Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 03


I went on to tell her that before too long, it turned into a big deal. I began to prefer my sister's panties to my own underwear and pretty soon, it was all I ever wore. Mom said I looked cute in them and Sissy said we all looked the same now. On rainy days, my sister and I played together inside and Mom always let Sissy dress me up as her little sister and by the end of the day, I'd been in and out of just about every piece of clothing Sissy had.

When I turned eleven, things started to change, though. My sister was changing and I was changing. It all came to a head one night when we were all in the living room watching TV - my sister in a sleepshirt and panties and me in my undershirt and panties. Well, the end result was that Mom saw me sitting on the sofa staring up my sister's sleepshirt with an erection tenting up inside my panties just as plain as day. I remember her taking me into my room and closing the door and talking to me about growing up and getting erections and how it was probably time for me to have boy underwear.

"After that," I told Patty, "Mom took my sister's clothes out of my room and from that point on, I almost never saw my Mom or my sister in their underwear again and Sissy and I never played dress up again. A few months later, Mom found me alone in my sister's room, dressed in one of Sissy's old Baby Doll pajama sets. I was standing in front of Sissy's full length mirror, sashaying back and forth, holding the hem up and admiring the way I looked in the matching panties. It was a very awkward situation for both of us because inside the little Baby Doll panties I was sporting an erection. My Mother handled it with understanding and dignity, telling me I shouldn't be wearing Sissy's clothes anymore, and surely not her girl underwear and pajamas."

I explained to Patty how I continued to sneak into both Mom's and Sissy's room whenever it was safe to look through and play with their panties and the rest of their clothes. Pretty soon, I was taking them and keeping them for a few days and then putting them in the laundry basket. This continued for a few years and I thought I had everyone fooled. Then, one year my sister went to summer camp for a week.

The morning Sissy left, I was doing something in my room when Mom walked in with a laundry basket full of clothes, fresh from the dryer. Calmly, she walked right to my dresser, opened my underwear drawer and took out all my boy underwear and pajamas. Then, without saying a word to me, she filled the drawer with Sissy's panties and several kinds of nightgowns. I watched in total shock as she picked up the stack of my boy underwear, dropped them in the laundry basket and left the room. She didn't say a word to me and I didn't say anything to her, either. But, as soon as she left, I put on a pair of those panties and I wore Sissy's panties each day and put them in the laundry hamper each night after my shower. That week, Mom and I spent every day together and I never detected anything different in her tone or attitude. Every day, she knew I was wearing Sissy's panties, and every day she pretended I wasn't. The night before Sissy came home, she asked me if I wanted to stay up late with her and watch a movie on TV.

When it got to be about fifteen minutes before the movie came on, Mom called up the stairs and told me to get my PJs on and come on down. Trembling and shaking, I put on the same Baby Doll nightgown and panties she'd seen me in before and went down stairs. She just smiled when she saw me, and the whole time I sat with her watching that movie, she didn't say a word about the nightgown.

The day Sissy came back from summer camp, Mom came in my room and took all of Sissy's things out and put my boy stuff back in. She did it all quite casually and Sissy never knew. Later that same year, my sister went to visit my grandparents over Christmas vacation, and the day she left, Mom sat me down at the kitchen table and we had a long talk.

Mom told me she'd known for a while I'd been getting into their underwear and sleepwear, and she warned me one more time not to go into Sissy's things anymore. Surprisingly, Mom told me she'd cleared out one of her dresser drawers and filled it with things for me as long as I promised to stay out of everything else. Mom said it would be our private secret, just between us - just like before. That was one of the happiest days of my life.

By the next year, my hormones had really kicked in big time and I discovered a new fascination in the laundry hamper - Mom's and Sissy's panties. I spent a lot of time in my room, behind my locked door enjoying my new discovery and the richness of their worn panties. I kept my promise to stay out of Sissy's room, but the laundry hamper was fair game.

