Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 03


Just then, Patty stiffened up across from me and shuddered. Her eyes were closed and she was panting quietly. Another second later, she pulled her hand out from between her legs and rested it on the table. Her fingers were shiny and wet with her own pussy juices and before I could stop myself, I reached over and took her hand and brought it straight to my mouth.

As I licked and sucked her fingers, Patty stood up on her side of the booth and leaned over the table to kiss me. As we were kissing, I happened to see the girl behind the counter looking at us and she looked shocked. Patty must have pulled her skirt up so she could get her hand down into her panties and in her haste to kiss me, never pulled it down and her whole bottom was exposed to anyone that wanted to look -- including the girl behind the counter. Patty must have been a hell of a sight, leaning over the table with her butt on display wearing those brand new silk panties with the ruffles across her bottom.

"Your skirt." I whispered to Patty, breaking away from the kiss. "Your skirt is all the way up and your butt is hanging out." Patty just leaned in and kissed me again saying "I don't care.... just kiss me."

I swear, the whole morning and afternoon had been a whirlwind of sexual fantasy and desire come true for me and I was just about to into overload. I decided to let Patty have her fun, I knew she was exposing her panties deliberately and it caused a surge of additional excitement in my pants because I knew the girl behind the counter was looking and probably people walking by in the mall were looking in, too.

We kissed for another minute and then Patty sat down. We looked into each others eyes across the table, and at that exact moment, I knew Patty was going to own my heart.

"You have to promise to tell me the rest later," Patty begged, "I want to hear the rest of your story..... every little detail.... everything you did with your Mom."

"Okay." I answered. "It's a long, long story, though. It went on for a while." I warned.

"It's an amazing and beautiful story, Paul." She replied. "I want to hear everything."

"No problem," I said, "but when I do, let's do it somewhere where we can be more comfortable."

"Maybe I'll strip down to just my panties," she added, "and give you a pair you can sniff and lick while you tell me the rest. You can take as much time as you need and tell me everything."

"That sounds good." I answered. Looking at my watch, I was surprised to see it was getting to be late in the afternoon and we still had shopping to do and dinner. "We better get going," I added, "it might take a while to buy a hundred pairs of panties."

I picked up the bag containing the panties Patty had on in the car and stood up. Stepping out of the booth and holding my hand out to Patty, she took it and stood up. Her skirt was still up over her hips and she didn't bother to pull it down. As we took a few steps, though, it fell into place and as we walked past the girl behind the counter, I turned to nod my head at her. Her face was flushed and it looked like she was in total disbelief of what she had seen, but, she had a huge smile on her face and so did I.

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