tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe College Night

The College Night


My name is Sabine and this is something that happened to me during my junior year of college.

I lived in the dorms and my roommate Jan and I had a two bed dorm room. You know the kind. Two single beds, two desks, a fairly small closet and a small bathroom attached.

We were both competitive but Jan was more outgoing and I was kind of shy. She was hot and I wasn't. It wasn't as though I was ugly or fat or anything, but she was fit and I was a little bit chubby.

Jan also liked to embarrass me if she could. It was not hard to do. I did know about sex, had had sex with a guy back home. But it was in the dark and he didn't really see anything of me. I kept my top on and had just my panties off, skirt still on but pushed up, a dark room. I sure felt him, but didn't see him and he felt me, but didn't see much of me at all.

So anyway, after a few weeks, lots of talks about each of us, Jan finding out that I was shy, not very experienced, knew that I would blush over almost anything she had us make a bet, assured me that she wouldn't make me do anything really bad if she won.

So I took the bet and of course I lost. I had to give her a night, which was the same thing I would have gotten if I had won. It didn't seem like such a bad deal at the time.

So the payoff was going to be a Friday night. She had me go out of our dorm room for twenty minutes and then come back. I walked around the campus for that time, wondering what she was going to do to me. When the time was up I went back to our room. I was surprised to find three of our guy friends in the room with her.

Jan smiled at me.

"I know that you embarrass easily Sabine, so here is what you are going to do. I want you to take everything off but your underwear and sit and talk with us."

I was kind of shocked, but I would still have clothes on. It was going to be really embarrassing to be in front of guy friends in my underwear. And then I thought of the bra I had on. It was one of Jan's and it really pushed me up and showed a lot of cleavage. It made my boobs look a lot bigger than they are. And a lot of me was going to be showing even if it wouldn't show my nipples or anything.

I got her aside and whispered..

"I can't do this, it isn't right."

"Yes you can, it isn't any worse than a swimsuit and I would be paying off right now if you had won, Sabine."

It wasn't right, but Jan was right. It would be no worse than wearing a swimsuit in front of the guys. But God, it would still be underwear. She worked on me and soon had me convinced, mostly because I didn't want to go back on a bet.

So, she set it up for a Friday night. It was a nervous week for me, even worse when I got to the Friday night. She had me wear the push up bra and a pair of tight white panties, not cotton, nylon, sort of sheer, but not see through. I also had on a pair of shorts and a pullover top.

The guys arrived, all of them wondering what the deal was. Right up until Jan told them about the bet, that I had lost and what the payoff was. Then it was all smiles from them. They sat on Jan's bed eagerly waiting. I was not in the room yet.

When I walked in they all grinned at me. Jan was smiling. I had decided to get right into it, so I stood between the beds, facing them.

"I know you guys are all excited about this. So here goes."

And with that I pulled the top up and over my head. Jan took it from me. I was blushing already. My boobs were really pushed up, showing a lot of cleavage. I had to bend over to undo my shorts and get them off and I could feel my boobs wiggling around in the bra cups. When I was in just the bra and panties I sat down on my bed next to Jan. Jan chuckled. The guys were really excited to see me in just underwear.

"Sabine why don't you take off your shoes and socks. Oh and stand up to do it facing the guys."

My face got a lot hotter because I knew that I was going to have to bend over to do that and that my boobs were almost going to fall out of the bra when I did. But it wasn't a bad request from her so I stood up and did it.

What I didn't realize that when I bent over, my left boob mostly came out of the bra cup so my nipple was showing. All the time that I was untying my shoes and taking them and my socks off. So the guys got a real good look at one of my nipples for quite a good period of time.

When I had the shoes and socks off I pushed them off to the side and sat back down, still not realizing what was showing. Jan giggled.

"Sabine do you know what you're showing?"

I looked at her still oblivious, then down, gasped and pulled the cup up and over my nipple. I was embarrassed, hot in the face, blushing and couldn't look at the guys.

But, I could feel both my nipples hardening in the bra and I felt a real good tingle in my abdomen.

"How do you feel right now Sabine?"


"You know that they've seen it, right?"

"How could they have missed."

"It''s not like its a secret anymore is it?"


"So why don't you just take off the bra."


"How are you really feeling Sabine? A little excited maybe?"