"I turned 18 my last year in high school and Sissy had gone off to college." I explained to Patty. "Mom was working the 3PM to midnight shift so she could make more money. One night, she came home to find me on my bed, dressed in her panties and three pairs from the hamper lying out on the bed next to me. I'd had a marathon masturbation session before she came home and I'd fallen asleep with my chest covered with globs of cum. When I woke up, Mom was standing next to the bed, looking down at me. I waited for her to say something -- to get mad or yell. But she didn't. She calmly asked me to make sure her panties found their way into the laundry hamper before morning so she could get the wash done, and then she left the room leaving the door open as she left."

Patty sat there, riveted to my story as I told her how my mother and I discussed it very frankly the next morning, and how Mom told me she'd accepted the fact that I had a fascination with girl's clothes and lingerie years ago. She told me she loved me and this didn't change who I was, it was simply a part of who I was.

Pretty soon, I left for college myself, and every time I came home on breaks, Mom would make sure my drawers were stuffed full of all kinds of things for me to experiment with: everything from nightgowns to panties to skirts and even a swim suit. Before I left to go back to school, she'd always slip a little bag into my backpack that had one or two new pairs of panties in my size, and a pair of her panties that she'd prepared especially for me.

"She used to give you her dirty panties?" Patty asked in shock.

"It's not like they were dirty, Patty." I replied. "There was always a hint of fabric softener in the smell, along with a feminine scent, too. I think she just wore them long enough so I could tell they were worn and then she'd wrap them up for me." Then I added, "Every time I came home to see her, without fail - I would find a pair of her panties in the laundry hamper, lying right on top and folded neatly, that usually had a sopping wet crotch. I always took them out of there and kept them until my next visit home. It was like a game we played."

"A few years ago," I continued, "I came across a journal buried in her closet and she'd written many times about me and the panties; how she knew I was wearing them, how she would leave hers intentionally for me to find, even writing how she'd watched me play with myself a few times while I was 'Enjoying' her panties. Some of the things I read in that journal kind of shocked me about my Mom." I told Patty. "She knew what I was doing ever since the beginning, and she allowed me to do it. In some ways, I think she wanted me to do it."

I finished my story by telling Patty that panties were a fairly strong part of my sexuality and I didn't think I could strip that part of me out. "So, if all that's too weird for you and you don't want to go any further, then I understand. The only thing I ask is that you don't blab this around and don't hold it against me. I'm really a good guy, Patty."

"Oh, Paul," she sighed, "I don't know what to say." Patty replied. "It sounds like your mother really loved you and I swear to you this hasn't changed the way I feel."

"So, you're not ready to turn tail and run away from me as fast as you can?" I asked.

"Not at all." She answered, reaching out to grasp both of my hands in hers. "You've shared a very private part of yourself with me and that took a lot of courage. I think its sweet and, actually, I kind of like the fact that you wear panties. You DO still wear them, right?"

"Yes," I said, "I've got a few pairs at my place."

"I want to see them," Patty said to me, "all of them, and I want to see you in them. Is that okay to ask?"

It was a point of time that stood still for me. A pivotal moment in our young relationship that told me there was indeed something special about Patty.... something warm and genuine, something that made me want to pull her close and never let her go.

"Yes," I replied, "I'd really like that."

"When was the last time you wore panties? I mean before right now." She asked, smiling.

"You're not going to believe this," I began, "but the last time was the day I met you at the airport in Washington. I was wearing panties then."

"No way!" She whispered.

"It's the truth." I said.

"So you were wearing panties, getting a hard-on and looking at my little boobs all at the same time?" She asked.

I nodded my head and said that was right. Patty leaned back in the booth we were sitting and smiled. "If I would have known that, I would have taken you into a restroom and given you a handjob, or a blowjob or something! Damn!"

Then she leaned in close to me and asked something that took my breath away. "Did you and your Mom ever, you know.... did you ever do anything? You know together, uh, you and her?" She asked.

She was talking in euphemisms, but I knew exactly what she was asking. She was asking if Mom and I had ever done anything sexual together. This is something I'd never talked to anyone about -- not ever. But, since she'd asked me directly, I decided to take a chance.

"We never had sex, uh, intercourse." I said quite apprehensively.

"But you did something, right? Can you tell me?" She seemed excited.

"If I do," I replied, "you've got to promise not to look at her weird or anything like that if you ever meet her."

