Ashley's Secret Ch. 03


"Oh man, you are such a little slut. I have never seen a woman cum like you do my little whore. I can't wait to get my big hard cock inside your tight little holes. C'mon you little harlot, cum like a mad woman. And while you're at it, why don't you get the love of my life off one more time? I want to see how high you can get her. She seems to love what you're doing so far. C'mon you little bitch, make her cum like the little slut that she is."

I decided to show him exactly what kind of slut I had made this beautiful woman while he was out of town. I leaned off of her pussy and gave her a breather on her very sensitive clit. I added a two of my fingers from my left hand to her cunt to get them coated with her juices. She was definitely ready and I wanted to see the reaction from Uncle John at me being inside both of her little fuck holes. After just two strokes, my fingers were covered thickly with her juices. I slipped down to her asshole as I added my fourth finger to her cunt. As soon as the fourth finger was inside her, I shoved my two fingers into her ass. She was much less reluctant tonight than she was the last two days. My fingers slid into her asshole with no hesitation and with much ease.

I could tell that Uncle John was watching my every move. As soon as I entered her ass, he increased his thrusting inside both of my holes. He loved watching me take her ass. I needed to get Auntie Pam off before he got me off because I could feel the intensity of the orgasm that was building inside of me. Once that orgasm hit, I was going to be out of commission for a little while. He built me up at an alarming rate and I had to be sure that we were close enough together to cum near the same time. I increased my thrusts and twisted my hand a tad and entered my thumb and the rest of my hand inside her cunt.

As I was fist fucking my sexy Auntie Pam, Uncle John became a madman with his thrusting. "Oh my god Ashley, fuck her harder. I can't believe you have your entire hand inside my slutty wife. And she likes it. Give it to her baby doll, this is the hottest that I have ever seen. Keep it up and make her cum with you. I want to see and hear you cum together like two hot little whores. And she loves you fucking her ass. I sure hope I get some of that ass later. I want to bury all 8 inches of my cock inside that tight little asshole."

The words he was saying were getting to me in an orgasmic way. I was getting wetter with every one of his strokes and my hands were following along with his hands in their stroking rhythm. Auntie Pam was writhing in ecstasy as she was fast approaching another orgasm. This one was going to be big. I could feel the tension of her ass and cunt muscles tightening up around my fingers, ever so slowly. I turned my hand up and began pelting her g-spot with my finger tips and increased the stroking in her ass to alternate between hitting her spot. She was getting extremely close and that was good because I was about 30 seconds away from a mind blowing, bed shaking orgasm.

Auntie lifted her hands above her head and lifted her body into a crab position. She was able to meet each and every one of my strokes with a vengeance. Her body started to quiver and shake and Uncle John's hands increased their intensity as he was watching this play out with his wife. She started screaming with passion.

"Oh god, Ashley, make me cum hard girl. Oh, that's it, get me deeper. It feels so fucking good. I am going to cum all over you, baby doll. Fuck me like a whore!!!"

I could feel the orgasm getting ready to release. The strength of this orgasm was beginning to limit my movement inside of her. She was getting tighter and when I thought she wasn't going to be able to squeeze any harder, the orgasm from hell, hit. She squirted and bucked her hips and met every one of my down strokes. I was as deep as I have ever been inside her cunt with my fingers right now. When she clamped down on my fingers so hard that I could not move, I came like a bitch in heat.

Uncle John's fingers started wiggling against my special spot and I gushed out juices for a solid minute. He had my body convulsing as I was immobile inside my Auntie Pam. We were all soaked from the pussy juices flying all over the place. You could smell the sex in the air so strongly that it would be days before this aroma was out of this room. When Auntie Pam finally collapsed on the bed, I removed my fingers from her now loosening cunt. It made a 'pop' sound when my hand came out of her cunt and we all collapsed on the bed laughing our asses off.

We all lie there with labored breathing and futile attempts to get our heartbeats to calm down. We lay there for several minutes calming ourselves down. I looked up at Auntie Pam and saw that she was gazing into Uncle John's eyes with a love that you could feel across the gap between them. It was incredibly romantic, the way they were looking at each other. I almost felt like an intruder at this moment. Then, simultaneously, they looked back at me with that same love showing in their eyes. I got chills under this sort of gaze. I had never felt anything like this before. I was sure that I was going to become a normal fixture around this place.

