Ashley's Secret Ch. 03


"Oh, I can keep my cool. Thank you Ashley, you have made me feel very special. You have a good time tonight seducing Auntie Pam in front of Uncle John. You two should have a blast. I'll see you tomorrow."

She leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and I grabbed the back of her head and didn't let go. I probed my tongue against her lips until she gave in and shoved my tongue into her throat with an urgency that I did not know that I possessed. My pussy was quivering and I hated to let her go. We stood there and kissed for a few minutes until I finally had to push myself away. I looked her in the eye and saw the lust overflowing through them.

"Until tomorrow my lover, I'll see you in the morning," I told her.

She turned and walked to her car. Her ass was swaying with every step in her four inch heels. I licked my lips and got into my car. I looked at the clock and realized that I was going to be right on time to Auntie Pam's and Uncle John's. My pussy was leaking out onto my seat as I back out of my managerial parking spot. I had to get the thoughts of Sara out of my head and back into my beautiful Auntie Pam.

As I turned out onto the street, it hit me. I am going to fuck my Uncle John tonight. That gave me more of a thrill at the moment then thinking about eating Auntie Pam's pussy. When I was a heterosexual, I had had my fair share of fantasies about this tall dark handsome man. I would love making him hard through flirting and seducing his sexy wife. There it was my first thought of eating her pussy. I can't wait to see the look on Uncle John's face.

The rest of my drive went rather quickly with the thoughts that I had of seducing this beautiful woman. I thought ahead to what their reaction would be when we were all together on Sunday evening at my mom's house. It was going to be a hot weekend.

I stopped at the liquor store to buy the wine to take to my mother's the following evening. I wouldn't have another chance tomorrow. When I finally pulled into their drive, it was exactly 7:15 pm. I checked my hair and my make up. I did a quick touch up on the eye shadow and liner and fluffed my hair and smoothed my tight blouse. My nipples were hard as rocks and I was sure that Uncle John would notice. Since I have had tits, Uncle John has not let a day go by that he did not gaze upon them and lick his lips.

I got out of the car and headed up to the front door. Even though this house was in an allotment, there were all sorts of privacy in their yard. They had spent the last 20 years in this house and had made a natural privacy fence with plants and shrubs and such. You couldn't even tell there was a car in the driveway until you drove up the driveway. I rang the doorbell and took a big breath. My pussy was on fire and I couldn't do anything about it for a good hour.

Uncle John opened the door and gasped in surprise that it was me that had ringed the doorbell. "Well, Ashley, this is a surprise. Your Auntie Pam told me that we were having a dinner guest, but she did not tell me it was you. Please, come in."

He held the door open and I gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek. "Hi Uncle John, how was your trip?"

"Not bad," he said as he was closing the door. "I missed my Pammy but other than that, it was a very productive trip. Thanks for asking sweetie."

"Did Auntie Pam happen to tell you how we hooked up this weekend?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact, she did. I had no idea that you managed that store. We will bring you all of our business, from now on."

"I appreciate that Uncle John. I will make it worth your while, honest." I smiled a very delicious smile and noticed him looking at my hard nipples and licked his lips as I was saying that. He almost blushed.

We walked into the kitchen and Auntie Pam was standing there in a spaghetti strap little black dress with an apron covering her skirt. She smiled as I walked in and licked my lips for her. Uncle John was behind me as we entered and said, "Why didn't you tell me it was little Ashley coming over, sweetheart? I would have worn something different." He laughed.

Apparently, that was a private joke among them and I was not privy to the meaning. She smiled mischievously at him and said, "Why don't you pour some wine for little Miss Ashley, darling?"

I walked over to her and gave her a hug and whispered in her ear, "You look beautiful. You have made this very easy for me."

She smiled as she hugged me back and whispered, "He asked me a very interesting question when I told him you worked at the lingerie store. He said, 'Wouldn't it be hot to meet a younger girl in a place like that, to bring home and play with, just you and I?'"

I gasped at the thought. Maybe this was going to be easier than I originally thought. I kissed her neck and drew back from the hug. Just about that time, Uncle John was handing me a very large glass of wine. We all had large glasses and that made me even easier with my nerves. Two glasses of this and I would fuck anything that walked. I sat down at the bar as Auntie Pam was making the last few dinner preparations and I was getting wet thinking about flirting with her all during dinner.

