tagGay MaleAU Ch. 04

AU Ch. 04


Mark offered a weak smile before climbing into bed. He could still taste Maddox on his mouth only now that taste was tainted with Noah. Mark Jameson and Noah Langley had been friends since sandbox days. Elementary school gave the boys friendship, middle school brought on their curiosity for more, but it was during high school that their secret relationship flourished. The Jamesons and the Langlys felt the same way about homosexuality and it was quite a scandal when the incident had happened. The incident was what happened to be on Mark's mind now...


It was February 14th, the cliché holiday that meant every normal couple at St. Andrews Catholic School were exchanging small tokens of affection. Noah and Mark were not allowed to behave like all the heterosexual couples at school. Not only because they were in a strict Catholic school, but also because their parents were very strict about the perverse disease of homosexuality.

The young couple boarded the bus together. Being next door neighbors meant the boys were almost always together. They walked past all the rows of familiar young teen faces. No one even thought twice. Mark and Noah were simply best friends. They sat in the back of the bus as always. The familiar fake brown leather sank beneath their combined weight. Mark draped his nearly empty school bag between them. He waited for Noah's hand to slide into his where it belonged. Just like it had been doing for the past three years.

Noah was a small boy with angelic blonde hair and teddy bear brown eyes. He looked like a fragile doll and everything about him screamed of his innocence. Noah was tiny Tim who always saw the good in people. He was the reason Mark wanted to be a doctor and help people. Mark honestly wouldn't have thought twice about mankind if it hadn't been for his Noah.

Noah's tiny soft hand slid into Marks. Mark felt the invading warmth and went through with the first part of his romantic plan. Mark slid the tiny white gold hoop onto Noah's right hand. Noah's plump rosy lips pulled back in a smile as blood warmed his face.

"Happy Valentines Day Noah" Mark whispered, a happy light in his eyes. Mark had planned out this holiday for month. He had saved up and found the perfect simple ring. "It's a promise ring" he informed his boyfriend. Noah's eyes started to tear up. He felt his long term best friend, and only lover, give his ring adorned hand a squeeze. The small boy quickly wiped his eyes to avoid the questioning stares of his school mates. They always had to be careful no one was looking. Noah nodded his head in a shy yes.

Mark chuckled and lowered his voice barely above a whisper "I love you Noah Langley. You need to let me give you the romantic speech I had planned before you can say yes." He chided the smaller boy.

If as all possible Noah blushed even darker. His heart jumped a little at having his Mark do something so romantic. He finally managed to locate his voice somewhere deep in his throat. "You already know my answer." he defended. Noah hated how his voice sounded so shaky and high pitched compared to the manly timbre of Mark's voice.

Mark felt warmth radiate through his core as he gave his lover's hand a reassuring squeeze. Their hands shielded by the protective blanket of Mark's school bag. "Fine, I guess I will just make you wait until lunch then." The bus stopped and the two lovers gave each other the knowing stare. They parted ways and went to separate classes, not knowing that today was the day the world would stand still.


Mark bolted upright in his bed, Noah's name still heavy on his lips. He knew he had screamed and was now panting and shivering. Why now? Why of all times was he being reminded of Noah now? Mark knew he was whimpering and he couldn't seem to silence himself.

"You alright, honey?" Justin's voice cut through the darkness and reached Mark's panicked ears, sleep still heavily entrenched in the blonde's voice. "What's wrong?" He questioned, nervous that Mark had had a nightmare about the mystery bar man.

Mark inhaled as he watched the familiar frame come closer and sit at the foot of his bed. "Yeah, just a nightmare." Mark closed his eyes and shook off the last remnants of Noah.

Justin reached out and touched Mark's face. He wrinkled his nose at the moisture his fingers encountered. Mark was terror stricken and sweaty. "I'm here for you, Mark." Justin whispered. His face lit up. "Hang on, handsome. I know what will make you feel better."

Mark watched his small roommate turn on his desk lamp and he was almost unable to suppress a laugh. Justin had on girl pajama shorts instead of boxers. Not only were they supposed to be worn by a female, but the shorts were lime green and had Tinkerbell's smiling face on them. "Tinkerbell? Really, Just?" Mark snorted feeling, his heart rate return to normal. The familiarity of Justin's antics was soothing.