"Let me help you then."

And with that Jan leaned back, reached over and unhooked the bra.

My hand immediately went to the cups and held it to me.

Jan pushed the straps off my shoulders and I felt it slide down a bit.

"Move your hands to your sides Sabine."

And I still don't know why I did as she told me but my arms and hands went to my sides and Jan slowly, ever so slowly tugged the straps down my arms and the bra cups slowly slid down baring both my boobs to the guys.

They were really staring at me now. I was totally embarrassed, but a little hot, no a lot hot. I couldn't look at them. Jan noticed.

"Look at them Sabine."

And I did. None of them even tried to make eye contact with me, they were fixated on my bare boobs. I wanted to cover them but I didn't. I was kind of enjoying being the center of attention. And my nipples were hard as hell and tingling. Jan tugged the bra off my arms and set on the other side of her, away from me.

"Make your nipples hard Sabine."

"I don't have to."


"I don't want to say."

Jan giggled.

"Because they're hard already?"


It was really hard to admit that but I did it.

"Are you excited?"

"I guess."

"Do you want to show them more Sabine?"

I looked at Jan and then at the guys. Still grinning, still staring at my boobs and nipples. I really didn't want to show more, and I also did, both at the same time.

I was thinking. They've already seen my boobs. They've probably seen naked women or girls in magazines before. Maybe in videos too. Did what I have look any different than what they had probably seen before?

"Do you want to show them more?"

I looked at Jan again, I had been looking at the guys staring at my tits. My nipples were still tingling and I had a funny feeling down in my abdomen. I just gave a slight nod to her, I don't know why I did, I just did. Jan grinned at me.

"Just stand up and turn away from them. We'll go slow Sabine."

I dumbly stood up and turned so my back was to them.

"Want me to help Sabine?"

If she did it, it wasn't me doing it. It gave me an excuse. I felt Jan's hands on the sides of the panties, the only thing I had left on. I felt them pull down and the panties slid down over my ass and below it, just below it. I heard the guys suck in a breath and knew that they were seeing my bare ass, the cheeks, the crack but nothing else. Jan let go of the panties and I just stood there dumbly. I had a feeling that I knew what was going to come soon but I wasn't feeling too bad just now. It was exciting to be doing this. And by thinking about them looking at magazine pictures of other women or girls, seeing all of them, it kind of desensitized me to what I was doing, what I was probably going to end up doing.

I stood there for the longest time, naked above the waist, with my bare ass showing to them. I got used to it. I was still flushed, still tingling, still embarrassed but not as much as I had been.

Jan turned me around to face them. Now they were seeing my bare tits again and the panties were just covering my bush in front, nothing in the rear.

"Sit down again Sabine."

I sat and now Jan started an innocuous conversation. I even participated in it, with my bare ass on my bed, my tits showing to three guys who I knew, who were friends, who had never been a boyfriend, just guys I knew. All of them had seen my bare ass, now were staring again at my tits when they weren't talking. I was aroused, I knew I was.

"Want to do more Sabine?"

I looked at Jan and gave a slight nod. She shook her head no.

"If you want to do more Sabine, this time you have to say it. What more do you want?"

"If you want me to do it, take off my panties."

"You're saying you want me to take off your panties?"

"Yes, I am."

"Say it."

"Jan, take off my panties."

"You realize that the guys are going to see you bare ass naked?"


"Do you want them to see you bare ass naked?"


"How long will you stay naked Sabine?"

"As long as you want me to Jan."

"All night, Sabine?"

"If that's what you want Jan."

"Sabine, if I told you that I wanted you to get naked anytime I wanted it, would you?"

I shuddered, thinking of what she might want to make me do, but it was arousing and I knew she was going to get my panties off tonight anyway. I was expecting it when she pulled my panties below my ass cheeks, I expected that she would pull them all the way down then. I was as much prepared for that as I could be. I was still slightly embarrassed, but not as much as before.

I didn't expect what I next said to come out but it did anyway.

"Jan, anytime you want me to get naked, I will, you just have to tell me."

"Good, but, you have to strip yourself Sabine. So, why don't you just slip off your panties right now and hand them to me. Then I want you to put your feet on either side of your ass and let your knees fall open. You know what you'll be showing then, don't you?"


