tagMind ControlAwakening Ch. 04

Awakening Ch. 04


The slender brunette was walking naked along the trail, her creamy skin only slightly tanned, her breasts, a modest C cup, bounced tantalizingly with each step she made. She could feel how they moved and bounced and delighted in the way the breeze blew across her body. The early spring breeze raised goose bumps on her arms for a few moments until the sun once again warmed her bare flesh.

She could feel the wetness of her pussy as she walked, her protruding soft inner lips caressed by the very tops of her thighs as she intentionally walked foot across foot so that they would be teased by her very steps. She meandered slowly along the trail by the babbling stream, its gurgling and shushing around rocks and branches making a pleasant sound as she looked for the perfect spot.

There, ahead. She could feel her heartbeat pick up slightly as she saw what she was looking for, a bar of soft sand raised in the middle of the stream. She smiled to herself in anticipation a she walked to the narrowest point and then waded through the icy cold knee deep water. She wasn't worried about the cold, she knew that in a few moments she would be lying back on the soft, sun warmed sand, soaking in its heat.

She stepped up onto the sand, slipped off her now wet hiking shoes and walked across the nearly ten foot long sandbar. She closed her eyes and let the breeze blow across her skin, her arousal already as high as the birds soaring far above her. Opening her eyes again she chose the perfect spot, hard, but not hard, and not soft, so she wouldn't sink into it. She lay down on that perfect spot, feeling the roughness of the sand against her soft skin while the sun warmed her from the outside in.

She hadn't brought much with her, just one small thing, that thing which she was now looking forward to using. She reached between her legs and gently pressed the head of the large dick shaped dildo to her already wet lips and held it there while she pressed the button on the end. The humming of the device was a sharp contrast to the sound of the water rushing around the little island of bliss, but then she didn't care, it would be muted by her pussy all too soon. She pressed the fat head against her lips harder, working it up and down with both her delicate hands, until it had spread her lips. She spread her legs wider, pressing the long plastic shaft harder against her pussy until it started to spread her tunnel entrance, the pressure slowly expanding her to accept the fat plastic shaft. She continued to press the shaft into herself, the pink vibrating plastic disappearing inch by inch into her. Her chest rose and fell more quickly as the vibrations caused her pussy to tingle from the inside, the little electric sensations running up and down her body. Her nipples hardened even more in the wind and she briefly wished she had an extra hand to pull and twist her hard nipples, but both were busy trying to work the plastic dildo in a little bit farther into her tight pussy.

"Oh god yes. Soooo fucking good." She murmured to herself as the end of the plastic cock pressed against the end of her tunnel. "Too bad it's not real." She moaned as she began to slide it in and out of herself.

I waded across the stream, the cold soaking quickly into my legs, but I didn't care, my eyes were fixed on the sweet young body lying in the sand only feet away. I moved slowly, not wanting to startle her. I knelt down between her widely spread legs and reached for the hands stroking the fat plastic cock in and out of herself. I covered her hands with mine, gently drawing the cock out of her as she looked down to see me. I could see a mixture of emotions in her eyes, desire as she stared at my fat cock, anticipation, hesitation and even a slight touch of fear.

I smiled at her to try and put her mind to ease and took the dildo from her hands and dropped it in the sand next to us. I leaned forward, lowering my face to her shaved mound, gently kissing it before kissing down lower, tasting her juices as she arched her back to tilt her pussy up toward me. I spread her lips with my tongue and dug deep, tasting her nectar before sliding it up and across her hard exposed clit. Leaving her pussy I slowly kissed my way up her body, each soft sensuous kiss leaving a hot wet mark instantly cooled by the light breeze. I continued to kiss upward, her hand reaching for my sides, trying to pull me up her body faster as I meandered my kisses around the bottom of her breasts.

"Ohhh god." She gasped as I sucked the first hard nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it and then drawing it between my lips to stretch it before letting it snap back into place. I repeated the lick and suck on the other nipple, her hands again trying to urge me higher. I knew what she wanted, I knew exactly how she wanted it.

