At the Feet of My Mother


"Goddamn you're hot." I said without realizing I was going to.

"And you Billy, are fucking amazing!" Mom panted out, and then looking down added with a tired smile. "And hard again!"

I glanced down to see my cock standing at attention and seemingly pointing directly at mom's pussy. I stood up and started to lean over the couch intent on slipping my cock deep inside of that over flowing pussy. Mom raised her leg and stopped me by putting her foot on my chest.

"Not yet," She said still trying to catch her breath. "Sit down next to me."

I looked longingly at mom's pussy, which was inches from my cock, but did as she said sitting down on the couch. Mom sat up straight and rolling over swung her right knee between my legs and kneeled over me. I could feel her pussy dripping on my thigh, but was more interested in Mom's tits which were in my face. Without waiting for her to say anything, I eagerly sucked that beautiful nipple into my mouth while reaching up and fondling the other one. "Hmmm" Mom cooed as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her tit deeper into my mouth.

I switched up, taking her other nipple into my mouth while teasing the other with my fingers. Mom's arms slid back, and leaning back she pulled her tits from my mouth. I looked up to protest, but mom reached out, and taking my face gently in her hands lowered her head to mine. I saw her perfect lips parted and feeling my heart begin to pound again I tilted my head and closed my eyes. A moment later I felt my mother's soft lips press into mine and gently kiss me.

I moaned in my throat as Mom started kissing me harder, and began to slide her lips back and forth across mine. A moment later I felt her tongue push against my lips and I obediently opened my mouth to receive her soft wet tongue. We both sighed in pleasure as my arms slid around her narrow waist and pulled her into me. I could feel her hard nipples pressing into my chest and her fingers were running through my sweat soaked hair. Mom let her weight go and completely folded into me as we shared the deepest most passionate kiss that I could have ever imagined.

As hot as all the playing had been there was a part of me that thought that this kiss might be the most amazing thing I had felt tonight. This was more than lust, I could feel my mother's love for me in this kiss and I hoped she could feel me returning it. I had never realized that I had this strong of a desire for her, not just her body, but all of her. Mom whimpered softly in her throat and I knew she did indeed feel it as well. Mom slid her lips from mine and bending her head started kissing my neck. I moaned as I felt her hot breath in my ear as she playfully nibbled my earlobe before bringing her lips back to mine for another long deep kiss. Finally breaking the kiss Mom leaned back and giving me that nasty little smile said;

"Oh Billy you bad, bad boy," She shook her head. "Your face tastes like your mother's pussy!"

I could feel the heat of her pussy on my leg, and could also feel my hard cock pressed against her thigh. Sliding my hands down to her hips, I gave her a little push hoping to get her to lie back so that I could finally take her. Mom shook her head and said;

"Not yet Billy."

"Mom please...." I started.

"Oh I like how that sounded Billy!" Mom cooed. "Oh I do, but not yet honey, know why?"

Before I could answer mom leaned down, and after playfully flicking her tongue across my nipple said;

"Because your mother just remembered how much she missed sucking cock."

As I stared at her speechless, Mom continued;

"Now you don't want me to go without do you Billy?"

With that Mom slowly slid back off my leg, and standing up in front of me turned her back, and slowly, teasingly shimmied out of her dress.

"Oh fuck me." I whispered, as kicking the dress to the side, mom raised her arms up over her head and let me take in her fully naked body.

"You like honey?" She asked.

All I could do was nod stupidly as mom then turned around, and bending slightly, playfully shook her small well shaped ass at me. I could also see her glistening wet pussy winking out at me, and moaned as my cock felt even more swollen than it had earlier. Mom turned back around, and immediately dropping down to her knees between my legs reached out and grabbed my cock.

"Ohhh," I whimpered as I looked at mom's red tipped fingers wrap around my dripping prick.

Mom squeezed and more pre cum oozed out.

"Oh look at that." She whispered.

Squeezing tightly, mom slowly started to pump her hand up and down my throbbing cock. When she got to the top she would give a slight twist making me moan each time and also causing more sticky fluid to ooze out of my dick.

"Yeah nice and wet." Mom said. "Nice and hard, and," She winked. "Nice and big."

Leaning over, mom took my cock and started rubbing it along the side of her face.

"Hmmm. How does that look Billy."

"A-amazing." I managed to choke out.

Mom turned her face, and after rubbing my cock on her other cheek, pulled her head back, taking a string of my precum with it.

