Attorney Client Privilege Bk. 03


"Let me on top. I want to ride you." Lis gushed.

"Still not ready to give in?" Robert said as he rolled over bringing Lis with him.

"Jesus Robert! Those moans you heard. That was me raising the white flag. You've got me now use me." Lis announced her acquiescence as she grabbed the thick erection placed it at the mouth of her womanhood and sank down on the black man.

Lis had relaxed and was now able to pounce on the black penis. She smiled down at Robert as she flexed her hips up and down. Robert admired his prize as her body moved. She was as tight as any woman he had ever had and was so eager to please him. She was stunning and smart and most importantly she was blonde and with each thrust becoming more and more submissive to Robert. She was a wonderful trophy. X had really outdone himself with this whore.

Lis could see the satisfaction in his eyes. She leaned down and stuck out her tongue. She slid it into the black man's mouth wiggling it around against his own tongue. "You've been incredible tonight." She whispered and then began to pound her body up and down on Robert. His girth was stretching her nicely and each time the thickest part of his shaft strained her labia a tiny shock shot through her large engorged clitoris and made her quiver. Lis moaned as she gave into yet another orgasm, this one surprising her with its intensity. She threw her head back and sighed loudly. Robert watched the blonde hair fly and reveled in his conquest of the gorgeous white girl.

Finally Robert couldn't hold back any longer. Yes he had shown this beautiful sexual athlete that he was far from an old obsolete black man. She wouldn't soon forget what he had done to her tonight. He let out a loud groan as Lis' tight pussy milked his erection. She could feel the warmth shooting into her body and spread her legs wide on the bed.

"Oh God that feels so sweet!" Lis let out as the last of Robert's sperm shot up into her.

As their excitement waned, Lis collapsed on top of the spent black man. Robert wrapped his arms around Lis and kissed her. He was totally satisfied. He had to think hard to remember if he had ever fucked a woman like this before. Meanwhile Lis was impressed. The wiry black man with the peculiarly shaped penis really knew how to screw a woman. And for a man that barely broke 5'-6" Robert played the dominant role as well as anyone. Lis had thoroughly enjoyed the role play.

She lay down next to the black man and gently stroked his chest with her fingers. Lis figured that this was not going to be a wham bam thank you ma'am. She was going to lay with Robert until he told her to leave.

"You may pleasure a man like a pro but I can tell that you are quite new at this sort of thing." Robert brought up the subject he had briefly broached in the ballroom.

"You're right. I'm pretty new at this." Lis responded.

"So what do you do when you are not playing the pretty submissive white girl?" Robert looked over at Lis in the dim light and smiled sympathetically.

Lis looked back at Robert. For whatever reason she decided to trust a man she had met only hours earlier. "I'm a lawyer."

"You practice quite an interesting form of release. Are you just seeking some sort of thrill by doing this?" Robert spoke softly and seemed to be sincerely interested in Lis.

"You know I have to be honest Robert I've allowed myself to be tricked into this twice now. I could have walked away as soon as I knew what was happening but I didn't. I guess I was curious the first time and this time I was most definitely seeking a thrill." Lis explained.

"Well I hope that I was more a thrill than a dud. You know I'm not as young as I used to be." Robert inquired.

"Robert you were fantastic. I never knew I could enjoy the submissive role so much. I guess I have been doing it all along and just didn't realize it." Lis responded towards the ceiling, her head back against the pillow.

"That's so nice. I am glad. You see you can learn something about yourself in the most unusual circumstances." Robert accepted the compliment sensing Lis' sincerity. "I am always curious as to how someone can be so prim and proper during the day and become something so different at night. Carl had so many pretty white boys trying to make it in show business or something or another and working as a woman at night was just a part of trying to make enough money but I can tell that you are successful at what you do. I suspect that money is not your motivation being a sexual performer is."

"Well Robert if you want to tell me that you are as sexually aggressive during the day as you were with me on that chair over there then . . ." Lis' voice trailed off as she continued to stare at the ceiling.

"Then what, I would be arrested?" The black man chuckled. "I'm sorry if I was too rough. I just thought you were right there with me."

