tagLoving WivesB-ball Night

B-ball Night


Mainly fiction. A little bit of this happened, but not nearly enough. But it would have been great fun.

All women were on the pill back then. And, this being fiction, in this universe there are no STDs, so fictional people don't need to practice safe sex as real people do. Don't try this at home.


When we finally got a really large TV many years ago, we had several friends over to watch a playoff game. "Really large" back then is puny by today's standards, but we thought it was big at the time. Three guys showed up. Their wives were not interested, so it was just us b-ball fans. And my wife.

She gets into the spirit of these gatherings, playing hostess. She wears an old basketball-style jersey. It was made for a very tall thin player, so on her it hangs down halfway to her knees. She wears it like a dress, really short, mini but not micro, showing lots of leg. Under it, I know because I saw her getting dressed, she has a light blue bra and bikini panties, small and fairly sheer but nothing special.

She's being the perfect hostess, bringing us drinks (beer, soda) and snacks (nuts, chips, nachos). She brings out bottles and plates, and waggles her hips at us like a cocktail waitress trolling for tips. The guys treat her like our waitress, too, with compliments and suggestive comments, and they pat her on the butt when she bends over or as she leaves the area. Maybe a little more forward than you'd be in a bar, but nothing that wouldn't happen among old friends at the average backyard barbeque. It's probably because of the way she's dressed, in just this jersey. It's like wearing just a T-shirt, sexy. They all know that she has just a bra and panties on under it, from hugging her when they arrived and from their fondling of the waitress.

During one of her trips into the kitchen, John gets up and goes to the kitchen to get another beer. I go to the head to make room for more beer and as I pass the kitchen on the way back I see John with Jannie. He is behind her pressing her against the counter, hugging her with his arms around her waist. He's nuzzling the side of her neck away from me. She tilts her head to the side to expose more of her neck, and she sees me standing in the doorway. She looks at me and I at her, she just closes her eyes and goes back to enjoying having her neck nibbled. John is still kissing her neck and shoulder and whispering in her ear, and he moves his hand up from her waist to cover her breast. Her eyes snap open and she looks over to see if I am still watching. She looks worried to me, but I can't tell if it's because of what he's doing or because I'm watching him do it. He senses her tension and he looks over, too, and meets my gaze. Am I pissed off? Am I going to rush over and break this up? No, I'm just interested to watch. He takes her and my lack of reaction as consent, I guess, and moves his other hand to her other breast. I watch him knead them and pinch the nipples. She closes her eyes again and leans back against him. I turn and walk back to the living room to join the other guys.

A couple minutes later John comes out with his new beer. I go into the kitchen to help Jan. She looks at me coldly. "How could you. . .?"

"How could I what?"

"How could you let him feel me up like that?"

"You didn't seem to object much to it. If you wanted to stop it, you're a big girl. You can take care of yourself. You always flirt with guys. Besides, it not as though this is new to us. To you."

"That was years ago. And that was business, your business, your clients. John is an old friend. That's different. A little flirting and a kiss on the neck are one thing. But he put his hands on my boobs. More than friendly."

"So, be very friendly. No harm done." And I pat her on the butt and go back out.

Back out in the living room things seem to escalate a little, too. During one of her deliveries, John puts his hand on her butt and leaves it there, rubs it around, cups the cheek of her delicious buttock, not just a little pat. this is feeling her ass, not just patting it. She looks over at me, but she doesn't object, or even remove his hand.

The other guys notice this, too, and they do the same. By the end of the first half, it's a feel-fest. Whenever she comes over to the sofa, as she leans over to put a bottle or tray on the table, one of the guys reaches out to fondle her. It starts out just a little at first, but when she doesn't object to it, they get bolder. Funny, she's always within reaching distance. And doesn't hurry to leave.

From where I'm sitting, I can see into the hallway where no one else can. And there I see the next escalation. John is coming back from the bathroom and runs into Jan coming out of the kitchen. She has a bowl in one hand and a bottle in the other. He pushes her to the wall and presses against her. And then he kisses her. Deeply, open mouths, with real passion. And both his hands on her breasts kneading and squeezing. Then his right hand goes down to her hip, and then between their bodies, over her thigh and right onto her crotch. She can't move to defend herself with both hands full. She squirms a little, but this has the effect of letting him push farther between her legs to cup his hand over her mound. Still kissing. I can imagine, I can almost hear that she's moaning into his mouth as he feels her breast and pussy. Wow, this turns me on incredibly. Again, she's not defending herself much, not stopping him. I'm certainly not going to. This is exciting to watch. After maybe a minute, he backs away and lets her go.

