tagLoving WivesAshley's New Job

Ashley's New Job


My wife and I had been married for about ten years. Having been together for five before that, dating. After fifteen years our love life had gotten a bit stale. Then I went to work for the company I am at now.

My new job required me to travel out of town quite often, usually for two to four nights, being gone for a week at most. Once in a while, when we could afford it, I would take Ashley along with me.

Ashley has always gotten looks from other people. She has a kind of beauty that at first isn't seen as such. On a second look however, one can see the sensuality and sexiness that she was born with.

Her body is just about perfect, trust me, I know. I had always admired her shapely bottom and of course, her D cup tits had always been a nice extra as well. At home, alone, she would sometimes do a strip tease for me that would drive me crazy. She had a way of moving her body that drew one in, captivating and entrancing.

Ashley didn't work, as my salary was more than enough for us to live on. We were comfortable, and even had some savings started. Living out of town a ways on a 10 acre plot let us do things that we couldn't have done in a subdivision.

One day when I came home from one of my longer trips, having been gone for a full five days, she was antsy. She wanted to go out that night, and drug me along. We had dinner and then went to a nightclub for a few drinks.

She was really hot to trot that night, and the dress she had chosen fit her skin tight. It only came down over her hips and just covered the cheeks of her ass, maybe by about two inches. If she stood with her legs shoulder width apart and bent over stiff legged, anyone behind her would have had a view of both of her ass cheeks and her panties barely covering her.

The dress was strapless and hugged her breasts snugly. When she really got to moving on the dance floor her breasts would threaten to jump out. The blackness of the material made her blonde hair stand out, and tonight it cascaded over her shoulders and down her back almost to her bottom cheeks.

We danced several dances and laughed and talked. She had only eyes for me, and of course, I could only look at her. Time and again I thanked the lucky Gods for letting me be with her and call her my wife. Not only was she beautiful, she was also intelligent.

She had a degree in mechanical engineering, but we had both chosen for her to not work and that way, she would be free to come with me at the drop of a hat on my frequent trips. Often she would pick up and fly with me to the various cities I would have to go to, and we would spend the weekend in a hotel and have fun.

This trip had been way out of the way in the boonies and even though I had asked her, hoping she would come with me, she had decided to stay home. For a while something had been bothering her and she hadn't felt like telling me about it. I had figured out early in our relationship that when she was like this just to let her be and she would tell me soon enough.

Tonight she seemed to be happy and horny, which I might add was fortuitous for me. I was expecting to have some real dynamite sex when we got home. Every word she said and every move she made advertised that she was hot and horny.

I noticed other men staring at her and making comments to their friends. This happened a lot when we went out. Like I said earlier, she has that certain kind of beauty that sneaks up and slams you before you know what is going on. Tonight was no exception.

Once a tall and I guess somewhat built guy came over and asked her for a dance. I left that decision up to her and for some reason, tonight, she jumped up and went with him. I watched from the table as he held her quite nicely and they danced. He kept her close by, and they never got out of my sight.

Ashley would dance with other men on occasion, but it was not a usual thing with her. She normally wanted to spend the time with me only. I loved watching her dance with other men, mostly because I could see how beautiful she really was, and then bask in the knowledge that she would be coming home with me.

Over the past few years we had both felt our sex life getting in a rut. We had talked about different things, even going so far as checking out porn theaters, adult bookstores, and even a swing club once. Neither of us had swapped or tried other partners, but we had gotten turned on by watching others have sex in front of us, which had helped light a fire in our sex for a while now.

We had also talked about swinging and having others in our sex life but we had both decided that when that time came we would both know it and be better able to decide then. Deep down I had wondered how I would react if I saw her with another man. Would I be turned on? Would I get jealous and mad? Because of those questions and no answers, I had been a bit reluctant.

Ashley had been a bit more leaning towards trying it, but she also worried about my doubts, so the choice had been quite simple in the end. We would stay faithful to each other until an occasion or event happened to change that. We both had also decided that we would discuss any change in this arrangement before hand, even if it were only minutes before hand.