Justin nodded as if his shorts foreshadowed his brilliant remedy for nightmares. "Disney fixes everything." He strutted to his TV and positioned the set so it was facing Mark's bed. His slender, newly polished finger pushed the power button on the DVD player and the set. Both flickered to life and Disney commercials intended for youngsters started to flash against the screen. Justin padded back to Mark's bed and got back on top. "Mind if I watch, too?"

Mark shook his head "No, we need to set the room up better though so we can both see." Mark felt Justin's cool smooth skin slid in next to him under the blankets. "What are we watching?"

Justin's lips were over taken by an impish smirk "Peter Pan. I figured it was the best choice considering your fondness of my shorts."

Mark relaxed, too tired to really keep his eyes open. The sounds of a familiar childhood memory lulling him to sleep. He scooted back down under the blanket "Hey, Just?" Mark whispered, feeling his teddy bear of a roommate finally stop wiggling and settle into the bed.

"Yeah?" Justin responded, the concern quickly returning to lace in his words.

"Thanks." Mark replied before drifting off to sleep.

"Night, Mark." Justin replied, not taking his eyes off of the screen. He was too wrapped up in watching his favorite pixie throw a fit in a drawer with sewing needles and a thimble. Justin didn't think he deserved to be thanked, he was just doing what any good friend or roommate would do. Mark certainly deserved that. He had been miserable looking and serious the first night at school so Justin had suggested they go out. Then he had managed to snag a hottie at the bar and hooked up with him in the bathroom. Poor Mark had then been dumped by the stranger and had scared the living daylights out of Justin when he appeared to be in legitimate shock over a phone call.

It was easy to see why Justin was less than thrilled when Mr. Hot Stranger Asshole decided to give his roommate a chance after all. After how much the guy had hurt Mark he really had a lot of nerve. It made Justin question who was really the bottom in that relationship. The first night it had clearly been the large male to follow, but now Justin wasn't so sure. Justin knew this was going to end badly.

As if to prove his point Mark had woken up screaming about this Noah. Well now at least the stranger from the bar had a name, and Justin hated him. There was no way Noah could be any good for Mark. ~*~*~*~

Mark woke up the next morning as he felt his cell phone vibrating beneath him. He hated alarm clocks and was proud that he had learned how to wake up by just the vibrations. Justin had already gone to class since he was clearly more of a morning person. He looked over and noticed Justin's bed was made and a stuffed fox was sitting on top of his pillow. Mark held his head, trying to remember if his roommate had stayed in his bed all night. He hoped he hadn't caused Justin to lose any sleep.

Mark rolled out of his bed, jerking his feet up the moment they hit the cold floor. He groaned before stepping out of the warm, safe wrap of his covers. He walked over to his closet to get his shower tote and prepare for the day. He was going to have to have a talk with his new boyfriend about going to the doctor so that they would be able to do more than just touch each other.


Maddox received a text message from Mark asking him to wait, so that they could talk. He waited in his office after his day was finished. Maddox kept trying to focus on his lesson plan, but every few minutes his eyes dutifully drifted to the clock hanging above his door. It was as though his nervous heartbeat was competing with the ticking of the industrial clock's second hand, trying to be louder.

Maddox looked at the door expectantly when, after what seemed like decades, the door knob was finally being turned. He couldn't help his face lighting up when he watched Mark walk in. It was as if he hadn't seen Mark in years and Maddox was starved for his company.

"Hey, Dr. Cotedivoux." Mark smiled nervously, raking a hand through his dark hair. Despite his usually confident and stoic nature Maddox had him acting like a love sick teenager again.

"Hello, Mr. Langley." Maddox mocked the formality. Secretly it was hot to think of the rules they were breaking to be together. He had never done anything risky in his entire adult life. "I was starting to worry you might not show up." he confessed. His muscles relaxed and he felt at ease. He hadn't noticed how wound up he was getting waiting for Mark.

Mark chewed on his bottom lip worried Maddox might think his idea for a date was stupid. He slid a small slip of paper across his teacher's desk. "I uh... well I am a broke college student so as much as I think you deserve to be wined and dined this is about all I can afford. I mean I know you could do better than me financially. We don't have to go if you think it's stupid. It's just..." Mark sighed, looking down at the ticket, trying to find the nerve to say what he was trying to get across. It was better if they knew where they stood now "See I am usually a top, but my financial standing doesn't really allow me a lot of money to take you out like I should. I'm sorry. I promise to take good care of you, it's just we might be having less flashy dates than you are used to." Mark blushed in shame. He felt Maddox's cool soothing hands cover his.