"I was Robert. You have nothing to apologize for." Lis said quickly so she could return to her thoughts. After a moment she asked him. "Does Carl ever get back to the United States?"

"Oh Carl is very happy down in Jamaica. He sold most of his ventures a few years ago and he hasn't been back here for awhile. Why do you ask?" Robert turned towards Lis in the bed.

"Oh I don't know. I can be too nosy for my own good sometimes." Lis returned doing her best to hide her motives and subsequent thoughts from the elder black man.

- 14 -

"So how was your first money screw?" Nikki already knew the answer from the look on the blonde's face as they travelled to their respective homes by limo.

"It was real good." Lis smiled back at the worn out brunette.

"Nothing like getting paid for a little fun." Nikki smiled back at her partner.

"You're right about that. How was your evening with Trevor?" Lis worked on making conversation. It was just before dawn and she was exhausted.

"Oh he's fine but I've been with Robert too. He may have a weird looking cock but he uses it as well as any man I've ever been with. And sister I've been with my share of men." The shapely brunette laughed loudly.

"I can imagine. You go back a long way with Trevor, Robert and who was that other guy?" Lis inquired blending in as much innocence as possible.

"Carl. He was a real gentleman and absolutely gorgeous. I mean he really turned heads." Nikki replied.

"So he played too." Lis kept prodding.

"Sure unfortunately not with me though. He liked his boys pretty and white but they were definitely boys." Nikki explained.

"Did you ever get to know any of those boys?" Lis pushed harder.

"Oh sure. I haven't seen too many in a while though. Carl hasn't been back up here in at least a couple of years. You know to tell you the truth I saw Heidi just the other day. Got her balls sniped though so she works in the real world." Nikki was cut off as the limo stopped at a mid town high rise.

"This is my stop. I hope we can do this again. In my professional opinion you've got what it takes." Nikki leaned across and gave Lis a hug and a kiss before exiting the limo.

"Thanks Nikki. I'm sure I will see you later." Lis smiled and waved as she watched her fellow prostitute walk to her building.

She leaned back in her seat and took in the glow of the rising sun as it peaked through the open car door just before the driver closed it. Lis noticed the cars on the street forming the early elements of weekend morning traffic. While nothing like a weekday rush hour sometimes it could be busy early. It had been a long night and Lis was thankful that she didn't have to be at work. Maybe she would stop down in the afternoon. She was drifting off as the limo pulled up in front of her building. She barely had a chance to close her eyes when the door opened. She thought the driver was simply doing his job holding the door for her but instead he ducked in and sat opposite her on the rear facing seat.

"I'm very sorry I didn't get a chance to introduce myself on the way over. My name is Gideon." The large black man introduced himself as he proceeded to take off his blazer.

'What are you doing?" Lis was sleepy and confused.

"It's tradition for the last girl dropped off to pay the driver's tip." He informed her.

"Well it's nice to meet you Gideon. Any reason why you drove by my neighborhood to drop off Nikki first?" Lis had figured what kind of tip was due as the black man had gotten out of his shirt and was working on his pants. He was built like a linebacker.

"Hey don't get me wrong. Nikki's sweet and she knows how to tip, if you know what I mean. I just . . . Well let's just say you look far more generous." The black man leaned over and ran his hand up and down one of her thighs.

She was sure now that X was simply planning to add her to his stable. Why else would he allow his driver to use her. There was no way Gideon would try something like this without X's permission. She was never going to be his woman. She was just an asset now. She was too tired to fight. It was going to be easier to just give in than try and beat back a man built like a freight train. She gave Gideon a weak smile then reached down and hiked up her skirt and spread her legs. The naked black man got up and pushed himself on top of the gorgeous blonde. Lis took him in her arms and moaned as he slid inside her. As he began undulating on top of her Lis looked out the one way tinted windows and watched the early risers walk by the limousine oblivious to the sexual violation occurring inside. Lis thought how surreal it was that a neighbor of hers walked by with her dog as the ebony skinned brute administered one of her final lessons before she graduated to a full fledged call girl. Suddenly the black man quickened his pace and Lis draped her legs on his pumping buttocks returning her attention to that very lesson.

