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Jayne didn't have long to wait, for as soon as Ray had her where he wanted her, he thrust himself inside her. She had anticipated sucking on his cock, but he would have none of that as he pounded his bare cock deep into her waiting snatch. Like its owner, Ray's cock was thick and hard, and it tore its way deep inside Jayne's hot cunt. She screamed out loud quite happily as she felt him tearing into her with reckless abandon. None of the men she'd sucked or fucked had been so well endowed, not even her own husband. Indeed, Ray's thick cock was a tight fit, even for Jayne's well fucked pussy, which made everything all that much better. Taking his cock probably would have been painful if Jayne hadn't been so wet to begin with, and fucking those two other guys earlier had to have helped. As it was she moaned and cried out with each powerful thrust of the big man's cock deep inside her. Her hot wet pussy was wrapped tightly around him, with no barrier between his massive shaft and her velvety soft pussy. Ray was pressing tightly against her, mashing her tits down against his chest and pushing her thighs and pussy wide open for him to fuck. Jayne's entire body jiggled from the force of each of his thrusts. His hands were clutching her tightly on the arms, his grip so strong that the next morning she would find bruises. She didn't care. The feeling of his cock filling her pussy was too good to be true, Jayne wanted him to fuck her forever. A glance over at Philip revealed his obvious delight at watching his slut of a wife being treated so indelicately, and Jayne had to smile at this. What she was doing, what he was watching was what they truly loved, and Ray knew it too. His cock hammered into her over and over again, building up speed and strength each time he rammed it home into her. He knew he wasn't the first to have her that night, and doubted that he'd be the last. Her wet pussy beckoned to him, and he felt his balls straining to let go inside her. A couple more thrusts would do it, and they were the hardest, strongest thrusts that Jayne had ever endured.

With a guttural grunt, Ray slammed his cock deep into Jayne one last time, then he gasped as he felt the first wave of relief as he came deep inside her. Sticky globs of semen filled Jayne's cunt up for the first time that night. It flowed deep within her, coating the insides of Jayne's pussy with its pearly white goodness. Jayne screamed out in delight as she felt the man cumming inside her, bringing her over to an intense orgasm as well. Ray continued to pound his cock into her, draining his cock into her nasty little pussy. She had been so hot, so wet, so great a fuck, but now she was all used up, at least for Ray. Unceremoniously, he pulled his spent shaft out of her soaked cunt, pausing only to eye up the cream pie he had left her. His jizz and her own secretions dribbled out of her onto the desk, and Jayne reclined back on her elbows to catch her breath for a moment. Her body was still trembling from the force of his fucking her, she was so highly aroused. Ray snorted over at Philip, who immediately took his place between Jayne's spread thighs, obviously enjoying the sight of another man's cum dripping from his wife's hot pussy. He pushed her legs apart to get a better look, at the same time Philip was unzipping his pants to let his stiffly erect cock free. Jayne braced herself for the next fucking she knew had to be coming, but she also motioned for him to wait, just for a moment.

"I know what you really want to see," she cooed as she produced the two spent condoms from before. Each of them still contained a creamy white glob of cum inside, and while Ray and Philip looked on, Jayne brought the open end of each to her mouth. She tasted a little of her own pussy that had been smeared across the outside of them, then she slowly poured the contents over her lips. The gooey cum ran over those full, luscious lips before she probed her tongue out to taste the mixture of two different men's seed. Some of the fluid dripped down the sides of her face, the rest coated her lips and tongue as she squeezed every last drop that she could out of the two used condoms. Before she was finished, she literally had them both inside out and was sucking them clean, but by this time Philip's cock was buried deep inside her cunt.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah, baby!" she cried out as her husband pounded his cock into her well fucked pussy. "Oh God, you want it, you know you want it!" continued Jayne as Philip's cock slid in and out of her. His pace was furious, his thrusts unrestrained as he fucked her right there on the desk. Ray's cum seeped out of her cunt, puddling on the desktop as her husband's cock pumped in and out of her. Cum from the condoms was smeared over her face, and faint bite marks from Ray decorated her breasts. Jayne looked for all the world like a cheap little slut, a well fucked whore, and Philip loved it. Over and over again he bucked back and forth, pumping her cunt harder and harder. "Fuck me, fuck me baby!" called Jayne.

"You're a Goddamned slut!" answered Philip with a smile. "I'll fuck you like one!"

"Oh yes! Oh yes! Fuck me like the slut I am!" answered Jayne in between breathy gasps. "Fucked three guys tonight, and sucked just as many down, don't you really want that pussy? That pussy that's been so well fucked tonight?"

"Fuck yes!" was Philips reply. The rest was drowned out with his own grunts as he continued fucking her, harder and faster with each and every stroke. Ray's cum coated the shaft of his dick, but Philip didn't care. He knew Jayne would gladly suck him clean again when he was done. For now, all he wanted to do was fuck that hot pussy between her legs, feel its wetness drawing him in, and feel his balls explode deep inside her.

"Oh God Philip! Fuck me! Fuck me!" screamed Jayne. Her body quivered each time his cock slammed into her, and she sank down lower on the desk, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. "Harder, harder...Oh my God!" yelled an ecstatic Jayne as she came. Her pussy flooded with her juices, leaving a nasty looking mess of cunt juice and Ray's cum in a pool on the desk. It slickened Philip's shaft even more, letting him drive down as deeply as Ray had inside Jayne's pussy. In and out of her he thrust his cock, over and over again. Sweat beaded on his brow as he slammed deeper and deeper inside of her. Philip reached out to touch the side of Jayne's face as he finally gasped, puffing for breath as he came deep within her. His cum mingled with that of Ray from before as he felt the spurts of his cock filling Jayne's cunt with his cream. He pulled out of her just as he finished cumming, letting her slide down off the desk and onto the floor. There she started sucking him once again, cleaning every last drop of cum off his cock. The taste of Jayne's own pussy juices mingled with both men's cum in her mouth, such a heavenly concoction she had never tasted before. Philip managed one last spurt inside her mouth before Jayne finished sucking him, and then he sat down to catch his breath, while Ray watched Jayne's body collapse on the floor as she did the same.

She didn't lay there for long, just enough to recover after getting fucked so hard, so fast. Jayne never dreamed of a night ending this way, she would have been content with just sucking a couple of guys off. Here she was now, picking herself up off the floor of an peep show parlor, her cunt reamed out by no less than four cocks already, and the taste of several men's cum still fresh on her tongue. Even as she straightened her outfit out as best she could, she knew that back in the hotel she'd get even more of a fucking from Philip, and the very thought excited her. It had been quite some time since she'd been shared like this, and she fervently hoped it wouldn't be the last time as well. In fact, as they were leaving, the pretty blonde wondered how much convincing it would take for Philip to stop off at their hotel's bar on the way to their room. After all, there might still be one or two guys down there having a nightcap, and Jayne herself looked forward to another cocktail as well.

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