tagInterracial LoveAwakening Amy Ch. 1

Awakening Amy Ch. 1


Amy stepped out into the bright sunlight of the morning, sipping her coffee casually she headed down the crowded street, off to her new job. Only a day past 18 now, she had graduated high school early, and because of hardships at home she had found herself forced to postpone college and head right into the work force.

The brisk click of her heels lead her to the small law firm in which she worked. A friend of her mothers really got her this job and she felt she had to take it to help support her family. Otherwise if given another choice she wouldn't be here again today. She worked for a tall dark man named Mr. Davis; he was attractive had a slim build and dark ebony skin but his personality made it hard for Amy to work here. As His assistant, he barley talked to her unless it was to shout out an order or a demand... yet he stared at her with those dark looming eyes so many times during the day, Amy found it gave her shivers just to think of the way he looked at her, and yet how her cheeks flushed when he did.

She opened the door to the office the first one in today she laid her coat by the side of the door and made her way into the lady's room to freshen up before the start of her day. She surveyed herself in the mirror, Her soft white skin, her cheeks flushed now from the cold of the weather, her green eyes shining back at her. Amy didn't wear much make up; she really didn't need to. It made her look false and almost clown like. Her breasts were firm and perky under her soft cotton blouse. She lifted her hands to her hair and pulled up her honey brown tresses, binding it up securely she smiled at herself thinking it would have to do for now, maybe when she got more money saved up she could buy a more appropriate wardrobe for a new working woman.

She left the lady's room and in an instant she gasped, there was Mr. Davis standing in front of her. "Good morning Amy." Amy smiled and brushed by Him, returning to her desk that faced His. Mr. Davis's Partner Mr. Sherry wasn't in today and Amy wasn't looking forward to such a long day with her employer all alone.

She straightened up her desk and began filing through some paper work Mr. Davis had given her the day before. She could feel His eyes watching her, but she pretended to ignore it, carrying on with her tasks.

"AMY!" Her heart jumped as her long legs carried her over to Mr. Davis's desk, "Yes, Sir?" she asked, her lip trembling slightly and her fingers shaking. Even his voice made her nervous.

"I've been looking over these papers, Amy, for the McMahon case... and I've seen that you filed some of them incorrectly. You've been here long enough to know standard procedure, Amy. Do you have an excuse for this obvious incompetence?"

Amy's face was flushed now, her heart beating harder. She KNEW she filed those papers correctly; why was he doing this? He hated her. He MUST hate her. He wanted her gone; she knew it, and she just couldn't lose this job. Her family needed the money so badly.

Amy hung her head, barely able to speak. She replied to him, "No, Sir, I thought for sure I filed them correctly, Sir. It must have been a mistake; please let me fix it." Amy grabbed for the papers hoping to correct the "mistake" she had made. Mr. Davis just smiled and pulled them back. "Not so fast, Amy, fixing a mistake after it is done really doesn't solve much. You will have to learn not to make the mistake to begin with. There must be some kind of punishment, a reprimand if you will. Don't you agree Amy?"

Amy shuddered... punishment? Like this job wasn't punishment enough. She moved the strands of hair from her face and looked at Mr. Davis "Yes, Sir," she stammered. "I suppose there should be something done," her weak voice replied.

Mr. Davis raised his hand and began to outline Amy's waist. "How old are you Amy?"

"18," she whispered, "Just turned, but I did finish school, Sir."

"Ahhh very good," replied Mr. Davis. "Now I really should fire you, Amy. I know I have told you about filing things properly before haven't I?"

Amy looked to the ground staring at her feet...shaking in her own shoes. "Yes, Sir, you have. But I thought for sure," she stammered. Mr. Davis's hands raised to her lips shushing her before she could finish.

"Well, Amy, I do have one thing you could do to tell me you are serious about keeping this job."

Amy breathed a sigh of relief. He was going to cut her a break! "Yes, Mr. Davis, I will do anything!" His eyes wandered over her, her flimsy skirt and cheap blouse. Poor wretch, he thought. But how her young nipples tempted him and her long luscious legs, her tiny ankles. She was a pretty woman-child so sweet and innocent and he desired that; craved it. And as in business he would get what he wanted even if he had to take it.

