tagTransgender & CrossdressersBaby Face Jack's Biggest Fight

Baby Face Jack's Biggest Fight

byGrey Eagle 286©

The referee held his gloved hand high in the air. The crowd was hushed as the ring announcer spoke, "Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this World Featherweight Championship Boxing Match to unify the title, by technical knockout, and still undefeated; Baby-face Jack Mc Coy." The crowd screamed in approval.

Jack's trainer and manager Fred Marino wiped the blood from Jack's face and chest. The blood ran in a steady stream from his broken nose. Fred grabbed a fresh towel, held it to Jack's nose, and squeezed firmly to try to stop the flow. Fred told the ring announcer that he was going to take Jack to the dressing room. He looked at the ring doctor who was standing nearby. "Would you take another look at his nose and see if you can stop the bleeding?"

"Sure Fred, I suspect that he will need an operation to fix it, I almost stopped the fight it was so bad. I would not have let him go another round but 'Killer' Durant could not see any more so I stopped the fight. Mc Coy really hurt him bad, I think he broke some of his ribs and I know Killer's face took a pounding. His eyes are swollen completely shut."

Fred looked at Jack. "How do you feel?"

"Not too bad. My nose hurts a little but I could go a few more rounds if I had to. Where is Sandy? I know she will be upset over all the blood."

A beautiful petite girl said, "I'm right here behind you Jack. Are you OK, Honey?"

"Yeah, follow us back to my dressing room. I may have to go from there to the hospital. The Doc here says I may need a plastic surgeon to fix it right. This is the third time it has been broken." She was with him while they took the wrappings from his hands. She critically examined his face, the nose and surrounding areas were very swollen. The bleeding had stopped but the nose was an ugly purple color.

She looked the rest of him over carefully, "Your poor nose looks like the only place you are hurt. I didn't see him hit you there."

"He didn't hit me, he pushed me away and the thumb of his glove caught me."

She lifted his hands and looked at them very closely, "You didn't break any knuckles this time, and your hands look good."

"Yeah, they were wrapped correctly this time, Fred did it himself."

She lifted his hands to her lips and gently kissed each of them. "I love you Jack, I don't think I can take this much longer. I hate seeing you get hurt."

Jack quickly looked around, he whispered, "We will talk later Sweetie. I love you too."

Jack and Sandy went to their apartment and they cuddled on the couch as he wound down. He said he thought he was finished with the fight game. He was making more money from his Fitness Centers and Championship Gyms than he had ever made from Boxing.

The big money was in the heaver weight divisions. Even though he has often called the best fighter, pound for pound, in the world, his fights did not command the huge sums the heavyweight fights brought in, still, for a boy from an average family he had made huge sums of money. He had a very good investment portfolio. His spending habits were very frugal. He had always known that his career in boxing could end with any fight. Even an accidental injury could end his career.

Jack and Sandy had been together forever. They were next-door neighbors. They played in their cribs together. They had attended day care together. They played together after school. They were best friends as children and then they became lovers in their late teens. They wanted to get married and Jack proposed to her at least once a week. She always said yes, as soon as he stopped boxing. They had been living together for five years. He had talked over his goals with her many times, now he had reached or exceeded all of them.

Jack smiled to himself then grimaced with the pain the smile brought from his nose. He looked at Sandy, as always she was beautiful. She had long blond hair and a flawless body. She was about 5'2", slim and petite with a perfect tiny ass and c+ sized breasts. He had a beautiful engagement/ wedding ring set hidden in his shaving kit and he went through the little speech he had been composing and rehearsing in his mind for months. He planned to propose just after he announced his retirement. He moaned softly as another smile hurt him. He could not help smiling whenever he thought of Sandy.

She lifted her head from his chest and looked up at him. She smiled and very gently brushed her lips across his. "Honey, can I get anything for you? Are you hungry? Do you need a pain pill?"

"I need to make love to you Sweetie, but I am afraid it will have to wait until tomorrow. I don't want to start my nose bleeding again."

Sandy giggled, "If you will bring me off with my vibrating dildo I'll give you a blow job. Do you feel up to that?"