Uncle John crawled up in between me and Auntie Pam and took both of us in his arms. We snuggled against his muscular chest and wrapped our legs around each of his. We looked up into his eyes and he leaned down to give Auntie Pam a deep passionate kiss. His cock was hard as a rock and lying across his stomach. I saw it twitch as they opened their mouths and gave way to each other's tongue. I was just beginning to feel like an intruder again and he slipped out of Auntie Pam's mouth and leaned down and kissed me in the same fashion.

I glanced down and saw his cock twitch again with my kiss and my pussy started to get hot again. Wow, that was one hell of a great kiss. Auntie Pam spoke in a soft sexy voice.

"Isn't she lovely, John?"

He broke away from our kiss and looked down into her eyes. He glanced my way and looked me up and down and then turned to Auntie Pam and said, "She is very lovely. How on earth did you talk her into this?"

We both took turns telling of our story from the meeting at the lingerie store to the foursome we had last night at my house. We told him everything including the plan to seduce Auntie Pam tonight. I added the twist of my own when I told him of playing both of them at the dinner table. Never once did his cock get soft the entire time we were telling him our story. He constantly caressed our backs throughout the entire telling of our saga.

Once we finished, he kissed both of our foreheads and said, "That is the most erotic story that I have ever heard. That is the stuff that fantasies are made of. And you two actually lived it?"

I looked up at him and said, "Yes we lived it and loved it. We have a special surprise for you tonight Uncle John. Auntie Pam has learned how to take a cock as big as yours inside her ass. And she has learned how to take it with a cock inside her hot little cunt. We want you to decide which hole you want to be in for this double penetration act."

He smiled and rubbed Auntie's back. "Of course, I want to be in your ass sweetheart. You know that has been my dream since being your husband, to be able to fuck your tight ass and you enjoy it. Yes, I want to be in her ass."

"Okay, let's do it this way. Auntie Pam, why don't you get down on your knees in between Uncle John's legs and suck on his big hard cock while I get you lubed up and ready for his big cock. I think Uncle John would like to watch so that he can do this with you when I am not around. Uncle John, please take special care in how you get her prepared to be a little ass slut."

She got up on her knees in the position that I suggested and took the head of his cock into her mouth. She licked around the top of it as I got on my knees and kissed him with a passion that I had not shown a man in years. He pulled me into the kiss and reached up and began kneading my tits. I broke away from the kiss and winked at him. I motioned to my beautiful Auntie, who now had his entire cock in her mouth, and smiled. He began running his fingers through her hair as she was sucking him like a pro.

I got up off of the bed and went to retrieve the bag that I had Auntie Pam bring home with her. I got out the necessary toys and attached the harness around my waist. Uncle John was watching me attach the huge dildo to my harness and smiling. He continued to play with Auntie Pam's hair while she was giving him a blow job from hell. I winked at Uncle John as I finished with the harness and crawled up on the bed behind Auntie Pam. Her pussy was bright pink and glistening in the soft light in the bedroom.

I slid two fingers inside of her and she met my strokes with her hips. After my fingers were sufficiently lubed from her juices, I took my fingers out and slid them into her loosening asshole. She was still plenty tight and was getting into it when I entered her ass. I grabbed the tube of lube and squirted it around her hole and gathered some up on every outward stroke. Her ass was as close to a pussy consistency that I could muster. She had enough experience now that I only had to graduate once from my fingers for her to be prepared for Uncle John's cock.

I took this moment to make that graduation. It was my slim seven inch vibrator that was as close to the real thing as possible. I lubed it up and retrieved my fingers from her ass. She moaned in disappointment, around Uncle John's cock. I slowly entered the head of this vibrator into her ass. It was bigger than my fingers but not quite as big around as Uncle John. She hesitated a little bit and I reached under her and rubbed her clit. She relaxed and almost sucked the dildo into her ass. It went in so easy that Uncle John's eyes lit up in anticipation. His cock was about as hard as it could get and his balls were nice and tight. I looked up at him as I was fucking his wife in her ass with this vibrating dildo.

