tagInterracial LoveAt Last...The Fantasy Lived

At Last...The Fantasy Lived


It was a very cold winters day. As the Christmas season drew near, Carmen anticipated going home for the holidays. She had just finished her last final in her music class, and she needed to hurry home and pack her clothes. As she walked out of the building she noticed a tall figure coming towards her. Sean, her good friend since starting college came into view and she greeted him.

"Sean, hi! I'm done for the day, what are you up to?" she said.

"I am about to go check on my grades, it's getting dark out here, are you sure you'll be ok walking back to the dorms?" Sean answered. He tried not to glance at Carmen's beautiful dark skin beneath her white coat. He had always wanted to touch her soft skin, and kiss those full pink lips.

"Are you ok Sean," Carmen asked him. Her heart beat faster as his green eyes peered at her, she wondered why his whole expression changed. Sean scooted his feet around and knew that if he didn't leave soon, his arousal would show through his dark corduroys, and the bitter cold wouldn't help.

"Yeah, would you like to come with me and see if I passed my commutations final." The two walked up the stairs into the dark building.

"This is weird, I was just in here and now it's all quiet. I wonder where everyone went," Carmen commented. Sean shrugged his shoulders. He let Carmen walk further in front of him so that he could take a look at her ass.

At 5'5 and 135 lbs., Carmen was the epitome of sexy. She always covered those luscious curves he had fantasies about as he jacked off at night. He had always wanted to fuck a black girl. Carmen was the center of his greatest fantasy.

They continued into the elevator up to the 5th floor. Both were silent as the creepy elevator crawled up slowly. Carmen glanced at Sean and then gazed downward. She noticed that he kept his hands clasped in front of him, almost as if he were hiding something. She started to daydream about the elevator stopping, then she would be caught with Sean in the tight little room. Just as she came back to reality, both Sean and Carmen felt the elevator slowing down rapidly, then coming to a complete stop.

"Shit, what the hell happened," Sean said, he started to press the emergency button and waited for the elevator to move. Carmen was surprised by this new development. It was as if the fates had played a hand into this charade. She took her coat off, and laid it on the floor of the elevator and slid down to sit.

"What are you doing?" Sean said.

"Mine as well get comfortable, who knows how long we'll be in here," she said. Sean agreed and sat down next to her.

* * * * *

An hour later, Sean woke up with a jolt. He rubbed his eyes and saw that Carmen was laying on his cock, which had grown hard. He tried to move her head, but when he did he heard her murmuring in her sleep.

"Oh yesss Sean, I need your cock..." she whispered. He couldn't believe his ears. Moving her head slowly off of his lap, he watched her on the ground. She looked as if she were in a trance, her hands began to rub her breasts, moving her hands beneath her shirt. Sean felt his cock his full 8 inches straining against his boxer briefs and he slid his pants off and started to rub his hard cock which was turning purple. He began to close his eyes and imagine Carmen's amazing mouth fully embedded around his cock, taking it in and suckling it as if she were sucking a lollipop.

All of a sudden he heard a gasp and opened his eyes. Carmen had her pants around her ankles and was fucking herself with her fingers. He saw the green silk of her panties covering every inch of her pussy. He wanted his creamy white hands touching her dark clit, unfolding her and sliding his thick fingers into her pussy. He couldn't take it. He stopped jerking and crawled over to Carmen. He started whispering erotic thoughts in her ear, and as her climax began he jammed his shaft into her mouth.

He felt her lips closing around him, and he wanted to groan. Carmen slowly opened her eyes and began to fully give him the attention he needed. She grasped her small dark hands around his quivering cock and let him come on top of her. She began a fast rhythm, moving his cock in and out of her mouth.

His hips rocked slightly at her movement as he thrust her head and mouth to move deeper on his shaft. She fully enveloped him until she felt his balls hit her face. She slowly circled her tongue around in her mouth, pulling slowly upward and licking the tip which was growing with moisture.

"Don't...stop..." Sean stuttered. Carmen smiled at his appreciation of her and began to lick the outside of his cock, wetting it with her saliva. She lightly blew on it, making him shudder with excitement.

"You want my big tits don't you..." At his groan of permission, she shoved his cock in between her breasts. She felt his cock growing purple and began to pump it between her breasts.

"Cummmmm on my hot dark nipples...you know you want to coat me with your white cum...show me that you want this black slut who wants you in her quivering pussy." At her words he began to lose control. He closed his eyes and rose above her, she squeezed his cock at the tip and threw her head back as massive amounts of the hot sticky liquid fell all over her dark breasts. Her nipples became coated with his cum...she began to scoop it up with her fingers and suck on it.

As he watched this, his cock began the second round.

He pulled the rest of Carmen's pants off and slid her panties down her curvaceous body. He stared at the sight in front of him. Her smooth belly curved slightly and moved downward into a dark triangle of curls which were wet with her own cum. He parted her legs and slid his fingers into her pussy.

"Ohhhhh yes Sean, I want your white cock hitting my dark pussy. Make me cummmm...please, I want you white boy."

At that response he penetrated her swiftly tightly closing around her. He began to move on top of her, he watched her lips moisten with each stroke and listened to her soft moans of ecstasy. He kissed her lips to quiet her and trailed down her neck to her cum soaked breasts. He began to taste his own seed on her, sucking her nipples.

Carmen dug her long fingernails into his back, leaving long scratch marks. She rolled over, using her weight on him until she was on top of him. She began to ride him, Sean moaning her name. He let her jiggle on top of him, watching the contrast of her dark skin against his pale skin.

He grabbed the ass he wanted to get into for so long and began to knead it. Carmen came to her own rhythm, whimpering her way until they both came together swiftly.

Carmen fell on top of him and just laid her head on top of his chest.

A couple of minutes later they both felt a jerk as the elevator began to move.

"Shit," Sean cursed and pushed Carmen off top of him. He quickly put his clothes on and watched Carmen do the same, this time the both of them not saying a word.

As the elevator approached the 5th floor the two never mentioned what had happened.

After Sean checked his grades, they both left the building. Night fully embedded them as they walked in silence to their dorms, knowing that everything that happened changed their relationship. Both now needed to consider the risks they would have. But at last, their bodies had sought each other...and who knows what would happen after the long vacation.

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