I felt my hard head press against her lips. I didn't need to guide it, it seemed to know exactly where to go as I pushed myself forward, my hard cock slowly expanding the pussy that had so recently contained the plastic cock. I could feel her heat and she could feel mine as I pressed deeper into her, not stopping until her cervix pressed against the tip of my cock. I stroked out slowly, drawing my full length from her until only my head remained embedded in her and then quickly plunged it deep into her, eliciting quick gasp, followed by a long moan of pleasure.

"Oh yes. Again..." She moaned as I pulled back, her clit dragging along the top of my shaft. Again I paused just a moment before plunging hard and fast into her hot tight pussy, her clit smashing into the base of my cock at the end of my stroke. "ohhhh fuck yes. Fuck me. Fuck me please."

With a smile to myself I began stroking in and out of her rhythmically, each stroke timed with her own movements, her hips rolling and rocking to maximize the thrust that she knew was coming. We lay on the sand, me over her, my cock plunging into her over and over again for...well who knows how long.

"I'm going to come." She whispered breathlessly. "Come with me. Come in me!"

I continued to plunge into her without a word, driving my fat cock into her pussy until it couldn't accept any more. Each stroke made her little tits roll and shake, the image pushing my own impending climax a little higher.

"OH GOD YES! I'M COOOOOOMMMMMIIIIINNNNGGGG!" She squealed loudly into the air, drowning out the sound of the wind and the stream, replacing it with the cry after cry of ecstasy as the two of us climaxed together. I felt my cock swell within her and the first surge of hot cum gush up into her.

My eyes flashed open, the gloom of the hospital room quickly coming into focus. I felt my cock spurt again, my cum squirting onto my stomach under my gown as I lay in the bed. I heard a sound and turned, startled, to see a young nurse, maybe twenty two or three, standing, her hand on my arm, her eyes closed, her other hand gripping the railing of my bed, the same face that I had seen moments before in my mind. Again she squeaked, her body giving a little jerk in time with my own cock shooting yet another gush of cum onto me. Her breathing was ragged and her eyes stayed closed until my orgasm, and hers, finished together.

She opened her eyes and stared at me, confusion and surprise flashing across the soft gray/blue eyes. Her hand left the railing of the bed and she reached down, pushing her hand into her scrubs, pulling it out a few moments later. She drew her fingers to her face and smelled her own aroma, confirming what she had felt, that she had climaxed and her panties were saturated with her own cum.

"Me too." I half grunted, drawing her attention to my face.

"You too what?"

I pushed the covers back and pulled up my gown, the front wet where the cum was soaking into it. My hard cock laying on my stomach, still twitching, a pool of white goo laying on me and slowly turning clear as it started to run off of me.

She bit her lip, clearly confused. "I'll get you a fresh gown." She finally said after nearly a minute of silence. She released my arm and then pushed the blood pressure machine aside before walking across and out of the room. She came back a few minutes later, a fresh white and blue hospital gown in her hand.

"Sit up." She said, very businesslike. I pulled myself up to a sitting position and she reached behind me to pull the ties. Her hand slid down my back as she moved from the top tie to the next. She untied that knot and then slid her hand down again, more slowly this time, untying the third and final tie. Almost hesitantly she pulled the gown from me and then used it to wipe my cum off my stomach and chest.

"Was it good?" I whispered, stopping her actions in mid wipe by gently grasping her wrist.

"Wasn't what good?"

I gave my head a short shake reached my other hand out to her scrubs. She stayed frozen while I pulled the little tie, undoing the bow that they were tied in. I pushed my hand into the front, the scrubs sliding down as my arm loosened the waist, leaving her in a pair of very tiny blue panties. I stroked one finger between her legs, her crotch saturated with her own cum. I pulled the finger to my nose and inhaled slowly. "Yeah, you came too."

She stood blushing for nearly a minute before she whispered to me. "I don't know what happened. I was going to take your blood pressure and then suddenly I was naked, walking along a creek, and then you were there, naked, fucking me, and...well... I don't understand."

"Is it something you've done, or dreamed of doing? Being naked out there?"

"OH NO! I've never done anything like that!" She said emphatically. A bit more meekly she whispered. "But I have fantasized about being made love to on a little sand bar by this place some friends and I camped at. I did sneak off to it and pull my bikini bottoms off and finger myself though. Lord why am I telling you this?"

"Because, somehow, we just made love together out there without even leaving here." I whispered back. "And it was damn good!"