About ten minutes later, she's out again, and this time John playfully pulls her down to sit on his lap. She goes along with it, good sport that she is. He's holding her on his lap supporting her butt with his left hand. The guys think this is great fun. With his right hand he pulls her face toward his and kisses her. Deeply, open mouths, with real passion -- again. Cheers and clapping from Paul and Billy. Hoots. "Way to go, man!" "Heeeere's Johnny!" Then his right hand comes down from her cheek to her breast. Right on the boob. Cupping his hand around it, squeezing it, rubbing and pinching the nipple. Shocked silence. The guys are quieter for a few seconds, until they see that she's not fighting. They look away from the show for a moment to see what I'm doing. Well, I'm sitting there watching with lust. They start to encourage him again. "Whoa, buddy, get a load of that." "Bet that feels good!" "Dude, your wife is HOT!" She really is being very friendly, and I wonder where this is going.

It's not over yet. He lowers his hand from her boob to her leg, her thigh. The jersey is covering only a few inches below her crotch, and he moves his hand up to the hem, then under it continuing up her thigh. The guys are quiet again. She squirms to get away, but this has the effect of making her legs fall open a little. Now we can all see the blue triangle of her panties covering her pussy mound. John's hand moves up to cover it and rub it. She moans now and we can all hear it. She puts her hands on his chest to push him away.

The kitchen timer scares us all when it goes off for the nachos. Saved by the bell. She gets up and leaves. I go into the kitchen with her.

"God, Tommy, this is really getting out of hand. That's not just 'friendly' or 'flirting.' He put his hand on my panties, and they all saw it. Why didn't you stop him? Now all the guys will want some."

I walk over to her, hold her to me with my lips on her neck and my hands on her ass pulling her into my crotch so she can feel my erection. "Well, *I* sure want some. And I'm sure you're right. They all do. Can't you just open up a little and let them play with you?"

"Play with me? Play with my boobs? And my goodies? Jesus, Tommy, these are our friends. I know these guys. And their wives and their kids."

"This is just a game. I think you should play with them, and let them play with you. C'mon, open up. Let them feel your delicious body."

She gives me a hard look, picks up the nachos, turns on her heel and walks back out to the living room.

As she puts the plate down, the guys are all staring at her legs and ass, practically drooling. Billy runs a hand up the back of her leg to the hem of the jersey, which is just inches from her butt when she's leaning over like that. She looks over at me again, but doesn't swat the hand away.

She marches back into the kitchen to get more beer for all of us. She delivers the first bottle to me, standing right by me. I reach the back of her leg and run my hand up it to the hem of the jersey. She responds by putting her hand on my shoulder, so I move my hand a little higher, up the back of her thigh, until I touch the leg band of her panties. She doesn't flinch. Well, it's only me, her husband of a dozen years. Playing with her ass, as usual. But in front of three other men. I decide not to go any further. Let her set the pace.

The next beer goes to Billy. He accepts the bottle with one hand, and reaches out for her breast with the other. She smiles at him. She doesn't pull back as he kneads her breast for fifteen or twenty seconds. He stops, she leans over further to give him a peck on the lips, and moves on.

Paul is a little less bold. He pulls her in for a deep kiss and touches her breast briefly toward the end of it.

John wants more. He pulls her down for a deep kiss and runs his hand down her back, down to her leg. And up her bare leg under the jersey. It's clear to the rest of us that he has his hand on her ass, on her panties or maybe sliding inside them, as she bends toward him. She kisses him passionately, open mouth, moaning into his mouth as he plays with her butt. They break after half a minute and she comes back to me.

She whispers to me as I'm feeling her leg, "Our friends are getting too friendly. They're going to want more of me. In a few more minutes, they're going to be touching me everywhere. You understand . . . everywhere?"

"Yes, everywhere. I want to see that. I want them to feel you as I do. Let them feel you."

"These clothes won't get in their way. They'll want to feel *all* of me. They'll just push inside my panties or rip them off me. Your wife will be exposed to them."

