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At The Grindhouse


After eight years of marriage, Tara and I needed something to spice up our sex lives. My wife is very attractive, with a fine body. She is tall, leggy with long black hair and a large, firm pair of breasts. She certainly looks sexy but somehow things had become a little routine in the bed department. I knew that Tara was no prude so I decided that hiring some porno videos might be a good start. As it turned out, it was the beginning of something I would never have dreamed of.

One evening while we were watching a video of a cheerleader being gangbanged by a high school football team, I mentioned to my wife that the film was so old that I had actually seen the movie before at a porno theatre when I was a teenager. I don't think that I had ever talked with her about my going to watch porno movies and she seemed very interested. She asked me which theatre I had gone to, and if anything unusual ever happened there.

"Like what?" I asked.

"I don't know. Did women ever go there?"

"Women? No. None. Not when I was there anyway. It used to be full of older men and a few teenagers mainly. I used to always sit near the front because I didn't want to watch some old guy jerking off. They would always sit in the back rows and do it openly."

"Yeah, I know."

"You know, do you?" I laughed. "I suppose you've been to places like that."

"I have actually," she replied but I was sure she was joking.

"And when was this then?"

"Years ago. I was still at school."

"Oh yeah, right. They just let some schoolgirl go in on her own to a place like that."

"I wasn't on my own. I was with Jane. We were both underage but they couldn't care less."

Suddenly I wasn't so sure that Tara was joking. Jane was an old friend of hers that I had met several times. The woman was a complete slut. The first time I met her was at a party. She had sex with two different men in the toilets on the same night, neither of whom she had met before the party.

"Why did you go there then?" I asked my wife.

"Why'd you think? We wanted to see a porno film. Well, we were both a little bit stoned and as we were walking past the theatre Jane dared us both to go in. It was a movie called 'Horny Housewives' or something like that."

"What was it like?"

"Well, the first thing I saw when we walked in...I think the film had just started...there was a blonde woman...she had massive tits...she was in the kitchen of a house, dressed in a see-through night dress. There was a man in there too, wearing overalls. I guess it was some kind of workman meeting the lonely housewife scenario. Jane and I stood by the entrance watching it for a while. The man started feeling up the housewife's tits and then he bent her over the kitchen table. Then he pulled off his overalls and took out his cock. God, I remember I was really shocked when I saw it."

"Hadn't you seen one before?" I asked.

"Well, yeah I had, but only one or two, and neither of them had been that big. Actually I was still a virgin. I'd fooled around a bit, you know, with a couple of guys. I had given my boyfriend a hand job before but that was about it."

"So what did you think when you saw it?"

"Oh God, I just felt...I had this strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was really excited, but kind of scared too. Then I noticed that the theatre was full of men. There were no women at all. I grabbed Jane's arm and told her that I wanted to leave, but she just laughed. Then she...I don't know...I probably shouldn't tell you...I've never told anyone before..."

"Hey, don't stop now," I said. "You can tell me."

"Okay, but I just want you to know, it wasn't my fault. I don't want you to think that I used to be some kind of slut."

"Don't worry about it. Anyway, this was all years ago, before we met. Go on. Tell me what happened," I encouraged her.

"Well, Jane...she told me to follow her and that we should sit in the back row. There were plenty of empty seats nearer the front. Most of the men were sitting at the back. I could see there were only two empty seats towards the end of the back row, but it would mean that we would both have to sit next to a man. I started telling her that I wasn't going to sit there...that if we stayed then we should sit near the front. She just said that it was up to me, but that if I was a good friend then I wouldn't make her sit on her own. Then she walked over to the back row and began making her way down.

"I didn't know what else to do so I followed her. There wasn't much room between each row of seats and all the men in the back row had to stand up to let us by. We had to squeeze through them all. I turned my back to them as we went past. I didn't want them to see my face. They were pressing up against us. I could feel them, their cocks against my ass. They all seemed to have erections. One or two of them made comments, asking us to sit on their laps, telling us that we were really sexy, that kind of thing.

