tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAt First Sight Ch. 01

At First Sight Ch. 01


Hello, Fellow Lit Readers.

First and foremost I want to thank my editor, smoothed. Your help is greatly appreciated, as is your encouragement.

This is my first time so please be gentle 😉. This first chapter is short and sweet, but if you seem to like it I have plenty to follow. It's the same story told from two perspectives. I don't know if that was a weird choice or not, but it felt appropriate. Let me know what you think.





Ellie Stanton stood in the back yard of her new home admiring the lush green landscaping and gorgeous gatherings of wild flowers scattered around the back yard. In the far corner was a large wooden gazebo with night blooming jasmine crawling around the structure. She sipped her wine and reflected on the fact that this place was her home, her business and her dream come true.

The grand yellow Victorian Bed & Breakfast that sat behind her was pristine, from the outside, at least. The inside needed quite a bit of work, but Ellie was up for the job. She still had a good deal of capital, too, for the work that she was sure she could not manage herself. She hadn't really given those things much thought yet. In this quaint little town, Ellie was still experiencing some degree of culture shock. She was originally from LA, where Home Depot, Lowe's, and all manner of big box stores abound. Not to mention any business (construction or otherwise) was easily contacted and contracted in a matter of days.

Ellie was in no huge hurry, however. She was simply enjoying the moments as they came now. She had dreamed of this place for as long as she could remember. After years of saving and an unexpected inheritance from her grandfather, Ellie had packed up her life, bought her dream and moved clear across the country to a quiet town in Virginia.

A few neighbors had stopped by with welcoming pies and muffins. They thought she seemed shy and sweet, which she was when she first met people. She had meticulous manners. She was polite and soft spoken, but the truth was that she just wasn't comfortable. Once people got to know her, they found she was open minded and loved to laugh. But, often her dry sense of humor or her lack of patience with close mindedness put people off. She realized early on that some people thought she was insensitive or snippy, which couldn't be further from the truth. So for most of her life she maintained few close friends, preferring to keep acquaintances at arms-length.

The simple fact was that even those closest to her didn't know half of her personality. They would have been shocked to know some of her interests, reading and writing erotic fantasies; sharing these interests with strangers over the internet. Sometimes she worried that she was addicted, but she knew that really, this was her sexual outlet, and with her lack of a trusting relationship, she found release the safest way she knew how, with herself.

Ellie particularly enjoyed stories of exhibitionism and ENF fantasies. She was an educated and analytical woman and since she had no one special to share her life or true self with, her desire to be seen and shared by a strong dominating gentleman was completely understandable, if a little far fetched.

As the sun made it's way over the horizon and twilight fell, Ellie recalled that she needed to get started early tomorrow. Her plan was to work on some of the old bathroom fixtures. They would be beautiful once they were thoroughly cleaned and reaffixed with plumbers tape to get the obvious leaks under control. It would also be a good time to get a better look at the bones of the old plumbing in the house so she could prioritize what needed to be replaced.

Ellie finished her wine and went into the kitchen to clean her glass and lock up the house for the evening. As she was making her way to the front of the house, she heard a loud knock on the door. Continuing down the hall, she stopped at the distressed painted mirror she recently placed in the foyer and briefly considered her appearance.

Although shy and polite, Ellie wasn't particularly modest. She was attractive enough. Average height at 5'5" with green gold eyes and dark almost black hair that she wore in a bob which framed her face and left her shoulders bare. She usually wore an understated smile or a serious expression. Some people called it resting bitch face. Ellie would just tell people, "if you want me to smile, say something funny".

What caught most people's attention was her body. Despite her dainty frame, she carried 32 DDD's and her supple curved waist flared out into what people always described as "childbearing hips." She was the epitome of the hourglass figure.

She always made a point to wear feminine dresses and often heels. She rarely wore panties and owned very few, actually. But most of the time she wore a bra, more out of necessity than for propriety.

