet down, but I didn't see anything noticeably wrong with her breasts. It was basically pitch dark, so it was hard to make out much detail, but it didn't look like anything was obviously wrong.

"Do you see anything, Kelly?" she asked.

"No," I said. "I don't know Amy, you're really sweaty and everything, but I can't see what's the matt--"

She groaned really loud this time before I could finish my sentence. "Ohhh! FUCK!!!" she said emphatically, reaching for her lower back, and laboring to breathe. "Fuck, it's like the worst fucking cramps I've ever had..." None of us was particularly uptight about profanity, but I'd now heard more swearing from Amy in the last 30 seconds than I'd ever heard from her before in a month.

"Oh shit Ames, I'm getting really worried about you..." I said. "Do you think you need some help?"

"NO!" she shouted. "No! No doctors, Kelly, please, just go get Wendy."

I gave it a shot, but Wendy had always been an unbelievable heavy sleeper. I shook her by the shoulder and tried to wake her up but didn't even get a peep out of her.

By now, Amy's breathing was kind of labored and her eyes were screwed shut in pain, so I decided I'd slip out of the room to go get some help, and deal with her preferences about doctors later.

It took a minute to two in the darkness to find my commlink out by the couch in the living room. I had no idea how I would describe any of this to the infirmary, but I figured I'd just let the words come out by themselves once I got the night nurse on comm.

"Infirmary," said the somewhat sleepy voice on the other end. The clock on the wall read 4:37am.

"Hi," I said, "I think my roommate might be, uh, ... well, pretty sick."

"Okay. Sick how?" said the voice.

"Well, she's sweaty and shivering and she says her boobs hurt. And she's got cramps, and she's running at least a bit of a fever."

"Fever -- ok, has she taken her temp?"

"No," I said, walking back to the bedroom, "she's actually still in bed, but she definitely feels hot."

"I see," replied the voice again, "can you put her on?"

"Sure," I said with false confidence, since somehow I hadn't expected that. "Hold on a sec."

Wendy had definitely dosed me with something earlier that evening -- and while I admit I loved it, I was also pretty worried about whether she'd done the same thing to Amy. And whether I'd soon end up as sick as Ames was.

By the time I got back to the bedside, I found Amy stone still. I had this white-hot flash of terror as I instantly feared the worst -- but I quickly realized she wasn't dead, just sound asleep. And though she was still a little sweaty, she didn't seem nearly as hot. Good news, I figured, right? But weird...

"Um, actually," I said to the nurse on the phone, "it looks like she just went back to sleep."

"Okay, has she thrown up or been sick at all?"

"No, she said she was sore all over but I don't think she's barfed or anything."

"But you're sure she's running a temp?"

"Uhh... Hard to say, I guess," I responded, reaching down to feel Amy's forehead. "She was before, but not so much now."

"Is she breathing okay?"

"Yeah. Seems to be. Seems more or less ... fine now, actually."

"Well, tell you what," said the nurse, "keep an eye on her and feel free to call us back if she's still sick when she wakes up, but for now I suggest you just let her get some rest, okay?"

"Yeah, okay," I said, "that makes sense. Sorry if I overreacted by calling you guys, but I swear a minute ago she just seemed really sick."

"No problem," said the nurse. "That's what we're here for."

"Thanks," I said, "and I promise we'll call back if she still seems sick in the morning."

"Sounds good, sweetie, and you're very welcome," said the nurse. "Now why don't you go back to bed and get some sleep, too. Oh, and by the way," she added, before I had a chance to hang up, "even if she does feel better later, maybe see if your friend wants to come in tomorrow for a pregnancy test. Call it a hunch," she said, with that wise old nurse tone. "Goodnight."

"Uh, yeah. You too. 'night," I said, and hung up.

I puzzled over that last bit as I walked back to my room to go back to sleep. Pregnancy test?

* * *

When I woke up again, the sun was up.

I stretched a little and rubbed my eyes, struggling only for a second to bring back to mind all the events of the preceding night. Amy and Wendy and I had done plenty of wild shit before, but we'd never dosed each other.

So I did have this vague sense that I should be at least a little pissed off at Wendy, but lying there in bed I couldn't quite work up much indignation.

I even discovered I was still just a bit turned on by the whole thing, and figured I wouldn't really confront Wendy about it, but instead just discuss it with her later. And ask her what she had slipped me, where she got it, and whether she could get us any more.

That pleasant little thought bubble kind of popped for me, though, when I heard someone moaning again.

The groans were different now, and only about a second after I bolted into the other bedroom I realized why. Amy was gone, but something was still in her bed.

At first it looked like a sweater, or a wig or something, but I froze in place when I realized what it was.

It was her hair. All of it, evidently, spread out thick across her pillow like a brunet halo. Looking further down the sheets I realized she hadn't just lost the hair from her head, either -- I found a small little thatch of what had to be pubic hair in the middle of the bed.

"What the *fuck* ...?" I wondered, both horrified and disgusted. And, again, maybe a little bit aroused...

I shivered again as I realized Wendy was awake over in the other bed. Awake, but definitely not sick.

Instead, she was nude, wide awake, and fucking herself hard. Her left hand was wrapped around one of those tight little breasts, rolling the small pebble of her nipple hard between her thumb and forefinger. Her right hand was hidden beneath the sheets, but it didn't take long to understand where it was and what it was doing.

Her legs then spread a little wider, and she simultaneously moaned again a little louder. She noticed me now, as she turned her shoulders a little bit more towards me and rolled her hips against the invisible efforts of her hand.