"I saw one of the guys ahead of me lift up Jane's skirt as she went by him. They were all looking at her panties. Oh God, that's when I got really scared. I wanted to go back. For a few moments I was just stuck there in the middle of the row, not sure which way to turn. One of the men was pressing his body against me, pushing me against the back of the seat in the next row. I kept trying to squeeze past and he just started gyrating his hips, jamming his cock deeper into my ass. I had to reach behind me with my hand to get him off. I could feel his cock through his jeans...it was rock hard...it felt really big too."

Tara suddenly reached out and placed her hand on my groin, rubbing my cock, which was already hard. Both of us had lost interest in the movie on the television screen. Tara was obviously getting very aroused as she told the story. I imagined her picturing what had happened, reliving the sensations. Her nipples were erect now, poking through her T-shirt.

"Eventually I got away from him and I moved towards the last empty seat. Jane was already sitting down and I could see her watching me. The guy who had lifted up her skirt tried the same thing on me but I grabbed the hem and held on tightly and he gave up. When I finally sat down I closed my eyes for a few seconds. My heart was beating really fast. I could feel that my panties were all wet. Oh Tony, it was so exciting.

"When I opened my eyes again I tried to concentrate on the film, but I could sense that the man next to me was staring at me. I sort of looked at him out of the corner of my eye. He kept looking me up and down, staring at my face, my tits, my legs. He had a jacket resting on his lap and I could see this movement underneath. He must have been rubbing his cock. I don't know how old he was, maybe about forty, but the way he looked at me, it just felt so dirty, you know? Dirty but really exciting.

"I looked back at the movie screen just as the workman pulled his cock out of the housewife's pussy and came all over her night dress. For a minute I thought it might be the end of the film but then there was a scene with the woman and her husband talking alone. I didn't really get what was going on. It must have been some Scandinavian film or something and it was really badly dubbed. Jane whispered to me that the man next to her kept brushing his hand against her thigh so I told her that we should leave now, but she wouldn't. She told me she was enjoying it. Then she said how much she liked the way all the men had rubbed up against her when we made our way past them.

"I couldn't believe she was so brazen about it. I knew she wasn't a virgin like me. She always told me whenever she had sex with a new man, and that happened quite often, but now I thought she must be a nymphomaniac or something. Then she said that she was going to go to the toilet and see if they would rub up against her again. I almost screamed. I grabbed hold of her arm and begged her not to leave me there, but she just ignored me. Then she stood up and made her way along the row again.

"This time she was facing them as she went past and I could see that she was smiling at them, encouraging them. They each stood up in turn as she moved along, all of them pressing themselves against her pussy. One of them even reached out a hand and squeezed one of her tits and she just smiled at him.

"As soon as she was gone I tried to ignore the stares I was getting and just watch the film. By now there was another scene with the housewife and two more workmen. She had opened the front door wearing only a towel and when they came in she let it drop to the floor so that she was naked and then the two men grab her and kiss her and start sucking her tits. Then they push her onto the sofa and start screwing her. She had one cock in her mouth, one in her cunt... God, it's funny. I remember the film as if I'd seen it only yesterday.

"So anyway, I'm sort of keeping my head down, just watching the film, when suddenly I feel a hand on my leg. It's the guy next to me. I didn't know what to do. I probably should have brushed his hand away but I didn't want him to get angry, so I pretended that I didn't notice. I thought he might stop if he thought I wasn't interested."

"He didn't stop though, did he?" I interrupted. I was becoming incredibly excited hearing about all this. I could picture it in my mind, watching my wife being groped by a complete stranger.

"No. He didn't stop. He began pulling at the hem of my skirt, lifting it higher up my thighs. Then he pushed his hand up between my legs until he could feel my panties. I should have pushed his hand away but I was...I don't know...just sort of numb. I felt ashamed because my panties were so wet and I knew that he would know that I was a bad girl... a dirty girl... a little slut."

While she had been speaking I was gently stroking her thigh. Now I moved my hand high up her skirt and felt between her legs.

"Were your panties as wet then as they are now?" I asked.

Tara nodded then leaned forward to pull her underwear down to her ankles. I knew what she wanted and I began to rub my finger along her clit. She moaned softly then carried on with her story.