"It was, wasn't it? But how?" She said with a shy little scrunch of her shoulders and eyes, a playful smile coming to her lips. "Kind of wish it had been for real now."

"Who knows. Maybe someday it will be." I whispered back, releasing her arm so she could finish cleaning me off.

"Sit forward, please," She said, a bit softer and kinder this time. I leaned forward, stuck my arms through the new gown she held out and then stayed forward so she could tie the strings in the back. As she tied the top tie I slipped my hand over the side of the bed, down her front and into her little panties, her scrubs still around her ankles. "What are you doing?"

"Just seeing if your pussy feels as good on my fingers as it felt in my mind." I whispered with a little smile.


"Oh yeah. It feels VERY nice." I answered as I pressed a finger between her lips and slowly stroked it, rubbing it across her clit.

"I'll say." She whispered after a few moments. "You keep that up and you're going to get me turned on again."

"Oh? Then why would I quit?" I asked, pressing the tip of my finger up into her tunnel entrance.

"Oh stop." She giggled, wiggling her hips to pull away, but not too far.

"If you really want me to." I said, holding my finger still between her lips.

"I'm not sure I do." She whispered, sliding her hips back toward me. She looked around nervously and then reached both hands to her hips, hooking her thumbs in her panties and quickly pushing them down to her thighs before leaning back toward me to reach behind me and tie the lowest tie. "ohhhhhhhhhh I definitely don't want you to stop." She moaned softly as I stroked her pussy again. She stayed leaned over, leaning her head on my shoulder one hand holding the bed and the other sliding to my lap to play with my cock. "Damn, I wish this was hard again, I want to fuck you so bad right now." She moaned softly.

I had no doubt that she did. I could practically feel her desire flowing through me, warming me from the inside, my desire for her growing just as fast. I reached my other hand across my body and cupped one of her breasts through her scrubs and brazier.

"Oh damn. I really, really, really want to do this, but I can't! I have to go finish taking vitals." She groaned disappointedly. "Besides, you need to sleep."

"What time is it?"

"Two am." She whispered. "I'll come back if I can."

She pulled away and reluctantly pulled her panties and scrubs back in place. She stepped toward me and leaned across to give me a soft kiss before scurrying away and out the door.

The breeze ruffled the sides of the tent, the sun filtering through the green nylon making the whole tent filled with a soft green glow. The door unzipped, and I looked down, past my completely naked body lying on the air mattress, toward the door. She stepped in, turning and bending over as she zipped the door closed, her nude body pushing her firm round ass out at me and her full meaty pussy lips toward me from between her legs. Without a word she stepped toward me, sinking to her knees, one on either side of my hips. She grinned at me as she reached between her legs and grasped my fat cock in her hand, her fingers trying unsuccessfully to wrap all the way around it. She rubbed the head between her lips, the heat of her pussy flowing out into my engorged head. She moaned softly as she rubbed the tip of my head across her clit, little surges of pleasure running through both of us each time she bounced it across the hard nub.

She closed her eyes, her long dark hair falling back as she tilted her head back. I felt my cock engage into her tunnel entrance and then felt her settle back on it, the pressure around it building until it finally slipped inside her young pussy.

Her twenty two year old body was firm, a light tan covering all but a few scant places on her body. Two of those were triangles on the front of her breasts, each creamy white spot only slightly larger than the silver dollar sized areola. The bikini that left the marks barely large enough to be legal and definitely not considered decent if worn in public. The third spot was a small triangle, the top barely above the juncture of her pussy lips, running across her completely shaved mound. I followed the edges of the creamy white triangle, watching the fat outer pussy lips spread wider as it accepted my thick cock.

"Yesssssss." She hissed quietly as her body slowly accepted my shaft, her tunnel slowly expanding around me as she wiggled ever so slightly to force herself farther down the fat appendage.

Feeling her firm ass finally rest on my thighs she began to slowly bounce up and down, her tits making a little bounce at the bottom of each stroke, her ass slapping my thighs.

"Oh god yes!" she moaned loudly.

