tagBDSMAuctioning Emily: Lingerie Toy

Auctioning Emily: Lingerie Toy


One of the unique things about the manor was that none of the rooms had doors. So anyone could see anything, at any given moment.

This was never something Samira had ever envisioned being a part of. She was a good Muslim woman. She was only here because many years ago, she had inherited her father's Moroccan shipping company, and through smart and savvy business decisions, she was able to create a small fortune for herself.

That success allowed her to live extravagantly in America. Not only had she become an affluent business woman, but she also made a name for herself in the philanthropic world as well, rubbing shoulders with big name celebrities and politicians alike.

Now here she was, on the ground floor of 'the Bondage Manor,' as many of the elitist guests had unofficially named it. She was only here because of her husband Michael, who was a British national and a wealthy tech investor with all the right connections (including a place like this).

She was a 35 year old virgin when they had married months ago, and she still couldn't believe that he had talked her into attending a hedonistic event such as this. It was a belated wedding present, Michael had told her. A gift from his closest friend, he added.

All of the guests were impeccably dressed for the occasion. For her part, Samira's ensemble included a sleek white dress, heels, and fancy jewelry. Her luscious, wavy black hair was parted down the center and flowed freely; just the way her husband preferred. It made her look exquisitely alluring, as he would often say.

She looked around, hoping there was no one who would recognize her. No one did. The guests of mostly middle-aged couples, all of them white, were too busy focusing on the different prizes that were up for auction.

Scantily clad women stood on various platforms as guests made bids for the ones they wanted. The women were all attractive. Young adults. Different ethnicities and backgrounds. And it pleased Samira to see that each of the young submissives enjoyed being there, with pleasant and seductive smiles on their charming faces.

"Having fun?" Michael whispered seductively into her ear. "You're starting to look more comfortable being here."

Samira held her husband closer. "I wouldn't say that. I'm still very nervous."

"We'll be in our own room soon enough, with more privacy. Who interests you?"

She appraised her options more closely. The truth was, she would have been happy with any of the submissives. As a newly married woman, having sex with her husband was still a wondrous pleasure that left her beyond content. Michael was good in bed, and all of her sensory pleasures had been met.

But the idea of exploring with another woman was a unique opportunity to push the limits of her sexuality even further. She reconciled it with her strict religious beliefs by the fact that this was well within the confines of her marriage.

As she browsed, someone caught her eye.

An innocent looking brunette in a tightly-fitted black dress, who was petite with milky white skin; skin which seemed flawless. Her face was round and her stature small. The sub was held by a leash and collar around her neck, and she was on her knees, cushioned with a fluffy red pillow. She couldn't have been older than mid-20's, and her brown hair was tied in a neat bun.

"Her?" Michael asked, noticing his wife staring.

Samira confirmed, "I think she's adorable. I can't believe she's even here. A girl like that?"

"Fantasies have no bounds, my darling. I'm sure she has an interesting story. Shall we have a closer inspection?"

They went over to this petite young woman. Other guests in the Manor were browsing too. They examined the submissive's face, body, along with the information on display.

Name: Emily

Age: 24

Height/Weight: 5'2 110 pounds

Occupation: College Student (Economics)

Preference: Submission

Orientation: Open to anything

Skills: Anything and everything. Couples. Oral clean-up.

Holes: All 3 available

Experience: 3rd event

Quote: "Hello, my name is Emily, and I'd like to be your Toy. Although I'm fairly new, I'm still very curious and open to many things. I can be a good girl, or a bad one. Your choice is my pleasure."

Starting Price: $500

The sub 'Emily' remained stoic as potential buyers gazed at her beauty and had wicked thoughts of what they'd like to do with her. Her face was impossible to read.

"Shall I place a bid?" Michael asked his wife. "Or should we keep browsing? There might be someone else you like more."

Samira was adamant. "No. This one. I like her. She seems so sweet. It makes me wonder what she's like in private."

"Of course, my darling. This is your experience to admire."

Michael placed a bid for this particular sub, and Samira watched as her husband did business.

When the bids were placed and the time came, the auction took its course. There were at least 20 submissives in all. Each one was being auctioned off. As for the guests who didn't get to purchase a sub for the day, apparently they'd be busy with each other, or with the attendants who would help facilitate the day's entertainment.

