AU Ch. 04


Maddox flushed down from his cheeks to his chest "Oh my God..." He panted, looking at Mark with admiration. "You have to teach me how you did that." Maddox wiggled out from under Mark, wanting to go again.

"As much as I love your enthusiasm I am a bit too tired to go again tonight." Mark raked his fingers though Maddox's hair.

Maddox nodded, he hadn't realized how hard he had come. "Me, too. You wore me out. Want to take a shower?" Maddox asked hopefully. He didn't want the night to ever end.


Mark woke up, his legs and arms wrapped possessively around his muscular man. He had slept soundly through the night and couldn't even remember what he had dreamed about. He kissed the back of Maddox's neck. "Morning, teach." He teased.

Maddox smiled peacefully as he pressed himself into Mark's body. He didn't realize the warm crevice of his ass was stroking Mark's morning arousal. "Morning." He yawned. Maddox gave a soft moan of appreciation as he felt Mark's moistened palm stroking him.

"Looks liked someone slept well." Mark purred, moving his hips so that his own cock received friction between Maddox's cheeks.

Maddox nodded in affirmation "I did, there was some really hot naked guy who held me all night long."

Mark knew this was how he wanted to wake up every morning. He bit his lip as their orgasms flooded them at the same time.

"Wipe it on the bed, I'll wash the sheets." Maddox whispered, not ready to leave the safety of Mark's embrace.

Mark buried his nose in Maddox's hair as he held him and bit his lip, trying to remind himself not to move too fast. Mark wanted to go out with Maddox, to introduce him to Justin, his only friend. Well, there was Cassie, but she wasn't really a friend, and she already knew Maddox.

"I want you to meet Todd." Maddox took the idea right from Mark's thoughts. "You don't have to if you don't want to, but he is my best friend and I really care about you and and I'm sorry. This is too fast, isn't it? I should have waited."

Mark chuckled softly. "You know it's adorable when you start to nervous babble."

Maddox flushed, happy Mark couldn't see his face at that moment. "Nervous babble?" He questioned.

"Uh huh, every time you think you are breaking some gay relationship taboo you back peddle and get all tongue tied." He kissed Maddox's reddening ear.

"Oh, I didn't know..." Maddox refrained from babbling further.

"It's okay, baby, I like it. Means I can get under your skin." Mark ran his fingers over his teachers warm skin. Their cum was starting to dry between them. "I would love to meet him, and I want you to meet my roommate. I think I might need to warm him up to the idea, though."

Mark knew he had promised Justin they would have roommate day on Saturday and sooner or later he would need to let Maddox go and shower. Sooner would probably be more practical than later.


Maddox had said his goodbyes to Mark, promising that they would meet up sometime on Sunday before they got back into the swing of things. He was about to head out of his door when he smacked into a familiar body.

"Hey!" Trissta said, looking at Maddox's startled expression.

Maddox looked at Trissta. She looked terrible, like she hadn't been sleeping. He skin was pale and there was no way a shower was in her recent past. "Hey."

Trissta bit her bottom lip which, for once it wasn't smeared with lipstick, not even a trace of gloss.

Maddox remembered meeting Trissta. She had been his best friend all through college. She sat next to him in almost all of his biology classes. She had been so alive, partying, and happy. She looked like death now. Maddox couldn't help but wonder if he was the reason the life had been wrung from her eyes.

"Can I come in?" She whispered.

Maddox held the door open and watched Trissta sit on the couch. "I'm sorry." He said softly.

Trissta smiled "It's not your fault. I guess I knew all along. I mean what girl doesn't become best friends with the token fag and pray he turns out straight?" She snorted. "Deep down I knew. I married you anyway, hoping it would be different. Hoping we would be alright. I hate you and I can't imagine you are fond of me." Trissta started to sob into her hands "God, I was so stupid. I wasn't ready to be a wife, even."

