tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMom and Sister Carjacked

Mom and Sister Carjacked

byGeorge VI©

Authors Note: This is a fictional story. It contains depictions of non-consensual sex as well as incest. If either of these two subjects offends you, do not read further. In real life, non-consensual sex is illegal and immoral and in no way condoned by the author. All characters are over eighteen.

I was cranky when I first got in the car, having been woken up early to go to a stupid confirmation for my cousin. Having to dress nice and endure a long car ride with my parents and sister didn't help my mood, nor did the lack of good music on the radio. But I tried to make the best of it and pass the time by sneaking looks at my older sister sitting next to me in the back seat. I would never admit it to anybody else that I thought the nineteen-year-old Ashley was hot, especially to Ashley herself. I suppose we had a typical older sister - younger brother relationship, getting on each other's nerves a fair amount of the time. But in recent months I started seeing her differently, as a hot chick living in the same house with me. So I sat next to her in the car and, whenever I could get away with it, I checked out her long legs and nice tits in her dress. I'd been trying to see more of her body around the house, but so far hadn't seen her naked, or anything near naked, yet. I kept my eye out to see if she ever left her bedroom door ajar when she changed, or the bathroom door when she showered, but she was pretty careful not to be seen by me. And it was pretty embarrassing the time that she caught me trying to look down her nightgown, and she called me a "perv".

Maybe I was a "perv" for jerking off while envisioning fucking my own sister, but she really did have a sexy body. A natural blonde, Ashley had full tits, B or C cups depending on the bra, a great firm ass, a pretty face, blue eyes, and long legs. Ashley was still taller than me.

But Ashley wasn't as tall as Mom yet. Mom was 5' 10" tall. And about the same time that I started taking notice of Ashley, I started noticing Mom in a sexual way, too. Actually, it wasn't until I caught a few of my friends staring at her tits that I really noticed for the first time how stacked she was, and how pretty and shapely she was for a woman in her late 40s. She had her flaws, but those long legs, still-attractive face, shoulder-length brown hair, and 40D tits made me think of her as more than a mom. Mom and I had our disagreements, plenty of them in fact, but at night when I was in bed alone, I could disengage our family relationship, and think of her only as a big-titted hot mature woman to lust after. As with Ashley, I had no luck seeing Mom naked. The best I could do was see her in the occasional nightgown without a bra on, and watch her big tits wobble freely under the thin fabric, or catch some cleavage spilling out of her bra when she leaned over in anything the slightest bit low-cut.

Dad drove as we took the highway out of town. Mom was in the front passenger seat, directly in front of me, so I couldn't see much of her body, unfortunately. Ninety minutes later we stopped for gas. As Dad pumped the gas, Mom and Ashley went into the station to use the bathroom or something. I was still tired and stayed in the car.

I didn't know where we were, but it didn't look like a very good neighborhood. It was mostly minorities around us. There were no other cars at the gas station. I noticed two Mexican men leaning against the wall, smoking cigarettes. One was an older skinny guy with a thin mustache and two-day-old beard, in a dirty green work shirt and baggy pants. The other was real big and really scary looking, fairly tall and heavyset, with tattoos on his muscular arms, in a dirty white t-shirt. Both of them stared at Ashley as she walked by in her thin sleeveless cotton dress. No surprise that a couple of Mexican dudes would check out a hot young blonde, I guess. I couldn't blame them. I was checking her out myself. And I had to admit that it was hot watching these dirty older guys lusting after my sister.

And then when Mom walked by them, they checked HER out real good. Again, I could understand why. Mom had been wearing an outfit I've seen before, a fairly tight light-blue skirt with a two-piece coral-colored sweater outfit. During the long car ride, mom had removed the outer button-down sweater, and was now out in just the matching sleeveless sweater, and it sure was tight on her! The thin fabric clung to her torso and bra like a latex glove, showing off every seam of her bra, even underneath her cups. Her big heavy tits swayed as she walked in her high heels, and the Mexican dudes' eyes were bugging out. When she walked past them, their eyes went down to her ass and followed it as she walked. The big guy looked over at the little one, and held his hands out, palms in, moving his palms up in down in front of his chest, clearly mimicking Mom's big jiggling tits. The shorter one smiled and nodded. The dual sight of mom looking good and the Mexicans leering at her really gave my cock a tingle.

After Mom walked into the station, the two Mexicans whispered to each other. Then they looked over at our car, and Dad pumping gas. Dad had his back to the station, so he didn't notice the two men ogling his wife and daughter.