"So, did you have a nice day at work?" she asked as she was throwing the rolls into the oven.

"Well, you know that we were having that one day sale? Our store won the honors of having the biggest sale day in the region and our store has the top number one and number two sales teams in the whole region. I was very proud of my girls."

"So who were your teams? And who came in first?"

"Well, my new girl Sara and I were one team and my two nineteen year olds were the other team. I am proud to say that Sara helped get us over the top and she is going to be a phenomenal sales girl in this company. She picked it up rather quickly. The other two girls, Tiffany and Christie, were only about $500 behind us in total amount of sales. It was a fabulous day."

"So, I guess that this Sara is going to work out for you?" she questioned with more than her words.

I nodded my head in an enthusiastic way and smiled and said, "Oh yes, she is going to work out fine. Did mom call you about tomorrow evening?"

"Yes she did, are you going?"

"Of course, I am. I was at all the other 14 years; I am going to be around for this one. Actually, you will get to meet Sara; I have decided that she is special enough to take home to mom."

Uncle John's head whipped around at that last comment and looked at me and then over to Auntie Pam. Auntie Pam gave him a look like, 'yes she is but let's not talk about it now'. He looked back at me and I just had to smile at him. It was confirmed for him. I could see his dick get bigger in his pants. He was hardening very nicely. I couldn't wait to get his big cock inside my tight little cunt. I had been dreaming about this since I was about 15 years old.

We were at one of the neighborhood swimming parties and everyone had been in the house. I walked out on the deck to get some fresh air and caught Uncle John and Auntie Pam doing the deed in the neighbors' pool. He was just releasing his load inside of Auntie Pam's hot little cunt when I closed the sliding glass door onto the deck. He had both tits out of her bathing suit and pinching her hard little nipples like he was going to squeeze them off. As soon as he realized that I was there, Auntie Pam slipped off of his cock and put her bathing suit top back down. I could see that he was tugging on his swim shorts and they both stepped out of the pool like nothing had just happened. When Uncle John surfaced, he forgot about the shorts sticking to him and up he came with his hard on tenting his shorts in a bad fashion. There was nothing left to the imagination; I saw every inch of his cock.

They walked past me and that is when he realized that his cock was still hard and showing badly. He adjusted himself and looked me in the eye knowing that I had just seen his cock as hard as a rock. He blushed and went inside rather quickly. I smiled at the memory when I saw his cock hardening as the realization hit him that I like women.

"Is there anything that I can do for you Auntie Pam," I asked with a grin.

She looked me in the eye when I said that and saw the shit eating grin that I was sporting. "Would you like to light the candles in the dining room? That is where we are going to eat and everything is just about ready."

I went in and lit all of the candles that she had setting out. It gave the room a slightly romantic glow and as the sun was setting on this gray dreary day, it was a warm glow. I caught Uncle John looking at my ass a couple of times as I was lighting the candles. When I noticed him watching, I gave him something to watch. I swung my ass cheeks a little more when he was paying attention. Auntie Pam was giggling quietly as she was watching everything going on from a distance. One time when our gazes crossed paths, she prodded me on as well as she could without saying a word.

By the time that the food was served and we were all seated, my pussy was so hot and wet, that was I all I could smell was my nectar. Auntie Pam had sat me in between her and Uncle John. I could easily reach over and grab his cock and her not even know it. I could work them both throughout dinner. This was going to be fun. I hadn't used my womanly wiles on a man in a very long time. It was going to be fun to see if I could pull it off.

We passed around the dishes and got our plates full of delicious food. As soon as the last dish was set down, I began my heavy flirting. I reached over with one leg to rub up and down Auntie Pam's stocking and I reached over with the other leg to rub Uncle John's leg under his pant leg. Neither one knew that I was flirting with them both at the same time. My legs were as far apart as I could spread them in this position. I could feel my pussy juices leaking out onto this beautiful dining room chair. There was going to be a spot there for sure.

