AU Ch. 04


Maddox inhaled in surprise as the pierced tongue began to caress his own. Warmth spread all over his body. This kiss was, in his mind, their first. It wasn't rushed or drunk. It was perfect. He felt little sparks dancing in his stomach, running across his flesh. Heat radiated from his heart out of his body and into Mark's lips and mouth. His student was tugging at the hair at the base of his neck. The kiss broke and they lingered there rubbing the lips together as their breath mingled in the air between them.

Giving Maddox one final peck, Mark pulled back to look at him. "You just called me baby." He teased, realizing the pet name his teacher had assigned to him. Mark watched Maddox's strong jaw dip down into his chest and he tilted Maddox's face back up. "It's alright. I like it."

Maddox explained to Mark everything he knew about the game. Todd would have been proud of him. He explained what it meant to get a first, second, and third down. Maddox also explained the line of scrimmage and some of the penalties.

By the end of the game Mark's lungs felt hoarse from screaming. Their team had won and Maddox and Mark had celebrated with a victory kiss. Mark lead his man back to Todd's truck and opened the driver door for him. The ride home was filled with comfortable conversation and longing caresses.


Mark looked at the rundown apartment complex. He had expected Maddox to live in something a bit more upscale. He noted a few cars had commuter parking permits stuck to their back windshields. It was very possible that if this date lead to future dates that another student would see them.

"Oh..." Maddox said, noticing Mark's eyes were currently resting on a student sticker. "I didn't think about that..." Maddox rubbed the back of his neck and took off his sweatshirt. "Here, just follow close behind and keep the hood up."

Mark slid the sweatshirt over his head and searched for the large sleeves. "Damn you are big."

"Thanks?" Maddox arched an eyebrow as he watched marks thin frame find the proper holes for his appendages.

"No, it's a good thing. I like being with a man." Mark reassured Maddox, flipping the hood over his head. "I mean I'm gay. If I wanted to be with a girl I would be with a girl." Mark opened the door and waited for Maddox to lead him to his apartment. He was jumpy and made sure to keep his head low. Once Mark had successfully been snuck into his teacher's apartment he inhaled deeply, sighing with relief.

"Scared?" Maddox asked softly.

Mark nodded "Yeah, like I said we both have a lot to loose." Maddox flicked on the light illuminating the still disheveled moving-in stage of his appartment. "We have a lot to gain, too."

Mark watched Maddox take a large tray out of the refridgerator and place it in the oven.

"Frozen dinner?" Mark asked skeptically.

"No, it's my mom's creation. Stuffed scampi alfrado shells. You'll love them. I just made it earlier and froze it since it reheats well." Maddox started to set his makeshift table. Trissta had kept the large mahogany table in their dining room. He wished he had been able to show Mark the nice thing he used to have. "I know mine won't be as good as hers, but I wanted something that was from my family."

Mark nodded, not knowing what to say. He wished he had something of his family to share with his boyfriend. He was so consumed with longing that he didn't notice he was considering Maddox his boyfriend. Maddox turned around and noticed the pensive look on Mark's face. "What's wrong? Did I do something?"

Mark looked up, seeing Maddox's large eyes flooded with concern. He took the larger man's hand into his own, kissing his ring finger. "No, of course not. We just have very different stories to tell."

Maddox shivered as Mark stroked his fingers. He knew the arousal he was feeling was misplaced. He bit his tongue, allowing the coppery taste sooth his frustrations. In his innocence, Maddox had never truthfully experienced anything bad in the world. He had a loving family with parents that would put even the best romance novels to shame.

Mark seemed to have been tainted by pain deep down to his core. He was reserved and appeared to Maddox to be the type who didn't share often. He was shocked when, after a few agonizing seconds, Mark continued. "I miss them sometimes. My family, I mean. We used to be close, and then they found out I was a fag. I remember coming home from school... I mean I knew it wasn't going to be pretty but, I mean my mother was having a fucking funeral in the kitchen."

Tears came to Marks eyes. He had never talked about his family, the incident, or even Noah and now here he was spilling his guts as his new lover's homemade dish was warming in the oven. "I just thought they would be mad, you know? My father told me I was dead. I remember trying to call out to my mom. She, she wouldn't even look at me. They were supposed to be my fucking parents and the moment I am not perfect I am dead to them." Mark growled as hurt and rage over all his demons threatened to spill forward. Then he relaxed placing mortar between bricks once more protecting himself with walls of stoicism.

