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Ayasha's Beast


All relationships through the duration of this story are over 18. any similarities are not on purpose. all characters belong to me and no one else.


The fragrance assaulted my sense of smell as I entered the meadow, a smile filtered across my face. The valley from afar could be mistaken as snow but once neared the small delicate flowers could be distinguished easily. The sweet aroma caused my eyelids to droop low while taking a deep breath. I could not stay away from this place, it offered comfort, tranquillity and peace, much what is missing from my life.

I knew the risks involved in coming here. Once they figured I strayed from my tasks, dropping the orders I was given for today, I would be punished severely. But at this moment in time it mattered little to me, what's a few lashes?

Of course the prospect of being caught and captured by any foreigners sent shivers down my spine. Who were they to come into the land of the Hoharna Tribe, smelling of sweat, alcohol and cigars, demanding the right to property? Worse was when they would try to seek 'entertainment' from us village women, weather willing or not. I held the urge to spit in their faces when they walked through the tribe seeking information from the chief man.

I reluctantly turned my back on the meadow and made my way through the forest towards the little tribe I called home.

The sun was sinking just as I saw the signs of the first of many camp fires, and the shouts from the many children playing along the forest edges.

'AYASHA!' someone bellowed my name causing the children to stop their play and stare at me.

I picked up my pace towards the little brown hut as a fairly gray haired man stepped out, his face a deep purple.

'Where do you think you have been nituna?' he all but spat in my face.

I went to reply but he cut me off.

'Playing again in that meadow of yours? Don't you dare deny it child, I can smell that sickening scent on you! I bet you didn't even gather any fruit on your silly hike'

I looked down at my hands as if fruit would appear in them. I looked up at him once again to see his face a deeper purple. I'd give him a heart attack before his right time, I can swear by it.

'How are you supposed to impress Dyami when you scurry off like a child? You dishonour this family enough as it is' He stared into my face for a minute before turning and entering the hut once again. 'Go make yourself useful, help your mother prepare tonight's meal. If it isn't too much of a bother' he muttered through the door.

I weaved through the many smiling villagers before seeing the frail women bending over a stack of firewood.

'Shima, give them to me. You will more likely pull your back out' I held out my arms as my mother ungracefully shoved the heavy wood into my opened arms. Yeap, there will defiantly be splinters.

'God child, where have you been? I have had to listen to your father all day...' I tuned her out as she gave her usual rant.

I saw Dyami out of the corner of my eye staring at me. God it would have been easier if he wasn't so good looking. His high cheekbones and thick black hair that was braided down the centre of his head made him the most source of attention from the females in the tribe. But no matter what I thought of his looks I knew what he really was like; a pig of a man, wanting a beautiful wife to cook and clean, gives him his daily needs in bed while not uttering a word. Dyami saw women as more of a convenience then an offer of company. That just made my blood boil, women were good for more than that. What really made me hate the very sight of him was that I was arranged to be that woman.

Soon flames erupted and the smell of deer filled the small tribe. I stayed away from both my parents trying not to evoke another fight. At least I wasn't lashed, that was a highlight.

When the fire eventually died out, I headed towards my own hut seeking the comfort of my thick fur bedding. I sighed as I tugged at my beaded collar and drawstrings to release my trade cloth dress. Pulling at the ties around my hair, I let the thick black hair fall to my waist. Too exhausted to think of anything else, I fell on my bedding, getting lost in the thick hides.

But I didn't fall asleep. Not when I heard the opening of my hut quietly open then shut.

I took a deep breath, preparing to scream when I heavy hand covered my mouth. I squealed and pushed at the heavy body that fell on me all of a sudden. My eyes met Dyami's.

I screamed even though his hand blocked out any sound.

'Bitch, if you don't shut your mouth you'll regret it' he whispered harshly into my ear.

I stopped, too scared to met his wrath.

'Good girl, now if you wouldn't mind...' his hand trailed down his front towards his drawstrings of his pants.

I couldn't help it, I screamed.

His hand wrapped around my throat, but not before my scream was heard.

Someone entered my hut seeking the problem. I could tell it was my father, by his rough gasp as he took in the sight.

The hand disappeared around my neck but before I could say anything Dyami flung himself at the feet of my father.

'Oh wise one, forgive me, but your daughter... she was trying to seduce me into sleeping with her!' He looked back at me, hiding the smirk from my father who was now staring at me through murderous eyes. Such an act that Dyami just mentioned was one of the most disgraceful acts a daughter could commit. 'Please take mercy on me, for I know I'm supposed to be strong and fight the urge but your daughter... she was relentless in her act.'

I just stared dumbly at the two men, too shocked to speak words.

'Do not worry Dyami; a woman's will is not to be messed with. She will be punished severely tomorrow to be taught a lesson. I hope this does not make you regret your decision to take her as your bride?' He looked down at Dyami, a hint of fear that he will regret his daughter, such a disgrace it would be to the family name.

'Of course not, wise one.' Dyami told him, getting off his feet, all signs of danger on his behalf now gone. 'I hope you just teach her what her rightful place is until our wedding night'

With that he bowed respectfully and left the hut.

The air was thick with loathing that seeped out of my father. I went to defend myself, but was stopped when my father's hand struck me on my cheek causing me to gasp back in fright.

'Just you wait for tomorrow child' he growled before turning on his heels, leaving me in tears.

A/N :

Yes another story. Please send feedback (:

Some words you might not know:


Shima- Mother

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