"Relax, Mark. I am new to this whole thing." Maddox lifted the ticket to another college's foot ball game. The school was a large university about an hours drive from campus. He smiled. Despite what Todd thought Maddox enjoyed football for more than just the guys running around in tight outfits. "This sounds perfect. As for tops and, um, bottoms... Mark, I am uh, getting a divorce."

Mark tilted his head in confusion but he let his man continue. "Apparently everyone knew I was gay except for me. I mean, hell, even my friend Todd could see it. Mark, you were, are, the first and only guy I have ever been with." Maddox looked at Mark. He could see Mark doing the mental calculations and waited for it to register before continuing. "Honestly, I don't want to label myself and do what the rest of the world expects me to do. I tried that when I married Trissta and clearly that didn't end well. Although, I guess I don't regret it because I might not have meat you if I wasn't feeling sorry for myself that night." Maddox smiled sheepishly. "I don't regret either time you and I were together. I just hope that you are willing to go slow with me. I don't want to loose you again. I want to just go slow, get to know each other, and do what feels right."

Mark could tell his teacher was afraid to confess all this. He gave Maddox's hands a reassuring squeeze to calm him. It was a lot to take in and had Mark not known how much it hurt to think of his teacher leaving he may not have taken this so well. He already knew he couldn't live without Maddox and that meant taking him baggage and all. Not to mention Mark knew his baggage was much heavier than Maddox's little secret. He was willing to go through the coming out fireworks all over again for his man. "Of course I'm willing to stay." He smiled and kissed Maddox's fingers as if to seal his promise.. "So you'll go on a date with me, then?" He asked shyly, barely above a whisper. Mark was still worried Maddox would change his mind when he realized how little Mark currently had to offer.

Maddox's eyes grew wide as he looked over Mark's shoulder. "Of course we can go over carbon dating Mr. Langley." Maddox shuffled some papers on his desk hiding the ticket for their date. He looked at the man who had silently walked thorough his door. "Hello, Jason. Anything I can do for you?"

Mark jumped as the shrill raspy voice behind him spoke.. "Maybe you didn't get the email, Mattox, was it? I thought I would make sure. There is a department meeting In about ten minute in the department lounge. I know you are a new teacher so I figured I would remind you."

Maddox smiled warmly, not bothering to correct the mispronunciation. He nodded at his older colleague "Yes, thank you. I got the email but I have neglected the time. I'll be right there in a bit. Thank you, Jason, for reminding me."

The man nodded and left without another word. Color returned to Maddox's face and he waited until he knew they were alone to talk again. "Sorry, Mark,. I would love to go out with you, but like I said, no labels. I don't want you to feel like since you are the more experienced partner that you have to pay for everything. I am assuming I would prefer to be the bottom, but that doesn't mean we aren't equal. Let me make you dinner after the game tomorrow night."

Mark leaned across the large standard issue teacher's desk. He brushed his lips across Maddox's before kissing him deeply. "See you tomorrow after class, teacher."


Maddox couldn't keep the smile off his face through chemistry class. As usual he tried not to make it too obvious that he was checking Mark out. He blushed a few times when he caught Mark looking at him. Cassie laughed "My, someone sure has it bad for the teach." Mark jolted back to reality. "No, I do not!" he protested in an angry whisper.

Cassie's plump pink lips pulled back to reveal perfectly rounded teeth "It's alright, Mark. I won't tell. 'Sides he seems to be pretty sweet on you, too!"

Mark's eyes widened in a moment of sheer panic. Did Cassie know? Mark wondered if it was that easy to catch all the little flirty glances between them. He had forgotten that the entire class was watching his man and that everyone saw every time he made Maddox laugh or blush. He tried to swallow, feeling like his mouth was full of cotton. "He, he's a teacher Cassie. They aren't allowed to date students."

Cassie shook her head as her eyes turned towards the ceiling tiles. "Lord, like that ever stopped anyone before. Calm down, hon, I ain't gonna tell anyone you and teach are fuckin' like bunnies. Keep your voice down, by the way. Just because I am a good secret keeper doesn't mean the whole class is. Besides that rule is stupid. It only seems to go after dating. Do you have any idea how many people spread their legs, ass, and lips for good grades?" She asked, arching an eyebrow suggestively.