"Amy, I know you are young..." His hand began curling around her waist moving up her stomach. "Have you dated much?"

Amy looked at him almost shocked. She wasn't expecting that question. "Well... no, Sir, I haven't. I was always so busy with school and all...helping my mom out after my dad died. I never really had the time." Mr. Davis smiled again; a virgin just as he thought... and he had so much to teach her.

"Well, Amy, I'm sure you know something about a man's and woman's relations and because I care so much about you and having you keep this job I want to teach you what it is all about." Amy couldn't believe her ears. What was he saying? He wanted her as his girlfriend... what? She shivered.

"Don't worry, Amy, you can trust me," his voice echoed through the office. "Now go be a good girl and lock the office door and return to me."

Amy's mind was racing. What was she to do? She had never even really been on a date and what was Mr. Davis expecting of her? But she needed this job; her family needed her. Amy knew now that she would do whatever she had to do to keep this job... no matter what it was. She went and swiftly locked the door and returned, trembling, to Mr. Davis's desk.

"Now, Amy, first of all understand the rules... ok child? His dark eyes shined at her. "First, always refer to me as SIR... nothing more, nothing less. Never question anything I ask you to do, for nothing I do would ever harm you. It is for the best, and in time you will begin to enjoy it, Amy. Above all, trust me."

Amy looked up at him and nodded with tears in her eyes. Is this the way it would be for her? The only love she had ever seen was that between her mother and father and that didn't seem anything like this.

"Good girl, Amy. Now go sit on that desk there." Amy lifted herself onto the desk, her sheer skirt hugging her hips tightly. "Raise the skirt, Amy," he demanded. Amy looked at him then back down quickly as she did what she was told. She pulled her skirt up past her waist, her white panties and stockings showing, her garters stretched across her legs.

Mr. Davis leaned his chair back just looking at the girl. How pretty she was, how young, how scared. How excited it made him! "Good girl, Amy, now take your fingers and rub them along your panties over your pussy...."

Amy's long fingers where shaking as she guided her hand over her panties, toying with her pussy, her head down and watching. She ran her fingers along her slit. As scared as she was, she was somewhat excited and having Mr. Davis watching her only seemed to intensify this. Her panties felt warm and wet and she liked the sensation it was bringing her. Maybe Mr. Davis won't hurt me, she thought.

"Now reach up and unbutton your blouse and take off your bra." Amy did as she was told, not questioning at all. As a matter of fact she was curious now. Her eyes closed as though ashamed of what she was doing; yet... she complied with his every request. When she opened them slightly she gasped. Mr. Davis had his cock out now playing with it, rubbing it. How dark it was! The head of it like a mushroom, his balls full and bouncing as he moved his hand over the shaft. Amy felt her pussy grow even wetter now. She had never seen a totally naked man before, and she loved his dark skin. How different it was from her own.

"Rub your breasts, Amy, pull at the nipples." He watched her as she complied, her tiny hands wandering over her large nipples pulling and tugging. Her long legs still in their stockings, panties now stained with the wetness of her awakening desire. He needed to touch her now but was scared he would frighten her. He had to approach her slowly like a black panther stalking its prey. His cock was so hard now as he worked the shaft. Pre-cum was already oozing out. He could almost cum just by watching this young woman exploring her body in front of him, but what fun would that be.

"Pull your panties to the side, Amy," he demanded, "And slide your fingers up your cunt." Amy, as innocent as she is, was now hot as well. Her hand was already moving over her mound, the soft, brown pubic hairs sticking out from the elastic of her panties she moved them quickly and shoved her fingers into her moist cunt. Her back arched, squirming on Mr. Davis's desk, breasts bouncing as she fingered her virginal little pussy.