- 15 -

Lis slept most of the day. She either slept through or ignored the several phone calls that came in during the day. When she finally got up around 3pm she found that she could barely walk. Between the work out that Corinna had given her a couple of nights ago and her sexual encounter with Robert she had been ridden hard and put away wet. The only other time that sex had left her so vanquished was the day that X had made her have anal sex. The day after that encounter she could have sworn that several of her coworkers had been talking as she limped around the office like a cowboy the day after a rodeo. She promised herself that she wouldn't be that obvious around the office again.

When she called her answering service, Lis found that all the calls were from X or Corinna. There were none from the firm. This was excellent news. Now she wouldn't have to go to the office this weekend. Instead she could go to X's. She still wasn't sure what she was going to say or do. All she knew was that her motivation had changed and she didn't want to betray herself to X. Lis called Corinna and begged off getting together for the night. The prosecutor took it for what it was. She was going to be cuckolded by the beautiful blonde. Yet it didn't seem to bother her. A transformation didn't happen overnight and she would have to be patient. Besides, in a perverse way Corinna got off on the fact that Lis would be teasing some country club white boy to the point of him boiling over. Maybe she would give him a little head or if he was good looking enough or that much of a man maybe spreading her legs. Yet in the end the poor little rich kid was chasing a woman that would soon be totally unavailable. In the end Lis Rome would be climbing into her bed and any boys the pretty blonde had been pleasing would just have to go away heartbroken. Corinna Everlund had no idea how badly she had miscalculated.

- 16 -

Lis got up to X's townhouse just before 6pm. She was wearing a tee shirt, Levis jeans and a leather coat. The weather had changed over the past few days and the multicolored leaves that floated around in the street proved it. She was about to ring the bell but at the last second reached over to the doorknob and turned it. Once again X had left the door open. Lis smiled as she walked through the door. Someday X's over confidence, laziness or whatever it was would come back and bite him in the ass.

As soon as Lis made her way past the foyer she heard them. The woman was letting out sobs in a distinct and very familiar rhythm while X was grunting fiercely. At first Lis wanted to sit down and cry but she reminded herself why she was there. She couldn't resist climbing the stairs and finding out who was working out with X. Lis thought about Nikki. Quite possibly the professional slut was giving X a little thank you for last night's sweet assignment. Lis snuck up the staircase and headed down to X's bedroom. She figured it was good fortune that the door was cracked open even though there was such a conflict raging inside her. She couldn't smother the pain that X had inflicted upon her but on the other hand she had made a decision to help another man that she had never met.

She saw them on the bed. X was on top of her pounding his erection in and out of her. The large black prong was plumbing the depths of this woman's vagina which was spurting an extraordinary amount of fluid as it stretched wide for X. Her excitement was soaking both of them and made X's penis shine like onyx marble. Despite having been with him so many times herself Lis was amazed at how hard X could fuck a woman. This one was being put to the ultimate test. Lis couldn't see much of her with X covering her body but she saw that her supposed rival had dirty blonde hair and like her she was in superior shape. Lis could see that the woman had muscular legs. She watched them reach up and wrap around X's body and lock at the ankles. Lis concluded that she was a good match for X's violent thrusts as she began urging on the well built black stud reaching down and grabbing at his large round buttocks. Lis turned and quietly went back down the stairs.

She couldn't resist poking around X's house. She knew that as long as the woman's cries continued not even a bucket of cold water would separate the two lovers. She began in the living room. During her career as a lawyer Lis had honed a talent for being methodical. This skill would come in handy for this project. Lis started with the desk in the corner. It seemed to be there more for decoration but Lis was going to leave nothing to chance. She quickly rifled through the few papers in the drawers. There was nothing of interest in the desk so she moved onto a small bookcase and then the end tables at each end of the couch. She moved over to X's study where she fully expected to find something of interest. As she made her way to the dark wood paneled room she could hear the woman's moans become more frantic and louder. It was obvious that X was wearing her down with his relentless lust.