"Hell yes, that sounds like fun, it will keep my mind off my nose. Are you going with me to the doctor in the morning?"

"When haven't I gone every place you go? I will be there unless you don't want me to go."

"You know better than that. I love it when I come out of the anesthesia and your beautiful smiling face is the first thing I see, and then I know everything is going to be fine."

"God, I hope this is the last time." He pulled her to him and very carefully kissed her lips. She softly moaned and dropped her hand to his lap. She found his rampant cock and squeezed it gently; she pulled back and smiled at him.

"Wow! You are as hard as a rock. I think you would have a hard on if your arm was chopped off."

"Yes, but only when I see you, Sweetie! I get that way whenever I see you." He felt her little hands working at the tie to his pajama bottoms. She loosened the string and pulled the pants open. Her hands caressed his cock. She rubbed her cheek softly across the head and looked up at him.

She smiled, "I love this part of you, and he is my favorite part of you, right after your lips. OH! Your hands are great too! And your tongue is special too. I guess just I love all of you. Mmmmmmm! You taste so good too!"

She slipped her lips down the length of his erection until her nose was buried in his curley pubic hair. One of her hands followed her mouth as it slipped up and down his shaft. The other hand gently cupped and caressed his balls. They were drawing up tighter below the shaft. Sandy smiled to herself because she knew he was about to cum. She stopped her movement at the top of his cock. She held the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it slowly, savoring the taste and the texture of his cock. She smiled as she licked the shaft of his cock, feeling the veins and the pulse of the blood pumping trough them to keep his cock hard. Sandy felt him stiffen and tremble. He moaned, "Ohh! I'm cumming. Unghh! Yes, here it comes." His hot seeds spurted into her ready mouth. She held all of it in her mouth and rolled it around with her tongue, over her teeth and inside her cheeks. She adored the slightly salty pungent flavor of his semen. She swallowed it all and grinned at the love of her life. "Maybe you can sleep now."

The first thing Jack saw when he opened his eyes the next afternoon was Sandy's smile. She said, "Hi, Babe, the doctors say everything went well. You no longer have your proud eagle's beak, but you now have a cute little button nose. They had to remove a little bone and cartilage. The surgeon said your nose should be a smaller target now and stronger too, not so easily broken."

His eyes drifted shut again and then popped back open, "You are teasing, right? I know you can't see it under the bandages and it has to be still swollen up, right?"

"You are right, Sweetheart, I am just telling you what the doctor said. You can go home when you feel up to it. We have an appointment again in a week."

"Help me up and get my clothes from the closet. I'm ready now."

In an hour, they were home in their apartment. Sandy wanted Jack to go to bed, he refused saying he had had enough sleep to last for days. He looked at her, "Would you like to go out tonight, dinner and a show or dancing?"

"Oh! I would love that Honey, but are you up to it? We had better wait a few days before we try that. I want you back in tip-top shape for some serious loving. We are falling way behind in our loving."

Several nights later, they went to their favorite dance club after a nice dinner. Jack was very proud of the way Sandy looked in a black silk chiffon and lace dress that came down to just above her knee. She wore gold strappy sandals with 4 inch heels. She looked absolutely stunning. The Maître de recognized Jack and he showed them to a front reserved table.

They danced several slow dances; Sandy did not want him jarring his nose on a fast dance. A large handsome young man asked her to dance with him. She smiled, "Thank you, but I am with my Boyfriend and I do not want to leave him."

"Oh, come on, I can see you want to dance this number. You are moving your shoulders to the music." She looked at Jack.

He smiled, "Go ahead Sweetie, just remember who brung ya."

Sandy returned after a second dance with the tall young man. The man said, "Thank you for the dances." Sandy did not even look at him. She smiled at Jack, "Let's go home now, please!" The other man turned and walked away. Jack stood and held Sandy's chair as she got up. They walked to the door. Jack talked to the Maître de and gave him a nice tip. They walked toward where they had parked the car.

Four large men stepped out of the shadows in front of them. Jack pushed Sandy behind him. He said, "Excuse us please we would like to get by."

"Sorry shrimp, we want to dance and party with your girlfriend, so you get out of our way or you'll get your little ass kicked."