"Oh Tony. That's it. Mmm. He was touching me, right there. I was looking around to see if anyone could see what he was doing to me but I don't think they noticed. Then he managed to get one of his fingers inside the elastic of my panties. I was so wet down there. His finger was slipping and sliding along my pussy. Oh Tony, I felt so horny. Then he...oh God...then he put his other hand on my breast...my nipples were hard and his fingers were rubbing against it."

"Like this?" I asked as I began to feel her tits.

"Yes, baby...that's it...like that...ooooh...he unbuttoned my blouse...the top two buttons and he reached inside and got his hand inside my bra...he was playing with my nipples...you know the way I like it...like that, yes...he still had a finger in my panties and he found my...he stuck his finger in my cunt...ohhh...he was fingering me, pushing it in and out, and then he leaned forward and he put his mouth on one of my tits and he started sucking it and...oooooh...I came...right there...with all those men around..."

Tara suddenly broke off as her body trembled in orgasm, bearing down on my fingers rubbing against her clit.

"What happened then?" I asked, my voice heavy with excitement.

Tara smiled at me as she caught her breath. Then she put her hand back on my lap and pulled on the zip of my fly to release my erection. She began to run her fingers up and down the shaft.

"He grabbed my hand and put it on his lap, underneath his jacket. His cock was out of his jeans and it was all hard."

"You touched his cock?"

"Yeah," she gave me a teasing grin. "Well, he'd just got me off, so I guess it was only fair that I should do the same for him. My boyfriend had told me that I was really good at giving hand jobs. I did it like this. Do you like that? I know he did. He spurted his sticky cum all over my fingers after just a few seconds."

I couldn't take any more of this. I roughly pulled Tara's hand away from my cock and pulled her down so that she was lying flat out on the sofa before me. I spread her legs apart and jammed my cock deep inside her wet pussy, thrusting hard and fast, knowing I was going to cum at any second.

"Oh, yeah, Tony. Fuck me. Do it to me, baby."

"What happened next?" I asked through gritted teeth as I pummelled into her.

"They'd seen me. Seen what I did. I saw them all looking at me, at my sticky hands all covered in cum."

"What did they do?"

"What do you think they did?"

"I don't know. Tell me."

"Do you think I let one of the men there fuck me?"


"You think I let them take my virginity."

"Yes. Yes. You let them fuck you, didn't you?" I said as I speeded up my thrusts.

"Yes. They fucked me. They fucked my virgin pussy. One after the other. All of them. They all fucked me...and I loved it...I loved having all these strangers fucking me..."

That was it for me. I shot my load deep inside her, gripping her by the hips as I flooded her pussy with my cum. When I had finished I collapsed on top of her, completely sated. I looked into her eyes in wonder and awe. I had never known she could be like that, such a slut. It was amazing.

"How many?" I asked when I got my breath back. "How many of them fucked you?"

"None of them fucked me. Not really. I only said that because I knew it was turning you on."

"What did happen then?"

"Nothing much. The guy next to me left as soon as I had jerked him off. I don't think anybody saw what I had done...what we had done. Then Jane came back. She told me that she had got so horny from those men groping her that she had to masturbate in the toilet. I knew she was trying to shock me. I didn't let her know what happened to me while she was gone. I never told her. I never told anyone, before now.

"We went back to watching the film. I could see Jane brushing away the hand of the man sitting next to her. He was groping her thighs like before, but she didn't seem to like it now. I kind of got the impression that she only dragged us along to the place to see what my reaction would be. She was always doing things like that, especially with less experienced girls. Anyway, after a while we left."

"Did they all grope you again when you walked past them?"

"Yeah. Jane was in front of me and she was pushing the men off her, but I didn't."

"No? You let them all touch you?"

"Yeah, well, they were only feeling up my ass and my tits a little. After what I had just let happen it didn't seem to matter anymore."

"Jesus," I exclaimed. "Why didn't you tell me about all this before?"

"I don't know. I guess I was worried about how you would feel about it. In case you thought I was some kind of filthy slut or something, but it turned you on, didn't it?"

"Oh God, yeah. It was much better than watching some video."