"Oh, I promise." Patty said immediately. "What did you guys do?" There was a twinkle in Patty's eyes and she was keenly interested in what I was going to say. My cock was so hard, it felt like it was going to burst in my pants.

"I'll give you a nice present if you tell me." She said, picking up a small bag next to her and dangling it in front of my face. "Look in here." She whispered.

The bag said "Bridal Boutique" and then I immediately remembered how she told me she bought the same panties for both of us and she was going to put hers on, too. As soon as I opened the bag, the overwhelming aroma of pussy hit my nostrils.

Lying down inside the bag were the panties she wore in the car -- the panties she'd touched herself in and made herself cum in. They were lying in there with the crotch panel up -- the part that had been right next to her pussy lips, and the mental picture I got looking at them lying in there was unbelievably potent. I held the bag right up to my face and inhaled her scent.

'They're yours," she said, "for whatever purpose you want them for - as long as you'll think about me while you're doing it."

I took another long sniff from the bag and wrapped it up tight and set it down next to me. "You know damn well what I'm going to do with them." I said, looking over at her.

"Okay, so tell me what you did with your mother." There was some urgency in her voice and I could see she really wanted to know.

"A week or so before I left for my freshman year at college," I began, "Mom sat down across from me at breakfast and asked me if I wanted to spend a couple of days with her and do something special -- something just for us, something she hoped I would enjoy. Since Sissy had already gone back to school, and I knew I wouldn't see Mom for a while once I left myself, I thought it was a good idea."

Patty's hand disappeared from the top of the table and she looked at me and smiled a wicked grin. Not more than ten seconds later, her eyes closed for a minute and she bit her lower lip and let out a small sigh. If I didn't know better, I would almost bet she was masturbating again.

"Are you playing with yourself?" I asked curiously.

Patty nodded her head up and down and said, "Go on."

"Now, this is awful damn hot." I said to myself. My new girlfriend and I are sitting in a coffee shop, we're talking about incest between my mother and me and she's masturbating.

I told her the story of how my Mom took me into her bedroom and sat me on the bed with her. Mom told me she'd thought about this for a long time, then, she put her arm around me and calmly said, "I'm only going to make this offer once and I want you to think about it before you answer."

"You'll be going off to school soon," she started, "so if you want to," she said, "we can spend a few days pretending you're my daughter. I'll teach you all about a woman's body and I'll dress you up as my daughter if you want me to. We'll just be girls together. I'll let you look at me and touch me, but we can't have sex. We can do other things, but you can't put your penis in me. We can talk about anything you want to talk about and everything will stay just between mother and daughter."

I'm sure Mom saw the look of absolute fear and panic in my eyes, but she told me since I was going away to school for a while, she thought it would be a nice going away present and satisfy some of my curiosity and maybe even answer some questions. Telling me she wasn't pressuring me, Mom said it was completely up to me.

Patty's eyes got as big as silver dollars. "I hope you said yes." Patty whispered.

I continued with my story, telling Patty how I sat there, completely dumbfounded and speechless while Mom explained that she loved me and wanted me to feel good about myself and thought if I had this chance at home with her, I wouldn't be tempted to do something stupid at school. "You might enjoy it." Mom added. "Who knows, it might even be something to look forward to when you come home on breaks."

Needless to say, I was embarrassed as hell to admit to myself that I was excited about her proposal. "Paul, you don't have to be embarrassed or hesitant to say 'Yes'," Mom said, "I wouldn't have suggested it if I didn't want to do it, myself."

Mom and I sat there for a few minutes while I thought about it and she patiently waited for my answer. Remembering she told me she was only going to make this offer once, I gathered up my courage and told her, "Yes."

With that, Mom said we might as well get the initial shock out of the way and told me to take off all my clothes. I was shocked and surprised because I thought we'd talk about it some more and we'd go slower, but when I didn't make a move to get undressed, she finally told me to stand up. When I did, she gently pulled to stand between her knees and she started to undress me herself. After she took off my shirt and shorts, all I had on was a pair of her panties. My cock was hard, pushing out against the fabric, and at first, Mom completely ignored it.