I mouthed the words, "Are you ready?" to Uncle John and he nodded yes. "All right Auntie, I need you to hold onto this cock in your ass while we change positions. Do not let it slip out of your ass for anything, do you understand?"

She took her mouth off of that enormous cock and said, "Yes sweetie, I understand." Uncle John hopped up and I lay down where he was lying. Auntie Pam smiled at the sight of my huge cock sticking straight up and ready for her cunt. She straddled my legs and slid the head up and down her pussy to get it lubricated. She was holding that cock in her ass as Uncle John was getting set behind her.

He was smiling as she put the head at the entrance of her opening. He had a perfect view from behind her to see her cunt swallow up that ten inch dildo. She slid down slowly until the entire ten inches were inside of her slippery wet cunt. She let it sit inside of her for a few minutes so that her cunt could get used to the size, once again. When she started sliding up and down on my fake cock, I nodded at Uncle John and he scooted up behind her and started sliding the vibrator in and out of her ass. Auntie's ass muscles must have been tired from holding onto that cock for such a long time. That is the trick you know, make their ass muscles have to relax so they don't give much resistance when your cock enters that tiny hole.

Auntie Pam reached down and started playing with my nipples and then leaned down to suck on them and to allow Uncle John ample opportunity to get his cock into her ass. As she leaned over, Uncle John withdrew the vibrator from her tight ass and lubed up his cock for entrance. She bit down on my left nipple as he placed the head of his cock at her ass entrance. He slid his cock in slowly an inch at a time. He was being very patient and allowing her muscles to guide him in. I could tell by the intensity she was showing on my nipple, that she was getting geared up for his entire cock.

She moved to my other nipple as I saw Uncle John go even deeper into her tight hole. He had his eyes closed and was letting her guide him. This was a beautiful erotic scene to someone as young as I am. Most people go their whole lives without living this, much less witnessing it first hand. When he was all the way in, she stopped humping my cock for a few minutes. She had to give her body time to respond to this fullness. Uncle John was bigger than anything that I had had in her ass.

When she started moving again, we knew she was ready. She leaned up in an upright position and I reached up and grabbed onto her gorgeous little tits. I took a nipple in each hand and pinched and twisted just hard enough for a reaction from her. Her eyes were closed and she was leaning back into Uncle John and allowing him to devour the back of her neck. The moans that were emitting from her vocal chords were deep and feral. Uncle John was increasing the speed of his thrusts inside his beautiful wife's ass.

She, in turn, increased the speed of her riding my huge cock. I reached in between us and turned the vibrating egg on that I had tucked in the pocket in my harness. The vibrations to the dildo were subtle but the vibrations to my clit were strong and orgasm provoking. I wanted to cum hard with this woman. Her screams were increasing in volume the harder we fucked her. I lifted my legs on the bed so that my feet were lying flat and really began thrusting up to meet her hips. When I did that, she was pushed over by Uncle John to have her face planted on my tits. I reached up and played with her nipples as she was sucking on my hard nipples. In this position, Uncle John was able to reach underneath my ass and start fingering my tight asshole. There was plenty of natural lube down there as I was quickly approaching orgasm. My juices were flowing rapidly down my cunt to my asshole. He was able to put two fingers inside me with no problem.

He began fucking my ass to the same rhythm that he was fucking Auntie Pam's ass. My muscles were spasming around his fingers and through my clit from the egg that was rocking our world. Auntie Pam bit down on my nipple as she was beginning to come to the edge of orgasmic bliss. I could feel the resistance on my cock of her spasming cunt. She screamed out full force.

"Fuck my ass harder, John; I need to cum like a whore. I love being this full of cock. I want more. Fuck me!"

Then I screamed, "I am cumming Uncle John. Fuck my ass harder. Get us both good. We are your little fuck whores. Make us cum to your liking!"