Samira's heartbeat rose when her husband was bidding. She didn't want anyone else owning Emily. In all honesty, she wanted Emily to herself and Michael as a trio A girl as lovely as that, she wanted to keep safe and nurture, almost in a maternalistic sort of way.

And if they actually won the bid? Would this be her first lesbian experience? She felt a sense of panic and shame. If anyone in her home country ever knew...

Then she heard it: Sold!

Michael had won the bid. The sub Emily rose to her feet and the leash was handed to her husband.

When the sub came down, Samira and Emily were face to face. The sub smiled. All Samira could think about was how pretty this young woman was, and how flawless her skin seemed; it was almost glowing. And those lips! Emily had the most luscious and naturally pouty lips imaginable. What must they feel like during a kiss, or anything else... Samira wondered.

Michael helped break the awkwardness and they all made introductions. They exchanged pleasantries and Samira felt a twinge of guilt that they'd be using this young woman for sexual pleasure, and nothing else.

They all went up the stairs together. Michael was in the middle, and the two women locked their arms around each of his. By this time, the party had evolved. It was still a high-class affair for the social elites. But breasts were exposed. Body parts showed.

As they reached the upper floor where all the bedrooms were, they could already hear the sounds of moaning and God knows what else. Samira peeked in one of the rooms and saw an Asian sub on her knees pleasing a man orally, while his wife watched. In the next room, a Latina sub was undressing for a couple, proudly modeling her statuesque body and dark nipples for their viewing pleasure. In yet another room, a submissive was blindfolded and being tied spread-eagled on the bed.

Once again, Samira's guilt for using Emily this way was consuming her.

They reached their room. It was fancy and had Japanese artwork on the wall. There was also a large window which oversaw the yard, where plenty of people were still socializing outside while naked attendants served food and drinks. Samira was terrified at the idea that anyone could just look up and see them. But those were the rules of this place.

As a courtesy, Michael removed Emily's collar, making her look even more wholesome.

Samira wanted to say, 'You don't have to do this, Emily. You can just watch us, if that would make you more comfortable.'

Before those words could escape Samira's mouth, Emily had taken the initiative.

There was a casual look on Emily's face as she stood before them, unzipped the back of her dress, and let it fall to the floor. Her skin was pale and she had subtle curves. She wore a matching pair of a white bra and panties, along with stockings and garters. The thin lace bra with satin edges appeared a cup size too small for her, which seemed intentional, and as a result her rose colored nipples were visible on top.

In that moment, Samira knew that her own judgment was wrong. This was no mistake. This young submissive knew full well what she was doing, standing there with her nipples partially exposed, while looking down at herself to make sure her undergarments looked right. She adjust her bra and panties, and was more than content with the fact that her nipples were showing.

"I'm ready," Emily said with a wry smile and her hands on her hips.

"You're quite the economics student," Michael noted, admiring the barely-there lingerie outfit.

Emily nodded. "It's my final year, actually. I've had internships two summers in a row and I'm hoping to land a job as a financial analyst next year."

"Brains and beauty. Just like my wife. She runs a large shipping company."

"Oh?" Emily's eyebrow rose and she looked over Samira's sultry figure.

"Looks like we're all professionals here," Samira pointed out. "My husband and I are new here. We're recently married. And we've never done anything like this before, if you can believe that."

Emily nodded. "Oh I definitely believe it. This place is popular with curious couples."

"I've noticed. This place is... unique."

"That's a good thing. The dom/sub thing is unique and difficult to get right. But that's what this place is for. To be your guide."

Samira softly tensed. "I'm sure you're a highly capable guide."

"I've been trained to perfection. So yes, I'm highly capable at many things. And I love to give pleasure."

"You're sweet looking too."

"Were you the one that picked me?" Emily asked with a cute expression on her round face.

"I did," Samira acknowledged. "I think you're cute. Maybe I'll even call you sexy. I've never been with a woman before, but my husband wants me to explore something new."

"That's perfect. I love couples. I've been with a few, and I've been told that I'm very good at it."

Samira took a deep breath at the girl's experience. "You seem..."

"Innocent?" Emily asked playfully, finishing Samira's sentence.