The look of terror on her face shot through me like a bullet. She wasn't dopey and sexy like she had been last night, instead she looked like she was somehow trying, but not quite succeeding, to panic.

"K-Kelly," she said between pants, as she looked me straight in the eye and kept right on masturbating, "Run!"

My efforts at panicking were a little more successful.

"Wendy?" I asked, wondering why I wasn't already running, "Wendy, what the fuck is going on?"

"Kelly, it's all my fault. I have this ... fetish for parasites, and the Lovelock Spores were just sitting there and I ...." She trailed off before she could finish.

"Wendy, did you, f-fuck one of them?" I asked.

"Ohhhyesssss," she breathed, dreamily, before shaking herself back into focus. "I mean ... yes. So did Amy, but only because I ... m-m-made her." That last part seemed to affect her again, and if anything it looked like it only turned her on even more.

"But these weren't what I thought they were," she said, once she was able to continue. "They're not like the ones I read about, or the ones Walters described in class, somehow they've chang-- uhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnn...." She trembled much harder this time, as though ready to cum, before she slowly regained a small shred of composure.

"Kelly, listen don't... I can't ... stop myself, Kelly. I can't even ... control my ..." She looked down quickly at her hands, now aggressively working her tits and clit. "Look, don't ... there's no time, Kelly," she replied urgently, "don't ask questions, dammit, just RU--"

Instead of finishing her sentence, however, she kind of seized up violently, and began a long series of tremors. Her head jerked back and forth a couple times, her eyes shut tight, and then she slowly relaxed.

A barely perceptible smile crept across her lips, and I recoiled in horror when she opened her eyes again.

Pitch black. Her eyes were shiny, and wet, but pure obsidian black beneath her eyelids, each like an eight-ball with no eight. Featureless, and emotionless, like a doll's. But that fucked-up smile just kept spreading across her face.

"Wen-dy?" I asked, terrified.

She replied in the same rolling, echoing whisper I'd heard the night before, as she arched her torso into her stroking hands, "*there is no wendyyyy... only gaiaaaaa*..."

Now I ran.

In nothing but panties and a t-shirt, but fuck it -- I'd get out of the apartment first and then worry about the way I was dressed.

I made it out of the bedroom hall, but stopped dead in my tracks when I tried to sprint past the kitchen to the front door.

Amy was there, in the kitchen. Absolutely bald. Naked. Magnificent. Evidently eating her way through pretty much all the food we had in the fridge.

* * *

I got a good, long look as she turned to face me, and my mind staggered to comprehend how much she'd changed overnight.

As I'd guessed from the state of her bed, her hair was just gone, all over. Not only from her head, which almost seemed to shine a little under the light from the refrigerator, but from everywhere, even her sex. She'd always been a trimmer, never a shaver. Now there wasn't a hair left on her body.

And her boobs... They weren't just bigger, they were A LOT bigger, and they were plenty big before. Now they were huge, hanging down towards her waist and swaying sexily as she moved. Heavy, and wide, but still round and proud. She was like some horny old lecher's anime fantasy come to life.

I was so gripped with fear I could barely breathe, but it got worse as Amy closed the refrigerator and turned to face me.

Her skin even seemed different -- kind of slick and waxy -- and finally I noticed how red and swollen she was around her sex. Freakishly swollen, in fact, with an enormous clit as big as my thumb practically pulsing out of her like a heart -- and wet, like she'd been up all night masturbating. You know, just like I had been...

As she walked out of the kitchen towards me I realized her belly was distended like she was several months pregnant.

My pussy betrayed me again, clenching up like a fist as I stumbled back in a blurred mix of terror and lust. Incredibly, I was getting as aroused as I was afraid.

"Kelly," she said, in a voice that was only more terrifying because it was so normal, "don't leave yet, sweetie. We're not done..."

"A-Amy," I begged, backing up against the wall, "please... Please just let me leave." I was starting to cry a little. "Please, Amy -- Wendy told me about the s-spores, but it's COOL, okay? I promise I won't tell anyone a thing. I swear. But I'm just really confused and really ... scared. Okay? So please, PLEASE, Amy. Please just let me leave...."

I kept taking small steps towards the door, but she kept taking small steps towards me.

"Kells? Honey? Oh, sweetie, don't be so afraid. I know it's confusing, but please don't be scared. It'll all make sense very soon." Amy's voice sounded sincere, but I was close enough now to see her eyes. They were clear, not black like Wendy's, but completely vacant and expressionless. Inhuman.

She had this fake smile plastered right across her face, but those empty eyes really gave it away. Plus that bald head... And those cartoonish boobs... And that belly that wasn't even there just hours ago.... "Please, gods," I prayed, "just please let her leave me alone..."

My breath caught in my throat as she kept walking towards me. "Kelly, stop for a second and just listen. It's actually wonderful, really it is, you just don't understand yet. It's the best--"

Now I was crying hard. "Noooooo, please, Amy, whatever you're doing just stop... PLEASE. Please just stop and let me leave...." I begged.

"Oh honey, I'm so sorry this is so hard for you... Here, let me help," she said, reaching into the hall closet, "at least put something on."

She handed me a long coat. Hers. I trembled as I took it and wrapped it around my shoulders.

"O-Okay," I replied as meekly as a mouse. "Okay. Th-thanks Amy," I continued as I turned to reach for the door handle. "I swear to the gods I won't tell anyo--"

Pain shot through me like hellfire, centered on the side of my back but radiating out in scalding waves through every fiber of my being. So bad I couldn't even breathe, much less scream.

I saw Amy standing above me as I collapsed. With an immobilizer in her hand. She must have lifted it off of that poor dumb security guard she "dated" for a night or two last semester.

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