"What is that you'll be showing?"

"My pussy."

"Try another word."

"My twat."

"Try again."

"My slit."

"Try again."

"My crack."

"Try again."

I knew what she wanted me to say, hated that word...

"My cunt."

"Good. Now tell the guys what you want to show, Sabine."

"I want to show my cunt."

"Good, now go ahead and do it."

I reached down, grasped my panties and pulled them down to my ankles, lifted my feet out of them. I closed my eyes, lifted each foot up to the bed on either side of my ass and let my knees fall open. I looked down at myself, opening my eyes. Looking at what I was showing, then slowly lifted my face up so I could see the three guys sitting across from me. They all were staring at my pussy, the hair on it, the lips which were slightly open and throbbing with arousal.

Jan giggled.

"Now Sabine, just so we understand each other. If I tell you to take your clothes off, no matter where we are, you are going to do it, right?"

"Yes, Jan. Just not anywhere that I am going to get in trouble."

"That's fair. And if I tell you to spread your legs..."

"I'll do it, Jan."

"Good Sabine."

Before I go any further I should probably describe myself.

I am 5'4" tall and I weigh 135 pounds. My boobs are more than a handful but not much more. My nipples, compared to other girls I have seen in the showers, are large. They are maybe bigger around than a pencil eraser and when hard are perhaps 3/4" long. And they are really sensitive and hardly ever not sticking out although not always as long as when they are hard. My belly is a little rounded and I have a good sized ass. Now for down there, my pussy, when not aroused is a seam. You cannot see the inner lips of it. When aroused it swells a bit, opens a bit and gets slightly red and puffy. Which right now is how it is looking to those three guys. The guys I knew from classes but not really any more than that.

And here I was, showing them everything that I have. I was not so embarrassed anymore. Mainly because I had been naked in front of them for quite a while and had said things that I normally would never had said in front of anyone, ever. I kind of felt however that Jan was going to make me embarrassed again. And I was sort of liking it.



"Why don't you show them your hole."


"You know exactly what I mean, Sabine. But I'll explain it to you. Put your fingers down on either side of your...what is that word?"


"Yes, that's it. Cunt. Your cunt Sabine. Put your fingers down on either side of your cunt and pull your lips apart. And look at them while you do it."

God, this was a lot more than I had been expecting. But I felt a jolt down low when I heard that.

And I looked at them, still staring at me, smirks on their faces, me bare ass naked for no good reason in front of them. I reached down, still looking at them, pressed my fingers on either side of my outer pussy lips and pulled out. I felt my lips pull apart, knew that they were wet, moist, knew that it was noticeable. I knew that they were seeing right up inside me. Jan giggled. She was watching me and really enjoying it.

"What are they seeing now Sabine?"

"My hole."

"You can think of a better name than that, can't you?"

I knew exactly what she wanted me to say.

"They are seeing my cunt hole."

I was feeling really nasty and dirty by all this, aroused but in a dirty, filthy way.

"Stand up Sabine."

I did.

"Turn so your bare ass is facing them."

I did.

"Bend over from the waist."

I did and knew my pussy lips were showing between my legs.

"Now reach back with both hands, grasp your ass cheeks and pull them apart."

I moaned a little bit but did as I was told, getting more aroused as I did it and thought of what they were seeing now.

"What do you think they are seeing now Sabine?"

I closed my eyes for a moment, sucked in a breath and...

"My cunt and asshole."

"Good girl. Now tell us, are you enjoying this Sabine?"

"Yes, yes I am."

"Now Sabine, we are going to go a little further. You can say no to this if you wish. Understand?"


"I want you to back up to each one of them, still bent over, still pulling your ass cheeks open and ask them to finger your what..."

I shuddered but didn't reply to Jan this time.

I backed up to Jack and...

"Jack, if you want, please finger my cunt."

I gasped as I felt Jack's finger slide into me. I let go of my ass cheeks and my hands went to my knees to keep me up. And felt him thrusting his finger in and out of me. I was softly moaning as he did.

Then Jan had me move over to Robert.

"Robert, please finger my cunt."

And he did, my hands on my knees, my bare ass facing him, my pussy showing, his finger went right up me and thrust in and out. I still moaned softly. Then I moved to...David

"David, please finger my cunt."