Mark nodded, relaxing a little. "Well, we aren't fucking like bunnies, but even if we were I wouldn't want it to effect my grades."

Cassie gave Mark an 'I knew it' look before continuing to doodle a puppy in her notebook.

Mark didn't know how to feel about the fact that Cassie knew, or at least thought she knew what was going on between him and Maddox. He felt guilty that Cassie knew and Justin didn't. Justin knew he was with someone, but he didn't know it was a teacher. Surprisingly, for the rest of the day Maddox wasn't the man on Mark's mind.


Maddox waited in Todd's truck for Mark. It would be too risky to have someone see Mark get into his car and so Todd had agreed to let Maddox borrow the Ram. He was fidgeting. Class had taken forever today.

Maddox had burned a few Cds and was curious to see what type of music Mark listened to. He assumed rock, but one never knew.

Finally, after what felt like decades, Mark came strolling out of the English building. Maddox smiled. He had told Mark what to look for in case the sunglasses, hat, and out of character sweat-shirt threw his student off. He hoped it, at the very least, didn't make him look like a teacher. "Hey, Mr. Langley." Maddox smiled, a blush going to his cheeks. He hadn't gotten up the nerve to call Mark any pet names yet, and the title name was starting to become routine.

"Hey, Dr. Cotedivoux." Mark smirked and climbed up into the truck. He rested a hand on Maddox's leg and looked out the windshield as the forbidden couple drove off campus to Rhodliss University. "So, to get there just get onto the interstate and go until exit 13." Mark stated mater-of-factly. This was the first actual time he had spent with Maddox and, despite having already made his teacher cum twice, he was nervous.

Maddox nodded, unable to think of anything else other than the warmth of the hand on his thigh. A few inches higher and Mark would feel just how much he had missed him. "Do you listen to music?" he asked, blushing at how incredibly stupid that sounded.

"I like metal and rap." Mark said with a smile. "I don't like to be stereotyped."

Maddox smiled and the tension seemed to dissipate out of the truck. "Good. I don't either, as you've heard. So, how old are you? I know it is a stupid question but I mean you are a freshman, so... Oh God, you aren't a minor?" Maddox panicked for a moment that maybe this was more wrong than he thought.

Mark laughed "No, I started college late. I'm 22. How about you, old man?"

Maddox felt his heart slowing down. This was getting easier. It was strange how little they knew about each other. "I'm 27, so you can't call me old yet."

The rest of the car ride was spent sharing trivial knowledge about what they both liked and disliked. They would smile in their similarities and marvel at their differences. Life would never be boring with so many things shared between them.


Maddox parked the truck in one of the gravel lot spaces. The outdoors stadium was mobbed and no one took notice off the couple.

Mark took Maddox's hand and lead him to the gate. Mark was gripping their tickets firmly as both pairs of eyes darted around in case someone would notice.

Maddox relaxed once they were seated "This was a perfect idea. Even if someone we know is here I doubt they would notice us." He gave Mark's hand a reassuring squeeze, wishing the hard orange seats would allow more contact.

Mark flushed, happy at the compliment. "I am glad you are happy. I was so nervous you wouldn't be the sports type." He gave a small, snorting laugh. "Actually, you might need to explain it to me. Stereotypical goth I don't know much about sports. I just thought the atmosphere would be fun."

Maddox kissed Mark's slender fingers "I don't know it that well either. My friend Todd picks on me for only liking football because it's men in tight clothes."

The blush that was all over Mark's cheeks faded. He hoped Maddox wasn't just into the bulky type. "You want a big football player to rough you up?" He asked.

A jolt went through Maddox when he heard Mark's question. "No, baby, I want you." The large man pouted and almost leapt into Mark's lap to reassure him that he was perfect. "Just you. He just teases because I didn't know I was gay. That was one of the big flags, apparently. I told him about you. He suggested I switch schools more seriously than what I blurted out. I promise Mark, you are the one I want."

Mark shook his head. He had forgotten how responsive his man was, how new. "It's alright, Maddox, I am just sensitive. When I thought I might never see you again..." He kissed his teachers pouting lips. He tasted sweet and warm as vanilla and sugar. Mark ran his tongue stud between Maddox's lips.

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