Anyway, I sat at the table this night and watched my wife in the arms of another man. He was a total gentleman, and never tried anything other than to dance. They were having a good time and frankly, so was I. After their first dance, I was a bit surprised when Ashley held his arm and kept him out on the floor for the next song. When it came about, it was a slow smooth number and they melted together as they danced. He was holding her quite a bit closer now and with the lights down low like they were I couldn't tell if his hands were staying put or if he was trying to cop feels.

Since Ashley didn't seem to get upset with him at all during the dance I figured that he had been every bit the gentleman with her on that one too. When they got back to the table after that dance Ashley was wound up. He didn't stick around, leaving us to ourselves right away after thanking her for the dances.

Ashley took my hand and drug me out of the club and to our car. On the way towards home she began to touch me all over. Soon she was undoing my zipper and working to get my cock out of my pants. I was afraid that I would have an accident or something, so at the first opportunity I pulled into a dark parking lot.

Without checking around us too much, I shut the car off and let Ashley take over. She soon had my cock down her throat, and was sucking me like no tomorrow. I worked my hands into her dress and rubbed her nipples as her head bobbed up and down on my shaft.

I was surprised at her since she had never shown any inclination to having car sex, even when we had dated she had always wanted a nice big bed to play on. Tonight she was so horny and on fire she had to have me now.

Just before I came I whispered that fact to her. She would swallow my cum, but usually she wanted me to cum deep inside her tight pussy rather than her mouth. She loved the feel of my hot cum flooding her like that, or that is what she always told me.

Tonight, she was in the mood to swallow. Before I knew it, I was shooting off and she got every bit of it. She kept up sucking on my shaft afterwards, cleaning and trying to keep me hard for her. I was a bit tired from the flight so I went soft in spite of her ministrations.

I moved to pull her dress down and free her tits so that I could suck on them. She flopped her seat back in full recline and I kept tugging on her dress until it was in a puddle on the floor of the car. I removed her panties next and since my head was right there, I pulled her closest leg to me up into the air and holding it up, I began to lick and suck on her juicy pussy.

Ashley was moaning and groaning as I ate her and as she got more and more into it, I let go of her leg, expecting it to go around my neck. Instead, she grabbed it in her hand and pulled it even farther back. This caused her pussy to be even more accessible to my roving tongue and soon I had worked her into her first orgasm of the night.

After she came back down, she laid there panting, her fingers in my hair.

"I love you Doug. You are such a great pussy eater. God I love how you get me off."

"Hey, you're not bad yourself kiddo. In all the gin joints and all the bars I had to find you. You suck a mean cock baby."

She laughed at my poor impression of Bogey with the added ‘suck a mean cock' and I joined in with her. We talked for a bit and I felt my cock stirring around and getting ready for the second act. I could see that her nipples were still hard, so as I got revved up, I began to lick and suck on them again.

She stopped me and pushed me off of her body suddenly. My first thought was that someone was approaching. Looking around I saw nobody. I looked at her and wondered why she stopped me.

"Doug...I have an idea. Lets go to a book store. You know, an adult bookstore. I'll leave my panties off and be your slut while we are in there. Get us both worked up...ya know?"

"I don't know Ashley, there can be some pretty rough characters at those places. We might get in trouble if we get too carried away."

"Would that bother you? If some big bad biker type guys made me service them?"

"Honey, that may be a fantasy to think about or play with, but they could get real rough, real mean even. I will if you will, but if there are too many men, or if they appear to be too rough looking we had better just browse the books or see a movie and leave Okay?"

"Okay sweetie. You're right I could get in over my head that way couldn't I? Lets at least check it out a bit and take in one of those pay for play quarter movies booths okay?"

I was horny again and her talk had struck something inside me that had never hit me before. I agreed with her and we both got dressed. Ashley in just her tight black dress, no panties, no bra. It only took me about ten minutes to find a good adult bookstore, and the whole time Ashley was rubbing my cock and licking her lips.