"Yes. You look like an angel, truly."

"Samira, even angels have their pleasure."

"Speaking of which," Michael cut in. "I have a request. Emily, we've purchased you for our pleasure. But that's boring. Far too predictable. Instead, Emily, I'm giving you complete control over us; my wife especially. I want my wife to remember this. Can you do that, Emily?"

Samira gasped at the announcement, and Emily had the opposite reaction, cracking a devilish grin.

"Both of you are in luck," Emily answered with a faint glee. "Because you've purchased the right girl for the job. I'm always thinking of ways to be naughty with sophisticated people. I'm sure we can come up with something."

"Anything in mind?" he asked.

Emily turned to Samira and pondered. "Hmm... let's see. Such a classy and elegant woman. I can tell you're hesitant being here. But I can fix that."

All Samira could do was stand still and wait, as this young submissive continued to look her over and think all sorts of deviant thoughts of what they'd all be doing in a few moments.

"I know," Emily finally said, with her eyes lighting up. "I want you to wear my collar while I hold the leash. Over by the window."

The roll reversal came so sudden that Samira didn't know how to feel. It was a shock. This wasn't what she had originally agreed to. And being used as a plaything certainly wasn't the reason she came here.

She looked over to her husband for moral support and there was none. Michael seemed fully on board with this idea and Samira was outnumbered.

"Do you wish to degrade me?" Samira asked, hiding the discomfort in her voice.

"No. I just want to watch you suck cock."

Samira did her best to maintain dignity. "And why is that?"

"It's my favorite thing in the world," Emily replied with a faint gleam in her eyes. "Plus you have a nice face. It's exotic looking. I love the dark color of your skin. I'm eager to see what you'd look like giving a submissive blowjob."

"But people outside might see me."

"Even better," Emily nodded. "There's no doubt that you'll be seen. It'll make things more fun, trust me."

While Samira stood dumbfounded, Michael held up the collar.

"Shall we?" he asked.

"On second thought..." Emily added, having a change of heart. "I have a better idea. Use this instead."

The submissive girl reached back and unclasped her lace bra, revealing her tiny perky tits and rose colored nipples in their entirety. She pinched the bra at one end and twirled it. There was a look of delight on her cute face.

"I like the way you think," Michael smiled.

"A little creativity goes a long way. May I do the honors?"

The husband nodded. "You may."

Samira stood still as Emily approached with the bra in hand. Samira's luscious, dark hair was brushed back, and she allowed Emily to wrap the lace bra around her neck, creating an impromptu collar and leash with the smooth fabric.

"To the window," Emily said in Samira's ear.

The wife compiled while Emily gave a gentle, but firm tug. Samira didn't know how to feel. Control was lost. And to an angelic faced young woman, no less. When Samira stood in front of the window, she saw the guests who were outside socializing, and the naked attendants serving refreshments.

"On your knees," Emily said, then turning to the husband. "Cock, please."

Samira got on her knees and her senses heightened. She was acutely aware of everything going on outside, along with all the moans of pleasure in the hallway, and the feeling of the carpet against her knees.

More importantly, she heard the sound of her husband removing his shoes and undoing his pants neatly and gentlemanly (a trait she had always found sexy). Despite her age, Samira was still new to the world of sucking dick. She found that she enjoyed it. It wasn't nearly as degrading as she had expected in all her virginal years. Strangely, it even felt empowering in many ways, since she got control the orgasm of the man she loved.

But to do it here? In front of so many potential witnesses? At the guidance of Emily?

The thought scared her. She wasn't wearing any panties, but if she had, they'd have been soaked.

As she knelt by the window, her bottomless husband stood in front of her. His cock was ready for a sucking. For the first time, it felt like Samira's husband was more of a prop than anything else. A cock for her to use. Or a cock that's only purpose was to fuck her mouth.

Before the action started, Emily tugged at the bra/leash to straighten Samira's posture, then she reached over to expose Samira's breasts by pushing the top of the dress down.

"You have nice dark nipples," Emily said, looking over the wife's bare chest. "They're already stiff. You must be excited. No tan lines either. Your natural skin color is radiant. You're extremely beautiful, Samira. I've never played with a Middle Eastern woman before. It's always been a fantasy though."