Lis attacked the large desk in the study first. It was a much larger piece of furniture than the one in the living room and it was where she figured that she might find what she was looking for. While the room was very organized, she was aware that there was no way that she would be able to get through this room in the short time she had before X would be done with his latest conquest upstairs. Lis was impressed with X's organizational skills. For a man that couldn't remember to lock the door after he got done watering his plants he had everything where it should be. The problem was that Lis wasn't looking for information on Xavier Washington's various real estate ventures which she found laid out in different folders in the desk filing cabinet. She looked through a couple of the folders as the noise continued upstairs. She was impressed with the way X had set up each of the deals. He had swooped in on a distressed property and then let someone like Kelvin Jones loose on it. The keys to X's success seemed to be that he had several Kelvin's which he could call on for a renovation project. That way if one was tied up with another project he could still move quickly and more importantly let them compete against each other to drive the project's price down. Lis looked over the final bids of each contractor for the two projects she reviewed. They were all there in perfect order each filled out on the same form so that everything could be reviewed in an apples to apples comparison.

Lis heard the pounding and grunting come to a crescendo upstairs. She replaced everything in its proper place. She was very aware that one thing out of place would be trouble with someone as anal as X. She finished and then tip toed back into the living room. Lis thought about just quietly leaving home but changed her mind. She waited patiently for X to finish with his friend.

After about ten minutes Lis heard them coming down the stairs. Her heart fluttered as they got to the bottom of the stairs. She stood just as X walked by the living room. He jumped about a foot in the air when he felt Lis' presence and then turn and saw her. For a moment he just stood there staring at her. Lis knew he was waiting for a strategy to come to mind or for her to make the first move. She knew he was a master with women and he could wait there all day for something to formulate in his head or for her to explode so that he could return a verbal counterpunch to whatever rage she would hurl at him. Instead Lis stayed calm and even managed to smile at the black man.

"If I've told you about your plants and that door once, I've told you a hundred times." Lis led with a smile.

"Yea and I should have known it would have been you that taught me a lesson too." X was cool matching Lis' demeanor.

"I just wanted to stop by and talk. I'm sorry I interrupted. I should have called first." Lis returned.

"Lis I'm sorry about this. I never wanted to hurt you. I'm . . ." X didn't get a chance to finish because Lis wasn't interested in hearing any excuse regardless of how creative it could have been. She had gotten him to flinch regarding the woman upstairs and that was good enough.

"X I know it's your business and I knew that when I got into this with you. But I'm ready." Lis admitted.

"Ready for what?" X was puzzled by Lis' direction.

"You can turn me out. I'm ready to be one of your whores." Lis said.

"Jesus Lis are you sure?" X was astonished.

"Yea isn't it what you wanted all along?" Lis asked.

"Oh I don't know about that. We could still have something don't you think?" X lied.

"X there is no us just your work and I want you to work me. I can do it maybe twice a week. I have to dictate the times for now because of my other job but that can change. And X, I want to work the black men, especially Robert. I liked him." Lis informed him. She added her desire to work with black men and Robert in particular for several reasons chief among them her growing attraction to interracial sex and more importantly her need to continue gaining Robert's trust.

"Alright if that's what you want. I've got plenty of black clients that are going to just love you Lis and they'll all pay top dollar." X admitted.

Just then X's houseguest came into the room. Lis guessed she was about her age and drop dead gorgeous. She was shorter than Lis but with the same athletic build. She was wearing a short white robe that exposed a pair of very firm legs. Lis noticed the familiar satiated look on her. It was a look that Lis was hoping that X would one day reserve for her.

"Honey who is your houseguest?" The woman asked with more than a little intimidation entangled in her voice.

"Amy this is Lis." X introduced the two women.

"It's nice to meet you Amy. I was just leaving." Lis held out her hand but Amy stood there as if an alien had just approached her.

"How do you know X?" Amy couldn't resist prying.

"I work for X." Lis replied as she moved towards the front door and before X could throw in some elaborate fib.

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