Walking in to the dimly lit place I could see that there were very few people there. I felt a bit better knowing that the three or four guys there were pretty much normal looking. Ashley and I browsed the books and movies for a bit, and I noticed that Ashley had adjusted her dress quite a bit at some point.

The lower hem was up enough that I could see the definition of her ass cheeks as they curved in at the tops of her legs, and once when she bent over only a little bit to get pick a book off the shelf just about waist high, I saw her whole ass and even part of her pussy lips!

The top she had pulled down just to about where her nipples were about to show too. My wife was not hiding much of her body at all. With her actions and the content of the store, the dildos on the walls and the other sexual paraphernalia hanging around I was getting turned on like you wouldn't believe.

My wife was acting more and more like a slut now too. She would hang on my arm and as she did, her free hand would caress my cock through my pants. At one point she took my hand and pushed it up under her dress letting me feel her overheated pussy right there in front of four strangers.

"Oh Doug, lets go watch a movie, please? I think we need to get a booth so we can...you know...play a bit. Don't you?"

Her sultry voice was soft, but loud enough for all to hear in the quietness of the store. My heart was pounding as I took her hand and we walked down the dark hallway to the row of booths in the back. I stopped at the counter just before hitting the hall and got ten bucks worth of quarters from the guy who was clerking.

He gave me the roll of quarters and leered at Ashley as he did. His tongue came way out of his mouth as he licked his lips obscenely, an obvious invitation for her to try his tongue out personally.

My heart skipped a beat for a moment as I realized that maybe Ashley was pushing me a bit too. Did she want more than what I could give her tonight? Were we headed for a third or even more sexual partners for her too?

I was nervous as I thought about our deal. She hadn't said anything about wanting to expand to others in our sex life yet, but I got the impression she was wanting to go there now, tonight.

As we walked to the third of five booths, she held my arm and stayed in close to me. I noticed that as we passed a man standing along the wall, she moved a bit funny and it took me a second to realize that he had touched her somehow.

In the booth the small light dangling from the ceiling lit up enough to see a bench in front of the small screen. This was a movie about gangbangs, single women with many men. Ashley had picked it out, so I was getting the idea that she was trying to tell me something.

I put in some quarters and the movie started. We sat on the bench and Ashley began to rub my cock through my pants before the first credits had ran yet. Leaning in close to my ear she whispered;

"Doug...I need this cock of yours. Think that we can fuck right here without getting in trouble? Think that those men out there will watch through those holes in the wall as we do? Do you think that if they stick their cocks through those holes I will suck on them till they shoot off their creamy loads into my mouth?"

"Ashley...are you saying that you want to have...um...others in our sexual...fun?"

"I want to Doug...but only if you are willing and can enjoy it too. If you don't think that this is the right time and we need to talk about it some more we can leave and go home. I am just so hot right now I was kind of hoping that you would try to play a bit tonight. Those guys all looked pretty safe to me. What do you think?"

"Well, I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't turned on by what we have done so far. I'm just a bit afraid of how I will react if you actually had sex with some guy. At the same time...for some reason, the way things are going tonight...I really want to find out. Could you stop if I decided that I didn't like it though? Without being mad at me I mean?"

"You're willing to let me try another man or men tonight Doug? Really?"

"Well, I will say I didn't expect to be here like this already. I am so turned on too. I guess...yes. I want to see you with another guy, but I'm not real sure how I will react yet."

"Okay. I'm going to be honest with you then. I want to...I want to at least suck some strangers cock until he shoots off in my mouth. If you are good with that maybe we can push a bit farther then. I just don't want you hurt or pissed off at me. I don't want a divorce or anything coming up either. I love you...only you. But my mind...my thoughts..."

"I understand Ashley. Lets play it by ear and see what happens. We should be pretty safe in here for the time being. I think I'd like to see you sucking on a cock too. Maybe while you are doing that I will stick my cock in your hot little pussy and fuck you."

I was scared, excited and wound up. I was not sure that this was a good idea completely yet, but as worked up as I was and as hot as Ashley was I wanted to press on for a bit more anyway. I guess we were about to find out my limits, and yes, Ashley's limits too.