Samira didn't bother to reply with the thin bra wrapped around her throat. If she could have, she would have just said 'thank you.'

She remained still as Emily reached down to rub each breast and tweaked each of her dark nipples, sending a shiver down Samira's spine as she was being used like a plaything.

"Start sucking now," Emily said curtly. "A cock that hard should never be kept waiting."

Michael made the first move, stepping forward so that his erection was mere inches from Samira's face. Normally, she loved making eye contact with her husband. It always created a sense of intimacy between them.

This time, she couldn't bring herself to look at anyone. She kept her eyes closed, leaned forward, and sucked her husband's erection, just the way he liked. Her lips wrapped tight and she did her best to bob her head back and forth, even with the lace bra wrapped around her neck.

She could feel the cock stiffening in her mouth. It meant she was doing all the right things, and that her husband was loving this experience. She could also hear the erotic sound of Emily breathing harder while watching over her.

What a show this must have been for the sub. And what a show for the guests outside. God, had any of them been watching? Or anyone else in the hallway?

"Take him all the way," Emily said with a hint of authority. "I want to see you deepthroat. In my humble opinion, a good blowjob is incomplete without a gag or two."

Deepthroat. Now there's something Samira had been careful to avoid. She had seen that act in pornography and had always found it trashy and classless. Being a woman of dignity, she avoided it at all cost, and appreciated the fact that her husband had never asked for such a dirty thing.

Under this circumstance, with a makeshift leash around her throat, she felt compelled to comply with the order. She clenched her eyes shut, so tears wouldn't come out. And she hoped she wouldn't make any humiliating gagging noises.

Her head slowly inched forward, taking more of her husband's cock in her mouth, and to her throat. She felt the cock jerk on her tongue, hitting the top of her throat. Her husband loved it. What a betrayal. She took him even deeper until it reached her throat's entrance. Strangely, she felt proud of herself for taking it all the way. A new sexual accomplishment.

Her pride came crashing down when the unavoidable happen; she gagged. It was sloppy and nasty. Her eyes watered and saliva dripped all over her expensive white dress. She made a disgusting noise and felt embarrassed for it.

"That's enough," Emily said mercifully. "Now I want to see you getting fucked. Stand up and press your face against the window. Don't worry, the glass is made to handle a woman's body weight against it."

Emily tugged the bra/leash lightly, signaling Samira to stand and face the window. Samira complied and saw that a few of the guests had actually watched the blowjob action while sipping champagne outside. The bra/leash was removed from her neck and tossed to the floor by Emily.

Samira spread her legs when her husband pushed her butt cheeks and inner thighs apart. She pressed her face on the specially installed glass, resting her body weight on it, and felt her husband spread her ass further to access her pussy from behind. She was familiar with this position and she arched her back to raise her butt.

"Look at me," Emily said with a seductive politeness. "I want to see your eyes and face as you're being penetrated. It's a powerful expression."

Samira's face was already towards Emily. Their eyes locked. Neither of them looked away as Samira's pussy was being stretched by the hard cock. Her mouth released a gasp and her eyes widened.

Her husband went to work fucking her from behind. Her body rocked and her tits swayed, with her dark nipples as hard as ever. Certainly more guests of the manor were watching this blatant exhibitionist show. But Samira didn't dare to look. It was far more enticing to maintain eye contact with this precious submissive who was controlling the scene.

Emily reached down to finger Samira's pussy. "Fuck, you're so wet."

"I know," Samira moaned back, as her pussy was being pounded and her body rocked back and forth.

It was a sensory overload as Samira's body was also being fondled by Emily; with a small white hand rubbing her pussy, then reaching up to squeeze her breasts. Samira moaned every time she was being touched and squeezed. Those soft hands made her feel so good. And her pussy being ravished felt even better.

The moans became louder when Emily concentrated her fingers on Samira's cunt. It made Samira's eyes widen and her breathing become more labored.

"I've found your sweet spot," Emily said with an excited voice. "A cock fucking your pussy, and my fingers playing with your cunt, all while people watch from outside. Maybe you're not as proper as you appear? Maybe, deep down, you're just a naughty fuck toy like the rest of us. Do you like hearing that, Samira? Do you like discovering that you're such a dirty woman?"

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