tagLoving WivesAt His Request

At His Request


I stand outside our front door, I can hear the crickets in the darkness and see the glow beyond the door. I know you're in there, waiting for me. I chew my bottom lip as I nervously run my palm down my skintight skirt, returning it to its mid thigh length. I squeeze my hand around my clutch; feeling my bunched panties in there and feel a blush creep across my cheeks. I can't believe I did it. After all this time... all your encouragement to take the final step. I jingle my keys in my hand, before reaching up and pushing the key into the lock.

The door opens with a soft moan, and as I walk onto the hard wood floor hall, my heels click softly. I follow the soft light, knowing I could have walked to our space; our room in total darkness but feel myself unsteady on my feet, horribly nervous as I slowly make my way towards our room. First I see your feet, bare, on the bed through the doorway, as I get closer I can see your legs, dark with hair, your ankles crossed in a relaxed pose. As I stop in the doorway, I can see the rest of you, in just your black boxer briefs, your arms raised, knitted behind your head. It makes your strong chest and arms more pronounced and I swallow slightly as my eyes flicker to your face, seeing your eyes raking me with interest.

I clear my throat "Hello Honey..." I start timidly, suddenly feeling shy. As I fidget on the spot, I can feel my thighs, still slick rub against each other slightly and a blush seeps into my cheeks as I feel myself get wet in response. I sooth my skirt down again, placing my free hand on the doorframe for support.

"Did you have a good evening Darling?" You ask, your eyes suddenly intense on my face.

"Um, yes Honey... you know I love dancing with the girls." You nod slightly, slowly rising to your elbows as you continue to watch me.

"Meet anyone interesting? A man perhaps?" I blush tellingly, my eyes flickering from yours. When I look back at you, you have the most carnivorous smirk on your face.

"Tell me about him." You request bluntly as you uncross your legs and sit up swinging your legs around so you're sitting on the edge of the bed. You reach out towards me, waiting for me to approach.

I let out a pent up breath and release the doorframe, walking towards your outstretched hand. "Well, we were at that new club, the one by the foreshore?" You nod your understanding as I come to stand before you. You slowly run your hand down my side tracing my skin from just under my breast to the flare of my hip.

"Go on..."

"Well. I was there with the girls; it was a complete crush tonight. I could hardly breathe." Your hand slides back up my side, brushing the underside of my breast.

"Mmmhmm..." I look down at your dipped head, watching your hand move. "I was dancing with the girls, it was hot, but I was having fun. That's when I felt him slide up behind me, he wrapped his hand around my waist and pulled me back against his hard body." I hear you moan softly, feeling your hand squeeze my hip slightly before I rush on.

"It felt good being pressed up against him you know? Feeling his chest rub against my back, his groin... his -- ah -- cock, grind against my arse." I swallow, feeling my skin heat as I remember the feeling of his bulge rub against my arse, with every suggestive, sexy movement of his hips. Your hand slides up to my breast, your fingers catching the edge of my low cut top and pulling forward, easily freeing my large, heavy breast from its restraint. You catch my nipple and squeeze it hard, making me whimper.

"Then what happened Darling?"

I feel my eyes slide closed as I continue to tell you. "After a few dances, I needed to get some air. So I turned in his embrace and got close to his ear, told him I needed to head somewhere for some air. He smiled and nodded, before taking my hand he lead me further into the club. Soon we were by a doorway, and he pushed the door open and led me into a deserted hallway. It was lit with all those neon lights you know?" you continue to squeeze and play with my nipple, your other hand creeping up towards my other breast, and I feel my nipple harden as the cool air brushes over my exposed nipple before you pinch it firmly between your two fingers.

"Where did he take you? Somewhere secluded?"

I nod, my eyes still closed. "Yes, we walked for a while taking a few turns before he opened a door and I found us in the back alley of the club."

You squeeze my nipples hard in approval. "Oh, you naughty girl -- what did he do to you there my Darling?"

I feel a blush explode onto my cheeks and chest, and a soft chuckle as you see my skin go a soft pink. "Don't leave out any dirty detail, I want to hear how he used that beautiful cunt of yours... He did use it properly didn't he?"