But at the moment she was barefoot and wearing a sundress. That's it. It was white cotton with sprinkles of yellow and lavender flowers. It wasn't see-through or anything; it was actually sturdy for a sundress, but Ellie was new in a small town. Her business sense told her that it was a bad idea for this small town to perceive her as a new slut in the old B&B.

In the end, Ellie reasoned that it was after 8 at night on a Sunday and this was her home. If they don't want to see her assets, they should call or come by at a reasonable time.

As she approached the door, she could see a huge silhouette of a man with dark hair through the stained glass window. He was quite a bit over six foot tall and broad, very broad. But that's all she could make out.

She swung the door open and her eyes traveled from his work boots to the top of his dark messy waves. Suddenly, she forgot how to talk as she looked at a man who could be Joe Manginello's brother. She felt his bright hazel eyes cast over her like a floodlight. He observed her with fascination as a little smirk spread over his full lips. Ellie would have found this annoying if she hadn't been so overwhelmingly focused on how to get her dress off without seeming too forward. She laughed at her idiotic inner monologue and finally regained her senses, if not her composure.

"Uhh, can I help you, Sir?" Ellie said demurely, finally meeting his eyes.

God, he's built. I'm in trouble, I'm in so much trouble. Geeze, I want to rub my tits all over that scruffy 5 o'clock shadow. Holy cow, I'm wet, already! She then realized he'd been responding to her and she hadn't heard a word he said. She could, however, feel the rich rumbling of his voice quiver through certain favorite parts of her anatomy.

"I'm, l'm sorry. What did you say?" she stammered, flushing slightly, knowing she was making a bit of a fool out of herself. She was already becoming overheated and now she was embarrassed, which got her hotter.

"I'm Colton Jameson." He proffered his hand to shake and she took it. It was huge and calloused with long strong fingers, neatly clipped nails and it enveloped her's, his palm reaching her wrist. She had never in her life felt so feminine and vulnerable.

Colton firmly shook her hand like a business man, which delighted her to no end. Among her top three pet peeves was people shaking her hand like she was some breakable debutante, with number one being child abusers and number two being bigots. That's how much she hated weak handshakes.

Ellie looked into his eyes and realized his were focused lower. His gaze was down at her chest. She felt her nipples harden and wondered if they'd be noticeable through the cotton dress.

"I'm Ellie Stanton. What can I do for you, Sir?"

Why do I keep calling him Sir? This isn't one of your stupid fantasies. Get ahold of yourself, you idiot.

"Oh, darlin, I'm sure there's plenty you could do for me. But I'm here for what I can do for you," Colton drawled.

Ellie barely giggled before catching herself, and stoically returned. "And what would that be?"

"I'm a handyman, darlin. I and my brothers do most of the construction jobs in this area, just about anything you need done, I do. You being the new owner here, I wanted to come by and introduce myself and give you my contact information. Let you know my availability is pretty open this time of year and that I'd be happy to take care of anything that might come up for a good price. You just let me know." He handed her a card plainly listing his contact info.

"Oh, I appreciate that. I can take care of most of the basic stuff myself, but every day there seems to be something new that I'm not quite familiar with fixing or replacing. I'll definitely be thinking about you. I mean your...uh... services. I, uh, I mean I'll probably have a better idea of where to start tomorrow afternoon. I plan to get a good look at my plumbing tomorrow morning. So..." finally she trailed off, afraid that if she kept rambling there'd be a mile long list of innuendo flowing out of her.

He smirked again admiring her blushing cheeks and chest and said, "Alright, then, darlin. Good night. I'll see ya soon." He turned and confidently descended the stairs and down the walk where Ellie noticed his matte black '69 Chevy Nova. She closed and locked the door.

Are you FREAKING kidding me? How on earth does that man exist? He's like some archetype of masculinity. I need another glass of wine.

Ellie leaned back against the closed door, her mind dazzled by Colton. She fidgeted, feeling slickness between her legs and found her mind wasn't the only thing dazzled by the strange man. She was soaking wet.

