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Astronomy Professor


I had a very attractive Astronomy teacher in college—thirty-something, short, thick brown hair, lovely face, trim body with great legs, and firm, medium-size boobs. Of course, the frumpy academic attire she wore covered everything but her pretty face and lower legs, but there was just no hiding that there was something very good under there.

I had her for three academic quarters in a row, since I took the whole Astronomy series. It was kind of considered a crip course, so it was easy to get a B or C, but very hard to get an A. I was one of the few A students, so we got acquainted, and I truly was, and still am, interested in astronomy.

As a result, she would invite me to special guest lectures and star/planetary viewings from the big telescope on the roof of the physics building. It did cross my mind that she was being a little more than professionally friendly, but I was busy boinking chicks my own age and never pursued it. Two of those girls were in her Astronomy classes, and she must have noticed, even commenting a couple times that I managed to add in some "extracurricular activities," saying this in a most approving way with eyebrows raised.

By the time Spring rolled around, when taking the last quarter of Astronomy, I had a steady girlfriend. She and I went hiking with her best girlfriend one weekend. We arrived on the top of the mountain after dark and noticed there were some other hikers already there, but they were not close—on the other side of the crest--so I couldn't see who they were.

We pitched camp and ate and got a big kick out of the sounds coming from the others. It was the distinct sound of a woman getting the shit fucked out of her and moaning to the top of her lungs. She was still letting out orgasmic screams when we got into our sleeping bags, and the beagle with us started to howl with the woman's moans! We thought we'd never get to sleep.

We awoke early the next morning, and, as usual, my first order of business was to fetch fresh water. It was over past where moaning had been coming from, but its being now silent, I figured they were sound asleep and trekked over there with the canteens. On the way there, I gave their area wide birth, but, weighed down with all the water on the way back, I took the direct path and cut close to them.

I heard voices and figured I'd say "hi," so as I came out of the trees, not 50 feet away on her knees, was my Astronomy teacher buck naked and her gentleman friend, also nude, but standing, sporting a full and wet erection. She had been giving him blow job! And, of course, I'd never seen her in anything but those, thick, wool suits she wore on campus, even though even they could not conceal that she had a really nice body somewhere beneath the layers. Now, without a stitch of clothes on, she looked even better than I'd imagined—firm, jutting, erect-nippled C-cup boobs; a perfect, smooth, muscular, heart-shaped butt; slender waist and legs; and those full, wet facial lips. This woman looked absolutely fantastic!!!

Before I could even say excuse me, showing not a hint of embarrassment, she recognized me and called out my name. Just like nothing was out of the ordinary, she stood up and introduced me to her friend, who by then was frantically wriggling into a sleeping bag to cover his prodigious boner. Funny thing was, she didn't know that I already knew him--my English professor from the previous year--and that I knew he was newly married to my English teacher, my current English Composition professor, no less.

He stammered a bit, and I just said I needed to get going, saying I'd let her get back to "breakfast," glancing his way as I said so.

Although he was obviously embarrassed, she was not in the least bit shy, never covering her incredible boobs or bushy crotch, and, if anything, proudly keeping herself on display. I surely did visually gobble down that pre-breakfast appetizer, glancing back over and over as I trudged with the water back to my camp. She just continued to stand there in all her naked glory watching me.

A few yards after I disappeared from her line of sight below the ridge line, I stopped and thought, I just have to get one more good look at that awesome, tight-bodied woman. So, I dropped the canteens and crept back up, sticking just the top of my head above the ridge line. By then, she was no longer standing, having knelt down and bent forward at the foot of her companion's sleeping bag, her gorgeous ass hiked high. Though her body blocked the view of him, there was only one thing she could be doing in that position—resuming her blow job.

