tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAt the Catnip Club

At the Catnip Club


The Catnip Club

I was in the city on one of my bimonthly business trips and, as usual I stopped by the Catnip Club the final night of my trip.

I had a lot of difficulty finding a parking space, usually the parking lot is less than half full in the early evening but this evening it was packed and the closest parking space I could find was a block away. The Catnip club is a pretty run of the mill strip club, maybe a bit cleaner than most and the strippers are sweet and the bouncers reasonable. Not only that but the attractive bar waitress, who doesn't dance on stage, will take time out and strip for me in the back room. If I'm lucky, Brandy will be there and let me take her out for a nightcap at the end of the shift.

When I arrived at the entrance I could tell there was a larger than normal crowd inside. I paid my $20 and stepped through the curtain to see every seat in the house occupied and about a half dozen guys standing around the walls. There were also several women present. I worked my way through the chairs and saw I was wrong. There were a couple of stage seats available. I like to sit at the stage so I took one of them and dropped a couple of bucks on the stage for the lady who was finishing up the topless section of her routine. Dancers at the Catnip do two dances, getting topless early in the first song and then fully naked in the second.

I slipped out a couple more bucks at the start of the second dance and then another two when Candy put her crotch in my face.

A couple of dancers later the DJ explained the reason for the crowd. He welcomed a group of Marines back from Iraq and announced that there was a birthday in the group. He named the birthday "boy" and the dancer invited him on stage. He clambered up and she began dancing around him, removing her bra and rubbing his face in her ample chest.

Meanwhile another dancer brought out a chair and positioned it next to the pole. The stage dancer had him remove his shirt and sit in the chair. then she proceeded to lose her panties. Spreading her legs she lifted herself using the pole and planted her crotch squarely in his face.

She swung down from the pole and knelt in front of him. She removed his shoes and then pulled his pants off. She had him stand and danced around him, ending by having him lie on the stage where she sat on his cock, grinding her cunt against him.

As the song finished and they both stood, she grasped the waist band of his briefs and started to pull them off. He grabbed the waistband too to hold them up. Three more topless dancers came out on the stage to try to pull the boxers off. but he continued to hold them up. Then the naked dancer grabbed the front of the waistband and pulled it several inches away from his waist. She and the other three dancers peered inside making various signs of amusement. One of them turned to the crowd and held her hand up with the thumb and forefinger a couple of inches apart as if that was the the length of what they saw inside.

Throughout the entire performance the crowd went wild, roaring encouragement and discouragement. Cheering every action and laughing loudly every time the guy on stage experienced any humiliation. Dollar bills showered onto the stage throughout and then at the end. The naked dancer went around picking up the tips, blowing kisses to the audience and spreading her legs in appreciation. The crowd roared.

Amateur Night

A few dancers later the stripper gestured to the ladies around the stage to come up with her. The DJ joined in saying things like, "Come on blondie, let's see what you have." Three girls joined her, a tall blond, a short, slightly chubby, but very cute looking brunette and a small, thin brunette. the dancer turned to the blond and pulled her blouse over her head revealing a modest pair held in a black lace bra. As the dancer turned to the stocky brunette, the thin one climbed down off the stage. I guess she didn't mind dancing but wasn't planning to expose any part of herself.

The stripper had removed the stocky girl's blouse revealing a nice rack in a plain white bra and turned to the blond. She tried to pull down the blond's skirt but the blond refused to let her. The dancer unhooked her bra but the blond held it in place with one arm and retreated off the stage. Meanwhile the stocky brunette had removed her jeans to roars of approval and was dancing around the edge of the stage in her plain white undies.

The dancer removed her top and the stocky brunette followed suit, throwing the bra into the cheering crowd. Tips flew onto the stage and roars of encouragement poured out. The brunette's panties followed her bra into the crowd and she pranced around the stage displaying her fleshy sex lips with a cute clamshell slit covered by a light brown pubic down. More tips rained onto the stage to a chorus of whistles and cheers.

At the end of the song the stocky brunette went around the stage helping to collect the tips, giving high fives to all the guys and letting them squeeze her amble boobs.

After that I took a closer look at all the women in the crowd. There was the leggy blond standing across the room and chatting with several guys. Then there were the two women who had gotten on stage and then chickened out, they looked to be with some of the Marine crowd. The stocky girl was across the stage from me chatting with a surrounding crowd of Marines, I guessed she had known them before, but she would be getting attention now regardless. There were two black women behind me. Finally there was a stunning redhead with a freckled, oval face sitting with an attractive black beauty with a slightly too large nose. they were sitting apart from the Marines and seemed to be by themselves.

I couldn't help but think which I would like to see on stage. I decided on the leggy blond and the redhead. " Just a fantasy, " I thought.

The Redhead

After about an hour, I decide to leave the party. It was a great time but the Marines were taking good care of the dancers and they weren't readily available for private dances and Brandy wasn't there. On the way out I passed the redhead and her companion. On a whim I stopped at their table and said, "I'm about to leave. You're the best looking woman in the place. I'll stick around if there's any chance you'll get on the stage."