"Yes, Sir, help yourself. But first, look, you are standing in dog shit." The man glanced down and was completely unprepared for the hard fist that caught him in the solar plexus. He dropped to his knees and fell forward on his face. Jack twisted to his right and kicked out high with his left foot. The blow caught second man in the chest and sent him flying back to land hard on his ass. His head flopped back and hit the asphalt with a whop. Jack advanced toward the remaining two men. They looked at each other, turned and ran the other way.

Jack looked at Sandy, "Get your cell-phone out and dial 911. These guys may need some help. It looks as if they DID step in some shit." One of the men was trying to sit up and he groaned. Jack pushed him back. He said, "Stay down and relax, you may have hurt your head. The Fire/Rescue folks are on the way." A Police car pulled up beside them and asked what the trouble was. The other two men who had run off walked up and said that Jack had attacked them without provocation.

One of them then said Jack had hit their friends with a club of some sort. Jack denied it and explained what had happened. The police officers were taking notes when an older distinguished looking man walked over from across the street.

"Officers, I am a witness to the whole incident. I saw and heard everything, so did my wife."

The officers stared at him. One policeman said "Good evening Judge Thurmont. I think you will make a good witness. Tell us what you saw." The judge told the same story Jack had told.

The judge looked at Jack, "Young man I wish I could try this case, but I must recuse myself so I can testify as a witness for you." Judge Thurmont turned to the officer, "All four are involved, the small man put two of them down and these two ran."

The officer smiled and said, "Your Honor, I just recognized this small man. He is 'Baby-face Jack, McCoy', the professional boxer."

"I didn't see a single boxing move, everything was martial arts techniques." The judge looked at Jack, "You are not a professional in any of the 'martial arts' are you?"

"No sir, that is just an occasional hobby."

One of the officers told Jack and Sandy they would have to accompany them to the station and give statements.

Jack asked that they give the statements the following day at 9:00 in the morning. The officer agreed.

Six months later, after a nice dinner at their favorite restaurant, Jack took Sandy's hand in both of his hands. "Sweetie, you have always been my best friend; you have been there for me through the good times and the bad. You have supported me in everything I have ever done. I don't believe I could have accomplished the things we planned without you. I love you with all of my heart and want you at my side forever, will you marry me?"

Sandy smiled at him softly. "Jacky, Honey, you have asked that question a hundred times before. My answer is the same; I cannot promise to marry you until you quit the fight game."

Jack smiled at her and handed her a folded piece of paper. She opened it and read:

AP Press release;

Today World Champion Light Weight Boxer "Baby-face Jack" McCoy announced his retirement from boxing. He states that he wants to finish his career a champion. He says he intends to marry his long-time girlfriend Sandy Archer. He says he wants to devote more time to his Gyms and Fitness Centers. McCoy had his nose broken in his last bloody fight with "Killer" Durant. Durant suffered three broken ribs, and a broken cheek- bone, and cuts to his eyebrows in the fight. The fight was stopped when Durant could no longer answer the bell because his eyes were swollen shut from countless blows to his face.

McCoy finishes his career undefeated in 33 amateur fights and 17 professional fights.

AP Release.

Sandy looked up at him, her eyes wide, a tear ran from each eye. "Is this true?"

He grinned and nodded. He handed her a small jewelry box. She looked at it and then she looked at him. She opened the box slowly and gasped at the beauty of the rings inside.

Jack smiled, and then stared at her. "Will you marry me?"

Sandy said, "YES! Hell yes! I love you so much. I am so happy I am going to really cry now, SOB!"

Jack stood and lifted her to her feet. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply. They heard the other patrons of the restaurant clapping and they grinned, they broke the kiss and smiled at each other. Jack looked around and laughed, he loudly said, "She said YES!"

Sandy smiled at him, "Take me home now, I need to make love to you." She whispered. He helped her with the light coat she wore and they headed for the door. He paused and dropped another $20 on the little tray with the money to pay the bill and the original tip.