They both reacted as I thought they would. Before I knew it, I had both feet in their crotches with them massaging my feet at the same time. They both had one hand up eating with and the other was occupied massaging my feet. This was hot as hell. Two different touches without the other one knowing was incredibly taboo and hot. I could feel that Auntie Pam was not wearing any panties and she had shaved for the occasion. She was very smooth and my mouth watered for dessert. I wiggled my toes free from her hand and began wiggling them against her hard little clit. She was as wet as I was and I couldn't wait to get my lips wrapped around that hard clit and sucking on it.

Then on the other foot, I felt Uncle John unzip his pants and get his cock out for me to rub with my bare foot. His cock was very hard and I could wrap my toes around the head but not able to stroke, I just teased the slit on the head of his awesome cock. Amazingly enough, conversation did not stop during all of this. We talked about my job, mom's new friend that she wanted to introduce us to and some of the things that had gone on while Uncle John was out of town. I watched their faces individually as they got closer. Auntie Pam was going to cum at this dinner table. I was going to make sure of it.

I began running my toes up in between her smooth shaven pussy lips. I spread her juices all through her pussy and began rubbing her clit harder with my wet slippery toes. She was getting closer and I was counting on her not being able to control herself and for Uncle John to see her cum. I could feel the pre-cum coming out of Uncle John's cock and took full advantage of that also. I probably wouldn't be able to get Uncle John off so I just concentrated on getting Auntie Pam to respond to my toes. Her breathing was hitching up a little bit and Uncle John looked at her quizzically.

She tossed me a look, like you wouldn't dare. That put me into high gear and made me rub her even faster. My pussy was leaking all over the chair now. I was at a very steady flow rate. I could see her fighting it with all of her power. She could not hold back, however, because of my persistence. She had one arm folded in front of her and she grabbed onto the edge of the table with that hand. The other hand was now trying to push my foot away from her pussy. I wasn't giving in and I was making it harder for her to resist. I watched Uncle John as he was watching her. He then figured out that I was the one making the expressions on her face happen. He then just sat back and rubbed his cock with my foot and watched me get Auntie Pam off right at the dinner table.

I was right, she was not able to control herself and she screamed out when the flood started in her chair. My toes were now squishy wet and the only sound in the room was her moaning in ecstasy and the wetness of her pussy. Uncle John was smiling from ear to ear as he realized the intentions of my visit. After a couple of minutes and her moaning calming down to a whimper, Uncle John said, quietly, "Are you all right, Pammy? You look like you might need to lie down. Why don't you let Miss Ashley here take you back to the bedroom and get you settled down? I'll be right in after I clear the table for us. Ashley, can you handle getting your Auntie back to the bedroom?"

I think that was a trick question to see what I would do. I quickly slipped my feet down from either conquest and slipped them back into my shoes. I stood up and looked into Auntie's eyes and reached my hand out to help her up. She pulled down her short skirt and stood up with my help. Uncle John was still sitting at the table because his cock was still out of his pants. I led Auntie Pam back to the bedroom and as soon as we were in the room, I planted a big kiss on her lips. I parted her lips with my tongue and she sucked my tongue right out of my mouth.

"Auntie, I need to eat your pussy so bad. Please just lie down and let me devour that smooth mound of yours. I am sure that Uncle John is going to join us in a very few minutes."

She looked at me as I raised her skirt to lift her dress over her head. She had on one of the corset sets that I had sold her. Her nipples were nice and hard and I had to taste them before she lay back on her bed. I leaned my head over and took one into my mouth while I was pinching the other one. She moaned when I hit that right amount of biting on her nipple. I slid my hand down to her pussy lips and slipped a couple of fingers into her hot slit. She was soaked from that first orgasm.

I lifted her up on the bed and climbed up over her and kissed her with as much passion as I could muster. She became putty in my hands. I whispered into her ear, "Your husband is getting hard knowing that I am devouring you back here. He knows that I caused your orgasm while I caused his cock to grow hard. You two are very sexy and I can't wait to feel Uncle John's huge cock inside my tight cunt. Now, let me see if I can get you ready to take two cocks tonight. You know what that means don't you?"