Mark quickly wiped his tears on Maddox's sweatshirt, which he had yet to remove from his body. "Sorry, I don't want to ruin our first date."

"You can't ruin this, unless you plan to run out of my apartment screaming." Maddox wouldn't push. If Mark was ready and wanting to talk about it he would listen, but he wouldn't push. Like most people that had seen them, he had wondered about the scars and tattoos. But he knew Mark would only open up when he was ready.

Mark felt so protected by Maddox, but truthfully he wasn't ready. How do you go about telling someone that your father threatened to kill you for real if you didn't disappear? Jack Jameson had always had a temper. He hit his wife, smacked his daughter and unleashed his rage on his son. You didn't, at least not on a first date.

"I'm here for you, Mark, no matter what is in your past. If you don't want to talk about I won't push." Maddox offered Mark a hug and was pleased when his seemingly strong man moved into his arms.

"Thank you, for everything." Mark was surprised how natural it felt to be in Maddox's arms. He was so used to being strong, for everyone. Always fighting to keep his head above water. It was nice to just be able to relax and have someone else keep him afloat.

"I care about you, Mark Langley. No need to thank me." Maddox kissed the top of Mark's head.

Mark winced. He hadn't even brought up the incident. There were just so many secrets from so many people. It was exhausting. "I care about you too, Maddox Cotedivoux." was all he could say in return.

The oven made a sharp invading buzzing sound and the couple parted. Mark watched Maddox fill two plates with large stuffed shell noodles. The smell was intoxicating. "Look at you, little house wife!" Mark teased, ducking as Maddox threw the oven-mitt at him.

"I just like to cook. I'm Italian and French, after all." Maddox set a plate down in front of both chairs and handed Mark a fork and knife. "Let me know if you don't like it."

Mark was practically drooling "Trust me, after cafeteria food anything homemade would be perfect. This smells incredible, though." He cut open the shell, letting cheese and steam out of their noodle prison. Shrimp, cheese, and chicken spilled out onto the dark blue plate.

Mark blew on a steaming bite, making a small moan as he tasted the concoction. "Mmm, this is amazing!"

Maddox swallowed his bite. "You say that like you are surprised." Maddox smiled, watching Mark shovel the rest of the food in his mouth.

After dinner Maddox piled all the dishes up in the sink and lead Mark to his living room. "I have some video games we could play or we could watch a movie?" He offered, not wanting Mark to go home yet.

Mark thought this over for a moment. He wasn't ready for his time with Maddox to end, but he knew that Justin would want to have roommate time tonight and he didn't want Maddox thinking he would always put out like he had.

However, upon seeing that hopeful look in Maddox's eyes, he slid onto the couch under Maddox's heavy arm. "What movie were you wanting to watch?"

"Anything. I am sort of a movie-holic." Maddox handed Mark two very large and very full CD cases stuffed with DVDs.

Mark thumbed through the collection, amused. His man had everything from Disney to horror. "This one." Mark paused and pointed out a DVD with three wolves along the bottom and their human counterparts on the top.

"Blood and Chocolate." Maddox smiled. "I love this movie." He bounced to the DVD player and put the disc in.

Mark felt a small pang of guilt as he noticed the time. It was getting late. He pulled out his phone and texted his roommate.


Justin's phone vibrated on the bed side table "Sorry Jin, hang on." He panted, getting off the larger Asian male that he was tutoring. The text read: Sorry Just 1st date wnt well staying the nite. Justin smiled and returned to the needing naked man on his bed. "Looks like we didn't need that knock first sign, my roommate isn't coming back."

Justin climbed back under the sheets and trailed a finger along Jin's pale body. He was built beautifully. Not too thick, but by no means would one consider him thin. He had a few tattoos, nothing compared to the artwork Mark was covered in but enough for Justin. He wasn't that fond of ink anyway. "Roll over onto your stomach" Justin purred.

The all but silent Jin complied, no longer able to see Justin. "Like this?" Jin questioned sweetly. He presented his wonton ass to Justin.

Jin yipped as he felt his ass smacked "No talking, Jin baby, remember?" Justin scolded his plaything.

Jin flushed and nodded. He knew how Justin could be. Sometimes he wanted the thrill of topping or causing pain as he watched his partner's face twist in humiliation. Other times Justin liked to be cuddled and taken care of as a thick cock fucked him into oblivion. The last way Justin liked it was how Jin was letting him have it now. Anonymous so that he could get off and stay inside his own head. He would care nothing for his partner's pain or pleasure as long as he got off. A race to the finish line. If Jin didn't get off before Justin he would be alone with his hand to fix it later.