"Oh god yes!" I heard her moan as I opened my eyes. I felt her silky soft pussy sliding up and down my cock as I let my eyes focus on her, the cute little nurse from earlier in the evening, now completely nude as she bounced up and down on my cock. The light over the bed illuminated her tanned body, the sexy little tits bouncing, her rock hard nipples jutting out invitingly from the center of the creamy white untanned triangles.

I reached for her tits and cupped them in my hands, allowing her nipples to stick out between my fingers. I squeezed my fingers together as I squeezed her firm little titties, drawing a gasp from her before it turned to a long slow moan of pleasure. "Yeah, just keep doing that." She whispered as she rode up and down my on my lap.

"God I think I'm going to come." I groaned, the extremely tight pussy caressing my cock bringing me toward climax much faster than I would have expected. I felt incredibly turned on, almost as if I had been dreaming and waiting for her to mount me for hours. She rolled her head from side to side as she leaned back a bit father, her hands supported on the side rails of the bed. I watched her pussy accept my fat cock over and over as she rhythmically humped her pussy up and down my shaft.

"Do it. I'm almost there too." She whispered, still not looking.

"Ahhh shit." I grunted as my body jerked, trying to shove me deeper into her. My hands squeezed her tits hard as the first surge of cum pushed up into her.

"YES!" She squeaked as her whole body stiffened and shuddered. I could feel her pussy contracting in time with my own jerks, more and more of my cum pushing forcefully up into her. "God yes." She gasped quietly as she sat on me trembling, her orgasm pushing itself out to every corner of her being. She held that position long after my cock stopped adding to the copious load deposited inside her and began to soften. She looked down at me, her body still tilted back, her tits in my hands as I gently massaged and teased them.

"You like my body?" She whispered questioningly.

"Yes, it's a very sexy looking body. Feels pretty damn fantastic too."

"I'm glad. I wish I could stay longer, but my shift is almost over and I need to get back to the desk and finish." She whispered as she pushed herself back forward, her tits nearly to my chest before she lifted her pussy off of my cock. "ohhhh lots of good juice there." She giggled as she stepped off, our cum running down her legs and dribbling from her pussy on to me, the bed and finally the floor.

She quietly pulled her panties up to contain the flood and then used a towel to wipe her legs and finally my shriveling cock. She worked gently, almost lovingly, a warmth flowing out from her touch that was extremely soothing and comforting. "There." She said finally, tossing the towel to the end of the bed and then stepping away. I watched her dress, her bra first, followed by her scrub bottoms and then top. Finally she stepped into her shoes and smiled at me, knowing that I had watched and hopefully enjoyed the last little show she had given me.

"I'll be back tomorrow. I hope you're still here." She whispered as she leaned over and gently kissed my cheek."

The sun warmed the two of us as we lay on the blanket, neither of us wearing anything, her head resting on my chest as she snuggled against me. I could feel her where my arm wrapped around her, feel each place where her body pressed against mine, feel the heat of her pussy where it pressed against my thigh. I heard the sound of waves gently lapping up the beach, the soft swish as the water retreated down the sandy shore. The breeze was ever so slight, its intermittent whispers cooling the combined juices left on my cock and her pussy lips. "Mmmmm I love snuggling after good sex." She whispered, tilting her head up to kiss me yet again.

"I'll see you tomorrow." She whispered after breaking the short kiss. She quickly walked away, looking businesslike again by the time she had the door opened.

I pulled up the covers over my now soft cock and lay back, closing my eyes and wondering what time it was. I didn't wonder for long, quickly feeling sleepy again. I felt the warmth of her snuggling against me on the blanket as I drifted off to sleep, the contented smile never leaving my face.

"Wake up sleepy head!" A cheerful voice called, dragging me from my slumber. "Time for some breakfast!"

"Huh?" I asked groggily, rubbing my eyes to try and get them to focus again.

"It's past eight. Hope you slept well." The heavyset redheaded nurse said as she walked across the room and pulled the heavy curtains apart on the room's window. "Now we have a nice breakfast this morning. The doctor said you could eat regular meals again, so we have toast, link sausage and scrambled eggs. How does that sound?" She asked as she stepped over to the bed and reached for the controls. She slowly motored the bed up to a sitting position before reaching for the rolling table that held a tray on it. She moved the table so it overhung the bed and took the lid of the tray, exposing the breakfast she had described.

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