As soon as I was finished screaming, he reached in and wiggled his fingers against that spot from the back and I exploded all over his fingers and arm and legs. My orgasm brought on a swift bucking of my hips and that took Auntie Pam over the edge. She squirted and screamed and drained Uncle John in about 30 seconds of the load that he had been holding in all night. He moaned out in ecstasy and I could feel the spurts of his cock inside her ass through the dildo attached to my pussy. She came hard and long. My ass had a good hold on Uncle John's fingers and wasn't going to relinquish those fingers anytime soon. The vibrations on my clit had not been stopped and was continuing my orgasm to make it last even longer. I was almost at black out stage when I was finally able to reach between Auntie Pam and I and turn the fucking egg off.

After that, I was able to release the hold that I had on Uncle John and he was able to remove his fingers from my even tighter ass. He stroked a couple more times inside Auntie Pam and made her whimper in ecstasy. She was highly sensitive now and any movement could break her right back into orgasm. He slowly withdrew his cock from her ass as she slid off of my cock that was in her cunt. We all collapsed next to each other and breathed a sigh of relief. That was the most intense orgasm that I had ever felt and been a part of.

Three orgasms triggered that quickly together was amazing. I lie there panting and trying to calm my chest down a little bit. I felt the hand reaching up between my legs. I put my hands up in the "time out" T and closed my eyes again.

Uncle John broke the silence and said, "That was incredible girls. I can't believe that you two are so in sync with each other so quickly. You two together are amazing. I could never get in the way with you two. I can feel the passion and lust transferring from one of you to the other, constantly. That was the most erotic thing that I have ever witnessed in real life and been a privilege to be a part of. Thank you, lovely ladies, for a wonderful time tonight."

We sat and talked for a few minutes. Uncle John wanted to hear details of the foursome that we had lived through last night. I told him all about Sara and the taboo surrounding our relationship. I told him that he would meet her tomorrow as I planned on taking her to my mom's to introduce everyone to her. We talked for a good half an hour just relaxing and sitting around naked. Auntie Pam brought up our concern of being able to play alone without Uncle John to him.

"Honey, you wouldn't mind if I spent some time away from you in order to spend some time with just me and Ashley, would you?"

I loved when she phrased a question like that to him. She was a master of steering people her way with her words, alone. "I would never stand in the way of you two wanting time alone with each other. As long as you always come back to my bed and don't think about leaving me for Ashley, I would welcome the time that you spend together. And as long as you continued to include me on a regular basis, I would not have a problem with that."

"Oh sweetheart, I could never replace you as my lover. I just want to enhance myself as Ashley's lover. I want to get to know her body as well as I know yours, lover."

"Don't worry, Uncle John, I will not monopolize her time. You see when it is time for you two to be alone; I will have Sara to lean back on for companionship. I will be having my cake and eating it too, as the saying goes. This is the best of both worlds for a lesbian such as me. I never swore off of cock, but just haven't had many uses for one in the last three years. But I have to tell you Uncle John that I have fantasized about your cock since the time I caught you and Auntie Pam walking out of the pool together. You have an enormous cock and you seem to know what you are doing with it."

"Well, thank you young lady, that was very nice of you to say. I like to pride myself in a job well done. Your Auntie Pam makes sure that I can last through at least three of her orgasms. Sometimes it is very hard because she is so tight. It makes the whole experience more pleasurable for the female that way."

We all lie there quietly. All we could hear was each other breathing. I glanced over at the clock and it was already 10:00 pm. I wasn't sure of how much more Uncle John could take and if I left soon, I could still have time to call Sara and have her come over to spend the night. I looked down at the two of them and they were making out with their eyes. I took that as a signal to get out of here while the getting was good. I scooted up between them and excused myself off of the bed. I walked to the bathroom and cleaned up a little bit. When I walked back into the room with my work clothes back on, they both stopped kissing and looked at me with angst.

"Listen, I know when you two need to be alone. I am going to go ahead and get out of here as I have accomplished my goal for this evening. Maybe in a few days we can hook up again for an evening of fun. Right now you two have a whole lot to talk about and I am going to leave so that you can do such. I will see you both at mom's tomorrow night, have a good night."

I leaned over and gave Uncle John a quick kiss on the lips. He kissed my neck and moaned. Then I leaned over and brushed my tit against Uncle John's chest as I laid a lip lock on my Auntie Pam that was full of lust and affection. "You two have some fun. I'll see you tomorrow."

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