Maddox pulled Trissta against his chest, feeling her tears soaking his shirt. "I never cheated, you know. As much of a bitch as I am I valued our marriage."

Maddox couldn't think of anything to say "I'm so sorry Trissta. I really didn't know until Mark."

Trissta nodded "I know that. Wait... Mark?" She asked, tilting her head to look at her husband.

Maddox nodded. "I, uh, met a guy." He blushed. "I was at a bar, feeling sorry for myself over the divorce and he... he took care of me. Like how I should have taken care of you."

Trissta smiled. "Wish I could say I found that hot. I thought about trying a three way with you, but I knew who would get left out of that equation."

Maddox laughed. "You know I wouldn't have gone for that, anyway."

Trissta lit up a little. "Yeah, I know. Any chance we can still be friends? I think I am starting to do a little better. I came to terms with this sometime ago."

Maddox hugged his small wife. "I would like to have you in my life again. You want something to drink?" Maddox asked. "I have your favorite."

Maddox got up and poured Trissta some of the left over wine from the night before. He poured himself a glass and sat down next to her. "To friendship?"

She laughed. "Better than 'to marriage'." the glasses clinked and Trissta took a big gulp. She froze once the taste hit her tongue, not able to swallow. Wide eyed, she stared at Maddox. She had hurt him and he her and somehow they were managing to move on.

Maddox watched Trissta's cheeks fill with wine and he watched her as a look of panic came across her face. He watched her spit it back into the glass and set it down on the edge of his second hand coffee table. Trissta leapt up and ran to the bathroom slamming the door.

The wine glass teetered before falling from the table and shattering on the floor. Maddox followed her to the bathroom. "You alright?" He asked, wrinkling his nose as he heard her make a horrible retching sound.

Maddox knocked before opening the door and scooping Trissta's hair up into his hand. "What did you eat?" He questioned.

Trissta's heart hammered. This was why she had come over. She needed to tell him, to shatter his life further. He had a man and she had this thing growing inside of her. Despite her partying ways, Trissta didn't believe in abortion. They had always been so careful and yet her she was throwing up in her soon-to-be ex husban's toilet. "I'm pregnant..."


Mark opened his door to find Justin working on some psychology homework. "You ready for roommate time?" Mark asked.

Justin's face lit up. "Yes, hell fucking yes! Get me out of this room! I am so sick of homework.

Mark nodded, not even bothering to put down his things. "Alright, come on then." He laughed.

"Somebody got some last night." Justin taunted, poking Mark in his ribs.

"So, when do I get to meet this Noah guy?" He chirped once they had reached the elevator.

Mark froze and the color drained from his face. "Noah?" He questioned.

Justin stopped. His roommate looked like he had seen a ghost. "Sorry, you kept crying out his name in your sleep last week."

Mark tried to wet his mouth but there was no moisture to provide him with relief. "I d..did?" He questioned as the doors opened and they began to walk out of the building towards the parking lot.

Justin nodded. "Yeah, something about I'm going to school, Noah, aren't you proud?" Justin decided to leave out the sobbing and shrieking that his roommate had woken him up with. A few of those times Justin had crawled into bed with Mark to hold him just so they wouldn't get into trouble for all the noise his roommate was making.

Mark tried to swallow a mouth full of cotton. "Noah was my first boyfriend." He whispered, closing the driver side door. The noise startled him, he couldn't remember how he had gotten into his car.

"Oh..." Justin said, now even more confused. Noah had to be abusive the way Mark carried on in the middle of the night. Maybe Noah had been the one to give him those scars. Poor Mark had gone from abusive lover to a lover who cared more for his job than Mark. "Maybe I should drive. We can go out to dinner, your favorite place. My treat."

The roommates switched sides, but the damage had been done. The whole way to the restaurant Mark thought about his past.