Better yet, her butt was pointed straight at me, and though she was a good ways off, the early-morning sun was shining right on it, and I could see the glint, glint, glint of her wet pussy with each bob, bob, bob of her head. Shortly, she spread her knees a bit wider so that I could even see her perfect pair of ta-tas hanging down, gently swaying, framing his balls and the periodic glimpse of his wet shaft as she methodically sucked all the way up, all the way down.

Wow, I could have watched that action much longer, as well as what would happen next, and was contemplating crawling towards them on my stomach combat-style for a closer view. I really don't think she would have minded if she knew I was watching. In fact, I believe she probably would have enjoyed it! Her companion, however, judging from his earlier reaction and the fact that I knew him and his new wife, would have surely freaked out and put a screeching halt to the "show."

About that time, I heard my girlfriend coming uphill from behind looking for me, so I quickly got up, grabbed the water and joined her before she could see what was going on.

We ate breakfast, laced up our boots, packed, broke camp, and were standing at the trail head swigging water preparing to hike down when the two profs, now all dressed with backpacks strapped on, walked up. Well now, they were going to be descending the mountain by way of the same trail. He was having trouble looking me in the eye. She was not. And, damn, did she look good in those hiking shorts and tight tee shirt nearly pierced by pointy nipples! The fact that she was hiking bra-less confirmed just how firm those boobs were.

We exchanged pleasantries, and there was a moment of awkwardness as to who would go first, us or them. It was at that perfectly wrong moment that my girlfriend's friend, in an attempt to be bitchy--which was very easy for her—point-blank asked my Astronomy prof just what all the noise was last night.

Without even blinking, she said, "Oh, that was just me. Sorry to disturb you; I moan so loudly when I'm making love."

The beagle, a female, looked right at her and let out a rare bark, as if to say, "I know exactly what you mean." Once again, my Astronomy prof displayed not one iota of embarrassment, but rather a sense of confident pride when she said this.

Though I am a very fast hiker, my girlfriend's short-legged friend is not, so I suggested the profs go down first. We gave them a 15-minute head start, then hit the trail ourselves.

In a short while, I was already way ahead of the girls and had caught up to the profs, she behind him on the narrow trail. Speaking of "behind," hers was just exquisite, as the heat and humidity had her perspiring—as we all were—so that the moist, thin poplin shorts were plastered to her ass, making it was quite visible, muscles rippling with each step. I looked hard for, and found no indication of, any panties. Perhaps she just wanted to be prepared for any "extra-curricular activities" on the way down the mountain.

As wonderful as this was, I had gotten far ahead of my girls, and needing a water break anyway, decided to stop, re-hydrate, and wait for them to catch up. Well, the profs stopped, too, to take a drink. He had, as usual, nothing to say, and she was quite chatty. Now facing me, she had sweat through the yellow tee so that I could easily see those magnificent, nippley, jutting peaches.

As if the perspiration had not made them visible enough, she took another big swig of water and let the canteen overflow onto her face, neck, and—gravity will be gravity—chest. Standing only a few feet away, and her top soaked to reveal every contour of her boobs and rock-hard nipples straining at the thin cotton, this was a veritable wet tee-shirt contest. Though there were no competitors, I'm sure she would have won no matter who they were.

Actually, I considered myself the real winner, for when she sat down on a low rock, I gazed further down, where the water had also flowed onto her shorts, to see a black bush matted down so that I could even make out the folds of flesh in her prominent, bulging mons, and the creases that defined her outer pussy lips. Wow!

Well the girls finally caught up, and as we made our way down the mountain, I would again and again outdistance my crew, catch up with the profs, and ogle my Astronomy professor's ass, as well as her front side when we took a water break. Somehow, I don't think it was a coincidence that we always seemed to get thirsty at the same time. She enjoyed showing off the goods and was trying to turn me on. She was succeeding.

My girlfriend was the first girl I'd gone steady with since my freshman-year sweetheart, and I was enjoying the relationship, which had just begun about a month earlier, and would last two years. Alas, I was in love and faithful to her.

Chalk up yet another one on the women-I-should-have-done board!

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