Attitude Adjustment


After Jamie pulled his cock out of her cunt they all gathered around for a good look at her freshly fucked cunt. The hair around her slit was wet and matted down and her hole lewdly gaped open exposing the spasming walls of her fuck tube. Okay who's next Mike asked, I am!" said Rob, he slapped her on the ass and told her to get up on all fours; I'm taking you doggie style. Cunts like you need dog fuckin. Rob knelt behind her and slid his hard cock into her well-lubed cunt in one push. He began pounding her, oh man!" her cunt is really hot, as he pounded her, her cunt was making sucking noise again. After pounding her for about 15 minutes, he groaned and pumped another load into her cunt.

As soon as Rob finished and pulled his cock out, Matt took his place and Trisha got the shit fucked out of her for the third time tonight. Her cunt was so full of cum it was making wet noises. Matt deposited the latest load in her cunt. Paul quickly took Matt's place, his hard cock slid right into her wet cunt. After a couple plunges he pulled out, and said, "her cunts to wet for me, I'm going to fuck her in the ass." "Oh, No! Not they're," Trisha, pleaded. The boys held her tight, so that her asshole was accessible; Paul rubbed his stiff cock against her puckered opening, and slowly pushed his wet cock into her virgin anal cavity. Trisha moaned, bucked, and twisted, trying to get away from the terrible pain Paul was causing her. Paul went all the way into her tight chute; he pulled back and lunged into her ass again and again, until he shot his load deep in her bowls. While Paul ass fucked her, Charles grabbed her hair pulled her head up and shoved his cock in her mouth. Trisha went crazy, her first, two-way, she was frantic; the cock in her mouth was being pushed down her throat. She struggled but was impelled front and back, over and over again.

After 6 hours of continuously fucking her, the boys were temporarily satisfied. They had fucked her everyway they could think of, they all had her mouth and pussy at least once. Trisha was sore and exhausted; she knew tomorrow, everybody in school would know the boys fucked her.

They talked about joining up with Mike and breaking in their sisters too. Dan said it all, "What the hell, sisters have pussies, why not cock em', and enjoy their pussies and make some money. They all agreed there were possibilities. Dan said, let's have the next meeting at my house; we can start talking about my pain in the ass sister.

"How about Tyron's sisters?" Jamie added. "Maybe a little black meat is just what we need." "Black guy's love white girls fat or ugly, it doesn't matter; just so they're white." "We need to try out black meat." "Let's talk to Tyron, he'd do anything for pussy, and particularly white pussy and we have some white pussy." As they parted they all agreed that Trisha would be the half time entertainment at home games on Friday night football games.

The next day, Mike and Dan talked to Tyron about an opportunity for him to get some pussy from a white girl. They had his interest; he said he would do anything to get some pussy, even if he had to rape the bitch. Mike explained the deal, as; "your sister for my sister, you help us fuck your sister and we'll make sure you fuck mine." Tyron thought for a few seconds, he then told them his parent's thought of his sisters as princesses, who someday would marry Doctor's or Lawyer's and be rich and famous. They would be virgins when they got married. The word virgin had the boy's attention, they were experienced pussy pounders, but Trisha wasn't a virgin. She was real good pussy, and only slightly used. However that all changed the night they gangbanged her. The idea of virgin black pussy made their dicks throb.

Friday night found them meeting across the street from Tyron's house. His parents were away for the weekend at some NAACP meeting. Tyron agreed to help them, for a piece of ass from Trisha, the plan was for Tyron to run into his home, with the gang of boys chasing him thru the door and into the house. They burst into the house scaring Tyron's sisters. Tyron pleaded with the gang of boy's not to hurt him. Acting like they just noticed Tyron's sisters, Dan said, "What do we have here?" "Looks like the black bastard has some fine sisters." "Let's see if his sisters want to save his black ass; girl you want to help your brother?" Dan asked the oldest one, Toshia. "How about showing us how much you care about him?" "Show us your tits." "No!" "You don't want to show your tits?" "O.k. then, take out his dick and give him a blowjob." "Which one will it be?" "Show your tits or give your brother a blowjob."

Toshia, reluctantly lifted her top, she briefly exposed her tits and dropped her top down again. Dan moved behind her, he pulled her top up again, and held it up telling her they wanted more then a flash of tits, they wanted to look at her tits.

Toshia stood there, frightened as all the boys stared at her firm brown 36d tits. Without warning Dan pulled her top all the way off, Toshia was to horrified to move, she stood still, naked from the waist up. Dan looked at her and said, "let's see some pussy, take your pants off and show us your bare black ass." Do it now!" he shouted, or we'll strip them off your ass for you."