"Mmmmm. What a good idea. I want them to see you and feel you."

"You want me to let them feel me? You want your wife to become their toy? Your wife's body will be their sex toy, their plaything?"

"Yes, I want my wife to be their toy. I want them to want you. I want them to touch you. I want you to let them feel you." She smiles and whimpers a little as I pull her to me and slide a hand up to her breast. "I want them to hold your beautiful, firm breasts. I want them to pinch your nipples and make you squirm with pleasure."

She closes her eyes and leans into me. I reach down to her hip and onto her crotch over the jersey. "I want them feel your pussy, the delicious shape of your mound and your lips. I want you to open your legs for them and let them feel you. Let them into you. I want them to feel my beautiful wife, to know how sexy she is so they can all be jealous of us."

"Oh, god, I'm already wet. When they touch my panties they'll notice it right away, and they'll think that I want it." She moves her hips a little as my hand goes higher up her thigh. "The first guy who gets into my pants will slide right in, I'm so wet."

"Do you want them to slide right into your wet slit? Give them access so they can reach into you easily."

"Oh, Tommy. You're turning me on. This is wrong, but I am excited. I want someone to play with me. I want to feel something inside me. If you don't take me upstairs right now...."

"You are so hot. Go with it. Open up and accept whatever happens, whoever feels you. Let us feel you where you want and where we want. We all love you. Let us make you feel good."

She squeezes her thighs on my fingers and shudders a little. A mini-orgasm? I whisper to her, "I want you to enjoy this. I want to watch you turn on, and get hot, and get wet, and be pleasured. I want to see you turn on with another man. Several other men. I want you to be used by these other men for their pleasure and yours. Can you do that for me?"

She opens her eyes to look up at me. "You want them to *use* me?" Then after a moment, "Maybe. But no actual adultery. These are our friends. And their wives are our friends. Just fingers and ... but no screwing. I don't want to risk any friendships. Your friends can feel me. I'll let them feel me. Maybe you can fuck me, but no one else. Please, promise me."

By this time, my hand is under her jersey and all over her ass and trying to get between her legs. "Okay. I agree. No adultery. No risks that we will lose friends." I pat her on the butt and send her on her way.

Her next trip back with chips, she sits on Paul's lap. They kiss, seriously, and he feels her breast openly. Squeezes it hard. She responds. He moves his hand down to her thigh, strokes up her leg, under the jersey, until we can all see her blue panties. Soon his hand covers the panties. She opens her legs some to let him get his hand down between them and over her crotch. They break off. As she walks away, he smells his hand and rolls his eyes. We know what he means, that her smell, her delicious pussy juice, is on his hand.

When she sits in Billy's lap, he does much the same. Kiss, feel, then down to her legs and up to her crotch. Not much basketball is being watched by this time. I guess it isn't a very close game, but we don't care anyway. The play in this room is with pussy, not with bouncing balls. He fondles her, plays with her, outside her pants, but they both love it. He pushes in, she moans and pushes up. She is probably getting much wetter.

Every time a guy touches her legs and goes higher, she looks over at me. Am I going to object, stop this? She is not happy with being fondled so openly, but she allows it. Her eyes say, "Is this going too far? This guy is touching me intimately. You want this? You sure? Well, maybe okay."

She moves over to John at the other end of the couch. While they are kissing, he lies back stretching her out along the length of the couch. Her legs and feet are at Billy's end, in his lap, too. He holds her ankles and strokes her calves.

John is more aggressive, as expected. He slides her jersey up to her waist so that we can all see her panties. She looks over to me with a little panic in her eyes. I smile back. He fondles her pussy outside her panties. She gets into it, pushing her hips up into his touch. Then his hand strokes her bare belly then down under the waistband of her panties and over her mound. Oh, god, he's inside her pants! She let him inside her pants! He's going for her pussy! He's going to finger fuck her! He's going to get inside my wife! A guy is going to finger fuck my wife! While I watch! And these other men watch! They will all see him put his hand in her pussy and watch her love it and watch me not do anything about it! Holy shit, when she crosses this line there will be no turning back. Strange men in her pussy, other men with their fingers in her cunt.

