tagNonHumanAyasha's Beast Ch. 02

Ayasha's Beast Ch. 02


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The Author holds exclusive rights to this work. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.All characters are oven 18!

I grabbed a small hide bag, filling it with as much food as it would carry and made my way into the forest. It was still dark, only an hour till sunrise. No one would be awake at this time, making it a safe time to make my escape.

I couldn't stay here. I would be reduced to a silent woman, following the orders of an asshole of a husband, who would no doubt beat me when I didn't comply. No, that would not be me.

I was Ayasha and at only 19 years of age I had a life to begin, a dream of freedom to accomplish.

I took one last look at the small tribe before making my way through the forest, a new life starting this very minute.


The sun was high in the sky as I entered my meadow of white, wanting only to fall into the comfort of the small flowers. Preparing to drop my bad, something caught my eye, something red.

I focused on the patch on the far side of the meadow from where I stood. Red flowers maybe? But I knew that couldn't be; there was nothing but white pansy's within this meadow. I took a cautious step forward, holding my breath while doing so.

Nothing moved. No sound was made.

I went to take another step, when something did move causing me to freeze rigidly.

The red was blood; a deer carcass ripped to shreds. But that wasn't the reason why my heart almost gave out on me; the reason was the thing that was consuming it. From where I stood I could see him in detail. Easy 6"4 and a lean body full of corded muscles, rippling as he moved. His thick mattered black hair sat messily on his head, falling to his shoulders. But what stood out most was his huge canines, easily seen from where I stood, still rooted to the spot. Claws the size of small daggers ripped through the dead animal like it was paper.

Oh God what kind of beast was this.

Without taking my eyes off him, I took slow calculated steps towards the edge of the forest, away from the small blood bath.

So far so good, only about 5 more steps till I would be covered by the dense forest.




Fuck, fuck, fuck...

I didn't even look back to see if the beast heard me. I turned and ran as fast as my firm legs would take me.

Stray twigs and jaggered rocks sliced through my skin, causing slight burns and pains, but I couldn't care less at this point in time. I just wanted to put as much distance between me and...It.

That's when I heard it, thick branches snapping, and heavy footfalls behind me.

I willed my legs to go faster ignoring the burning sensation running though my stained legs.

I couldn't stop, high chance if I did, I would die.

Fate had other plans though.

Too busy focusing on the sounds behind me; I didn't notice the tree root sticking out.

It was a very ungraceful fall, smashing face first into the dirt, scraping my knees and palms.

I held myself still, swallowing the scream I so desperately wanted to voice, but what was the point no one would hear me.

That's when I noticed the usual sounds within a forest become uncannily quiet. I slowly turned over, meeting my fate head first.

Only an inch away from my face I met the gaze of the beast, his eyes... the irises were crimson, so unnatural it sent goosebumps over my skin. His sharp canines looked even more deadly up close and his breath reeked of death and blood. But what I couldn't deny was how perfectly sculptured his face really was. High cheekbones, square jaw and a perfectly straight nose wrapped in the most beautiful tone of russet skin I had ever laid eyes on. His full lips lifted into a snarl bringing me back to reality; this beautiful man was about to kill me.

That's when I noticed he was naked, and erect.


I backed away as fast as I could to be only pinned into place by his clawed hands. I whimpered as he leaned in closer licking the side of my throat.

Oh god, oh god.

He picked me up so fast that the world blurred around me, only focusing once again as he slung me over his shoulder. Running towards god knows what.

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