A slight naughty smile pulled at her lips. She dashed up to the master bedroom, grabbing a couple of toys, and decided to enjoy the warm humid air on her skin on the enclosed porch at the back of the house. She collected her iPad, a bottle of lube, a small anal plug and her large rabbit vibrator. She strode down to the kitchen, poured another glass of wine and took all of her things to the screen enclosed part of the back porch.

Settling all her implements, she found Ray Lamontagne in her playlists and turned it up just loud enough to fill the area with Ray's soothing tones. She stripped her dress over her head and threw it on a chair, raising one foot onto the chaise lounge which was her destination. She dripped a bit of lube onto her index finger and reached behind her to insert her finger inside her asshole. Taking a moment with her eyes closed to enjoy the sensation of her wet pussy exposed to the breeze while she fingered her tight pucker, she swayed to the music.

Slowly she took her finger out and retrieved the plug which she then coated and inserted into her tight sensitive ring. She turned to face the chaise and bent over at the waist with her feet shoulder width apart, fantasizing that someone was watching her from the side of the house. No, fantasizing that Colton was watching her from the side of the house.

She began to pluck her left nipple with one hand and softly, grazingly, strummed her clit, running her finger between her legs, collecting her juice and spreading it from her perineum to her clit. Thoroughly soaking the whole area she quietly intoned "Oh, Colton. Please, please put your cock in me. Ugh, I need it. I'll do anything you want, fuck me to tears."

Ellie then grabbed the 8 inch vibrator and slid it between her thighs pointing it into her opening. It was pretty large at 2 inches in diameter and despite her copious juices still required a good deal of force to insert. With a gutteral grunt, the vibrator bottomed out in her and she relished the exquisite pain. Turning the vibrator on, Ellie tipped the end of it as far back as she could go until the end touched the anal plug, the shaft pressed firmly on her g-spot and the rabbit barely tickled her clit, vibrating all three buttons.

She froze there absorbing the sensations like a succubus, not moving and torturing herself until her pussy and asshole suddenly exploded in rapid clenching motions and the muscles in her thighs, stomach and neck seized under the pressure of an intense orgasm.

Ellie had taught herself this trick after much trial and error and a lot of frustration. Until Ellie was 27, she had never had an orgasm, no matter how dedicated and thorough her lover was or at least, thought he was.

One night she decided she was going to figure it out herself and found that she needed concurrent stimulation anally, vaginally and clitorally to open the floodgates. What she also discovered was that once those flood gates were breached, she was multi-orgasmic and it took much less effort to reach those following climaxes. So, whenever she masturbated this was how she began.

Once her muscles relaxed she straightened, turned around and sat back on the chaise with her legs splayed, one hand plucking her nipples and the other slowly fucking herself. She moved the vibrator in and out, hearing the squelching noises and imagining that huge man kneeling at the foot of the chaise. She could practically see his eyes riveted on her penetrated pussy and began moving faster.

Eventually, without thought, Ellie had the vibrator lodged to the hilt. Held firmly inside her she rocked it back and forth hitting her g-spot in the back swing and her clit in the upswing. Faster and faster, her hand moved the faux cock insider her vigorously, erotically. The pressure built in every inch of her body until Ellie felt like her head was going to explode. She was holding her breath, her whole body flushed. Eyes shut tight clamping her canal around the silicone penis inside her as though hanging on for dear life, she finally screamed her release with a huge exhale of breath.

After reaching her second climax Ellie was spent, but not done. She slowly moved the vibrator in a lethargic circular motion and said out loud, "Fuck, I need a man to suck and nibble these tits."

She cupped her left breast and lifted it to her mouth where she suckled and nibbled her rosy pink nipple until she reached a third climax. She laid back, turned off the vibrator and breathed the heavy humid air with her toys still wedged inside her. Still thinking about Colton Jameson as she sang along lazily to "Hold You in My Arms."