When they stepped outside they found that it had started a light rain. He told Sandy to wait while he went and got the car. She watched as he walked rapidly toward the parking lot. She was wondering why a place with such fine food didn't have valet parking when she saw a group of large figures jump from the shadows and hit Jack from behind. She pulled out her cell-phone and dialed 911. She told the operator where they were and what was happening. She could make out the men stomping on something on the ground. She prayed it was not Jack.

A police car skidded to a halt by the figures. Several of them started to run, a shot was fired and they all stopped and raised their hands above their heads. Sandy hurried toward the scene. An EMS truck pulled up about the same time she got there, its siren screaming. The medics rushed to the figure on the ground. She could see now that it was Jack. He appeared to be unconscious. She tried to get to him but an office held her back. "Please Ma'am, let them work on him. Did you see it happen?"

"Yes I did. I saw it all. The four of them jumped him from behind and hit him in the head. Then they stomped on him and kicked him when he was on the ground and couldn't protect himself."

The policeman asked, "Do you know any of these men?"

"Yes I do. These same four guys tried to rape me about six months ago and Jack defended me and put two of them in the hospital. We are scheduled to go to court and testify against them next week."

She watched as the Medics put Jack on a stretcher and put him in the ambulance. As the men closed the door she identified herself to them and was given permission to ride to the hospital with Jack. On the way she called her parents and told them what had happened. Her mother told her they would call Jack's parents and that they would bring them with them to the hospital.

Sandy sat in the waiting room praying while the doctors worked on Jack. Her parents and Jack's Mom and Dad found her and comforted her while they waited. A doctor came out of the operating room. He introduced himself as Doctor Mike Lee. He sat and talked to all of them. The doctor told them that Jack had suffered a concussion. It did not appear to be too bad. He had also had several ribs broken. The doctor looked at them. "The most serious trauma was to his genital area, it appears that he was kicked and stamped upon there. Everything in that area is very severely damaged. We have little hope his testicles can be saved. We will attempt to stabilize the area and we had called in several specialists who will be here soon. Hopefully we can give you more information in a few hours."

Jack's father said, "Doc, I know this is not your specific area of expertise, but based on what you saw, what is your best guess as to the prognosis?"

"Sir, I hope I am wrong, but I see little chance of saving his testicles. There is a better chance of saving his penis but it will be not be functional sexually. I'm sorry, I hope I am wrong."

Sandy looked at him, "What effect will the loss of his testicles have on him other than the loss of sexual function?"

The doctor looked sadly at her, "Is he your fiancé?"

She nodded.

"He will not be producing testosterone. Without the male androgen hormones, many things will change in his body. There is heavy bleeding in the scrotal tissue, we have drained the blood but I personally do not believe the testes are repairable. I fear there is damage of the whole area including the vas deferens, the spermatic cord, and the epididymis, which is a part of the testis in which sperm mature. I wish I could be more positive about this but you really need to be prepared for the worst. Oh! I do not mean that his life is in danger. He should survive OK. I have seen this sort of thing before. We will know more when the specialists get here. I promise to keep you informed."

Sandy and her Mom and Dad talked for hours. Finally, Dr. Lee returned, "The experts are examining him now. They are going over the X-rays and the Ultrasound and MRI scans too. I want them to talk to all of you when they are finished. To be frank with you I heard them say that it did not look good. I do not know if they will offer this option or not; I had a cousin who was in an accident several years ago with similar injuries. He was facing the prospect of never having another sexual climax for the rest of his life. He was married at the time and his wife made the decision to have a sex change operation done while they tried to put him back together. Today he is a functional female in every way except he cannot bear children. Although they later divorced, my cousin has remarried and is a very attractive and happy housewife. This is something all of you need to think about."

Sandy ran from the room, her mother and Jack's mother both ran after her. The older women found her in a waiting area sobbing her heart out. They tried to comfort her. She looked up at them, "All I ever wanted all my life was to have Jack's babies, now that looks like it is not going to be possible. I guess I just have to be thankful he is still alive. I will love him forever no matter what."

"We know that Sandy." Jack's mother said. I think I know what Jack will want to do. He knows how much you want children. He loves you and wants your happiness. He will opt to be a woman so you will find a man you can be happy with and have children. He will do what he has to do to make that happen. I am afraid he might even kill himself to free you. I am scared to death for him."

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