"Yeah, you thought about me blowing you Billy? You bad little boy."


"It's okay honey Because I've been wanting to." Mom said softly.

Any answer I could have come up with was erased by mom bringing my cock to her lips and slowly licking around the head with her soft tongue. Oh how fucking hot that looked!

"That's right Billy I've been thinking about us, but you had Julie and it was wrong, but ohhh when I found that stocking!"

"I...been wanting it too mom." I groaned out as dipping her head down mom licked up the length of my shaft. "I...I admit it."

"Hmmm." Mom moaned as she licked the other side of my cock. "Well Billy I will tell you a secret then."

"Wh-what's that?" I asked still in awe at the sight of my cock in my mother's face.

Mom smiled and said;

"That bottle of wine only had a couple of glasses in it." She gave me a rueful smile and said; "I just wanted you to think I was drunk, I thought it would help." She winked and said "I'm really just a bad girl."

Before I could respond mom, lowered her mouth, and taking just the tip of my cock between her lips, sucked hard. I gasped and my hips jumped as I felt her slurp the precum out of the tip of my cock.

"Oh damn!" I exclaimed.

Mom lifted her head and opening her mouth showed me her tongue. As she did some of my sticky fluid dripped off of it back onto my cock.

"Like that Billy? Like your mother sucking your cock?"

"I... ohhhhh"

I was cut off by mom opening her mouth, and in one smooth motion, taking my cock all the way down to the base. I moaned, as keeping it buried in her mouth, mom slowly shook her head back and forth.

"Hmmm" Mom moaned, and the vibration of it sent a surge of pleasure through my cock.

Slowly an inch at a time, mom slid my cock from her mouth. I could feel her tongue pressed against my shaf,t and it was all I could do to stay still as she teased me. Removing my cock from her mouth mom swirled her tongue around the head looking me in the eye as she did so. Then with a wink, she took my cock about half way down, and began bobbing her head in a slow steady rhythm. I was moaning continuously as much from the sight of my mother between my legs blowing me as I was at how fucking good it felt. Mom wrapped her right hand around the base of my cock, and started stroking up and down following her mouth with it, and jerking me off as she blew me.

As mom continued to give me the most amazing blow job I'd ever had I saw that she had closed her eyes and was sighing with pleasure every time she took me down into her hot wet mouth. I found myself glad that I had cum twice already today or I would have not have been able to last for more than a minute in my mother's mouth. I reached down and started to put my hands in her hair, but stopped wondering if she would care. Opening her eyes ,and sliding my cock from her between her lips, mom said;

"Go ahead honey you can play with my hair." As I eagerly ran my fingers through her sweat soaked hair she smiled and added; "But no pulling, after all I am your mother!"

With that mom not only went back to sucking my cock but with a vengeance. I gasped loudly as she began not only taking my cock all the way down each time she lowered her head, but was sucking much faster than she had been before. I could feel my legs start to shake and let out a moan as mom slipped her other hand underneath my cock and started kneading my balls. I was getting close and found myself thinking if I should say something. Instead I moaned again as mom lightly caressed my balls with her fingertips.

Mom's eyes were now open and were locked with mine. I was breathing hard and desperately trying to hold back as I watched the full length of my dick sliding in and out from between my mother's perfect lips. I dropped my hands from her hair afraid I was going to start pulling and put them on her shoulders. Mom's skin was sticky and sweaty and even that was turning me on. I was also aware that all I could smell was my mother's pussy on my face. I gasped as I felt my hips start to raise and lower as if on their own. Mom went down one more time but this time when her head came back up she released my cock with a loud sucking sound.

"Not yet Billy," She said looking me in the eye. "You can cum in my mouth another time but right now I need to remember how good a nice hard cock feels inside of me."

Mom stood up and I started to try to get up as well, not that I trusted my legs at this point, but mom pushed me back into a sitting position and leaning over tapped my legs. Taking her meaning I closed my legs part way. Mom put her right knee next to my left leg and swinging her right leg across my legs straddled me. I looked up to see mom smiling down at me. Mom reached back and I groaned as I felt her not only grab my cock, but guide it back, until I could feel the head pressing into her pussy. Leaning down Mom's lips found mine, and as her tongue darted into my mouth, she let her weight go, impaling herself onto my hard cock. I moaned into mom's mouth as my hard flesh penetrated her soft, wet and incredibly hot pussy.