Colton Jameson sat in the driver seat of his old Nova contemplating the closed front door he had just left. He kept reaching to the ignition then halting. That girl, no, woman, Ellie was enchanting. He'd never described anyone as enchanting, but that was what she was. She spoke quietly and blushed so prettily, he just knew she was thinking something naughty. Which was good, because he was thinking about pounding her little pussy from behind while gripping her voluptuous tits and biting her neck and shoulders till she screamed.

Fuck, Colt, you're an asshole. You probably scared the bejesus out of her. Why didn't you just offer her dinner like any normal red blooded man would have done? Instead you stared at her body like she was a nude offering and handed her a card. Just go back and be a gentleman. You can do that can't you?

He sat there, then answered his mental question aloud. "Not if she calls me Sir again. I'm likely to shove my cock down her throat if she does that. Jesus, I'm surprised she didn't see my cock twitch both times."

He removed his key and re-approached the door. Knocking again, this time lightly, he waited a moment. Then he heard music around the side of the house. The porch was a wrap around so he walked around the corner and down the side of the house toward the back. He noticed that the back was enclosed in screening and there was a little light from the kitchen spilling onto the enclosed space. Looking around the corner to where the music originated he was shocked to see Ellie completely nude with one leg up on a bench and she was inserting an anal plug. Within seconds he was rock hard.

You should go. Gentleman, remember? But he couldn't move. Hidden in the dark around the corner from a goddess naked in the night bent over he had the perfect view of her tightly plugged asshole, her soft meaty ass and her little dainty fingers touching her glistening, bare pussy. Fuck, that's hot.

Then she spoke. He couldn't make out what she said exactly over the music, but he'd swear he heard his own damn name. Then he watched as she forced a decent sized vibrator inside her hairless little cunt. Colton caught himself whispering "Good girl" when she grunted.

He watched in fascination as she stood frozen with the vibrator buzzing away at an odd angle inside her for more than two minutes until finally her pussy and asshole began convulsing around her toys and her whole body went taut. She was shiny with sweat and pussy juice and she was the hottest thing he'd ever seen until she turned around and lay on the little settee or whatever those things were called. Her legs spread wide with her knees bent and those gorgeous tits out. Now she was the hottest thing he'd ever seen.

When he saw her earlier he wondered if maybe they were bought, but now he was sure they were natural. They looked creamy and soft with silver dollar sized pinkish areolae and little pencil eraser nipples that begged to be bitten and sucked. They had a teardrop shape, still far less sag than one would expect from their weight. He watched as she began fucking herself and her movements became faster and more savage.

Colton found that he was holding his cock and squeezing hard in a futile attempt to simulate the pressure that pussy must have been exerting. She was making animal noises, grunting and whining, squeaking and moaning. It was the most erotic vision Colton had ever witnessed. When she came she screamed in a rush of released breath and her whole body went lax.

She continued, to Colton's utter astonishment, slowly and lazily and when she lifted one breast and sucked the nipple into her mouth he nearly came in his pants.

"Sweet Jesus," he whispered quietly and watched her lay back and softly start singing along to her music.

Colton wanted to stay there until she left. He wanted to stay there forever really. But he knew he had to get out of there. No matter if she was attracted to him, and no matter how much she may like kinky sex, this was still really creepy. He had to go. He wished he was closer. He wished he could smell her. Lick her. Feel her. Fuck her. Ok, time to go. Come back tomorrow. Like a civilized human being.

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Chapter 1, Damn!!! This has HUGE potential.

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Barefoot and a summer dress. That is so nice.

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Thanks, olsalty

I’m glad you like it. I hope to have the next ch up very soon. We’ll have plenty of fun with Ellie & Colton 😉

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by olsalty05/17/18

Great Start going on here!

Looking forward to the next chapter--I'm betting they don't get far into looking at some job, before she bends over, calls him 'Sir' and he looses it and makes his move.....
You've got a hot scene buildingmore...

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