Ashley exited the station and returned to the back driver's side seat, as the two Mexicans watched her ass. Then as Mom exited the station, the two men straightened up, dropped their cigarettes, and began to walk behind her. The older smaller one made a remark to Mom that I couldn't hear. She glanced back at the smiling Mexican, but instead of acknowledging him she turned away and kept walking to the car.

As Mom approached her passenger side front door, the two men split up. The bigger one followed Mom to her door, and the older one walked over to Dad. He asked Dad to loan him a dollar or something. Dad tried to brush him off and get in the car, but the man pulled out a stick, and knocked him on the head once. Dad fell into the car, his glasses flying off his head. The older Mexican climbed into the car, and pushed dad over.

At the same time, the bigger Mexican pulled out a gun, and grabbed Mom by the front of her sweater. "Get in the back!" He ordered. He opened my passenger-side back door, and pushed Mom in, practically on top of me. He slammed the door shut on Mom, jumped into the front seat next to the slumping Dad, and closed the door.

The older guy behind the steering wheel hit the accelerator, and sped out of the gas station, while hitting the door locks. Mom and Ashley screamed, Dad appeared to be completely unconscious, and I sat between Ashley and Mom in a stunned silence.

"Shut up! Or I'll hit him again!" Shouted the big guy in the passenger seat, pointing his pistol at Dad.

Mom shut up, but Ashley kept screaming. "Ashley, be quiet," said Mom. Finally, when the guy pointed his pistol in her direction, she gasped and then closed her mouth.

"Carl? Carl?" Mom called to Dad. Dad moved a little but he was basically unconscious.

"Don't worry about him, I didn't hit him that hard," said the older driver, in a very heavy accent. In the rear view mirror I saw him smile. He was missing a lot of teeth.

We were driving through some urban streets, with businesses on each side, but few pedestrians or cars around us. "Hand your purses up here to me," ordered the bigger one. Mom and Ashley handed their purses to him. "And you, your wallet," he said to me. I obediently handed it to him. He took it, and found Dad's wallet in his pocket, but didn't immediately start to look through his loot. Instead, he settled into the front seat, practically on top of Dad, leaning against the door and watching us. He said something in Spanish to the driver, and then looked over at Ashley. Her skirt had ridden up in the excitement, above her mid-thigh point.

"Hey, Blondie, you have nice legs!" He paused and stared at them for a minute, admiring my sister's bare legs. "Show us some more. Pull your skirt up."

Instead, Ashley pulled her hem down to her knees, whimpering.

"You want me to hit your dad again?" he said, raising his gun.

"No!" Said Mom in a wavering voice. "Please, leave him alone. Leave HER alone."

The big guy instead pointed his gun at me. "You don't open your mouth again, Mama. You do and I shoot your son, comprende?"

Mom didn't respond, but the passenger turned to Ashley again, and repeated, "Pull your skirt up."

"Mom?" Ashley whimpered.

"Just do what he says; it'll be OK," answered Mom.

Ashley's trembling hands grabbed her skirt hem, and slowly slid it up her legs. My cock stirred as I watched her long legs exposed. When she stopped near her crotch, the big guy said, "All the way up. Show me everything."

Ashley had frightened look in her eyes. She whimpered again, but pulled up skirt up to her hips, exposing her pink cotton panties. I enjoyed immensely seeing her bare legs and panty crotch pulled tight over her pussy mound. But I equally enjoyed seeing the big Mexican dude leering at her panties, and the driver adjusting his rear view mirror for a better view. "Spread you legs wider," he ordered, and Ashley reluctantly opened her legs wider.

We were still in a little traffic, and the big guy kept looking around, apparently making sure that we were a little discreet. But mostly he admired Ashley's legs and panty crotch. My sister's eyes had welled up. She didn't know where to look.

Finally the driver said something in Spanish. I thought I caught the word, "Mamacita."

"Si, Caesar," said the passenger. He turned to Mom. "He wants you to show your legs now. Go ahead."

Mom glanced over at Ashley and me. There was genuine fear in her eyes. Her jaw actually dropped. She looked like she was going to say something, but stopped herself.

Just do what he says; it'll be OK, I thought, recalling what Mom said to her daughter faced with the same dilemma. But I kept my thoughts to myself, and waited with anticipation. The passenger sighed and lifted his gun up. That made Mom move.

Mom's skirt was tight, and it took some effort to hike it up her thighs, tugging at one side at a time. She too paused when her skirt was up to her crotch, but with the big guy's insistence, she bunched her skirt up nearly to her waist.