I swallow, nodding shyly. "Oh -- he lead me over towards a shadowy area of the alley, we could still be seen by the people on the street, but we weren't under the street light. He -- He slowly pushed me back against the wall; it was so cold, the bricks. But then he pressed his body to mine. He started kissing me, before moving to my neck, kissing and biting there." I touch my neck without thinking, touching the love bite left there.

I hear you murmur approvingly, reaching up and rubbing your thumb over the love bite before returning your hand to my breast, as you cup and weigh them, starting to massage the tender flesh.

"He dragged my hands up above my head, pinning them against the bricks as he nudged one leg between mine. Rubbing my pussy on his thigh. I was so wet Honey, it felt so naughty to be out there in the open with this stranger."

"Good girl, keep going" I hear you say softly as you lean forward and capture one of my nipples between your lips, I arch into your mouth, my hands dropping to cradle your head.

"I don't know how it happened, but while we were kissing, he used his free hand and pulled my top down like you have, and took a big handful of my breast, telling me I had 'fucking amazing tits'." My voice drops slightly as I mimic his tone.

"He started working my nipples, roughly squeezing and pulling on them... you know how I like it hard" I feel you smile around my nipple before moving across to the other one, and capturing that one between your wet lips, before biting on it softly.

"He moved his leg from between mine and dropping my breasts, he... he, pushed my skirt up... bunching it around my waist, and roughly pulled my panties down." I can feel my skin start to break out in a sweat just thinking about it, my breathing coming in a little harsher now.

"And what did he think of your pussy Darling?" You ask looking up at me.

I shrug slightly "He told me to spread my legs, and I did and he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was hard and so thick."

"He didn't take his pants off? He did use you didn't he Darling?" I blush as I nod in agreement.

"He stepped between my legs and he hiked one of my legs up over his hip, bracing me against the wall, then he rubbed the cock head against my slit, I was so wet, it didn't take much really..." I trail off, unsure if I should go on.

You wrap your arms around my hips, slipping your hands under my short skirt and grabbing my arse cheeks, squeezing and spreading them. I can feel the cool air on my pussy as you toy with me.

"What happened next?"

"He... he slid into me, and grabbed my other leg, pulling it up so my legs were wrapped around his waist. He then... then, he grabbed my arse in his hands and pushed me up against the wall before he started to fuck me. He fucked me really hard; he was thick and was stretching me as he took me. He watched my tits bounce with every thrust, he took me so hard Honey, totally pounded my wet cunt."

You step me back, quickly standing up beside me, before stepping behind me. You push on my lower back and I follow your direction, bending at the waist over the bed. You roughly shove my skirt up around your waist, and I feel your hard cock nudge against my pouting pussy lips. You grab my hips and thrust in, going to the hilt in one thrust. You then start to thrust smoothly.

"Tell me..." You demand as you bring your hand down, smacking it against my arse hard making me moan in pleasure.

"He kept fucking me, and told me to play with my nipples, I held my breasts and rolled and played with my nipples as he took my hungry cunt. He felt so good inside of me Honey, I loved feeling him take me." You groan in pleasure, bringing your hand cracking down on my arse, making me whimper.

"I... was so wet, he just... just kept fucking me. Then he reached down and started rubbing my clit." I shudder as I feel you fucking me harder, your body smacking up against my arse with every hard thrust.

"I was so turned on, it didn't take much for him to get me off..." I stop, moaning softly as you reach up, twisting your fist in my hair.

"Tell me, Tell me Darling, where did he blow his load?"

I moan softly as you add pressure in your hold, bowing me as you continue to slam into me.

"My cunt... he filled my cunt with his cum." I strangle out. I feel you thrust hard a few more times before you stiffen, and pull out slightly. I shudder feeling your cum dribble down out of my pussy as you pull out.

You sit down beside me on the bed, before flopping back, I can see your face, and you're looking up at me with a relaxed smile on your face.

"Did you even know his name?"

I shake my head, still gasping for breath.

"That's my dirty girl."

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