The two of them smiled broadly at me and giggled. I stood looking at them.

They looked at me and I said, "Well?"

"Well?" the redhead said.

"Well, is there anything I can do to get you on the stage?"

She laughed but made no reply.

"Nothing at all?" I asked.

The dark haired one giggled and whispered something to the redhead who looked at me and smiled. Then with a slight laugh she said, "OK, you get naked on the stage and I will too." she laughed.

"You're on," I said. She stared at me in surprise.

I held out my hand to her, "Come on."


"To make arrangements. Come on!"

She took my hand, got up and I led her to the DJ.

"This beautiful lady says she'll dance naked on stage if I'll do the same," I told him. "Can we arrange that?"

"I'm afraid there's no way." he said.

"You let those other women on the stage," I pointed out.

"She can strip if she wants," he told us looking at her in approval. "But not you."

"You let that birthday guy up," I mentioned.

"Yeah, but tlook at the business he brought us. We do that for birthdays and bachelor parties of more than ten."

"So it's just a question of money," I said and counted out ten twenties.

He hesitated but responded, "I can't do it."

"You sure?" I counted out ten more.

He looked at the $400, hesitated, and took it from me. "Yeah, sure, I'll take care of it."

That was money I had expected to use on private dances but " well spent " I thought.

He took our names to use when he announced us, her's was Darlene, and I used a fake one, "Frank".

"Not all the dancers will do this so I'll have to wait for one who's ammenable," he told us.

I followed Darlene back to her table and managed to locate an available stool. I tried to position it between Darlene and her friend but ended up sitting next to the friend.

"I can't believe I let you talk me into this," Darlene was saying as she glared at me.

"Oh, come on, it'll be fun," her companion answered. "I'm looking forward to seeing if this guy has a decent cock." She looked at me and gave my crotch a feel. "Well, he does have a cock," she said with a smile.

I attempted small talk but Darlene stayed quiet except for occassional comments directed to her friend. Her friend gave short answers to my questions and I discovered that her name was Varonika, "with an 'a' and a 'k'."

My Turn

"Please welcome Stacy to the stage," the DJ announced.

Stacy was the dancer who had undressed the birthday marine. She came out wearing a muu-muu that covered her down to her knees. She spun around as the music started and the muu-muu flared out revealing a bright pink thong. She swirled over to where I was sitting with Darlene and her friend and extended her hand to me. "Stacy invites Frank to join her on stage," the DJ announced. "Frank is dancing for Darling Darlene. Darlene stand up."

I walked to the stage leaving Darlene behind while her friend encouraged her to stand. On stage I turned and waved my hands to get her to stand. "Darlene promised to dance for you boys if Frank dances for you first." The announcement was greeted with cheers and catcalls. Darlene quickly sat down.

"Come over to the stage!" I yelled out to her. At Varonika's urging they moved up and a couple of guys made room for them.

The dance with me was a bit different than the one with the Marine. Stacy danced around me and removed my shirt and undershirt. Then she sat me down on the chair and flipped the muu-muu over my head. I was envelpped with her boobs on either side of my head. She rubbed me with them and then pulled out leaving the muu-muu draped over me. She removed my shoes and then helped me put my arms and head through the appropriate holes in the muu-muu so that I was wearing it.

She pushed her head underneath, unbuckled my belt and pulled out, bringing my slacks with her. She removed her thong panties and repearted the pole trick so her damp cunt was at my face and pushing against my nose and then my mouth. I love the smell and feel of the pussy of a beautiful woman! I gave a quick lick to get some of the salty taste. "Yum!" I exclaimed aloud and got a laugh from the crowd.

She got me out of the chair and had my lie on my back on the stage where she repeated her stimulated sex act, rubbing her bare pussy on my cock through the muu-muu and my briefs. It felt fabulous. More of that and I could have easily cum.

Then she had me stand up and lifted the muu-muu above my head. She feigned astonishment. I wear these lycra briefs that cradle my balls making them look larger than they would if they were hanging free. My slightly stiffened cock was held down by the smooth fabric and pushed out against it, making an obvious outline. Stacy knelt down and felt it with her hand then rubbed her cheek against it. She held the muu-muu up and led me to the side of the stage where Darlene sat and moved her hand over my penis for Darlene's amusement. I looked down and noticed that there was a circle of dampness on the briefs at the tip of my penis and the flesh color of the cock head and my pee hole were visible through the fabric.

Stacy let the muu-muu fall back over my hips and once again pushed her head underneath. This time she pulled down my briefs and I stepped out of them. She gave them a sniff and swung them over her head before tossing them to Darlene who looked at them in seeming disgust. Then Stacy left me to dance on my own as she toured the stage. I noticed many dollar bills and a few fives littered the stage.