Mark's lips traveled across the valleys of Maddox's sculpted body. The movie had been forgotten and Mark's roommate told him he had company anyway. He felt the large god shiver under his teasing kisses.

Maddox watched Mark's mouth travel closer and closer to his groin. He let out a loud moan as Mark licked the darkened seam of his sac. Mark was about to engulf him when Maddox panicked. "Stop, baby, stop." He whispered, scooting away from Mark's open mouth.

Mark looked up at him, hurt. "Did I do something wrong?" He felt cold, wondering if Maddox had been having second thoughts. He was going through a heterosexual divorce after all. The first time Maddox had been drunk and the second time had all happened so fast.

Maddox was pleased with his self restraint until he noticed the panic in Mark's eyes, "No, of course not."

Relief flowed through Mark's veins. "What's wrong then, babe? I thought you wanted this?"

"I do, but Trissta cheated on me and I don't know who all with or if she was safe..." Maddox couldn't look in Mark's eyes. Mark meant more to him than just a good time.

Mark thought for a moment "Oh, your ex wife."

"It's not that I don't want to because believe me I do. I just want you to be safe." Maddox blurted out.

Mark smiled and crawled back up so he was straddling Maddox's hips. He turned his face so that Maddox had to look into his eyes. "We can wait, you just scared me a little. It's still difficult for me to wrap my brain around an ex wife. I got checked before I applied and haven't been with anyone since. We can both go and get tested tomorrow, though, if you would like."

Maddox nodded and all was made right with a kiss. Maddox felt Mark's hard cock pressing into him. "I trust you." He informed Mark. "Can I, can I give you, um, a, uh, you know?"

Mark watched Maddox writhe in his own shyness. It was such a turn on to have a man who was practically a blushing virgin beneath him. "If you want, but you're going to have to say it. I want to hear you say it." Mark normally wasn't the type to get off on humiliation, but Maddox blushing and stammering between his thighs had just proved to be a turn on. His teacher was so innocent and new to everything.

Maddox got down onto the floor between Mark's legs, hoping that inspiration to say his sinful desire would strike him. "I want to suck." Maddox watched his student wiggle out of his jeans.

They were on even playing fields now, both completely naked. "I want your cock..." Maddox mumbled, staring at the object of his fantasies. He hadn't yet been faced with a naked male so close to his face.

Despite it being obvious to everyone, Maddox hadn't known because he had never gone looking. He had never seen porn, never consciously thought about a man. Mark's cock bouncing naked in front of his face had woken him up.

Mark couldn't resist. He tilted Maddox's face back up. "You want to suck my cock, Dr. Cotedivoux?" He asked, thrilled when his teacher gave a small nod. "Have you ever had one in your mouth before?" Mark questioned. He assumed Maddox was inexperienced, but then again the man had been so sure what he wanted in his office.

"No." Was all Maddox managed to whisper.

"How will you know how to do it?" Mark asked, leading his teacher along.

Maddox flushed. "I've had girls do it to me before." He offered, not seeing what Mark was hinting at.

"We both know that isn't the same. I suppose I will just have to teach you then." He smirked.

Maddox relaxed. He unclenched his fists "Just like you taught me how you liked to be stroked?"

Mark nodded. Maddox taught him chemistry, but he was going to teach his man how to be a good lover. "Exactly like that. Start by kissing the head." Mark instructed watching, Maddox comply. His plump lips grazed the top of Mark's head.

Maddox tasted the precum on his lips. Mark had a strong salty flavor and he ran his tongue along the pink surface of his lips. "Like that?"

Mark gave a soft moan, watching Maddox lick precum off of his lips. "Yeah, baby, just like that." His legs shook with anticipation. He wanted to grab Maddox's thick hair and slam his aching cock down the man's throat. "Lick it, get me nice and wet."

With more confidence than before Maddox gave a small lick to the underside of Mark's shaft. When his younger lover jerked at a certain spot just beneath his crown Maddox made a mental note to return there. Mark felt the warm gentle caresses of his lover's tongue. The gentle slowness was driving him insane as he jolted every now and again when Maddox hit that bundle of nerves along the underside of his shaft. He had never had a man pay attention to him like that before and Mark just enjoyed. He leaned, back moaning and panting. Then his teacher did something unexpected.

