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B-6 Cowboy Special


My eyes just about rolled up into my head when I came on duty and Leon handed me a ticket for a B-6 Cowboy Special.

"I might have to take something to reload this fast unless they're all content with a mouth job, Leon," I said as I stripped and started to pour myself into the cowboy costume.

"Naw, that's why I saved that ticket for you," Leon said with a short little laugh. "You've got the reputation for keepin' it hard the longest of any we've got on the rolls. It'll mean a good $400 evening for you, with six specials added to the base $100 just for lettin' 'em look a ya. Just think of all the dough you'll be making."

Leon was just about drooling as he watched me fold my well-hung piece into the pouch under the breakaway pants, slip into the breakaway shirt, and start strapping on the chaps. I'd learned a long time ago what Leon liked and wanted from the guys on the rolls.

Well, after I'd done six bachelorettes at this party assignment, there wouldn't be much left to share with Leon when I returned. But he was right. $400 for a B-6 Special—a bachelorette striptease party with six sex acts I'd have to perform—was really good money for one evening's work if I could hack it. It would just about cover that work I had to have done to my Mustang.

I looked at the address on my ticket. The party was in the wedding suite of a local upscale hotel. It was Friday now, so I assumed they'd booked the suite for the duration of the wedding festivities, and this was the bride's last fling. Must be shelling out a lot of dough for this affair, I thought. That wedding suite didn't come cheaply. And neither did I.

"I guess the girls in the wedding party want to sew their last oats before one of them takes the big plunge," I said, as I put my arms through the cowhide vest and tide a red bandana around my neck.

"These are the guys in the wedding party, not the girls. This is a bachelor party," Leon said with great satisfaction, giving me a leer.

"Ouch," I exclaimed. I bet Leon had given me this assignment with a great deal of pleasure. I was one of the only guys who pretty much spurned his suggestions for coupling up. Well, at least this would probably mean I wouldn't have to be worrying about reloading five times in a short period.

I could tell the party was already going strong when I arrived at the wedding suite door. I took off the overcoat that had covered my cowboy costume while I'd scurried through the lobby and up the elevator and knocked on the door. The young blond stud who answered the door and gave me a big welcoming smile was minimally dressed in just gym shorts and a beer can in his hand, but, as he pulled me inside, I could see that he was overdressed compared to the other four studs scattered about the suite. They only sported the beer cans—and impressive hardons.

Blondie cranked up the music and had me going right into my regular striptease routine. They cheered and saluted as the breakaway pants came off and then the shirt, leaving me only in the boots, chaps, vest, bandana, and the skimpy pouch.

The guy who was obviously the groom to be, a dark-haired muscle stud, swarthy of complexion and intriguing decorated with curly hair on various parts of his body and who might have been the quarterback of this team, wanted a lap dance as soon as I had stripped down to the minimal costume. When I came down into his lap as he was sitting in a straight chair, he minimalized the costume further by jerking off my pouch. He docked our cocks together and stroked them as I rubbed my nipples against his, reveling in the soft silkiness of his chest hair, and went into a deep lip lock. All the time I was thinking that the basic $100—which was half the $200 they had to pay for the basic striptease—was earned and now I was moving into earning my $50 share of the $100 for the first sex act. This wasn't going to be so bad. The groom to be was quite desirable.

In fact, this guy was really turning me on and my cock hardened right up to his attention. I knew I was going to get a hot ride and I even was going to be paid for it We were both panting and moaning to beat the band, and he had his lips on my nipples, when two of his attendants got on either side of me and lifted me by the thighs and set me down on the groom's cock. I cried out in ecstasy as my ass canal sheathed his thick, throbbing tool, and the groomsmen just kept lifting and lowering my pelvis on the groom's dick until he gave a little scream and creamed my insides with his cum.

They gave me no rest, though; the two groomsmen carried me, still gripping me by my thighs, into the adjoining bedroom and laid me on my back at the foot of a four-poster bed. The two of them strapped my legs to the posts with leather belts so that my legs were spread out wide, and then they took turns, in the paid-for sex acts two and three, adding their probing dicks to the exploration of my ass the groom had just accomplished, and mixed their semen with his. The end of the bed was facing a large dresser mirror, and the groom had come up on the bed behind me and pillowed my head in his lap, which elevated it enough that I could watch the undulation of the firm, melon-round butts of the two stud groomsmen as they pumped my asshole. Once again I congratulated myself on both having a wild fuck and being richly rewarded for doing so

The groom, obviously smitten with me, was making little mewing sounds to me while his hands and lips explored my upper body. I lay there, writhing under the attention of the groom and his attendants, as the two groomsmen who had carried me into the room and strapped me to the bedposts fucked me deep, one after the other. A third groomsman, a big black stud who had held back from the group as I was being pumped up and down on the groom's cock in the other room, approached between my legs when his two cohorts were done and sucked my cock until I spouted off with a little scream of ecstasy. Then he, too, added his cock and semen to the collection in my ass canal and pistoned his cock inside me endlessly until, with a sigh of satisfaction, he came and melted away from sight.

Then acts five and six came simultaneously, as the blond hunk, who had been revealed to me as being the best man, unstrapped my legs and turned me on my stomach. My mouth was brought to the groom's reengorged cock, and I sucked him off in deep-throated strokes, as the best man proved to be true to his name in both the length and girth of his cock and pumped me doggie style for the next half hour.

I left the wedding suite hours after I had arrived, walking bowlegged from the attention my ass had received from the five muscle studs but with $400 in cash in my coat pocket for me and $400 for Leon and with smiles all around.

It was with a sense of surprise but not regret the next evening when Leon handed me a ticket for a B-2 Cowbody Special at the same hotel wedding suite at midnight the next night. All I could think of as I drove across town was that these guys were really randy and wondering what two guys I'd drawn. My guess was it was the groom and best man, the studliest of the lot, on the reasoning that they would be the ones most likely to hanging out in the wedding suite.

When the door was opened to my knock, I went into a broad smile that matched that of the guy who answered the door—the hunky groom. I had drawn a long straw with that. But I was thoroughly surprised when I entered the room and found that the other occupant was not the best man; it obviously was the bride.

"What . . .?" I stammered.

"This is Glynnis," the groom explained. "Last night was one of several tryouts. You won in a breeze. This is our wedding night, and I promised Glynnis it would really be special."

Still in shock, I performed my standard cowboy striptease and then the groom took both his new bride and me by the hand and drew us into the bedroom.

At his invitation, I fucked his bride in the wedding four poster bed missionary style, while he fucked me from behind. From the sounds of our three-point harmony in cries and groans and moans, it was a wedding night for us all to remember. I left hours—and several hot couple combinations—later, having given them my wedding present of several rounds of off-the-clock fuckings, thinking that this was going to be the most open marriage I'd ever heard about—and hoping that they would be becoming regular customers.

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