Mom was wearing white panties, no surprise since she was wearing a white skirt. But she was wearing pantyhose over them. The triangle of stitching blocked my view of her panty crotch. Still, there was something very erotic about seeing Mom's panties through the thin hose, with her skirt bunched up at her waist, and two strangers looking at her panties.

"Oh, nice, Mama," complimented the passenger. The driver made a chuckling comment in Spanish that turned into a smoker's hack. Mom tried to be stoic, with a firm jaw, but her eyes gave away the fear, humiliation, and helplessness that she no doubt felt. I should have been gallant and averted my eyes, but presented with a sight I've dreamed about, I stared unabashedly at Mom's and Ashley's legs and panties.

The passenger looked back at Ashley. "Hey, Blondie, are you a natural blonde? Huh? Answer me!"

"Yes," Ashley whimpered.

"Prove it. Show me what's under the panties. Let's see if you're a natural blonde."

Ashley whimpered, and shook her head no.

He pointed the gun at me. "OK, then brother, you do it. Pull her panties aside, or I hit Papa again." He nudged Dad to make his point.

"C'mon. Just pull her underwear aside. NOW!"

I reached down. My own left hand was trembling. He had no way of knowing how badly I've wanted to see what was under my sister's panties. Ashley flinched when my hand touched her bare upper thigh. But she said nothing as I placed my hand on her panty crotch. I swear I could feel the warmth emitting from her crotch. As ordered, I gingerly grabbed the side of her panty crotch, and clawed at the fabric. I don't know why I thought it would take some work, like some steel chastity belt, but the thin cotton easily pulled aside.

My hand grazed my sister's pubic hair. She was, as I knew, a natural blonde, although her pussy hair appeared slightly darker than the hair on her head. It appeared to be trimmed away from the sides of her crotch, and maybe cut back a little. But there was a one-inch-long tuft of blonde pubic hair over her slit. I rested my hand on her thigh, keeping the fabric pulled aside, so the two Mexicans could admire Ashley's pussy as I was. It was the first bare pussy I'd ever seen in real life, and it didn't matter that it was my sister's. Actually, I guess that made it better for some reason.

We drove through some traffic, the three of us males admiring my sister's pussy, the two Mexicans discussing it.

"Ah ha. You think Mamacita's trimmed too?" Caesar asked the passenger.

The big guy smirked, looked into Mom's eyes, and replied, "I don't know, but I want to find out. Pull your hose off. Your panties, too", her ordered. Mom inhaled, gave him one look of indignation, looked down, and paused. Then she sighed, lifted her butt off the seat, grabbed the waistband of her pantyhose and panties, and began to wiggle them down.

I couldn't believe it. I was going to see Mom's pussy, too!

Mom kept her thighs together as she pulled her hose past her knees, and at the big guy's orders, down her calves and off of her feet, removing her shoes. I could see a patch of brown pubic hair protruding from between her clenched thighs.

"Spread your legs wide, give us a real GOOD view!"

As ordered, Mom spread her legs wide, pressing her bare left thigh against right thigh.


Mom lifted her knee and threw it over my knee, spreading her legs as far apart as she could. Now we three males could admire the wide triangle of long wild untrimmed pubic hair that Mom was exposing, as well as the pink glistening lips in the middle of the jungle.

Caesar the driver wheezed out a chuckle, looking at his rear view mirror at my mom's naked pussy. He and the driver, whom he called Roberto, traded a few comments about it in Spanish. I wished I'd paid attention better in Spanish class in school.

Roberto looked back to Ashley. I was still holding her panties aside for him, and getting in a little rub of her pubic mound with the back of my fingers. "You spread wider too, like Mama. Pull those panties off!

I let go of Ashley's panties, and she lifted her butt off the seat, and slid them down and off. She threw her right knee over my left knee, as ordered. I now had both my mom and sister's knees over mine, and was staring at both of their naked pussies. With no place else to put my hands, I rested my palms on their thighs. I had to admit to myself that I was enjoying this. I had a throbbing hard on hidden in my pants. I unabashedly stared at both of their pussies. I also liked the humiliated expressions on their faces. Mom's nipples were protruding through her tight sweater. Ashley's dress was just tight enough over her tits that I could see her nipples protruding. I wondered what it was that made their nipples hard. Embarrassment? Eroticism? A draft?

We were now leaving the urban area. There was just the rare house and rarer car passing the other way.

