August 12th


Without skipping a beat, Sharon kicked them aside. My hand worked on the front of her tiny panties. Her tiny SOAKED panties. God, I was ready to explode at that point and, apparently, so was my Aunt.

My hand slid inside and began rubbing Sharon's clit. She was rocking her pussy back and forth like she was being fucked. Mom just kept on licking, and sucking, and kissing.

Well, I had to do it. I got Sharon naked and just stood back to marvel at the magnificent body she had. What an ass! I'm still jealous.

Anyway, she and Mom were kissing again and Mom was exploring every inch of Sharon's body that she could touch. I watched and got more desperate by the minute. Sharon had her hands on the outside of Mom's breasts, pushing the material of the sundress aside until Mom's nipples were exposed.

Before long, Sharon was pulling the dress down. It was loose enough that it just fell to the ground on its own and Mom stood in a pair of panties. Sharon looked at her body briefly, then began to give Mom's tits the same treatment she had received herself.

Since I seemed to be in charge of panties, I quickly pulled them off my Mom. Seeing the two of them naked—kissing, hugging, licking, and sucking—was about the neatest thing I'd ever seen in my life. I felt a little uncertain what to do. I wanted to participate, but didn't want to interfere, either. I decided to wait and see what happened.

I didn't have to wait long. Sharon soon said to Mom, "What do you think? Should we let her play, too?"

Mom looked at me and smiled. "Oh, alright. She started all this."

They stripped me in a matter of seconds. I didn't ever remember feeling so hot and lusted after. Trust me. No guy ever made me feel that way and the sex hadn't even started yet.

There was some light kissing and mutual fondling before Sharon said, "I'm the guest. I think it's only appropriate that the hosts go first. Besides, I want to watch for a while."

So it was going to be me and Mom. I could finally bring the kitchen episode to its rightful conclusion. But would she go that far or would she frustrate me, and Sharon, again? I never knew about my Mom and I certainly didn't know how'd she react to this. One thing was certain: we were all naked and pretty damn horny.

I had to be the first one to move. I put my body against Mom's and started to kiss her as enthusiastically as I'd ever kissed anybody in my life. She soon joined in and our hands were clutching each other. My mouth moved down to her tits and I spent several minutes licking and sucking her.

I noticed that Sharon sat in a chair that gave her a perfect view. Her legs were stretched out and wide open. Her hand was beginning to probe her pussy and clit.

I was leaning so hard on Mom that her ass was against the top of a circular glass table.

"Get up on it," I told her.

She questioned if it would hold her, but a quick test proved it more than capable. She leaned back and I followed with my head, landing squarely on top of her beautiful breasts. Mom separated her legs enough for me to slide inside. They felt marvelous as they wrapped around me—so warm and strong.

Mom was moaning pretty loud by the time I got done with her tits. The nipples glowed a bright pink and the moisture on them shimmered in the daylight. Then it was time to get serious.

In the very little amount of time that fell between the decision I made and my next move, I thought about the fact that probably none of us on that patio really had a clue what we were doing. I mean, this was new to all of us. We'd each seen stuff, or heard stuff, and probably had an image in the back of our head of how it should work. But none of us had actually DONE it.

Still, that didn't prevent me from moving down so that my head was between my Mom's legs and my hands were on her hips. I remember thinking, 'Do what you'd want somebody to do to you.'

With that thought in mind, I kissed Mom's thighs and worked my way up to her pussy. I kissed all around it. She kept the hair cut very short and neat. It felt great on my face as I pressed a little harder until my lips clearly made out the major targets: her cunt and clit.

I was fine until I knew it was time to use my tongue. Oh my God! The thought of eating my mother made me nearly die from both nerves and lust. Her body was so incredibly sexy, but shit. This was my Mom!

To my amazement, all fear disappeared when I got the first taste of her sweet juices on my tongue. I'll never forget it. That was the best feeling ever. Knowing that she was wet and I was about to make her cum. I licked her pussy a couple times and then concentrated on finding her clit and sucking on it.

"Oh, Traci. Yes! Yessssss!," Mom cried out.

I did everything to that clit that a mouth and tongue could do. Mom's body shook and quivered. When her ass came off the table I slid my hands underneath and held her pussy up to my face. I may have been a rookie, but I was an enthusiastic one.

Mom was sounding a little desperate. She nearly yelled, "Traci! Stop. Stop! I'm...I'm going to...oh God, stop!"

Of course, that only made me suck on her clit a little harder. I was so intent on making Mom cum that I didn't notice that Sharon had moved behind me. The first thing I felt was her tongue sliding down my ass. I gasped loudly with a mouthful of my mother's pussy muffling most of it.

Sharon's tongue found its way between my spread legs and I felt her begin to lap up the plentiful juices around my pussy. What happened next will forever be in my memory.

I put my tongue at the entrance to Mom's hole and drove it in as far as I could. At the exact same instant, Sharon did the same thing to me. God, that was great. I could actually feel what I was doing to Mom. And it was awesome!

Sharon's face was flat against my ass while she fucked me with her tongue and ate me. I did the same to Mom and both of us were closer and closer to cumming.

"Traci! Traci! No! I'm...cumming!"

My memory of the next couple minutes is fuzzy at best. I felt...and heard...Mom starting to cum. I felt my own body start to shudder inside almost uncontrollably. And then both of us were crying out, begging for more, and cumming like crazy.

I tried to stay on Mom's clit, but my own ecstasy made it difficult. Still, our orgasms came, subsided, and started all over again WAY better than during any masturbation I'd ever tried. And I doubted any man in the world could do to me what my Aunt was doing.

I slumped into a chair when it was over and watched Mom slide off the table and basically fall into her own chair. Sharon had a huge grin on her gorgeous face. If I hadn't just cum harder than ever before in my life, I would have been pretty turned on by looking at her standing naked on that porch.

"That was FUN!" she said.

"I think if you give us a few minutes to recover, Mom and I might be willing to have some fun with YOU," I said.

"I'll wait all day for that if I have to," she said.

It was nearly half an hour later that the three of us moved out onto the grass. Sharon lay on her back and Mom and I took our places on either side of her chest. Both of Sharon's tits became the focus of very direct attention by me and Mom. I absolutely loved the sensation of her tits conforming to the shape of my mouth, and it was fun watching Mom suck on the other nipple at the same time.

Sharon moaned with approval and her body showed all the signs of somebody who had to cum...soon. It almost became a race between me and Mom to see who could get between her legs the fastest. Mom won and I was happy to concentrate on Sharon's clit while Mom licked the rest of her pussy.

I tried to imagine how it must have felt to have two tongues and two sets of lips attacking your pussy at the same time. Especially if you were as horny as it seemed Sharon was. I saw her clutching at the grass with both hands while Mom and I tried to make her cum.

I put my hand under her ass and felt the cool skin shake as she came closer and closer to an orgasm. Mom was fucking her with her tongue and Sharon was crying out with pleasure.

The moment I put her clit between my lips and closed them tightly, Sharon started to cum. She pushed her body against Mom's face and thrust her hips upwards. Mom's tongue plunged in and out of her hole and must have been collecting sweet juices with each new wave of Sharon's orgasm.

I just licked her clit and watched and listened. God, it was awesome!

I wasn't sure Sharon was ever going to stop cumming. When she did, we laid together on the grass kissing and hugging.

August 19th

Well, I think I have my answer. Sharon invited me and Mom over to her place tomorrow. I can't wait. I'm already trying to decide what to wear. My pussy's wet just thinking about it.

That must be a clue.

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