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At My Cabin


For this story to make any sense, I need to tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a geek; I write computer programs for a living. I'm a rare breed that creates programs for the web and programs known as hardware drivers drivers. Hardware drivers are programs that allow computers to control with other devices like webcams and printers.

That will help you understand how I made what has become my favorite masturbation toy. I'm into edging and teasing myself. I used to do this with my hand but I was always looking for something better. So I created myself a toy that edges me.

The most complex component of my toy was a butt plug with a pressure sensor. I use this butt plug to determine when I'm about to cum. It took a lot of experimentation to get it right but I now know how hard I squeeze my butt when I cum. Using this information, I developed a program that knows when I will cum.

I then added two vibrators. The first was a switch to a vibrating butt plug that will still hold my pressure sensor. The second is a bullet vibe I put on my cock with an elastic ring. The computer is able to adjust the speed of the vibes. Using the information from the pressure sensor on the butt plug, it slows the vibes down as a I get close to cumming. The program can adjust the speed of the vibratrators to keep my on the edge or orgram almost indefinitely. I've had them keep me there for as long as five minutes though that was tough and only when I was still figuring out what the best combination was.

The program I created does what I like to call edging cycles. It ramps up the vibrators. When I get close to orgasm, it starts the cycle by keeping me right on the edge. A cycle will last from one to three minutes. The program then turns the vibrators off for 15 seconds to one minute and then repeats the cycle.

I also tell the program how long I want to be edged by telling it an minimum and maximum amount of time. It decides how long until I cum. I used my toy this way for as long as 20 minutes. I think it took me through 7 cycles that time.

I tried to make the program run longer but I couldn't take it. I ended up stroking myself because I just couldn't take it. In fact, I've had a hard time repeating the 20 minutes.

So I added one more thing to my toy; I added a system that ties me up while the program is running. I do this by putting cuffs on my wrists and ankles. The cuffs are connected to cables. The cables are connected to a winch. The winch has a pressure sensor and is controlled by the computer. When the program starts, it pulls the cables taught until I can barely move. The edging cycles then begin. The program now ends by making me cum and then releasing me.

I have now done numerous 30 minutes sessions. They are really intense, by the end, I need to cum more than ever. Once the program makes me cum, I'm a quivering mess. And I love it.

A few years ago, my aunt gave me a cabin of hers out in the middle of nowhere. Because of her age she couldn't use it any more and she remembers that I loved it. Since then, I go to the cabin a lot. I like that I can go days without seeing another person. And since I've added cable and Internet to the cabin, I spend a lot of time there.

On my last trip to the cabin, I decided to bring my toy. It wasn't easy to break it down and move but I managed it.

One particullarly gorgeous day there, I decide to setup my toy outside. Just the thought of that has me hard while I'm setting the machine up.

After completing the setup, I go back in and get myself ready. When I get back outside, I am naked, wearing four cuffs, have a vibrator attached to my rock-hard cock and have a butt plug. I connect everything and lay down on the blanket. I attach the cables, set the program for a 15 to 25 minute session and then hit start. I was a bit worried 25 minutes was too long because I am outside but it is too late know.

As soon as I hit the button, I feel my arms and legs getting pulled. I realize how stupid this idea was but, if anything, that is making me hornier.

The vibrators start. It doesn't take long before I'm ready to cum and the computer is keeping me on edge. I must be a site as I start to moan and buck my hips a bit.

Being outside is definitely making the feelings more intense. My cock is hard and purple and enjoying every second.

The computer keeps running the edging cycles; I've lost count of how many I've gone through already. I start trying to not squeeze the butt plug so that I can fool it into letting me cum. But I can't hold off long enough to cum. Instead, I think this is causing the computer to push me closer than usual. It is excruciating in the best possible way.

And then I reach the computer doesn't turn off the vibrators and I cum. I'm almost screaming as I start shooting my cum. My orgasm seems to last for minutes until the vibrators finally turn off. A few seconds later, the cuffs loosen and I get up.

The program says it edged me for 18 minutes with 7 edging cycles. I can't believe it was so quick, it felt more intense than the 30 minutes sessions I had been doing.

I'm exhausted and head into the cabin to get dressed and take a nap.