Tara turned me on my back and bent over me, taking my limp cock in her mouth. She began sucking on it. Within seconds I felt the blood rush back, causing another erection.

"Mmm, you're right. It was much better than a video, wasn't it?"

We spent the rest of the night fucking like rabbits. For the next few months it was the same story. I just had to think about what Tara had told me and I would get instantly erect and want to fuck her as soon as possible. She often retold the story with different variations while we made love. Every time I came inside her I would picture her being groped by complete strangers. It was becoming an obsession. Soon I began imagining what it would be like to actually see it happen, to watch her behaving like a slut in a crowded theatre.

A few months after that night my wife and I went to a restaurant in Soho for a meal. It was my birthday and Tara had made a big effort with her appearance. She wore a short, tight fitting, low cut backless dress. She looked amazing, especially in her stiletto heels. During the meal we both drank copious amounts of wine. When we left the restaurant we walked through the red light district heading for a taxi rank. As we passed an adult movie theatre, I mentioned to her that it was the one I had visited as a teenager.

"Yeah? Hey, wait a minute," she grinned at me. "You've brought us here deliberately, haven't you? You want us to go inside."

"No, no, not at all. I never even..."

"You want a little birthday treat, is that it? Seeing what might happen if I'm in there...probably the only woman among all those men. You're very naughty," she said, wagging a finger at me.

The thought hadn't even occurred to me, but now images flooded through my mind, images of my wife being groped by a bunch of strangers. I felt my cock harden. I knew that Tara was fairly drunk and she was most likely just teasing me but I figured that there was no harm in asking her, especially if she already thought I had planned it all along.

"Yeah, well. Like you said. It is my birthday," I smiled at her.

"Okay then. Let's go," she said. She didn't need any encouragement at all. It was then that I realised that she wanted us to go in as much as I did. Maybe more.

I didn't catch the name of the movie on the poster out front. I only checked that it wasn't a gay porno film. There wouldn't be much point coming inside if all the patrons were more interested in men than women. I paid the man in the lobby for two seats and Tara and I walked up the stairs towards the screening room. Just as we reached the doors I pulled my wife to one side, next to the toilets.

"Listen. I'll go in first and sit somewhere near the back row. You follow behind later."


"I want to see you make your way past the men...to see if they touch you."

"Okay. God, I'm really excited. Aren't you? I can't believe we're actually doing this," Tara smiled then kissed me passionately.

"Maybe we should set up some ground rules or something," I said nervously.

"You're not backing out are you?"

"No, no. I just...how far are you going to go?"

"I don't know. I guess that might depend on other people."

"But what if things go too far? What if someone tries to rape you or something?"

"I don't know. Do you think they would?"

"Well, I don't know what they're like in there. Look, if things are getting out of hand you say something and I'll get us out of there. Okay?"

"All right. Are you ready?"

"I guess so. And you?"

"Yeah...wait...I was thinking...what if I do this?"

Tara reached her hands down to the hem of her dress and lifted it up until her stocking tops were showing. The dress was so tight that the hem stayed in position, just about covering the cheeks of her ass. She winked at me and gave my cock a quick rub then pushed me towards the door. I took a deep breath and walked inside, anticipation welling up inside me.

There was no light in the theatre except that coming from the screen. The movie seemed to be some kind of orgy -- a bevy of young women being fucked by various men. I looked at the back rows. They were fairly crowded on both sides. I noticed that there were two free seats near the end of the row on the right hand side. I made my way across. The men sitting down grumbled as they moved their feet to let me pass. As soon as I was sat down I looked around at the other patrons. As expected, there were no women in the theatre, just a bunch of horny guys. Nobody had their cocks out to jerk off although I noticed that one or two seemed to be rubbing themselves through their pockets.

A few moments later I caught sight of Tara. She was checking the back few rows. Eventually she saw me and came towards the row I was sitting in. To my disappointment none of the men stood up to grope her as she passed them. They simply moved their feet to one side and let her through. It was obvious that she made an impression on them nevertheless, as I saw that their eyes were all fixed on her as she made her way towards me. That was no surprise at all as she looked very slutty, with the tops of her stockings showing.

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