Maddox had loved when Mark had licked his swollen sensitive sac and wondered if Mark would feel the same. With the moans of encouragement Maddox decided to give it a try. He used the broad of his tongue and licked each tightened orb.

Mark nearly leapt off of the couch. "Holy shit, that feels good-d-d!" He stammered. Mark's fingers dug holes into the couch as he tried to fight off his orgasm. "Suck me, baby." He growled, not forgetting his role. "Roll your lips over your teeth" He instructed.

Maddox enthusiastically attempted to get Mark's entire length into his mouth. He didn't bother to go slow and as soon as Mark's cock hit the back of his throat he made a gagging noise and jumped off.

The noise Maddox made had Mark on edge. His excitement to suck his first cock was hands down the hottest thing Mark had ever witnessed. "Slow down, baby, you don't need to get the whole thing in." He coaxed.

With renewed determination Maddox rolled his lips over his teeth and tried again. He got a little under half of Mark into his mouth and stopped.

Mark knew Maddox wouldn't be able to take that much of him his first time and he was happy for the warm embrace of his lover's mouth. He gently rocked his hips into Maddox. "Suck, Maddox..." He purred in a low voice.

Maddox began to bob his head. After a few strokes he managed to get a little bit more of Mark in. He used his tongue, swirling along what of Mark's shaft he managed to get into his mouth.

It wasn't the best head Mark had ever gotten, but it was definitely the most memorable. The last virgin Mark had been with had been Noah and they had both explored each other together. Mark felt his sack tighten and draw up into his body. His dick began to hum with it's need to release. "I'm gonna cum." He moaned "Shit, Maddox, s-st-top-p!" He cried, not wanting to explode in Maddox's mouth without warning.

To his surprise Maddox moved faster, sucked harder. "Fuck, I'm... mmm... aahhh!" Mark panted, losing himself to pleasure. Maddox looked up at Mark and Mark lost it. He erupted inside his teacher's warm mouth, coating his tongue in warm spunk. Mark held Maddox's gaze as he pumped the last of his orgasm into him.

Maddox made sure Mark was completely done before he finished sucking. The thick cum rolled around over his tongue as he enjoyed the flavor. It was bitter and salty, not what he was expecting. He swallowed it when he was finished milking the last few drops from Mark's cock. Maddox licked Mark clean as he softened. "How was it?"

Mark was still sensitive and Maddox's licking elicited some powerful after shocks. "You have to ask?" Mark teased before pulling up his boxers. Maddox smiled and climbed back onto the couch, pleased that his first time giving Mark head had been successful. "And where do you think you are going?" Mark arched an eyebrow as his big puppy tried to cuddle into his lap.

Maddox looked up into Mark's green eyes, confused. "I thought maybe we could watch another movie. You said your roommate wasn't expecting you." He whined.

Mark's voice was a bit hoarse from moaning "You really think I am going to let you lay here naked, hard, and needy next to me after that?" Mark wiggled out from under his teacher's massive weight. When he was free he went over to his jeans and took something out of the pocket. Mark got back on top of his teacher kissing down his body, back where he had left off.

Without thinking Maddox's hips thrust up and he whimpered his need. "But, we said... I might not be clean." He panted, trying to wiggle away.

Mark snorted a small laugh. "Ever heard of condoms?" Mark asked, showing Maddox the green foil wrapper. "It's green apple flavored, made just for this."

Maddox blushed and settled back down onto the couch "You don't have to, I mean I like just doing it for you." He protested, nervous he wouldn't last long.

"I want to." Mark assured him rolling the latex condom over Maddox's stiff rod. The smell of fake green apples saturated the air as Mark went to work. He engulfed Maddox's entire cock, swallowing as he went. He moaned and hummed around the beautiful cock, feeling Maddox tense with pleasure.

Maddox moaned and his mouth hung open. He couldn't fathom how Mark managed to get his mouth to do everything it did. Trissta hadn't even been that good. Not that she ever really put much effort into it. Maddox's knuckles lost color as he gripped the edge of the sofa, trying not to become lost in pleasure. A few bobs of Marks head and Maddox lost control.

Mark felt Maddox's cock lurch within it's latex confines. He knew his lover had better get tested sooner rather than later because he wouldn't be able to be sensible about protection for long. When Mark was sure Maddox was finished and each jerk was nothing more than an after shock, he pulled off, kissing Maddox's covered cock. "Good?" He questioned, feigning innocence.

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