She lowered them with shaking hands, down her thick muscular thighs and calves to her feet. Her crotch V was narrow, due to her thick legs, only her white thong panties covered Toshia's fleshy mound, her protruding Afro ass was firm and fleshy. Her dark nipples sprang outward when Dan caressed them. Toshia looked at them with her big brown eyes, she felt a warm flush come over her as Dan rubbed her body with his hands; she was unable to move as His hand cupped her cunt. Slowly very slowly he rubbed his hand over her full mound and thighs, finally his fingers slid inside her panties and over her full, fleshy mound.

Toshia was panic-stricken her legs became weak; Dan said "ok. Get your panties down." she slid her panties off her hips, and slowly down her legs and let them drop to her feet. Dan told her to get on her knees in front of her brother. He told Tyron to take his dick out of his pants. Toshia felt she had no other choice; she needed to help her brother. Tyrone pulled his cock out of his pants; it was throbbing, and rock hard. His cock was aimed at Toshia's face. "All right Toshia," Dan said, put his black dick in your mouth. Toshia's eyes were fixed on Tyrone's throbbing dick; she took a few seconds to make up her mind. For her brother's sake she had to do it, her mind was made up. She slowly placed her hand at the base of his black shaft, then placed his cock against her lips, she licked it with her tongue as if to taste it first, then she took it into her hot mouth. Tyrone was in heaven he almost shot his load when Toshia pulled his cock into her warm wet mouth. Never did he think his saintly sister would be giving him head. Tyrone began to pump his hips pushing his cock in and out of her sucking mouth, each time pushing farther into her throat. The guy's shouted encouragement, telling him to give her a face fucking. Suddenly all eyes turned to Leanne. "Come on you little black cutie; show us some more black pussy; get naked!" Dan ordered. Whimpering she slowly took of her clothes, Leanne jumped as Dan's hand slid under the waistband of her panties and down over her cunt. "Ooohhh, man what a nice pussy we have here; this little cunt feels ready to play. It was just in time for Tyrone to give a big "WOW!" and begin to cum in Toshia's mouth. Toshia had no choice but to swallow his hot cum.

"Oh Yeah, these hot pussies need some attention," Dan laughed as he played with Leanne's pussy, "I'll bet a stiff cock would slide right into her hot cunt, I'll bet she would wiggle around like crazy. Let's try them out". Toshia couldn't believe they were going to fuck her; she was going to take a white cock into her hot tight cunt. Dan told them to get on their backs on the floor. "O.k. now spread your legs as wide as you can; we want your pussies exposed." Toshia lay still unable to move her black figure was exposed and accessible. Dan and Mike spread her legs exposing her unprotected cunt. Dan spread her meaty pussy lips her pink cunt was dry. Dan fondled her pussy until she was ready to fuck. "Well guys! It's Cherry-popping time," Dan shouted.

Dan Climbed between Toshia's legs, he aimed his hard cock at her cunt. As the head of his cock touched her pussy, Toshia arched her back, trying to escape the invasion about to take place. Dan rubbed his cock up and down her slit. Then slowly worked it in, an inch, then slightly out, then back in again. Dan experienced incredible sensations as her tight cunt squeezed his cock. His cock hit her hymen; he pulled his cock back an inch.

Toshia's eyes were opened wide; ok girls he shouted kiss your cherries good bye. He slammed his cock back into her, his cock ripped through her cherry. Toshia's eyes rolled up into her head, her arms and legs jerked, she arched her back as his cock plunged deep into her virgin cunt. It wasn't long before Dan was pumping his cock in and out of her hot cunt

Mike had pushed his cock against the entrance to Leanne's fuck hole, he got into position and worked his stiff dick into her tight hot cunt, and he slowly eased his cock in and out of her virgin cunt. Mike applied pressure against her hymen; his cock tore through her hymen. Leanne jerked and twisted as his cock slid deep into her untouched cunt.

Trisha was a good fuck, but there was something to be said for black pussy. Nothing could compare with the hot black pussy squeezing their cocks.

Mike was quickly able to piston his cock in and out of her hot tight cunt. All the other boys gathered around to watch the deflowering of two fine black cunts. As they watched the pistoning cocks pound in and out, their cocks began to pick up a silver sheen from the juiced up pussies.

Once their hot tight fuck tubes were well lubed, Toshia and Leanne became intoxicated with the thrills of sexual awakening. They humped and pounded and begged for more with every thrust of cock into their hot cunts. Before this night was over Toshia and Leanne would experience all forms of fucking. Toshia also was a great tit fuck. The boy's would have a tough time keeping up with the appetite these black cunts had for white cock.

Mike couldn't believe how easy it was to get girls to drop their pants and spread their legs and get fucked. There was no telling were all of this would end, but right now he had three cunts in his stable. Mike had another in his sights, remember Trisha's friend, the one that laughed when Trisha told her about the magazine in the bathroom. Well! Mike had a stiff dick ready to ravish her virgin cunt. Then of course there was Dan's sister. Oh well! No telling where it would all end.

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