In graphic detail, I explained to Patty how my mother made me stand there in her panties while she touching me all over, telling me how she was going to bathe me, shampoo my hair and teach me how to take better care of my skin and hair. She started rubbing her hands on my butt, feeling my balls and then finally, with a gasp of desperation, she finally touched my cock through her panties. Mother looked up at me and said, "I'm going to take your panties down now so I can see your penis. Is that okay?"

I proceeded to tell Patty how Mom pulled my panties down and left them at the top of my thighs. Then, she started touching me all over again, everywhere except my penis. Her touch was much different than my own; it was lighter and softer, and she wasn't in a hurry. I told Patty I could remember standing there almost praying she wouldn't touch me so lightly. It was incredibly arousing.

After a few minutes, Mom took hold of my erection and looked up at me from where she was sitting on the bed. She gathered her hair and whisked it behind her neck and then she leaned forward and put the head of my cock into her mouth. She sucked me lightly for a minute and then pulled off saying, "We're going to have to get rid of this if we're going to get anything done today."

I watched as Mom's head tilted down and took my cock back into her mouth. As the warmth enveloped me, her hand started to jack my cock. The vision of my mother sucking my erection was surreal, I'd never thought of my own Mother as a sexual partner..... sure, I knew she was a woman and I must have taken her femininity for granted when I used her panties to masturbate, but I'd never though of being intimate with her -- not like this, anyway. But, right now, one thing was sure; Mom knew how to suck a cock.

The next thing I knew, she stopped sucking me and asked me to step back for a second. When I did, she stood up next to me, her hands went to her waist and she whisked her shorts off.

"I used to lie in bed thinking exactly how I would do this, if I ever really did it." Mom said. "I knew you liked to take my panties out of the laundry and use them when you masturbated. I used to stand outside your door and listen to you do it -- and I usually masturbated along with you and then dropped my panties in the laundry hamper for you to find later."

Then she hooked her thumbs into the sides of her panties and pulled them off. She sat back down on the bed and without looking at me, held her panties up to me with one hand while she pulled me back into place between her knees with the other. "Go ahead," Mom said, "this part is my little fantasy. I want you to smell my panties while I suck you and I want you to finish in my mouth."

The look on Patty's face as I was telling her all of this was a look of total amazement. She sat there and just stared at me, hanging off every word I said. It was obvious she was openly playing with herself, not only because I could see tiny movements in her arm as her hand played with her pussy under the table, but, I could tell by the look in her face. I almost looked under the table to get a peek, but I think that would have killed the mood.

I continued with my story. "Mom grasped my cock and guided it back to her mouth, but as she did, she slipped down from the bed and got on her knees. I looked down to see her peering up at me as she sucked and licked, waiting to see me sniff her panties. I don't know why, but even though my own mother was on her knees sucking my cock, I was too ashamed to let her see me do it."

"Ashamed? For heaven's sake, why?" Patty asked. "That can be such a huge turn on for us -- seeing someone sniff our panties." Patty continued, adding "It's like you're unconditionally worshipping our pussy. The thought of it definitely turns me on and just for the record here, I don't have any problem what-so-ever with you sniffing my panties and I'd love to watch you sniffing them sometime."

I told Patty that as I held my mother's panties up to my nose, her eyes zeroed in on me -- watching me as I opened her panties to look at the crotch and find the best place to hold to my nose. Three or four times she took my cock deeply into her throat and when she almost choked, she pulled me out and used her hands to jack me for a few seconds before she took me into her mouth again. All the while, she kept watching me.

"Well, that doesn't surprise me." Patty remarked. "I'd sure want to watch your reactions if you were smelling my underwear. All women worry about how they smell and taste down there, you know."

I continued with my story, telling Patty it wasn't long before I felt the beginnings of my climax coming. Between her sucking and the smell of her panties, I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. I threw caution to the wind and put the crotch of my mother's panties in my mouth and I started to suck. Mom's eyes were still upturned, watching me as I got closer and closer, and then I exploded in her mouth -- my legs buckling to the point where she had to struggle to keep my cock between her lips and I flooded her mouth with my eighteen year old cum.

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