She nodded her head as I sucked on her neck. I moved down to her nipples and tasted each one of them. She was running her fingers through my hair as I moved down toward her pussy. I could hear Uncle John getting closer to being done in the kitchen. I quickly leaned up and shed my blouse and skirt. I, too, had on a corset that was black and hot pink. My tits were pushing out over the edge of it. She licked her lips when she looked up at my wet folds between my legs. I threw my clothes over in the corner and moved up between Auntie Pam's legs. I spread her legs apart and opened up her sweet little pink pussy.

I did not hesitate as soon as I saw how wet she was. I settled in and began licking her thighs clean from her juices. She tasted awesome. Just as I was getting into cleaning the inner folds of her outer lips, Uncle John walked into the bedroom. He stopped dead in his tracks and didn't say a word. He just stood there holding all three wine glasses and almost dropped them all. He turned around quickly and set them on the dresser. Then he slowly walked over to the edge of the bed that was closest to my legs. He sat down and began rubbing the inner portion of my leg. His touch was gentle and sexy. He had amazingly soft hands for a man and made me tingle every where he touched me.

Auntie Pam was oblivious to what was going on. She was pinching her tits as I was cleaning up her pussy. She had her eyes closed and was just enjoying the sensation of my tongue. I spread my legs to give Uncle John easier access to my pussy if he was so inclined to go there. I spread Auntie's lips apart and licked from her asshole all the way up to her clit and back down again. This time when I went back up, I took her clit in between my lips and sucked on it like it was giving me life.

Uncle John took that cue to rub up into my pussy lips. I could feel how wet I was but when Uncle John entered his fingers into my hot little hole, I was wetter than I thought. His two middle fingers slid into my hole and began fucking me slowly. I moaned into Auntie's pussy and she wiggled her hips like she liked that. Maybe I could keep her occupied enough to get off once into Uncle John's hands. I began moaning to the strokes that his fingers were giving my insides. He was very good and soon he reached up with his other hand and leaned down to lick my asshole. He got my asshole all nice and wet and exchanged fingers. The ones that were lubricated with my juices, he shoved into my asshole and filled my cunt with two other fingers. I was in heaven. This man liked to fill both holes and I loved having both holes filled. He had me going to the edge in no time. No wonder Auntie Pam is always a happy woman. Her husband knew how to treat a woman.

I slid two of my fingers into Auntie Pam's tight little cunt and began wiggling the tips of those fingers inside of her. I was touching her spot and making her moan. I was moaning into her pussy as Uncle John was fucking me like a little whore. He turned his fingers so that he was tickling each side of the thin wall between his fingers and that took me into a class "A" orgasm. I lifted my lips off of Auntie Pam's clit and screamed out. That made Auntie open her eyes to see what was getting into me. When she saw what I was getting, she pulled my head back into her pussy. She pushed me onto her clit and I sucked and fucked her all the way through my very wet orgasm. As soon as I was calming down and Uncle John was slowing his rhythm down, I took Auntie over the edge.

"That's it you little cunt sucking whore. Make my wife cum like the little slut that she is. C'mon baby, cum for your best friend's daughter. I want you to cum inside your 'niece's' mouth. You are such a little slut to have your niece eating your pussy. C'mon Ashley, make your aunt cum like the whore that she is. I think I am going to get you another one as you get Pammy off. What do you think about that, little lady?"

I took my mouth off of Pam's pussy long enough to say, "Yeah, fuck me Uncle John. Fuck me like a nasty little slut. The fuller you can get my holes, the harder I will cum." I went back to sucking Auntie's pussy and fingering her twat. I added another finger inside of her cunt and wiggled against her spot until she erupted into my mouth and hand. Uncle John was watching and as soon as Auntie went over the edge, he turned up the heat and the number of fingers inside my holes. I now had three fingers inside my cunt and my asshole. He was, indeed, fucking me like a whore.

My mind was reeling in ecstasy. I loved being in Auntie Pam's pussy and I loved having my holes filled with Uncle John. The sexual electricity that was in the room at the moment was unsurpassed. Uncle John was getting me closer with every stroke and I was doing the same for Auntie Pam. I loved eating this woman's pussy. And I loved the reaction that Uncle John was showing throughout this whole escapade. It felt so good to have both of my holes filled with his fingers that it wasn't long before I was showering him with my ejaculate.

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