We began to kiss and neck in heated fashion again as the movie played on. After a few minutes, Ashley had my pants undone and knelt in front of me as she pulled them off. I watched as her lips encircled my cock head and felt her tongue lightly caressing the slit on the end of my shaft. Her fingers were holding my balls and gently caressing them.

I reached down, and grabbing the hem of her dress I began to pull it up. Up over her hips, along her back, and then after using my hands to free it around her breasts, I pulled it up over her head. The only time she broke contact with my cock was when I pulled her dress over her head. As soon as it cleared she was back sucking my cock ravenously.

I fingered her pussy and then began to knead her tits. Rolling her nipples between my fingers and watching her as she lovingly sucked on my shaft taking me fully into her throat, and then backing off until just the head of it was in between her lips.

I glanced to the right and left and saw pairs of eyes looking in through those holes as my wife squatted naked in front of me and devoured my cock. I could hear voices making comments about Ashley and her body.

"Damn honey, your tits are great."

"Hey slut, after you get done with him why don't you come over here and get some more?"

"God damn, what a hot little bitch that is. Look at her sucking that guy's cock. She's taking it all."

"Man, her ass is fine. Tight and firm, just the way I like ‘em."

I could feel Ashley shudder with every comment. I knew that they were turning her on more and more as we went on. Her nipples were sticking out as far as I had ever seen them stick out and they were also quite dark in color too. More than ever before, I had to struggle to not cum in her mouth as she kept up her motion. Her lips were tightly sealed around my shaft and each time she would bottom out on me, her nose grinding on my pubes would almost make me shoot off.

Suddenly she pulled up and off of my cock and stood up in front of me. I reached out and took each of her tits in my hands and played with them. Her hips were rocking back and forth as she just looked over at each hole.

She gasped and as I turned I saw that a long black cock had been thrust through the hole to our left. I judged it to be about ten inches long and pretty fat. I looked up at my wife and she was just staring at that cock and licking her lips.

I stood up and taking her by her hand, led her over close to that monster. She reached out and put her hand around his shaft and I heard him moan at her touch.

"Oh baby. You want this black cock don't ya? Feel how hard it is. How big it is. Imagine it ramming your tight little white pussy. Think it will fill you up?"

I had my fingers in her pussy, stroking like a little cock as he said that and I felt her flood of juices as his words took her.

"Hey, are you anyone's slut or just his? You want to be my slut for a while? I'll show you a real good time. Go ahead, slut, taste that black cock. Get a real good taste. I'll bet you'll love it."

Ashley looked at me with a question in her eyes. I could see that she really wanted to suck and fuck this cock, and as I looked at her white hand contrasted by his dark black cock I decided to at least watch her suck that thing. I nodded at her and she smiled as she knelt in front of the hole that large black cock was shoved through.

I got behind her and spread her legs apart a bit as she began to lick that shaft all over. The hole was large enough that he was able to get his hand through and touch her hair as she licked close to his balls. He pulled on her hair a bit and then I heard him order her around a bit.

"Come on slut, put a lip lock on this meat and get a real taste. See how much you can swallow. I really want to feel your ruby red lips around my shaft. You know you want to."

I had three fingers in my wife's pussy and her juices were literally streaming out of her and down her legs. I could see that she was really worked up and hotter than I had ever seen her. I took my cock and shoved it into her pussy in one long push.

I felt her muscles grabbing me and holding me tightly. Her head came back and as I watched, she opened her mouth, her lips hugging the head of his cock and slowly she began to work on him. I couldn't believe it. My wife with a large black cock in her mouth. I was in overdrive and on the edge of cumming as I watched Ashley work more and more of that shaft into her mouth.

He still had a hold of her long hair and had even taken most of it into his side of the hole. I could see him caressing it, tugging her head down farther on his shaft. Ashley stuck an arm through the hole and I couldn't see, but imagined her putting it around his ass and pulling on him.

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