I swirled once and then lifted the muu-muu, dispalying my manhood for all to see. I'm only about average in size but it was pretty swollen from the excitement so I didn't feel any more embarassed than I was already from the stage action. I gestured to the black women to come over and then draped the muu-muu over each of their heads in turn and flicked their face with my penis. Then I did the same to the two women who had chickened out on stage earlier.

Next was Varonika. To my surprise, shortly after I flipped the muu-muu over her head I felt dampness and pressure on my cock. She was blowing me! I lifted the muu-muu for all to see and she sucked hard as she pulled away and then gave me a quick lick after my penis popped out.

Even more surprisingly, Darlene did the same. This time I let the muu-muu stay down and she ran her toungue around and around the tip. I was considering letting her bring me to climax and wondering if she would swallow the cum but she pulled away before that happened.

My cock was now fully extended, sticking out from my hips at a 45 degree angle and clearly tenting the muu-muu. I lifted it and displayed myself to everyone before moving across the stage and signalling to the leggy blond but she ignored me. However, the cut, chubby brunette who had been naked on the stage dove right under and sucked my cock right into her mouth. I lifted the muu-muu but she didn't stop, she just kept moving her head back and forth on me in front of everyone. The crowd began to shout, "go, go, go" in time with each movement of her head. Then a few of the Marines changed the chant to "cum, cum, cum" and the crowd picked it up. Well, I did and the cutie took it all into her mouth. Then she got up on stage and opened her mouth to show the white goo to everyone before making an obvious swallow and jumping down from the stage.

The song had long since finished. I pulled the muu-muu off and walked around the stage helping Stacy collect her tips and wiggling my cock at all the women. I stopped at Darlene, knelt down and flipped some of the cum still dripping out onto her.

Stacy led me into the dressing room to get dressed. "Some show," she said. "You're the first guy I've had do that." She handed me a box of Kleenex to clean up.

"Here let me," one of the dancers said. She came over with a wet wipe. She expertly squeezed out the remaining cum lapped it up and wiped off my shrinking penis.

Darlene's Turn

I emerged from the dressing room to cheers followed by a chant of "Darlene! Darlene! Darlene! ..."

I sat down next to her, "Now it's your turn." I smiled.

She frowned at me, "Here's your underwear." I had forgotten that Stacy had thrown them to her and I had dressed without them.

I looked at Varonika as I sat down, "You can get a better feel now." My crotch was already slightly tented in anticipation.

The next dancer came out and offered her hand toward Darlene. "And now ... Delightful , ... Darling , ... Darlene! " the DJ intoned to the continuing chant of "Darlene! Darlene! Darlene! ..." Unfortunately I missed the dancer's name.

There was a loud, rousing cheer with loud whistling as the dancer helped her onto the stage.

The song began and as Darlene danced the stripper removed Darlene's shirt and then unhooked her bra after removing her own. Darlene let the bra fall to the floor and kicked it to the corner of the stage. Her breasts were full and pink with large bright pink aureoles and small, round, hard nipples. Varonika stroked my cock to a full erection under the table.

Darlene was wearing a knee length skirt and the dancer reached for the zipper on the side. Catching the hint, Darlene pulled the zipper down herself and stepped out of the skirt. She was wearing soft pink nylon panties that fit her curves perfectly showing that she possessed large sexual labia in a gap between her thin thighs. Varonika began stroking my balls and gave them a soft squeeze. In return I reached over and began stroking her crotch.

Now the dancer dropped her thong. Darlene followed suit pulling down her panties to reveal a triangle of red pubic hair, a slit with an exposed clit hood and small, thin, pink minor labia dropping down between her legs. One of them sported a small ring. She danced around the stage like a pro, stopping to spread her legs, lying on the stage and stroking her genitals, spreading her lips to show the wet pinkness inside. She spent the final portion of her time on stage showing herself to Varonika and me. I suspected mostly to Varonika. Varonika stroked my cock with a passion while she watched her friend and now, I suspected, lover, gyrate for her.

Striking Out

When Darlene came back to the table I suggested the three of us leave for a nightcap. Varonika seemed willing but Darlene nixed the idea, even when I suggested we could make use of the comfortable bed in my hotel afterwards.

"And how would you handle that?" Darlene asked,

"What do you mean?"

She pointed at the two of them in turn, "Two cunts, one cock."

I held up my hands and licked my lips, "two hands, ten fingers, a well trained tongue, no problem. And I have a feeling the two of you are experienced at pleasuring each other."

Varonika laughed but the answer was still "no."

I called the waitress over, took a napkin and wrote down my phone number and e-mail address. "Should either of you change your mind," I said handing them the napkin along with a blank napkin and the pen. Darlene handed the pen back to the waitress and the blank napkin back to me. "It was an experience." she said.

I went back to my hotel. I never saw Darlene or Varonika again. I still go to the Catnip Club at the end of my trips but it seems so dead. Never more than a dozen guys are there and never another party like that one for the returning Marines.

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