Mark Jameson, as he had then been called walked into the lunch room. He waited for his Noah at their table. He had prepared a speech for Noah, a promise ring speech that perfectly captured their love for each other. It was the late nineties after all, times were starting to change. Just because they lived around people who didn't understand didn't mean there wasn't a place for them now. The real world had cast gay people and even though Mark and Noah weren't permitted to watch such 'trash' they knew people were starting to open their minds.

Mark and Noah ate quickly in silence. Now and then they would exchange knowing looks, but what they both really wanted was to finish so they could sneak outside.

Mark was the first to leave the table. He snuck out of the school building and waited for Noah in the little patch of woods under their tree. It was where they had shared their first kiss. The boys had carved their initials into the wood and spent hours under the shelter nature permitted them. When Noah showed up Mark's face glowed. Noah was flushed and walked into Mark's arms. "I love you, Mark."

Mark smiled "I love you, too." He held Noah's as they looked at each other. "Noah if you accept this ring..."

Noah laughed "Mark, I already have." He interrupted.

Mark couldn't help but smile "Shh, you know how I am."

Noah rolled his eyes and sighed in mock annoyance. "You probably have this memorized and want to get it perfect."

Mark flushed. "Yes, I do. Now can I finish?" He played back.

Noah shrugged and nodded.

"Thank you. If you will accept this ring, Noah Langley, you would make me the happiest man alive. This ring is a promise to you, a promise that no matter what happens I will always be here for you. I will love you to the day I die and I will some day marry you if you will give me that honor. I am a better person because of you. You made me want to make a difference, to want to care about school and make something of myself. I want to become a lawyer and help people because of you."

Noah snorted. "Still say you should come to med school with me. You would do the world more good as a doctor."

Mark huffed.

"Sorry, baby, continue." He apologized, enjoying how he could push Mark's buttons.

"You are perfect for me and I know I will never love another man for the rest of my life. Will you promise to our future Noah?"

Noah couldn't help himself now. He was tearing up at the thought of a future with Mark. "Yes, baby, I promise now and forever." Noah stood on his toes and the couple kissed.

Heat radiated from their bodies as they pressed into each other. They were still so young and yet Mark knew Noah was his one. There would never be another Noah.

"What the Hell? Fags!" A female voice sliced through the air and froze the young lovers in their embrace.

The principle drug Noah and Mark apart to the school scolding and going on and on about what a disgusting thing they were doing. She proceeded to call both of their parents to tell them their sons had been expelled.

Mark didn't remember feeling anything until the sting of his Father's hand shook him from his black hole. "You fucking little fairy! I knew there was something up with you and that ass licking ginger!" Mark's dad bellowed. Mark shook his head noticing his mother in tears. "Mom, mom it's still me. Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I'm not your son anymore." Mark took a step forward and felt a slicing on his throat as his father pinned him to the wall.

"You little shit, trespassing in my home!" He thought about pressing the knife harder, but that would only leave a nasty stain for his wife to clean. "My son died in a car accident, understand? You ever set foot in this house again and I'll kill you. All the neighbors will be talking and I plan to tell them just that. This.. This little incident is unnatural and I won't have you poisoning your sister."

Mark nodded, eyes flooded with terror. He walked out of his old house and never looked back. Mark ran the only place he considered to be safe. Their tree, he knew as soon as Noah heard his father telling whatever lie he planned to tell Noah would come find him. He knew it, just knew it. He never could have imagined the plane rocking the country, stealing his future and his Noah.


((I promise to explain more of Maddox and Trissta in the next chapter. You also get the rest of Noah. Chapter five is written and with my wonderful editor Schwarzwald so that should be up soon. Chapter six is almost written. I also have a vampire and werewolf story with another editor. Let me know if you would like me to post from both or just wait until I have AU wrapped up. Thank you so much for reading and please leave feed back it helps a lot. A special thank you to AzanianHeat for the email feed back. I took your advice and I think it really helps upcoming chapters. Thank you all and I hope you enjoyed.))

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