Roberto said something to Caesar the driver, and Caesar nodded. "OK, Blondie," said Roberto. "Lets see your tits."

Ashley whimpered again. My cock jumped again.

"You, Brother, unzip her dress." Ashley's dress zipped up in the back. "C'mon, Blondie, let your brother unzip you." Ashley turned her back to me slightly. I reached up with both hands, and tugged at the zipper by her neck. It started coming down. That's the sexiest I'd ever heard a zipper sound. I slowly zipped it down, until I could see her maroon-colored bra in the back. I kept going, slowly, until the zipper was nearly down to her waist. There was no slip or camisole under Ashley's dress, just the thin bra strap.

"Lower the dress," ordered Roberto. With a defeated expression on her face, Ashley pulled her dress forward off of her chest, exposing her smooth molded maroon-colored bra cups. Her tits appeared to be pushed together, the cups lifting them up like a shelf. Her pale breasts poked just a little out of the tops. From my side view, her bra gapped away from her tits a little, and I could see into the left cup enough to see her tit sloping away from her body.

"Unhook your sister's bra, Brother."

As ordered, I reached up again, and fumbled mightily with Ashley's bra clasp, my hands shaking, knowing I was about to see her tits, wondering if they were as wonderful as I'd imagined them. When I finally unclasped it, Ashley lowered her bra straps, and allowed her bra to fall off of her chest, and lay in a heap on her lap along with her dress.

She tried to cover them, but Roberto said, "Hands, down, let us see them." Ashley clasped her hands on her lap and obediently stood up straight with her shoulders back, like she does in church.

They were MORE wonderful than I'd imagined them. They were a full B-cup pair or better, round and sitting up high. Her flesh was as pale as could be, allowing her pink areolas to contrast greatly. Her areolas were larger than I'd expected, but not too large. Her nipples were hard, sticking straight out. I didn't know how breasts could be any more perfect.

"Yeah, Blondie, nice tits, eh?" Caesar agreed, looking through his rear view mirror at my sister's naked tits. Mom sat silently with her head in her hand, her pussy still exposed, as the three conscious males stared at her daughter's exposed teen ta tas.

Caesar noticed some auto traffic as we approached a stoplight, and Roberto ordered Ashley to scrunch down. She obeyed and leaned back, keeping her head barely above the windows. Ashley started to pull her dress up to cover her tits, but Roberto said, "No, I still want to see them, Sister." While Caesar watched Ashley through his rear-view mirror, Roberto discovered the mirror on the other side of the passenger seat sun visor, and adjusted it so he too could stare at my sister's bare chest while he sat forward.

"Sister, shake your tits." He showed her what he meant by shaking his shoulders back and forth. Ashley copied him, moving her shoulders so her tits jiggled back and forth. I about died watching them rapidly bounce from side to side and up and down, and then just as rapidly snap back in place.

"Hey, brother," said Roberto. "Shake them for me. Pick them up and jiggle them." I couldn't believe my luck. I was being MADE to fondle my sister's tits! It's like he read my mind. I reached over with my right hand, and cupped Ashley's left tit. She flinched at first, giving me a dirty look. But she quickly looked straight ahead, her eyes red, holding back tears, while I squeezed her tit.

That tit felt great. I was a firm handful, and I love playing with it. I lifted it like I was weighing a tomato, and bounced it up and down. Then I jiggled it back and forth rapidly, squeezing it. With other cars passing in the opposite direction, probably unable to see anything we were doing in the back seat at that speed, I played with both of Ashley's tits, boldly handling them as if I owned them. Ashley glanced up at me, and I couldn't help but give her a little smirk, remembering all the times she treated me bad, and calling me a "perv" just for trying to glance at her tits. For this one moment, I owned my big sister, and had her right where I wanted her. Mom and Dad were right there with us, and could do nothing to me.

"Squeeze harder, you won't hurt them. Pull on her nipples." I did what Roberto told me, pulling hard on my sister's hard nipples. She opened her mouth, but emitted no sound; just thrust her chest out to meet my hand. "Lick them. Suck them." I leaned down, and placed my lips on Ashley's right tit. I sucked on the smooth flesh, and found her nipple, sucking the whole thing into my mouth, flitting my tongue over the tip. Ashley shuddered but didn't verbally object. I sucked her right nipple and tugged on her left nipple, then slid my tongue to her left tit and sucked that one. It was probably becoming obvious to Ashley that I wasn't being too reluctant about being forced to fondle her. I didn't care. And I didn't care what Mom thought.

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