She looks at me with real panic. I want this to continue. I'm thinking, trying to send her a message telepathically, "Open your legs so he can slide between your lips and get into your hole. Your hot, drooling, wet cunt!" I want her to be so turned on that she can't control it.

We can see his hand moving over her mound, her lips. She opens her legs wide and Billy helps her keep them spread by holding her knee up. There is a wet spot on the gusset of the panties where her lubricating juice has already leaked from her hole. I can see his knuckles move under the nylon, up and down and around. Suddenly she gasps and moans loudly and her hips jump up, she humps his hand. He's inside her, he's sliding a finger into her slippery snatch. My friend is finger fucking my wife, in front of me, and others are watching, too! She took him into her cunt! He's feeling her hot insides! And soon they will do the same to her. Holy crap!

She welcomes his hand now. Her eyes are closed in her reverie of desire. I can see the strain in her face as she pushes up again and again and again to get more of that finger inside her, to get fucked by his hand. She moans and pushes her hips up. He curls his wrist and pushes his fingers in farther. They continue for a couple minutes. She is breathing deeply, and moaning. There are tears at the corner of her eye. I think she loves it and hates it at the same time. For me, she's openly letting another man use her sex, put his hand inside her sex, and feel it and fuck it. But for herself, she's excited, enjoying it, too. Her nipples stand out as hard bumps on her shirt. Finally, she stirs, gets up, goes back to the kitchen.

I follow her to see if she is okay. She's leaning on the counter, having another drink, breathing hard between gulps. She wipes her eyes with the back of her hand. "Geez, Tommy, I almost came. I will if we continue this." Another slug of her beer. "God, this is awful. But that was so exciting. I shouldn't be letting this go on. I want, uh, . . . I just want to."

"You want to have fun with all of them? Let them all feel you?"

She won't look me in the eye. "Yes," softly.

"No problem, sweetie. Whatever you want to do. So long as you're enjoying it. I want to see this. I want to see you turn on with other men. I think it's incredibly hot. I want to see you turned on out of control, and hot and dripping and coming."

"You really want to see other men handle me? Get inside me? Fuck me, with their hands. This is real sex, Tommy. You want me to let them have me like that? You want them to use your wife like that? "

I enfolded her in my arms and nibbled on her ear. "Yes, yes. Open up for them. Let them into your pants. Spread your legs when they feel you. Let them get between then. Let them know they can feel your pussy. And inside your pussy. Into your hole. Into your cunt."

She melts into my arms and sighs, "Yes, yes. Oh, god, I'm so turned on. I want to play. I want to feel something inside my body. My pussy is so turned on, it's red hot and wants to be filled, it is a cunt."

I slide my hand between us to cup her pussy over the jersey. "Let them feel you. Let them finger you. You want their tongues, too? You want them to eat you? They will eat you out. We will all lick your slit and suck your clit until you scream."

"Yes. Yessss. I'm so hot."

I pull up the hem of the jersey so I can feel her crotch through her panties. The pants are humid, hot, wet. She is really getting into it. "Let them make a show of taking off your wet panties. Who do you want to do it? Who should take them off? You want me to do it, to expose you to them? You want John to take them off with his teeth?"

She sighs, mmmmmm, at the idea. I suggest, "How about all three, one at each hip and one right in the middle, on your mound. Imagine his hot breath right on your wet pussy." She stirs some more.

"No, you take them off me." She looks serious. "Are you sure that you want to do this? If you do, then you uncover my sex. You want them all to handle me? To feel your wife all over? To feel *inside* your wife? To get into me?" I nod. "Then show them that you want your wife to be open to them. Expose my pussy to your friends. Show them that you won't be jealous when they fuck me. You want them to fuck me with their fingers and their tongues, don't you? Tell me to open my legs and my cunt for them."

"Yes, you know I want that. Open your legs and your cunt for them. I want you to do anything you're comfortable with. Whatever you enjoy." Privately, I'm thinking, "I want you to be so turned on that you go way beyond what you think you're comfortable with."

"If you're uncomfortable, you say, 'Stop' and walk away, and everything stops. I'll see to that." Privately, I'm thinking, "Please don't stop. I don't want you to stop. Go ahead with anything, everything." You know the old joke about the woman who cries out, "Don't! Stop! Don't! Stop!" and the man hears "Don't stop! Don't stop!"

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