"Oh fuck yeah!!" Mom cried out as she broke the kiss.

Bracing her hands on my shoulders, mom leaned back onto my lap and started sliding back and forth slowly. I whimpered at how incredible it felt, then seeing her nipple in front of my face, leaned forward and sucked it into my mouth.

"Ohhh yes," mom cooed. "Oh that feels soooo good! Oh how I need this!"

Mom leaned forward, and as she had done before, wrapped her arms around my neck and bending her head to mine pulled me into another deep kiss. We both sighed as mom continued to slowly fuck me while we kissed. I put my hands on her hips and started pushing and pulling, helping her to ride me. Mom leaned back again, and putting her hands into her hair lifted them up taking her hair up with them.

"How do I look Billy?" Mom asked softly as she posed for me.

"You are the sexiest woman I've ever seen." I told her meaning every bit of it.

Mom was sweating heavily and her tits and chest were glistening with it. Removing my hands from her hips I raised them to her tits and started fondling them. I was amazed at how firm they still were and enjoying the feeling of her hard nipples pressing into my palms. Mom reached down behind her and began fondling my balls as she slid back and forth on my lap. My hips twitched causing me to slam my cock hard into her pussy.

"Oh fuck!" Mom yelped.

"S-sorry!" I groaned out.

"Sorry?" Mom asked. "Do it again!"

Grabbing mom's hips I gave her two hard pumps. Mom yelped with each one and I stopped.

"Don't stop Billy!" Mom whimpered. "Fuck me!"

Those words were all I need to hear; squeezing mom's hips tightly I started driving my hips on and off the couch slamming my cock hard into her pussy. Mom through her head back and cried out as I started fucking her as fast and hard as I could. Putting her hands back on my shoulders, mom stopped sliding back and forth on my cock, and started bouncing straight up and down on it.

"Oh yes!!" Mom practically screamed, as my dick plunged even deeper into her incredible pussy.

Mom was so wet that each time she came down on me I could feel more of her juices coming out onto my leg and could hear a wet sucking sound.

"Harder!" Mom cried out, and leaning over so I could drive up even further into her made a noise that sounded like a growl in my ear.

"Oh fuck yeah Billy! Oh look at you!! Oh I knew you would give it to me like I need it! I knew you could take care of me!"

I was sweating so much it was getting in my eyes and my heart was pounding like a jackhammer. I was amazed I had been able to hold back this long, but as mom continued to pound her pussy onto my cock, I could feel my legs start to shake again. I looked into mom's sweat streaked face and moaned at the look of pure lust in her eyes as she fucked the shit out her son. Her son, who had dreamed of this for months, and wanted nothing more than to give her what she had been missing. I wrapped my arms around mom's waist, pinning her to me, and started driving my hips up into her even harder than before. Mom was yelping with each thrust and it was directly in my ear. Every yelp made me thrust even harder and I felt mom's finger nails dig hard into my shoulders. It hurt but felt good at the same time. I had never even imagined sex this hot!

"Stop!" Mom snapped into my ear.

I immediately stopped thrusting hoping to hell I hadn't done anything wrong.

"Did I..." I started to ask but was silenced by mom kissing me.

Breaking the kiss mom said;

"Not like this Billy, I just remembered what my favorite is and I want it!"

Mom pulled herself up off my cock, and swinging herself off of me, turned around and got onto her hands and knees.

"Oh my god." I said as I stared at my mother's perfect ass pointed up at me. Her pussy was in full view and was dripping down her thighs.

"Come on Billy," Mom said looking back over her shoulder at me. "Come give your mother what she needs."

I quickly got up, and kneeling behind her on the couch grabbed her hips, and slowly began to push my cock into her.

"Don't tease!" Mom said and slamming herself backwards into me drove my cock into her.

"Oh that's it!" Mom yelled as my cock buried itself to the hilt in her incredible pussy.

I pulled out and started to fuck her in a slow steady rhythm wanting to enjoy as much of this position as possible. Mom's back was also covered in sweat and her hair was plastered across it. As I started thrusting a little faster she began to rock back and forth into me matching my pace. I was breathing like a bull and could already feel my legs begin to shake. I started going even harder and then slowed as I felt something brush my balls. I looked down to see mom had reached down between her legs and was rubbing her clit as I fucked her.

"Not slow honey, faster!!"