The next day, I decide to try it again but I want to push it further. I'm going to set the minimum to 30 minutes, the longest I've ever gone. I'm torn on what to make the maximum. Part of me thinks 45, another part of me thinks 60 is better. And a really disturbed part of me wants to try 90. I realize that's a ridiculously long time but I am so excited of the idea of being outside and edged for that length of time, that I seriously consider it.

It's getting to late morning and I decide now is a good time to play. So I put on all my stuff and head outside. Like yesterday, I get on the blanket and attach everything. I decide to set the maximum time to 60 minutes.

Before I have a chance to think about it much, I hit the start button. I feel the cuffs pulling my arms and legs. When my arms and legs are pulled tight, I feel the vibrators start.

I lay back and start enjoying the vibrators.

Before much time has passed, the vibrators have brought me to the edge. Like before, the program is expertly keeping me there for what seems like forever.

I've gone through I don't know how many cycles, I'm covered in sweat, humping, moaning, and more desperate to cum than I've ever been.

That's when I hear them. A woman's voice; she is talking to someone. Another female voice replies. I'm trying to keep silent so that they won't hear me.

Another edging cycle starts. And that makes it impossible for me to be totally silent. I'm so desperate to cum that I can't help but to moan quietly and grind my hips. At that moment, they pop out of the woods and see me. I think they think I'm in trouble but as they get closer they get a better idea of what is going on.

"Oh my god" one of them exclaims. "What is happening?"

In my excited state, I try and explain what my machine is doing. It gets easier when the current edging cycle ends but then, while I'm still explaining things, another cycle starts. But I think that witnessing the cycle begin explains better than I ever could. Especially when they see me start to grind my hips again.

They watch me as the machine edges me. One of them asks if I am really that close to cumming. I mumble in reply as my cock starts to twitch. They can't help but stare. That makes me even hotter and I feel the vibrators slow down to keep me on the edge.

I'm really moaning now and can't stay still even when the vibrators are off. I'm guessing I've been edged longer than I ever have before. And that's before I consider the effect of being watched.

I get asked if they can touch my cock. I manage to say yes and ask them to be careful not to make me cum. I feel fingers massaging my cock head and I can't help but moan because it feels so good. I then hear one tell the other that she thinks I am really, really close to cumming.

I look over and see one of them rubbing her pussy through her pants. She is staring at my cock with the most lustful expression I have ever seen while she is masturbating. That makes this whole situation even hotter for me. And then the other women starts masturbating too.

Another cycle starts. It only takes a few seconds to be on the edge of orgasm and more desperate to cum than I have ever been in my life. I feel the cycle continue with the vibrators slowing down to prevent my orgasm. I try to look at the women to see what they are doing but I can't concentrate on anything but the feeling of need in my cock.

When I next notice, I see one of the women cum. That makes me so horny, the vibes almost stop because I am almost cumming just from seeing and hearing her. I so need to cum but the machine just won't let me.

And then the other woman cums. She is much noisier than her friend. She cums just as the cycle ends. The moans escaping her lips keep me on the edge.

They both come down off their orgasms and look back at me. I'm still writhing in pleasure and my need to cum. The vibes start again and another cycle begins.

It takes me a second to realize I'm being asked a question. "How much longer will this go before you cum?"

"I don't know."

Turning to her friend, she says "We need to stay". Her friend smiles and shakes her head while I'm busy moaning, humping, and not cumming.

This cycle ends and I get down from the edge just a little. I'm laying with my eyes closed hoping the machine will let me cum. I've never needed it so bad.

"Wow. I've never seen a cock so swollen and so purple. It's amazing." I hear one of them say.

The next cycle begins. Almost instantly, I'm at the edge of my much needed orgasm. I feel the vibes slow down to continue the cycle. I moan in frustration wondering why I made this session last so long.

Suddenly, I feel the vibes speed up. It only takes me a few seconds and I cum. The women are watching as my cum starts to fly. My orgasm seems to go on forever. Finally, the vibrators turn off and the ropes loosen.

I free myself and stand up. I see no reason to be modest since both of my visitors just watched me have the biggest, most intense orgasm of my life.

One introduces herself as Karen. She tells me her friend is Stephanie.

They then start heading back to continue their walk. Karen looks back and tells me "Maybe I'll stop by again tomorrow". They head into the woods and I head into my house to clean up.

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