Mr. Davis could stand it no longer, this angel before him. He moved to her, desiring her, as he had no other in a long time. This pretty young thing only wanted to please him. He could see it in her eyes. His hands reached for her. How beautiful she was. He took a handful of her long hair and pulled her to him, his mouth on top of hers hungry and wanting... his tongue dancing with hers, enjoying the softness of her kiss... the moistness of her lips.

His hands devoured her as his tongue did... his hot kisses leading down her neck as his hands explored her every curve. He could feel her shiver as he cupped her breasts, tugging and pinching lightly at her nipples. His fingers finally finding their way to her cunt, moving the panties back over her wet pussy and pushing his fingers inside of her through the cotton fabric, feeling just how wet she was for the first time.

In an instant, he pulled her off the desk by her hair. She landed on the ground. "On your knees, girl," he demanded softly but firmly. And as a good girl would, she did as she was told. How sexy she was, her full lips, her green eyes so trusting, looking up at him. He took hold of his dark cock, outlining her full, young lips... the pre-cum oozing out and dribbling off her lips onto her chin. His hands fully in her hair, he yanked her back forcing her mouth open slightly. He shoved his cock deep in her mouth, how hot and wet it was as she started to suck at him. His balls bouncing against her chin as he fed her his entire length. He could tell she was gagging from the size of his cock, but he didn't care. She would learn to satisfy him now, he thought... as he fucked her mouth even harder and deeper. He slapped the side of her face lightly and told her to take all of it. She was crying but he could tell by the moans she was making around his cock that she was enjoying being used like a slut.

He pulled her from the floor and placed her back on the desk. His hands tore at her panties and stockings, his hunger needing to be sated. He moved in between her legs, his cock only inches from her pussy as her hand reached down and pulled apart her wet, pink lips. The inside of her slit was glistening wetly. He took hold of her by the waist and slid his cock deep inside her with one, hard thrust. She screamed out loud and tried to get away. He must have hurt her but he didn't care now. She would soon enough enjoy it. His cock continued to push in deeper as he looked down to watch his black cock pushing into that pretty, pink pussy. His fingers found her clit and played at it. He knew she was ready to cum... cum for him. She pressed against him now and placed her wanting mouth on his, their tongues entwined. Her breasts were crushed against his chest as she began grabbing at him, saying sweet, naïve words. She confessed to love him at this instant, as her tight little cunt exploded around him, her mouth hanging open in a silent scream of pleasure as she felt the first of many orgasms to come. And their bodies continued to join with him moving hard and fast inside of her. The warmth and wetness of her cunt on his cock... how tight she was as she came again, her legs wrapping around him, trying to pull him in even deeper as one orgasm melted into another for the former virgin.

He had restrained himself so well but he needed one more thing before he could cum. He had to make her totally his. He suddenly pulled out and flipped her around so her ass was facing him, her tits pressed against the desk, hard nipples against hard wood. He spit on her ass, sliding his finger inside her tight hole and working it back and forth. She whimpered now and moaned loudly as he worked the fingers from his other hand into her freshly fucked cunt. The thick head of his cock strained slightly as he removed his fingers and began to push his black meat into her tight, white ass.

Her hands gripped at the desk and she screamed at him, begging him to stop. But he kept on until his cock entered her and with a sudden fury he pushed into her hard and deep, fucking the virgin he had wanted for so long, opening her ass to his throbbing cock for the first time. His balls began bouncing against her wet cunt while his hands pull at her hair, his voice telling her what a good little slut she was. Amy couldn't believe it as she came again, the pain turned into pleasure at the sound of his voice, pushing her ass back against him now, wanting to take his entire length into her white ass and please him completely.

After a few minutes of ramming into her tight, virgin ass Mr. Davis could hold out no longer. He pulled her to him once again and felt her take his entire cock inside as he shot loads of cum into her. He moaned and gasped as he pulled from her suddenly, the rest of his cum squirting onto her swollen cut. He rubbed the head of his dick up and down her slit, smiling.

After wiping himself off on her wet cunt, he pulled her skirt back down and turned her to him. "There, babygirl... now you can keep your job," he laughed. And Amy found that she didn't NEED to keep it; now she WANTED to. She smiled back at him and reached for her blouse.

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