"Fast and hard Billy make me cum on that beautiful cock of yours." She yelped as I reared back and gave her a hard thrust. "Oh yeah, not just your cock anymore Billy," Mom gasped. "My cock!"

Her cock? On that note I lost all inhibition and grabbing her hips hard enough that she couldn't move started fucking the shit out of her. There was no other way to say it. I was pulling back as far as I dared before slamming forward as hard as I could. Mom was screaming at this point, every thrust was making her get louder and louder and I found myself wondering what the hell the neighbors were thinking. As I continued to fuck her mom's hand was rubbing furiously between her legs. I let out a desperate whimper as I could feel myself approaching the point of no return.

"Oh just a little more honey!" Mom called out, "Oh please just a few more nice hard.... Ohh ohhhh!"

Mom drove herself back into me and lifting her head let out another of those unbelievable wails. I felt her pussy clench around my cock and as mom started wildly bucking her hips into me I felt my thighs get sprayed by another gusher from her pussy. I started slamming her even harder so hard that the sound of our flesh slapping together filled the room.

"Ohhhh ohh Fuck yeahhhh!" Mom wailed.

Her pussy twitched around my cock again and with one more thrust I yelled out almost as long as mom had as I felt my cum racing through my cock. I started to pull out but mom whimpered out;

"Oh no inside honey oh please!"

I cried out again as my cock exploded inside of my mother's pussy. I moaned and gasped as despite having cum not too long ago I was cumming harder than I could ever remember. Every thrust ended in another spurt of cum that sprayed the inside of my mother's already dripping pussy. I kept pumping and just kept cumming. Mom was moaning and whimpering with every squirt and was grinding her pussy into me as if she were trying to wring out every drop. With a soft whimper I pushed my cock inside one more time and felt the last couple of drops ooze out of my spent cock.

"Ohhh honey," Mom moaned softly. "Ohhh that felt so nice."

Mom rolled over and leaning against the arm of the couch put her arms out to me. I collapsed into her embrace my head nestled on her shoulder. Mom put her arms around me and hugging me tight said softly in my ear.

"I can feel your heart beat."

I slid my arms around her waist and pulled her even closer to me. I had never felt this tired in my life but also had never felt this good. What we had just done was supposed to be totally wrong but lying in my mother's arms feeling her naked body pressed against my mine I had never felt so content.



"I...I'm glad you wanted me."

"I'm glad you wanted me to want you mom." I said and turning my head kissed her cheek.

"Karen." She said softly. "Call me Karen."

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah Billy, I think things are going to be a lot different between us from now on. I mean I'm always going to be your mom but I..." Mom hesitated and said quietly; "I want you to want me as a woman I haven't felt like a woman in a long time."

I was silent for a minute thinking of how incredible this felt, how I had never felt anything like it before and holding her tighter I swallowed hard and said in her ear;

"I...I love you...Karen."

Mom was quiet and I was afraid I'd screwed up. Mom turned her head to look at me and I saw she had tears in her eyes. I felt my stomach sink and was going to say something when she smiled and whispered;

"I love you too Billy in every way."

We kissed softly and went back to holding each other. I felt my own eyes tear up a bit but they were happy tears as I knew mom... I mean Karen's were. As we laid there I found myself starting to wonder how this would work. People would never suspect I suppose but...I stopped my mind from racing and concentrated on how good this was going to be. Of how we were going to be able to enjoy what we had just done every night. At that thought my eyes opened in surprise as I could feel my cock start to twitch again at the thought of enjoying my mother every night. Whatever I called her she was still my mother and it was still going to have to be a secret a dirty little sexy secret. Just then mom pushed against my chest and asked me to sit back. As I did she sat up and looking down at herself said;

"Damn were sweaty and sticky." With a laugh Mom stood up and extended her hand to me.

"Where are we going?"

With a wink Mom smiled and extending her hand to me said;

"I just remembered how much fun it is to play in the shower." She grinned. "Up for getting all dirty while we get clean?"

I returned her smile and answered.

"Anything for you...Karen."


Authors note; Well I hope you enjoyed my guilty little indulgence! Next up for me will be SWB 31 which you should be seeing on 6/3 or a little sooner. On another note this is a free site and the only payment that we authors get are through feedback, comments and of course votes! So if you read this story and enjoyed it please take the extra couple of seconds to vote and if you really liked it (or hated it) send a comment and tell me why. Your feedback is taken very seriously and I respond to all e-mails. Thanks again. Lovecraft68

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