And he did, just like the other two had. Me still moaning softly. This I was really getting into, really unlike me. I was normally the shy girl, had only had sex twice in my life, both times in the dark, neither time completely naked like I was now. And neither time had I been as wet as I was right now. I felt as though my juices were going to run down my thighs and it even sounded liquid as they fingered me. Jan finally had David stop.

"Sabine, now turn around, kneel between David's legs and ask him to feel your tits."

I knelt, hurriedly, not wanting this to stop.

"David, please feel my tits."

And he did, squeezing them, lifting them, pinching my nipples, pulling my nipples out and letting go of them, they all did, one at a time, me willingly allowing them to do it to me. Making me even more aroused than I had been while they were fingering me.

I found myself moving my hips back and forth as they did, letting them know exactly how horny I was getting with all the fingering, touching and squeezing, with me being bare ass in front of them. Something I had let happen to me, allowed, actually did myself.

Finally Jan had Jack stop feeling my tits.

"OK Sabine back up on the bed, right at the edge and lift your legs up and spread for the guys."

I scrambled up from the floor and almost leaped onto my bed, right at the edge, leaned back on my arms and lifted and opened my legs so they could see my pussy. I was so horny it wasn't funny. And I was so ready to have sex.

"Is there anything you want to do Sabine?"


"What is that?"

"I want to have sex."

"You can say it better than that, can't you?"

I knew what she wanted me to say and I didn't care what it sounded like anymore.

"I want to get fucked."

"Sabine, would you fuck all three of them?"

"Right now, yes, yes I would."

"Well you aren't fucking any one of them in my room. Besides, we have something else to do tonight. It will be fun too."

I was so horny, I just wanted to screw but the fun idea sounded good. I was ready to try anything by this time.

"Jack, give me your car keys."

He handed them over to Jan.

"Now Sabine get three pairs of clean panties."

I did and gave them to Jan. She smirked at me. She handed one pair to me and grinned.

"Your, ah, what is it again?"

"My cunt?"

"Yes, that's it. Take that pair and wipe some of the juice off your wet cunt, but not all of it."

I did it, slightly embarrassed by how wet I was. There was pussy juice all over it, around it, some even on my ass cheeks. I had never been this wet in my life.

"Now the other two, wipe good, but be sure that some gets on each pair, Sabine."

I did what she wanted, flushing as I did, with the guys avidly watching the naked junior girl.

"Now, give a pair to each of the guys and tell them they can keep them. And tell them whenever you are with one of them that you will take off any panties you have on and give them to them."

"Here", and I handed a pair of my panties to each of the guys.

"If I am with you after today I will give you my panties to keep."

"And Sabine, tell them you won't buy any panties from here on out. So eventually you are going to end up without any at all. And tell them they can check you to be sure."

I swallowed. This was going a little too far, but I went along with it.

"I won't buy any more panties and will give the pair I have on to you anytime we are together. I'll let you guys check me to see if I have any on and give them to you if I do. If I don't have any on, you'll know."

Even if this was further than I really wanted to go, it was exciting thinking about it.

Jan got up and went to her dresser and took out a white tank top. She handed it to me.

"Put it on."

I did. Since Jan was much taller than I was, perhaps she was 5'11", the tank top went below my ass on me, not much, but below it. It covered my ass and pussy anyway, while I was standing. The guys looked very disappointed at this. I was kind of too, thinking that maybe the fun was going to be over. Was I ever mistaken.

It was very thin. My aereola were showing along with my erect nipples. The darker skin of them made them totally visible. Jan smirked at how I looked.

"Let's go."

"Jan, I can't go out like this!"

"Yes, you can or you can take it off and we'll go like that."

I just looked at her. Then I turned and stood in front of the mirror on the back of the closet door. I looked like a slut. The tank top barely covered me and my nipples and areola were plainly visible. I was kind of shocked but the idea of going out in just the tank top was sort of arousing. And, I was thinking that I wouldn't have it on long anyway. And that was really arousing for me.

I looked at my alarm clock and saw that I had been naked in front of three guys for over an hour already. And I had never dated one of them, I just knew them from classes. Not just tits but completely bare ass naked. And they had felt me and fingered me, all three of them. I was horny, ready to fuck and going out like this was going to do it for me.

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